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#rockbox log for 2012-09-08

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01:04:23saratogadoes anyone have an idea yet why the spam filtering screws up the forums ?
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01:28:11RelondoI tried installing Rockbox on my Sansa Fuze 2, and keep getting the error "Can't Write Firmware." Help?
01:37:48saratogai guess check that you've selected the right mount point, that its writeable, etc
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02:02:24RelondoOh, Sorry, Saratoga, I was AFK.
02:02:33RelondoHow do I check that?
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02:24:38[Saint]aw. he left.
02:24:45[Saint]permissions issue?
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12:33:44[Saint]possibly I missed something here, ...but, what happened to the forums?
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12:33:59[Saint]the "Recent Posts" thong-o has 2 posts in.
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13:36:11megal0maniac[Saint]: What are you referring to?
13:36:48[Saint]I wasn't clear enough?
13:37:15[Saint]Recent Posts, on the main page of the forum. it only had 2 entries.
13:37:49megal0maniacI didn't read properly :P
13:37:58bertrikit's deleted spam that you're not seeing
13:38:16[Saint]wow....10 pages of spam?
13:38:30megal0maniac;start=0 returns 5 posts
13:39:03[Saint]2 of 'em will be mine
13:39:21bertrikwow, >40k forum members now
13:39:50[Saint]and what, like 2k are legit? :)
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16:44:42djdnehey there
16:44:59djdneim tempted to rockbox my ipod but i have a few questions firsty
16:45:19djdneanyone able to help?
16:47:39megal0maniacAs a general rule of IRC, don't ask to ask ;)
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18:10:15tinaraI have two questions about my ipod nano 1G and rockbox. First of all, my ipod nano 1G is already rockboxed a long time ago (rockbox 3.9.1) when I plug it, I can't find him on my files system (I'm on Debian Squeeze) ? Any idea, where I can found it or mount it ?
18:10:44tinaraWhen it is plug, the ipod's battery begin to recharge itself.
18:11:22tinara(Sorry for my bad and approximative english)
18:12:01archelstype 'mount' in a terminal
18:12:07bluebrothercan't remember about 3.9.1 but some time ago we didn't have USB support. Though I think to remember that 3.9.1 had.
18:12:22bluebrotherwell, as for how to mount it it depends on your system :)
18:12:50bluebrotherand, in case of Linux, the desktop environment.
18:13:04tinaraI'm on a linux one (debian)
18:13:47bluebrotherwell, being on Linux is too unspecific simply because there are too many variants of Linux out there. Including configuration :)
18:14:16bluebrotherXFCE might behave differently than Gnome or KDE ...
18:14:33tinaraarchels: I type "mount" on my terminal, here is the past : tinara/W8F">
18:14:34[Saint]excuse me guv'nor, but the forum done ate my post it did!
18:14:37bluebrotherso it's rather hard to say. And since I'm not using Squeeze I don't know what the default configuration for that it.
18:14:52tinarabluebrother: I'm on Openbox
18:15:02bluebrotherwell, "mount" only shows devices that are mounted
18:15:19bluebrotherand (at least from my experience) automounting isn't the default for most Linux setups
18:15:36[Saint]bluebrother: you're thinking about Nano2G re: USB?
18:15:38archelstinara: it's not mounted, type lsusb or fdisk -l as superuser
18:15:42[Saint]The Nano1G should be fine.
18:15:42bluebrotheryou might want to ask udisks
18:15:48tinaraEven if I type "lsusb", the system doesn't appaer.
18:16:04bluebrother[Saint]: yes, can't remember when USB support was enabled :)
18:16:30[Saint]right. well, all I can say is that *my* Nano1G is fine on debian/Ubuntu
18:16:45[Saint]and, for that target, afaik USB _should_ be fine.
18:17:08bluebrotherwhat means "system" in this case? lsusb will only show you the connected USB devices, i.e. you should see a line with the VID of Apple (0x05ac
18:17:39tinaraThat's the paste of lsusb : tinara/xPG"> and the paste of fdisk :
18:18:22bluebrotherwell, that doesn't include the ipod. Check the cable and / or USB connection. Using a different USB port might help
18:21:22tinarabluebrother: It doesn't change anything.
18:21:51bluebrotherwell, you can try booting into emergency disk mode and try again. Maybe something is wrong with your Rockbox installation
18:22:47*bluebrother finds
18:22:47bluebrother18:15 < archels> tinara: it's not mounted, type lsusb or fdisk -l as superuser
18:23:03*bluebrother finds DADiskEject in the OS X API
18:25:45tinarabluebrother: I still can't find it anywhere
18:25:58bluebrothereven when in Apples emergency disk mode?
18:26:24tinaraYep, it's just written on the ipod : "Disk mode : OK to disconnect"
18:26:39bluebrotherhmm. Then you either have a broken cable or a hardware problem
18:31:06tinaraOk.. I tried the four cables I have under mes hands and no one changes anything... Each time, rockbox told me that it was connected and the battery begin to charge but my computer doesn't mount it...
18:31:43bluebrothercan you try a different computer?
18:32:02bluebrotherif the PC doesn't see it even in EDM it's definitely not a Rockbox problem.
18:32:17bluebrotherso either something is wrong with the hardware or the installation on your PC is acting up
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18:33:40tinaraI didn't have an other pc next to me... I'll see with the other members of the distribution's community if they know that issue.
18:35:30tinarathanks for your help bluebrother !
18:35:55bluebrotheryou're welcome
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20:50:02CIA-16Commit 328ff6d in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Add "Eject" button to main window.
20:50:02CIA-16Commit 9e2eb62 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Change sapi_voice.vbs voice list separation character.
20:52:17CIA-169e2eb62 build result: All green
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21:03:12CIA-16Commit 4a9ba12 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Add icons to some buttons in the main installation dialog.
21:05:35CIA-164a9ba12 build result: All green
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23:19:23bluebrotherok, I now have some kind of acceptable integration of this Speech Platform thing into Rockbox Utility.
23:19:41bluebrothernow what to do about SAPI4?
23:19:52bluebrotherwhile there is support it has been disabled from the GUI since long.
23:20:12bluebrotherand reading about SAPI4 on the web suggests that most people won't want to use it at all.
23:20:52bluebrotheri.e. it might be better to not offer it to prevent people from trying to install SAPI4 on W7. Which, according to the web, will not work but might even break your existing SAPI5
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23:21:31bluebrotherare there people still using SAPI4?
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23:38:42bluebrotherhmm. This Speech Platform thing doesn't seem to work with Windows 8
23:39:08 Quit y4n (Quit: 6,000,000 ways to die — choose one.)
23:39:25bluebrotherbut interestingly the english voices available for MSSP are available via SAPI on W8
23:39:36bluebrotherthough they use slightly different names
23:39:46bluebrother(that is, they now have "Desktop" in the name)
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