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#rockbox log for 2012-09-09

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00:57:52LittleCreaturei seem to be having issues with a sansa clip zip using rockbox... when i plug it into my computer via usb it never seems to be recognized as a usb msc device.... <- this is what my kernel says
00:58:11LittleCreatureyes... other devices work as mass storage class devices
00:59:00LittleCreatureafaik it has never worked as i have always used an external sd card to load music, etc onto the device
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01:14:09LittleCreaturehmm, prehaps it is my computer, i can get it to mount on a different computer... however this is not optimal
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07:33:36Abhijeetdear sir, after the sept 8th update im unable to play any file from my clip zip
07:33:56Abhijeetit is very unstable
07:34:20Abhijeethow can i revert back to the stable builds
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07:40:25Abhijeetplease help me
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07:50:41Abhijeetdear sir, after the sept 8th update im unable to play any file from my clip zip
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09:10:43amayeris there something wrong with the gerrit server?
09:10:45amayerim testing a ssh connection and it says
09:10:47amayer"Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.
09:10:49amayerPermission denied (publickey)."
09:11:10amayeri know its supposed to say "interactive shell not supported" but it doesnt say that
09:12:10amayer*scratches head*
09:13:19amayerIm currently reading:
09:13:28amayerthats what im having problems with
09:13:39amayerive done it before but its not working like it did before
09:17:00amayer[Saint]: does it give you the standard message?
09:19:24[Saint]yes, as I said with "wfm".
09:19:51[Saint]you're not literally typing "ssh -p 29418" are you...?
09:19:53amayeroh ok
09:20:10amayeryes why?
09:20:18[Saint]that's the problem.
09:20:19amayerwell i put my name in there
09:20:28[Saint]"yourusername" isn't your user name...I hope.
09:20:40amayernot its not
09:20:41[Saint]oh, ok, so the answer was no then.
09:20:57amayeri thought you ment was i using that format
09:21:30[Saint]All I can say is, check your pubkey.
09:21:36[Saint]then, double check it.
09:21:51amayermy "yourusername" is under gerrit->settings->profile->Username right?
09:22:22[Saint]I seem to recall gerrit also cares about your git username and email being the same as the one used for gerrit registration, but may be wrong.
09:22:41amayeri already set them up
09:23:04[Saint]also, yes.
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09:26:18[Saint]just so you know its not just ah "ah, it worked last time I checked":
09:31:13amayerrsa or dsa doesnt make a difference does it?
09:33:45[Saint]don't see why it would.
09:33:51amayerbrb reboot
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09:39:10amayerworks now... sorry for the confusion.
09:39:12amayernot show how reboot helped tho(silly linux)
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12:13:00CIA-16Commit 6be7dab in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Make SAPI implementation more parametrizable.
12:13:00CIA-16Commit 469a614 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Add derived SAPI4 class.
12:13:01CIA-16Commit a1b780e in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Add support for Microsoft Speech Platform.
12:13:01DBUGEnqueued KICK CIA-16
12:13:01CIA-16Commit 80297e8 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Fix error in german translation.
12:15:35CIA-1680297e8 build result: All green
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16:01:46funmanbertrik: what is missing for opus now that stack usage is fixed ?
16:02:30bertrikseeking was a bit flaky last time I checked
16:02:44bertrikI think we don't need to worry to much about multichannel support for now
16:02:59bertriklike seeking to 0 failed
16:04:11funmanHmm is it something we want to fix before committing?
16:04:55funmanFor now we are in freeze anyway but I'd say if basic listening works we should commit it and fix the problems later
16:10:33bertrikok, so stuff I think is still to do 1) update opus to latest git 2) apply stack patch 3) split off ogg seeking in its own C/H file 4) merge into our master (after the freeze)
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20:30:09Tornecan i get whatever permission it is that lets you delete/ban users from the forums? recent unread topics has become entirely useless :/
20:37:44saratogawe really need to look at that forums software and figure out how it manages to screw up the tables so badly
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20:42:46bertrikfunman: it looks like the stack reduction patch is already in opus master
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20:45:34Guest67286So, I need to get my Fuze RMAd. I'm using the installer, I uninstalled Rockbox and I hit to uninstall the bootloader and it said it can't uninstall it on the target, "try using a normal firmware update to remove it"
20:45:54 Nick Guest67286 is now known as Baltowolf (
20:46:18BaltowolfAnd then I just unplugged to try to reboot and do it and it just booted Rockbox, failed, and when I tried turning it off it said "plug usb cable"
20:47:27BaltowolfOk, so it says "Rockbox Utility can not uninstall the bootloader on this target. Try a normal firmware update to remove the booloader." what do I do to remove it?
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20:50:32Baltowolfok, I think I know, :P
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20:54:35Baltowolfgot it, just need to format.
20:54:43 Part Baltowolf
20:56:50saratogayou don't need to format, just update the firmware
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22:06:06funmanmaybe if we worded it 'just throw the player, it's broken' it would be less confusing
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22:31:14Amazei recently "jailbroke" my ipod 5th gen video and am having some issues
22:31:34Amazei was trying to get some fonts and cant find how to or a correct file
22:32:01Amazethe rockbox is running fine and without any issues even the theme i downloaded is working fine
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