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#rockbox log for 2012-09-10

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07:18:47[Saint]JdGordon: you've got enough geek-cred in the forum to release my last post from the clutches of the spam filter (unless it has already been deleted), yes?
07:19:09[Saint]it seems to have decided it hates me again.
07:19:10JdGordonuno momento
07:19:30JdGordonpost contains links?
07:19:47JdGordon457 comments identified as spam :/
07:20:26[Saint]I don't recall it containing any links, no.
07:20:34[Saint]other than those in my sig.
07:20:58CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:20:58*[Saint] wonders if sealing up the wiki and the forum as archives and starting fresh has been discussed.
07:21:25[Saint]the wiki is a sick puppy, and the spammers pretty much own the forum now.
07:21:38JdGordonna, not really
07:21:42JdGordonakismet gets them
07:21:58JdGordonwe do get the forum reply emails, but thats just irritating
07:22:27JdGordonthe spammers which do only 1 post are fucking annoying
07:22:42JdGordonthere is a "ban and delete all posts" button
07:22:51JdGordonbut thats only good if they do multiples on the one account
07:23:33[Saint]even the registrations annoy me.
07:24:02[Saint]I really really don't believe even half of the forum accounts are actually humans.
07:24:20JdGordoni didnt see any posts from you in akismet...?
07:24:38[Saint]weird, perhaps someone already cleared it accidentally.
07:24:50[Saint]it definitely ate my last post :)
07:25:35[Saint]one sec.
07:27:00[Saint]Argh! fuck! not even the thread I responded to shows up in "recent posts".
07:27:14JdGordonwas it nuked maybe?
07:27:48[Saint]last time I looked it was still there, I just need to remember what it was called so I can get relevant search terms.
07:28:16[Saint]It was the dude that wanted some weird shuffle behavior.
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07:31:26[Saint]Hmmmm...ok, found it again, and now its magically there.
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07:57:35kugel_bluebrother: ping
07:57:42kugel_I can't repro FS #12743
07:57:43fs-bluebot 'Data Abort' on USB connection (bugs, unconfirmed)
08:09:39kugel_however I have a suspicion. the "td->dst = NULL" line that was removed in 8bbd4d9 could possibly cause the issue
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08:42:06bluebrotherkugel_: pong
08:42:43bluebrotherI can reproduce it all the time but only on some player :)
08:43:32bluebrotherI'll try changing that tonight. gtg now.
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10:37:24wodzTorne: ping
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10:52:00wodzpamaury: I have an answer from s1mp3 descramble routine author. He traced in debugger and then disassembled dll from some generic tool. He says there are slight variations of the algo depending on the SoC target family.
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12:00:35pamaurywodz: ok, I didn't have time to do anything this week-end unfortunately
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12:57:26mortaliswodz: I just tried to replace content of set_cpu_frequency with nops (function still have the same size), and I still have data aborts. So it's some general memory corruption bug.
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13:11:05mortaliswodz: any ideas how to track it down? where to look?
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13:18:38wodzmortalis: No idea to be honest.
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15:42:16Abhijeetmy clip zip not working please help
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20:13:19fmlbluebrother: hello. In your last German translation, a comma should be after "wurden"
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20:38:06AlexP[Saint]: I found your post when going through some spam last night
20:38:22AlexPWhich is a miracle as there were 600 and something spam posts at the time
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21:14:32bluebrotheranyone with a clip+ that can reproduce this issue?
21:19:54 Part LinusN
21:20:06megal0maniacWaiting for "Refreshing your media" to finish... Figured it makes the most sense to try this in OF USB mode, correct?
21:22:51megal0maniacAutodetects fine. In OF USB mode, running same version of rockbox utility (1.3.0)
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21:23:34bluebrothermegal0maniac: what happens if the player is in MTP mode?
21:23:39bluebrothermaybe it's related to that?
21:24:49megal0maniacRockbox Utility diligently informs me that it doesn't like MTP mode. But it doesn't crash.
21:25:28bluebrotherwhat OS are you using?
21:27:18megal0maniac,37387.msg204008.html#msg204008 for reference sake
21:27:23megal0maniacWin7 x64
21:27:51bluebrotherhmm. So it doesn't look like a 64bit issue.
21:27:59bluebrotherthanks for trying anyway :)
21:28:18bluebrotherI guess I simply have to get around reworking the autodetection code. It does have its problems anyway ...
21:30:13megal0maniacI'm assuming it checks VID and PID against the mount point?
21:30:37megal0maniacI worded that incorrectly, but you know what I mean
21:30:44megal0maniacI hope :)
21:34:27megal0maniacbluebrother: I've never had any issues with it myself
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21:39:55kugelbluebrother: did you test my suggestion?
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21:55:03bluebrotherkugel: not yet. Just arrived back home ...
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22:32:05[Saint]AlexP: Right, thankyou.
22:32:36[Saint]I wondered what happened there.
22:33:36bluebrotherkugel: just tried it. Re-adding the line you suggested fixes it (at least on sa9200, haven't tried other devices yet)
22:43:22bluebrotherok, as expected fixes it for mini2g as well.
22:44:02bluebrotherAlexP: anything new on the release front?
22:45:03 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:45:40kugelpbluebrother: awesome
22:47:01 Quit Elfish (Quit: Reconnecting.)
22:47:09 Join Elfish [0] (amba@2a01:4f8:100:90a1:abc:abc:abc:abc)
22:47:21bluebrotherI've added the results to the FS task
22:48:23kugelpso its most likely that the move callback corrupts memory due to the uninitialized pointer
22:49:09AlexPbluebrother: Well it looks like we (the royal we) are making progress
22:49:27bluebrotherthe royals are involved in this? :D
22:49:40AlexPIf a fix is imminent I'd like to branch as soon as it goes in, then have the week till release
22:50:42bluebrotherwhat to do about the AMS issue? And nano2g?
22:51:22AlexPwell nano2g has already missed one, so if we could offer 3.10 that'd be good
22:51:32AlexPOn the basis that nobody seems like they are going to fix it
22:51:39AlexPamsv2 I'm not sure
22:51:48AlexPWhat happened in the last one?
22:51:53bluebrotherso in general we should update the build system to offer older stable builds for the players left out
22:52:21bluebrothermight be useful if we one day decide to drop / fork the player
22:52:36 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
22:52:43AlexPyeah, that too
22:52:56bluebrotherAlexP: FS #12743 has a solution that fixes the problem (at least for me)
22:52:57fs-bluebot 'Data Abort' on USB connection (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:53:17AlexPyeah, that's cool
22:53:24AlexPWho wants to sign it off?
22:53:46kugelpI'm pretty confident the fix is good
22:53:54 Join lebellium_ [0] (
22:54:37kugelpnot sure what to do about the other issues. we are clearly lacking man power recently
22:54:52bluebrothereveryone still on vacation?
22:55:01bluebrotheror are people frozen as the codebase?
22:56:31 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:56:32 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
22:57:05AlexPthe latter I suspect
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23:23:51bluebrotherBagder, Zagor: can you please have a look at g#314 and g#315?
23:24:24bluebrotherhmm. The bot doesn't work on gerrit reviews not made to the main repository :/
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23:45:41Amazehaving trouble with rockbox- database is hung at 732 files found for the past hour
23:45:57funmanAmaze: can you bisect which file is causing the hung ?
23:46:40Amazeany ideas- or anyone even in here?
23:47:10Amazehow would i do that? if i knew what file was hanging i would just remove it
23:47:51funmanno, if you knew what file was hanging you would give it to us so we can fix the bug
23:47:51Amazethere is alot of lag on this client lol
23:48:34funmanhow to do that -> move half the files from the player to the PC and see if it still hangs. If it still hangs continue to move half of the remaining files, else take the files which were put on the PC
23:49:01Amazei would more than happy to "give" you the file, but i cant seem to figure it out - as i would love to use my ipod in the field this week
23:49:11gevaertsIsn't there a debug menu option to log this sort of thinh these days?
23:49:22Amazeoh, the binary move?
23:50:09Amazei would expect fo as ive been jailbreaking my iphones for a while, and there hasnt been anything more sopgisticated for an ipod classic?
23:51:51Amazewould embedded album artwork cause this?>
23:53:06Amazebut then again i guess thats why everyone has an iphone now and noone is bothering with the old hardware lol
23:58:35 Quit Amaze (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))

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