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#rockbox log for 2012-09-11

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02:18:07[Saint]Is someone able to post a link to my anti-aliased font pack in the "Extras" section of the website?
02:18:21[Saint]Do we want this? (My assumption is "yes")
02:19:19[Saint]Ohhhhh...nevermind, it just points to the wiki.
02:19:22[Saint]I can do it myself.
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03:10:35[Saint]JdGordon: I forget, is there a way to force bars to *NOT* draw their own touch areas...?
03:10:48JdGordonthere is
03:10:49[Saint]I'm looking at my theme again, and, I need a way out of this.
03:11:10[Saint]Right, I'll have another look in the code then, I seem to have missed it.
03:11:27JdGordoni'll find it, it will be faster
03:12:38[Saint]aha, thanks.
03:14:24JdGordonand its wikiied
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04:29:33[Saint]Kinetic scrolling is *really* broken in git HEAD RaaA
04:30:26[Saint]It keeps on jumping back up to the top of the list eachtime you touch the screen.
04:30:31[Saint]Its very annoying.
04:31:02[Saint]Yay for hardware keys and scroll bars.
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06:36:51CIA-18Commit a147919 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: (Author: Sergey Semushin) ypr0: Correct .scrobbler.log path for YPR0
06:39:26CIA-18a147919 build result: All green
06:42:52CIA-18Commit b985d5c in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Fix FS #12743 - 'Data Abort' on USB connection
06:45:10CIA-18b985d5c build result: All green
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08:39:25CIA-18Commit 4ebc7df in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: (Author: Sergey Semushin) ypr0: Fix graphical eq keymap.
08:41:35CIA-184ebc7df build result: All green
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10:40:06pamaurykugel: very nice work figuring out the problem :)
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10:58:26CIA-18Commit 2c57972 in www by Björn Stenberg: (Author: Dominik Riebeling) Support different release versions for targets.
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11:19:25pamaurywodz: I've began some workon the rk27xx usb yesterday
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11:45:50wodzpamaury: cool
11:46:36pamauryit's not yet working though. For some reason I don't get any interrupt on SETUP packets but I don't know the controller very well for now
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12:24:44mortalisit seems data aborts caused by plugin or codec loading.
12:24:49mortaliswodz: ^
12:25:29wodzmortalis: I am clueless
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12:35:49kugelpamaury: thanks :)
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13:05:30kugelbluebrother^: could you have another quick look at g#152?
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13:21:01wodzLooks like I'll get bunch of documentation for atj2135 :-)
13:25:18vedoshmm.. some XM songs etc play too fast on my iPod Classic (latest Rockbox build). like they're playing twice the normal speed.
13:25:21vedosthat's weird
13:25:34vedosnormal Protracker MODs work though
13:26:01vedosanyone encountered a similar problem?
13:42:22[Saint]Mounting a Fuze V2 a few times in a row (quite quickly) crashed my laptop.
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13:45:45[Saint]Oooohhhh, I got it to do it again. Weird.
13:54:07GeekShadowanyone tried yet building a custom portable media player using raspberry pi with rockbox ?
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14:40:35pamaurywodz: about the ATJ firmware file, it might be a good thing to document it on the wiki, is there any ATJ page you are aware of or do you have a suggestion ?
14:47:20wodzthere is some very basic page about iriver Lseries which is based on atj2135
14:51:29pamaurymy current findings suggest that there are 3 versions. The D/E versions which are like the one you found, with two different signatures. And two other versions with possibly the same encryption but with differences in the header (which do not necessarily affect encryption)
14:52:17wodzwhat do you mean by D/E?
14:52:56wodzpamaury: btw, the missing header file from the s1mp3 tool contains 1024 bytes key
14:53:55pamaurywodz: there is a field in the header which seems to encode the version. If it's 0xE or 0xD then it's as the tool you found, if it's 0xfd or 0x7e it's different
14:54:51wodzah, ok
14:55:47wodzI think it would be best to start wiki page about atj213x series and document there all findings.
14:57:10wodzAmyK has account on actions internal service (It was freely available some time ago). It seems there are some documents about whole platform available this way.
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18:51:20RedRainRockbox is cool!
18:51:36RedRainIs there an easy way to get started programming a simple game for it?(particularly for my samsa)
19:03:55preglowdo you know c?
19:05:28RedRainI only really have experience working with ruby
19:05:50RedRainFrom the look of it, I'm guessing I'll have to learn some C and then memorize the rockbox API commands for LCD output and audio playback
19:06:15preglowwell, memorize or constantly look them up :>
19:06:24preglowbut, there used to be a lua plugin as well
19:06:28RedRainProbably a mix of both
19:06:29preglowthat might be usable for simple games and the like
19:06:41preglowas in the scripting language
19:07:07RedRainlooks neat
19:07:25preglowit's a clean and simple scripting language that gets used a lot
19:07:43preglowi don't really know how far along the lua plugin got, but in theory it could be used
19:07:51preglowif not, then i guess c is what you've got
19:08:07RedRainit looks like it would be easy, but would wind up relying on the plugin status
19:08:20RedRainProbably about time I learned a bit of C anyway
19:08:27RedRainguessing ruby is too bloated for a tiny device like this
19:08:37preglowlearning c can take a while, but it's valuable programming experience
19:08:53preglowruby probably could work, but there's been no interest in porting it
19:09:07preglowand it'd be tons of work
19:09:38RedRainIt seems more like something built for simplicity on high end platforms than efficiency on lightweight devices
19:09:40Tornemost targets have very limited ram for something like ruby.
19:10:03RedRainYeah, I can't see it working very well
19:10:14RedRainmaybe a specific mobileruby build or something
19:10:24RedRainbut it doesn't seem worth it
19:10:28preglowprobably not
19:10:31 Quit japc (Quit: Ex-Chat)
19:10:42preglowlua is pretty easy to adapt for targets like that anyway
19:10:44Torneruby is also extremely slow even *normally*
19:10:55Tornelet alone on a tiny ARM core with little cache and tiny ram
19:11:10 Quit Buschel (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:11:18RedRainmight be good for text-based games and novelty...
19:11:35RedRainbut it really doesn't seem geared to a tiny platform with such limited hardware
19:11:46RedRainespecially with it's memory management
19:12:34preglowtime to go home
19:13:24RedRainhave fun
19:14:08RedRainI should probably grab the source of a simple game that's made already and try to work off of that
19:14:15 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:14:20RedRainjust to get an idea what I'm doing
19:14:58 Join pretty_f_ [0] (~sigBART@
19:15:04RedRainoh, there's a .lua included with rockbox
19:15:21 Join pedro_angelo [0] (
19:16:03RedRainthat actually looks pretty manageable
19:16:43 Quit pretty_function (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:17:53AlexPRedRain: There is a lua game included already, I just can't remember what it is called atm
19:18:39AlexPboomshine or something similiar IIRC
19:18:57 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:19:15 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
19:19:30RedRainboomshine is it
19:20:02RedRainnot enough linebreaks for me to want to work off it, but I can learn a bit of lua and work out a basic program from there, I think
19:20:02 Quit pretty_f_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:20:32Tornelua is very easy, i'm sure you cna learn it in less time than it would take to work out how to crossbuild ruby
19:25:30RedRainand much more viable
19:25:38RedRainseems more lightweight and built for stuff like this
19:25:57RedRainjust gotta find some good resources and a good starting point
19:26:15RedRainI wonder how much memory lil samsa has?
19:26:29Torne8mb, most of them
19:26:37RedRainthat's not really bad, then
19:26:46RedRainI mean, hell, ds got away with 4mb
19:27:02RedRaincould definitely get some simple 2D jrpg going on that
19:27:05Torneyah, but rockbox itself is using 1MB+
19:27:13Torneand lua will use several hundred more kb
19:27:19Torneand the various font/etc buffers are using some space also
19:27:33Torneso you probably only have 5.5-6MB of lua heap
19:27:45Torneat most. and it's not as efficient as native code :)
19:27:51RedRainnot at all bad
19:28:11RedRainjust need to keep everything managed and load/unload only what's needed
19:28:40RedRainthat is 5.5-6mb for some simple, probably 4 colour tiles and sprites(for teh oldskool) and tilemaps
19:28:51TorneWell, that kind of graphics rendering is actually pretty expensive though :)
19:28:55Tornein terms of cpu time
19:29:11RedRainI guess I'll find out...
19:29:13Tornebecause the display is just a completely dumb framebuffer and is not even fast to update
19:29:30RedRainShould be not too bad though
19:29:35RedRainif it can emulate gameboy anyway...
19:29:44Torneit can't, really
19:29:48Torneour gameboy emulation is pretty bad
19:29:54Tornehalf speed or worse on many games
19:29:57Torneeven with sound disabled :)
19:30:07Tornethe people who think it's playable are mostly deluding themselves
19:30:23RedRainI was expecting worse than that... from a little... 40mhz arm?
19:30:23Torneand it's not a very good/current emulator, accuracy is very bad also :)
19:30:34Tornethe AMS sansas are, like, 200MHz or something
19:30:41RedRainbut I guess that rules out the hope of playing some old gb rpgs in the meantimes
19:30:43Tornethey are way, way more powerful than the GBA
19:30:58RedRainbut then all that overhead
19:31:05RedRainI wonder if I can get GB looking game out of it
19:31:11 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
19:31:14RedRainwithout resorting to c
19:31:26RedRainnot looking to make anything super pretty at least
19:31:28RedRainor smooth
19:31:35Tornei would guess you will hav etrouble doing sprite+tile rendering even remotely fast enough in lua
19:31:46Tornei would expect it to be moderately difficult in C
19:31:52Torneto get it to go fast enough, i mean
19:32:06RedRainsome of those games were doing tiles on it already
19:32:15RedRainthey were running pretty smooth, but were .rock
19:32:29Tornewe don't really have any games that do that kind of rendering
19:32:33Tornethey're just blitting bitmaps
19:32:49Tornedon't think anything does any transforms or layers
19:33:51RedRainShould be interesting at least
19:42:29 Join Buschel [0] (
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19:44:35RedRainI wonder if I can get it to play the game while having music playing in the background
19:44:52Tornevery unlikely
19:45:01Torneto avoid stopping audio, you need to fit entirely into the plugin buffer
19:45:13Tornethe plugin buffer on those devices is probably 512kb
19:45:25Tornei forget how big lua is, but i think 300kb+
19:45:28Torneso you have almost no ram left
19:46:08Tornewe don't (yet) support trading off the playback buffer size for more memory for a plugin
19:46:19Torneeithe ryou stop playback and then you can use the entir ebuffer, or you don't and you can't touch it
19:50:44RedRainah, I see.
19:50:57RedRainIt looks like Clip Zip has some input issues as well as instability
19:51:09RedRainlike, some functions can't be performed because of the lack of buttons
19:51:22RedRainMaybe I should wait for a more stable release for it first
19:51:48AlexPWhat buttons don't work on the clip zip?
19:52:21RedRainwell, the buttons all do things, but some buttons are kind of redundant, and some functions just don't seem to be there when they should sometimes
19:52:34AlexPI don't understand
19:52:37RedRainlike, you can't save states with the gameboy emulator
19:52:39RedRainfor example
19:52:45AlexPThat isn't a stability issue
19:52:48RedRainbut there's two ways to backspace
19:52:58RedRainI know, I said there are little things like that on top of stability issues
19:52:58AlexPIf you have better keymaps to suggest, then please do
19:53:03RedRainas in, they are a separate thing
19:53:08AlexPah, misunderstood
19:53:31RedRainfor stability, if I unplug from USB, half the time I have to restart the mp3 player(power off -> power on) before most functions work
19:53:36RedRainand it is listed as unstable
19:53:48RedRainso that much is kind of expected
19:54:03AlexPUSB is known dodgy on the the amsv2 sansa
19:54:29RedRainfor keymaps, though...
19:54:49AlexPplease suggest new ones of you think they are better
19:55:00AlexPBut also keep in mind we try to keep consistency across targets
19:55:03RedRainI think using the back key to confirm save for clip zip would make more sense than having highlight name and confirm as well as back at any time being backspace
19:55:17RedRainbecause as is, it seems you just can't save a state manually
19:55:18AlexPi.e. once you know what a button is, that button does the same things on different targets
19:55:28AlexPwithin the limitations of different buttons anyway
19:56:05AlexPbut anyway, patches on gerrit (or flyspray or mailing list) are welcome
19:56:18AlexPOr the -dev mailing list for discussion of them first
19:56:31AlexPor here, but then people tend to miss it
19:58:38RedRainyeah, there seems only cancel, backspace, input, and direction for name input, which prevents a lot of things from working right now
19:58:48RedRainbut I'm guessing that's already known
19:59:54RedRainI mean, zip seems pretty new and all
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22:35:42ukleinekI just installed rockbox on a friend's iPod 3G. I had two problems with it
22:36:21ukleinek1) during hfs+ to vfat conversion the of was lost and I had to rewrite the firmware
22:36:54ukleinek2) mformat created a 75 GB fs on the 20 GB partition
22:37:30ukleinekah, and 3, when rockbox is running and I connect it via usb to my machine, no device appears in lsusb
22:39:57ukleinek... and so I cannot put files on the disk. in of it works as expected.
22:43:10ukleinekah, the usb problem is also listed on ...
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23:29:12n1sukleinek: did you follow the guide in the wiki for conversion from hfs+ ?
23:35:03FOADAnd if so, why?
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