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#rockbox log for 2012-09-12

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00:06:11ProdicusHey bertrik! You've heard Opus hit RFC status+ 1.0, right?
00:06:31bertrikI think it was due tomorrow
00:07:13ProdicusWell, regardless of when it was due to happen, it happened today.
00:07:14n1swere the stack usage problems solved? i read about some patch but haven't followed closely
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00:09:33Prodicusand so forth
00:10:06bertrikn1s: the stack usage patch is in opus master it seems, the current patch at g300 has that incorporated
00:10:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #300 at : Initial opus codec support by Frederik M J Vestre (changes/00/300/10)
00:11:34n1sbertrik from the issues listed in the gerrit page it sounds like it is time to push it into rb then as they seem fairly small
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00:26:59bertrikalso a multichannel opus will probably confuse our decoder, but other than that, yes I think we can push, but after the freeze/release I think
00:28:28n1sah, yes forgot about the freeze. multichannel not working correctly isn't a dealbreaker imo as playing it in rockbox is a rather strange usecase most of the time
00:29:16n1swould be fun to dust off the h300 and hack at some cf asm again :)
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07:59:28[Saint]JdGordon: probably not a very interesting one, but I've always thought it was really gross that the "magic colors" for various targets (color/monochrome) aren't respected by the line selector.
08:00:29[Saint]So, its not possible to do the effect where only the text changes color for the selected item unless you're using a monochromatic backdrop
08:01:21JdGordonnot sure what you mean, but it is most likely hard to fix :)
08:02:28[Saint]"being able to set the primary/secondary line selector colors as pure magenta, and actually have it be pransparent"
08:02:45[Saint]at the moment, you'll just end up with a naty pink bar :)
08:03:14[Saint]bah! *transparent too
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08:29:15ukleinekn1s: I tried, yes. From Linux. dd, eject. Then the iPod hung. Reset didn't help, so I switched to disk mode and rewrote the first partition as described in the recovery wiki page.
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09:46:00kugel[Saint]: I couldn't repro your kinetic scrolling issue
09:46:47[Saint]I'm managing to trigger it somehow,l but I can't figure out how. I haven't noticed the pattern yet.
09:47:08[Saint]But, it seems to involve using a mix of screen input/hw keys.
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10:46:39[Saint]blargh: can't translate 'cos need new voice strings which aren't committed 'cos theme isn't in git because can't translate 'cos need new voice strings whi...
10:46:43[Saint]and so on.
10:48:17wodzpamaury: Have you noticed that 0x0e version you described matches second sig of AmyK's descramble tool?
10:48:55pamaurybut the iriver e150 firmware is of the 0x7e kind
10:49:24pamauryI assumed you had a look at the wiki page I created
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10:51:30wodzpamaury: btw, what is actual checksum of the function you posted on wiki?
10:51:35*[Saint] spots the fact that he hasn't committed his "super backflip self-healing metadata display code" yet.
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10:52:01[Saint]also need to submit that to gerrit for the rest of the cabbies.
10:52:09pamaurywodz: you mean what is the result ? it's the "t" array
10:52:22pamauryit's not really a checksum
10:53:04wodzis it compared to something? How? byte by byte or what?
10:53:33pamaurybyte by byte, I've not written everything yet
10:58:03pamauryI'm writting the descrambling tool at the same time too, but the code is stupidly complex
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11:05:12[Saint]I don't recall, was FM on RaaAoA an outright no?
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11:08:09[Saint]I could put together a simple implication for one of my devices, but it would require root.
11:08:46[Saint]Stealing from the Spirit FM app
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11:36:15kugel[Saint]: there's still no SDK api for fm radio
11:36:36kugeldoing what spriritfm does is about the only possible way to do it
11:36:39kugelin rockbox
11:40:15[Saint]too ugly?
11:40:36[Saint]it'd be pretty simple to do, were it wanted.
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12:28:09lorenzo92hey all! I was wondering how SD cards are handled in real rockboxed players...since I'm interested in adding a kind of safe-removal in RaA for Samsung R0...
12:29:24lorenzo92my idea is about adding an option in the debug menu, but in case of a already-ready thing would be awesome :)
12:29:41lorenzo92* of course mount/unmount of the card is handled by linux kernel...
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13:24:32RalfJJust installed rockbox on my sansa clip+, and it's working all right - great work, thanks guys :)
13:25:28RalfJI got a question though, and can't find a hint in the docs or the web: the file browser shows some special folders, called "##MUSIC#" and "##PORT#", which dont exist on the flash storage. the music one has subfolders for music, podcasts etc. where do they come from?
13:27:15 Join gxk [0] (
13:33:39[Saint]RalfJ: the do exist on the device storage, they are created by the original firmware and exposed during MTP connection.
13:34:08[Saint]you can delete them if you didn't add any music via the original firmware you want kept there.
13:34:15RalfJbut using MSC, I can't get them?
13:34:20RalfJI don't use MTP
13:34:35RalfJ(using Linux on my system, and I see no reason why MSC shouldn't suffice)
13:35:12[Saint]Just delete them from the filebrowser if you want.
13:35:18RalfJokay, will do
13:35:33[Saint]The original firmware will recreate them each time it is booted, though.
13:35:46RalfJand another one: the doc says, if UB is plugged in it'll boot the original firmware as rockbox USB support is not yet considered stable. but it doesn't do that here
13:36:21RalfJso, are the docs wrong and USB is mature enough, or is there a bug in the boot process here?
13:38:12[Saint]No, the docs are correct. But you're probably comparing a munual referencing a stable build with a development builds functions.
13:38:25[Saint]Current git HEAD should support USB fine.
13:39:15RalfJI told the utility to install the stable version
13:39:27RalfJversion 3.11.2
13:39:39[Saint]what doc are you referencing, then?
13:39:59[Saint]can I have a link to wherever it states this?
13:40:12RalfJthe one for the sansa clip+ from
13:40:32RalfJin the pdf, chapter 3.1.3
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13:44:18RalfJhm, the doc at says something different
13:44:30RalfJI just found the "byhand" docs first, for some reason
13:44:57RalfJthe other docs dont have a version number associated, but they say "older versions did not support USB", making it sound as if the current version should work
13:46:46 Quit Keripo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:47:53[Saint]the current version _should_ work.
13:48:04[Saint]but, you don't have the current have the release.
13:48:30 Join Keripo [0] (
13:50:19[Saint]I may be misremembering, but I seem to recall even the release should use Rockbox USB if the device is powered during USB insertion.
13:50:56[Saint]I'm pretty sure release behavior is to boot OF when the player is OFF. Maybe I'm messing that up though.
13:51:15RalfJyeah, but I did a device reboot
13:51:17[Saint]*boot OF when the player is off and USB is plugged
13:51:32RalfJwhen I plug USB nothing happens
13:51:38RalfJif I press the power button then, it boots rockbox
13:51:46RalfJ(if I start with the device turned off)
13:52:44[Saint]Its possible the bootloader was updated and the docs don't reflect this, I'm really not sure of the fine points...don't own the target so I'm not sure what is expected.
13:53:14RalfJwell, I tried it and renamed some fodlers using the rockbox USB driver (or whatever the correct term is)
13:53:19RalfJseems to have worked fine
13:53:44RalfJI got some stange noise (very quiet though) first, but after two reboots taht went away and Im not even sure if it is related to using the USB
13:54:04RalfJI could hear the noise in the speakers when nothing was played
13:55:12[Saint]Yes, some devices have "noisy" storage. flash based devices in particular in my experience.
13:56:06[Saint]a possibly side effect of not having full/any datasheets and bluffing/reverse engineering. ;)
13:56:30n1smany players have flash interference in their OF's too
13:57:43[Saint]My Nano2G(s) and Fuze(s) have very noisy storage in Rockbox and quiet storage in the OF. Only some cheap IEMs seem to bring it out for me.
13:58:40[Saint]Actually, that's a slight lie. One of my Fuzes is absolutely silent. Can't remember if its a V1/2 difference or just a fluke.
14:00:29RalfJnoisy storage? lol^^
14:00:33n17ikhmy e260v1 is like that
14:01:10n17ikhactually maybe that was screen-on noise
14:01:18RalfJwell, Im totally impressed by how well this is working, so I guess I can live with some reboots to shut up the storage...^^
14:01:43RalfJI esp. like that rockbox has a queue
14:02:26RalfJwith the OF I always had to time things right so that at the end of one song I could play the next one, if I wanted to "override" the random playback one time. and I had to navigate this horribly long list as anything elsewould replace the playlist. rockbox does better :)
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14:13:07kugel[Saint]: I'm happy to see a patch, I didnt say its too ugly
14:13:58kugelhm, lorenzo92 already gone :(
14:14:05[Saint]kugel: Right, I was just making sure. It seems as though it would be rather trivial to implement but I wasn't sure how the root requirement sat.
14:14:34kugelI don't know spiritfm actually
14:14:57kugelI just know it uses soc/fmradio specific tricks to make it work outside the sdk
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14:34:29gxkcan't create directory .rockbox on my Sansa e200. No problem to create directory named rockbox.
14:35:09gxkworking from Ubuntu 12.04
14:35:31 Join kevku [0] (
14:35:32[Saint]why would you be creating said directory manually anyway?
14:36:09gxki am trying to figure out why unzip doesn't work
14:36:42[Saint]what makes you think it doesn't?
14:37:16[Saint]you know ".<directory>" == hidden folder, yeah? Do you have showing of hidden folders enabled?
14:38:53gxkunzip hangs without responding. so i did it localy and copied to Sansa. The copy also hangs. It works only if the directory name is rockbox. It is not rockbox issue, but may be you have an idea?
14:39:47[Saint]smells like filesystem trouble.
14:39:50gxkyeah, right
14:40:54amayer_gxk: are you viewing hidden folders? (press ctrl + H)
14:40:57amayer_there might already be a directory named .rockbox
14:41:25[Saint]amayer_: that shouldn't cause unzip to hang.
14:41:29gxkamayer_: the ls -la also hangs :)
14:41:32[Saint]There's also a chance the archive is corrupt, ...on that note, perhaps we should publish md5 sums of builds.
14:41:52[Saint]Oh, ok...yeah, that *really* smacks of filesystem problems :)
14:41:59amayer_[Saint]: that would be a good idea
14:42:35 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
14:42:37amayer_[Saint]: its weird how he can create directorys tho.
14:42:39amayer_does sound like filesystem error tho
14:42:55 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
14:43:28gxkthe fsck.vfat tells: There are differences between boot sector and its backup
14:44:27[Saint]two options, really: "try let fsck recover any damage", or "debate whether or not its worth it, and format and start fresh"
14:45:24[Saint]I usually opt for the latter, myself, as it is a guaranteed fix..but then, I don't have any data on any DAp I might miss.
14:45:40gxki agree to format, but there is Sandisk files there...
14:46:30[Saint]anything the original firmware *absolutely needs* will be recreated the next time the original firmware boots.
14:46:58 Join Belzebub_ [0] (
14:47:03[Saint]you only need to worry about anything you added personally.
14:47:03gxkSaint: thank you
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14:49:09[Saint]I think you can restore the device from the e200 original firmware also if you're worried about formatting manually.
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14:56:50gxkSaint: did format with mkfs.vfat. it works now!
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16:08:07*[Saint] wonders how hard it would be to add a bounce to the menus of touchscreen targets
16:09:10[Saint](guess who likes the bouncy scrolling in CM? - hint: it's me)
16:09:11*megal0maniac wonders how hard it would be to map the touchpad on the fuzeplus in the same way as a touchscreen target
16:10:45pamaurymegal0maniac: the problem is that the coordinates don't make any sense; I'm not sure you could treat it as a touchscreen target. However it would benefit from a general gesture movement recognition or something like this
16:11:07 Join TheSphin_ [0] (
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16:13:34megal0maniacReason being that it doesn't use buttons. But it would have to be different anyway, because you can't click on menu items for example. More like a mouse, less like a touch screen. Just an idea
16:15:21 Quit TheSphin_ (Read error: Operation timed out)
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16:22:09[Saint]kugel: I think I know a reason you might not be able to repro weird scrolling/touchscreen stuff I'm seeing, the guaranteed method I have of triggering it involves the touchscreen param "menu" in the .sbs
16:22:48[Saint]+of my RaaA cabbiev2
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16:25:10[Saint]there's another (device specific, apparently) way I can trigger it with the back button in the first tier of the Settings menu as well but that is hit and miss.
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18:03:28kugelp[Saint]: the technique that's patented by Apple?
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18:39:54 Part LinusN
18:41:42EpicanisHow is Opus support in the current dev builds? (is there a reasonable chance playback works if I load the current build onto a "supported" Sansa device?)
18:42:57bertrikOpus support is not in git yet, but there is a patch g300, to be applied once the freeze is over
18:44:16EpicanisDang. (I've gotten all eager to start playing with Opus more). I saw on the mailing list that the freeze was being extended to give time to clean up some USB issues - any guesses how long it'll be?
18:44:27bertrik(the mention of g300 normally triggers a bot announcing the patch URL, )
18:44:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #300 at : Initial opus codec support by Frederik M J Vestre (changes/00/300/10)
18:44:46bertrikheh :)
18:45:40EpicanisFASTER fs-bluebot! :)
18:47:20*bertrik blames a comma
18:48:08 Join RalfJ [0] (
18:48:43EpicanisSOMEONE STOLE MY COMMA! Probably commies. But anyway, thanks for the info. I seem to be turning into an almost Apple-level fanboy for Opus, and I haven't even started using it much yet...
18:53:09 Quit zz_TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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21:02:41lorenzo92kugelp: hey :)
21:10:05 Quit zz_TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:10:41lorenzo92we were thinking about fstab to mount sd automatically...
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22:35:04amayer_is an audio track supposed to start over when you change your theme?
22:37:10 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:37:14amayer_i checked the bugs board but didnt see it there
22:37:24amayer_i was wondering if this is a known behavior
22:37:42 Join einhirn [0] (
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22:39:53gevaertsThat doesn't sound right. Stopping and restarting is expected, but not restarting at a wrong place
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22:57:28amayer_i just changed my theme and it started the podcast from the begining
22:57:47amayer_(on the ipod classic if that makes a difference)
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23:12:34fmlbluebrother: Hello. Have you seen the note about the missing comma in the German translation. I know, they are not en vogue these days, but I still use them.
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