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#rockbox log for 2012-09-16

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00:42:30[7]so... did I hear correctly that the ipod classic usb problems are finally fixed?
00:42:46[7]so the classic works, but the nano2g still doesn't or what?
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01:17:04bluebrotherAlexP: only the first part of hat was committed. See g#315 for the remaining change.
01:17:06fs-bluebotGerrit review #315 at : Announce 3.10 as release version for nano2g. by Dominik Riebeling (changes/15/315/1)
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01:19:09bluebrotherimo this could go in right now but I wanted to give people a chance to comment first (and have at least someone check the change)
01:19:53bluebrotherhaven't found time to follow up on that this week ...
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01:27:47user890104bluebrother: shouldn't ipod6g in be renamed to ipodclassic, so rbutil can pick it up?
01:28:05user890104just noticed it while looking at the above patch
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03:56:08gevaertsuser890104: no. It was renamed to ipod6g for consistency and rbutil compatibility in the first place...
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04:12:05entombedwhat's the best cheap mp3 player for rockbox
04:12:08entombedsandisk clip+?
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04:21:56pineapplegenerally, how accurate a reflection is [[TargetStatus]] of actual development?
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06:48:11saratogapineapple: generally pretty accurate
06:51:33pineappleI was kinda wandering what the issue is with the nano2g version, and if it's in the current stable version
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06:52:58saratogaUSB is broken in the dev builds
06:53:02*pineapple is trying to decided between a 1st gen and a 2nd gen, after her old 1st gen started developing... issues
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10:41:35[Saint]JdGordon: (logs) I can't recall if bar tags are supposed to automagically follow the language direction or not, or if that was a "this is something that should happen, but currently doesn't" thing. I _think_ it still requires manual handling, and that this is intentional, but there's a nagging part of me telling me I'm wrong.
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12:38:08[Saint]gevaerts: around...?
12:39:54[Saint]gevaerts: I got a 'lil but distracted last night, getting around to testing USb on Nano2G now...can you tell me what is supposed to be, please?
12:40:17[Saint]Apparently both the logs and my quassel client managed to botch the encoding.
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12:59:03kugel[Saint]: increase the usb stack by 4096 bytes, iiuc
12:59:34kugelstatic long usb_stack[(DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + DUMP_BMP_LINESIZE + 4096)/sizeof(long)]; <−− should be right
13:33:38lebellium[Saint] : I desperately need your Ubuntu font in size 11/12/13 to work further on my theme :D Actually I can't guarantee they will fit it but at least I have to try to find the optimal font for this small 128*160 display :S
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14:59:42bertrikwhat's on average the pwm rate used for dimming backlights?
15:01:03gmaxwellbertrik: tried pulling the latest git opus in and seeing if it makes your stack usage sane?
15:01:21bertrikgmaxwell: yes, it's very sane now
15:03:37gmaxwellOh! good.
15:03:55bertrikgmaxwell: I think it's basically ready for inclusion in rockbox, just waiting for our freeze to end
15:07:03pamaurybertrik: few khz
15:07:15pamauryor lower
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15:11:32gevaerts[Saint]: just add "+ 4096" in there
15:20:10gevaertsscorche: can you run another forum cleanup one of these days? The "recent posts" bit seems confused
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15:41:47[Saint]gevaerts: ok, compiled with just USE_ROCKBOX_USB disabled, no reboot to OF on USB plug. Compiled with USE_ROCKBOX_USB disabled and USB stack size increase, no reboot to OF on USB plug :-/
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15:42:51[Saint]I can see it pop up in dmesg/lsusb, but Rockbox just sits there and charges.
15:43:47[Saint]dmesg just gives: [229235.488148] usb 1-1: new full-speed USB device number 36 using uhci_hcd
15:43:47[Saint][229235.638979] usb 1-1: config 1 has no interfaces?
15:44:55[Saint]just let me know if there's anything else you want me to try.
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15:45:52[Saint]At least it doesn't panic on USB plug now though ;)
15:45:57gevaertsThat's weird. It should have the CHARGING_ONLY interface...
15:46:32[Saint]Hum, good point. Rockbox doesn't react at all.
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16:04:36gevaertsIn what way?
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16:19:14[Saint]gevaerts: Rockbox just behaves as if it were a charger. I confused myself about how it should react, sorry.
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16:26:43kugelstarting charging doesnt exactly fit "doesn't react at all" :)
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16:27:56gevaertsMaybe you could add some splashf()s to see if it gets to try_reboot()
16:32:09[Saint_]kugel: yeah, sorry. I had said it was charging earlier.
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16:32:53[Saint_]I confused myself, as my Nano2gs think my Apple firewire wall charger == USB and display the USB screen.
16:33:11[Saint_]I see it so often I forget its not normal behaviour.
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16:38:58pamaurywodz (for the logs): my work in progress is here: pamaury/rockbox-1/tree/atj/utils/atj2137/atjboottool">
16:39:49pamauryI think that the encryption/decompression algorithm uses big integers, which explain why it's so akward to reverse engineer, I still have no idea about what it's doing ^^
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19:45:25Eterniais anyone here?
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20:04:49amiconnukleinek: (late answer) Rockbox doesn't support the iPod 3G's USB chip at all, so that's expected. Either enter emergency diskmode/ reboot into OF manually, or use firewire (in which case rockbox will reboot into edm automatically)
20:05:53ukleinekamiconn: still appreciated
20:06:36ukleinekamiconn: if the problem is lack of people testing the stuff, I'm sure I can lend the machine out from time to time.
20:07:51amiconniPod 3G is a special case. It's the only ipod with USB 1.1 (and the first ipod with USB at all), and the chip is different from alll later PP ipods
20:08:18amiconnSomeone would need to reverse engineer how this usb chip works, then adapt our usb stack to it
20:14:49pineapplehow did the earlier ipods connect?
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21:09:53CIA-18Commit f902bbe in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Make backup dialog modal.
21:09:53CIA-18Commit 1c975ee in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Support "eject" on OS X.
21:11:43bluebrotherAlexP: any thoughs on g#315? And news on the release status?
21:11:45fs-bluebotGerrit review #315 at : Announce 3.10 as release version for nano2g. by Dominik Riebeling (changes/15/315/1)
21:12:14CIA-181c975ee build result: All green
21:12:21AlexPbluebrother: I'd like to see that committed, and then on the basis that amsv2 usb isn't any worse than it was in 3.11 we go for it
21:12:40AlexPThat's my opinion anyway :)
21:12:43bluebrotherI've seen something to try on nano2g about usb?
21:13:10AlexPyes, I think gevaerts and [Saint] were trying to see if reboot on usb would work these days
21:13:40bluebrotherI can give that a try the next couple of days if necessary.
21:13:48AlexPThat'd be great, ta
21:14:03bluebrotherthough I'm (still) rather tight on time these days so it might not happen immediately :)
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21:14:41AlexPit used to just freeze, so should be easy to see if still broken :)
21:15:12bluebrotherthat indeed sounds like a simple test :)
21:15:48AlexPWell, have to re-enable reboot first, and I seem to remember gevaerts muttering about stack sizes
21:15:59AlexPSo there might be a wee bit more :)
21:17:10bluebrotherhmm. Is cabbiev2 broken on Android?
21:17:38AlexPno idea I'm afraid
21:18:08bluebrotherat least it doesn't show here. Guess this has to wait though
21:19:47bluebrotherso ... how about to proceed with g#315? Wait for someone else to comment or just commit it? Thoughts, anyone?
21:19:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #315 at : Announce 3.10 as release version for nano2g. by Dominik Riebeling (changes/15/315/1)
21:22:03AlexPI'd go for it myself
21:23:30funmandid you decide something for amsv2 ?
21:24:57kugelbluebrother: what deivce/resolution? cabbiev2 is ported only to select resolutions
21:26:25bluebrotherkugel: it doesn't work using 800x480 on a Nexus 7. I'm pretty sure cabbiev2 is available on that resolution :)
21:26:49bluebrother(I was suspecting a missing cabbiev2 too, but it even shows up in the themes list)
21:27:04kugelthe nexus 7 doesnt have 800x480
21:27:23bluebrotherno, but I can run a Rockbox build for 800x480
21:27:31kugelcabbie is only in the zip if you choose the right resolution in configure
21:27:34bluebrotherhence I mentioned that resolution
21:27:58bluebrotherit shows up in the theme selection dialog so it's definitely there.
21:28:33kugelif rockbox is configured for 800x480 then it should iiuc work indeed
21:28:45bluebrotherhence my question :)
21:29:17bluebrotherguess I'll have to update on the Desire to check ... need more time :/
21:32:06bluebrotherhmm, looks fine on the Desire.
21:32:35bluebrothermaybe some path related issue? Anyway, not today
21:40:25kugelperhaps it's JB related
21:41:38gevaertsfunman: I think the best thing to do for amsv2 is "do nothing". Nobody seems to have the impression that the current situation is worse than 3.11
21:41:52 Part mortalis
21:42:17gevaertsAnd the only realistic alternative involves new bootloaders, which means testing, a new rbutil release, and hoping that people upgrade the bootloader
21:43:37gevaertsfunman: for the nano2g, do you remember exactly why we didn't go for a usb disabled build? Did rebooting on USB just not work, or did it freeze the device?
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21:46:56kugelcouldn't the nano2g usb driver reverted back to the last-known-good state?
21:47:26 Part gmaxwell
21:56:29bootinfdsdsHi Rockbox .. I have a question ... I saw a youtube video of a guy using a Memory card (I think it was for a camera) instead of a Harddrive for his Ipod-video. My question is : Is there a place on the website that instructs people how to-do this ? As I remember in my searches on amazon. They had just released a 128GB version of this card. Do you think it is possible to use this size with an old Ipod and adapter or will it fail because of it's size a
21:56:29bootinfdsdsnd newer standard ??
21:57:56gevaertsbootinfdsds: sounds like a compactflash card. That's a fairly common thing to do these days
21:58:36bootinfdsdsgevaerts, I thnk your right on the type .. but will the it work with the newest one's , or not ?
21:59:35gevaertsYes. Most players handle large drives just fine, only very few have issues. The ipods are all fine
22:00:12gevaertsAlthough I believe some ipods are picky as far as the adapter is concerned, so it might be a good idea to buy the adapter from a place that promises ipod compatibility.
22:00:44bootinfdsdsgevaerts, Thank-you.. other than trawling through youtube again.... is there anywhere on the website that gives instructions or guidance ?
22:01:04gevaerts has some information
22:01:17bootinfdsdsopening... than-you...
22:07:35bootinfdsdsmmm ... interesting thanx for answering my question .. Sometimes there is a 128GB CF card at my dad's shop for film sets etc in the area .. I'd love to try it out and update it to the website ... :)
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23:53:07davohi all. is there anyone/anyplace to ask someone familiar with hardware connectors on some devices? I've got a Sansa Fuze and trying to figure out how to connect a connector. Thanks in advance.
23:54:48 Join saratoga [0] (123e0cca@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:54:55saratogatheres diagrams for the connector on google
23:58:52 Quit hype (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)

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