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#rockbox log for 2012-09-17

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00:27:26davosaratoga, thanks i must not have searched google hard enough, i'll try harder
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00:33:25davosaratoga: thanks, that's a great diagram for the USB connector, I'm looking for the internal connector that connects the circle-dial to the MoBo
00:34:40davoi'm not sure if a diagram can help, i'm just trying to figure out how to re-connect it. Specifically, if the black piece needs to be separated before inserting the pin-cable
00:35:02gevaertsPossibly funman knows about that
00:35:22davothanks, it's not a big deal, as it is not even rockbox related
00:36:51davoi just thought i would ask, since in trying to fix it, I've tried both moving the black part, and i don't want to completely destroy or make it unusable, as it does work so far
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00:37:55davoit's the black plastic part on top of the white part in the center here:
00:39:16gevaertsAh, right. That's a ZIF connector, so yes, you need to move that part a bit (turn or slide, depends on the connector), then push the cable in, and then put it back into place
00:39:49gevaertsNever apply much force on those
00:40:24saratogayou open the latch and then the ribbon cale comes out
00:40:36saratogareassembling is extremely hard, but is just the reverse process
00:40:49saratogalots of people break their player trying it though
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01:17:48scorchegevaerts: well, i fixed them, but it seems it didnt un-confuse the recent posts...
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01:39:15davothanks saratoga, are there tools for moving that ZIF connector, or some household tool you think might work?
01:39:41saratogai used very long tweasers
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03:29:22*[Saint] wishes davo good luck.
03:29:31[Saint]You're in for a whole world of hassle ;)
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04:10:00semifunkI tried to turn on my Clip+, and it wouldn't turn on. I tried clicking once, then holding the power button for a minute, and clicking again, but still nothing. I tried plugging it in the computer. Nothing. I don't want to do something that might damage it. What should I do?
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04:16:11semifunkdo i need to read the manual for that?
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04:55:40[Saint]Can you seriously not delete your own forum posts, or, am I blind?
04:56:01[Saint]saratoga beat me to a reply, and there's no point in mine being there.
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05:05:27pineapple[Saint]: could be a forum permissions thing. most forum softwares can do it, but some admins disable deleting
05:06:03[Saint]seems kinda...odd.
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05:30:13semifunknever mind, mine started to work again? Yay!
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05:31:14[Saint]"Do I need to read the ma...";
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05:44:02pineappledoes anyone know about the buttons not responding on nano1g? I suspect there's some sort of water damage, but can't tell for sure
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05:44:18pineappledoesn't even respond to menu+select
05:45:23pineapple(Rockbox 3.8 or possibly 3.8.something, in case this is relevant)
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07:36:40davoThanks saratoga and [Saint], you're right, this ZIf connector thing is hard to connect so much that I broke it off while trying to slide it :\
07:37:03[Saint]it doesn't "slide", so, that may be the problem.
07:37:06[Saint]it lifts up.
07:37:13[Saint] used to. :)
07:37:55davoah darn, yeah its so small I couldn't see what to do.
07:38:26davobut even with the cable inserted, it recieves nothing from turning the dial
07:38:54[Saint]that's because the function of the thing you broke off it to make sure the cable is seated against the contacts.
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07:42:21davoAh right :) My bad.
07:42:58davoHm. Well it was worth trying. Thanks for your help. :)
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08:33:18funmangevaerts: i don't remember why we don't reboot to USB on nano2g
08:33:32funmankugel: nano2g usb was broken with an usb core change, not a nano2g specific change
08:41:50[Saint]funman: because it doesn't work, apparently.
08:42:12[Saint]It definitely used to, but, I fear this broke also.
08:43:23[Saint]Later this evening I hope to get a chance to sprinkle splashf()s around the place and see how far it is getting after it detects USB is plugged.
08:44:34funman[Saint]: gevaerts: now i remember, rebooting nano2g doesn't work at all
08:44:50[Saint]it did, many moons ago.
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08:45:26[Saint]funman: Do you happen to know *why* it doesn't?
08:46:10funmani wish i could grep the channel logs :)
08:46:16[Saint]As I said, I was going to attempt to sprinkle some splashf(s) around to see how far it is getting, if anywhere at all, ...but I was kinda hoping you could save me the trouble :)
08:46:36funman has empty output
08:47:16*[Saint] has never even seen that url before.
08:47:17funmani think rolo doesn't work either?
08:47:31[Saint]lets see.
08:47:48[Saint]Hmmmmmm...yes, you're right.
08:48:26[Saint]The nano2g was going *sooooooo* well too.
08:50:35[Saint]Oh, hmmm...whoops.
08:50:56[Saint]None of this "reboot on USB plug" stuff has anything to do with the bootloader, does it?
08:51:21funmanbootloader has to detect usb plugging and boot to OF or rockbox accordinglty
08:51:22*[Saint] probably should've mentioned the fact that he doesn't use Rockbox's Nano2g bootloader
08:51:39user890104if rockbox supports printing debug information over uart on nano2g, it could be useful and i can help with that (i have a usb+uart cable)
08:51:46funmanwell for that we should guess which bootloader most nano2g users will use
08:51:49[Saint]funman: but, that's when the device is *off*, right?
08:52:04funman[Saint]: if you reboot, the device is off then on
08:52:21funmani think only some archos differentiate cold boot and hot boot
08:53:42[Saint]Ah, well...shit. I guess I need to go through the (painstaking) process of returning one to stock, then.
08:55:39[Saint]I thought that the "reboot" wasn't a real reboot, in so far as I thought it was just saying "load this image at this offset".
08:56:02funmanthat's rolo
08:56:36[Saint]why can't we do the same with the emergency disk mode?
08:56:43funmansystem_reboot() is in firmware/target/arm/s5l8700/system-s5l8700.c
08:57:24[Saint]emCORE can load the EDM without a reboot, I thought Rockbox was doing something similar.
09:01:54user890104[Saint]: in theory, ROLO should be able to load EDM, but since ROLO is broken, i can't test it right now
09:02:59[Saint]user890104: right, I thought it would/should be possible.
09:03:13[Saint]I guess looking at why ROLO isn't working is the next step.
09:03:50user890104well, 7 has fixed it a couple of times so far, but it broke once again
09:04:15[Saint]I'm testing with git HEAD.
09:04:20 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:04:37[Saint]I seem to recall the problem being a lack of stack for ROLO, and throwing more stack at it "just worked".
09:05:32funmanwhat is EDM?
09:05:41[Saint]"Emergency Disk Mode"
09:07:23[Saint]Not the colorful disk mode you'll see if you plug USB while the OF is running, but rather the disk mode you end up in if you force it via menu+play after a reboot.
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09:10:03*pineapple suspects that she may have to consider an alternative to the nano2g
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09:14:48[Saint]Oh, interesting (but a little obvious now I think about it): emCORE kills the "select+play" == force disk mode action.
09:15:59user890104[Saint]: these key combos are handled in norboot, which is replaced by emcoreldr
09:16:17*[Saint] nods
09:16:28[Saint]that's the "obvious now I think about it" bit :)
09:18:11*user890104 says hello to rockbox 3.7.1 on his nano2g
09:18:24user890104and ... ROLO works!
09:18:37[Saint]you're rockin' it oldschool, yo.
09:19:13user890104well, it doesn't work in any of the later releases
09:19:29[Saint] needed to go back that far?
09:20:33user890104i reported it almost an year ago, and tested all releases until i got to a working one
09:21:28user890104the interesting part is that someone said that it doesn't work on ipodclassic, but it works flawlessly for me
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09:22:45*[7] tries to remember how many times he fixed rolo on nano2g so far
09:23:19[7]it seems to magically get broken every couple of weeks...
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09:30:00[7]user890104: you don't really want to boot disk mode through rolo? :o
09:30:18[7]that would require lots of HW state reinit to be compatible etc.
09:30:37[7]reinstating the SysI structure etc.
09:32:02[7]for non-emcored devices the hotstuff reboot trick seems perfect for this
09:32:26[Saint][7]: is there any way that, instead of trying to reboot to the OF, we just jump into EDM?
09:32:31[Saint]Oh ,,too late.
09:32:56[7]and we could either implement hotstuff in emcore (but that would be a nasty hack), or just let the user click on disk mode manually in the emcore boot menu
09:33:16[7]sure, for emcore+fastboot you'll end up in a reboot loop until you press a button :P
09:37:10user890104[7]: is the hotstuff trick implemented in rockbox for n2g?
09:40:52 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
09:45:53user890104#ifdef IPOD_NANO2G memcpy((void *)0x0002bf00, "diskmodehotstuff\1\0\0\0", 20); #endif
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09:46:13user890104that should be it, firmware/usb.c, line 105
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09:47:38user890104so if USE_ROCKBOX_USB is undefined, connecting a usb cable should to this trick, right?
09:48:10[Saint]It doesn't, no.
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09:48:30[Saint]It simply charges.
09:50:10[7]hm, this suggests that we have a problem with usb presence detection
09:54:41[Saint]from last night's tests:
09:54:41[Saint][229235.488148] usb 1-1: new full-speed USB device number 36 using uhci_hcd
09:54:41[Saint] [229235.638979] usb 1-1: config 1 has no interfaces?
09:55:00[Saint]that's all demsg gives me...
09:55:20[Saint]That is with disabling USE_ROCKBOX_USB
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10:36:14[7][Saint]: that message suggests that rockbox usb isn't fully disabled
10:36:27[7]i.e. it still enumerates, with an "empty" device
10:36:31[7]similar to charging mode
10:36:49[Saint]well, I'm commenting out USE_ROCKBOX_USB
10:37:17[7]without use_rockbox_usb it shouldn't be visible to the host at all, and just reboot to the OF as soon as it detects voltage on vbus, unless the charging mode button is held
10:38:05[Saint]Well, its not :)
10:42:40[7]something must be enabling the usb stack
10:43:50[7]hm, or maybe the new usb driver doesn't take USE_ROCKBOX_USB into account anymore
10:47:03[7]the old driver checked for HAVE_USBSTACK and didn't initialize the USB core if it wasn't set
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10:51:42wodzb0hoon: charger detection works on vibe500 actually - the problem is smallish diameter of the central pin in the socket.
10:52:19b0hoonwodz: heh i knew it :D
10:53:29b0hoonhow the thing is going with these dynamic plugins?
10:56:14wodzb0hoon: I think I understand the issue. Now I am hacking elf2flt to address this but as my spare time is very limited it goes slowly.
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11:10:07wodzpamaury: What is the status of the atj tool you posted link to?
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13:05:16pamaurywodz: work in progress but you can run it on the iriver firmware, it will print things and do some checks
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14:24:01vitalijSorry for my impatients but is there a eta for the sansa clip+ v01.02.18 ?
14:27:00 Quit vitalij (Quit: CGI:IRC)
14:29:00wodz? We are not sansa clip OF vendors
14:32:17 Join semifunk [0] (~Patrick@unaffiliated/semitones)
14:32:36semifunkas a general piece of advice, what can I do to not brick my Clip+?
14:32:49semifunkit likes to scare me by not turning on
14:34:35 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (
14:34:44[Saint]Not using third party software is probably a good idea if that's your concern.
14:35:14[Saint]and don't update the firmware ever.
14:35:44*[Saint] is trying to point out the silliness here
14:35:53semifunkwell yeah
14:36:05semifunki accept that there may be _some_ risks
14:36:49semifunkbut I've already had two Clip+ just fail on me, and I wonder if it's by using the Database too much, or something
14:36:57semifunklike something i don't know better
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14:41:13PurlingNayuki2Hi everyone, I'm having a problem lacking of skin buffer
14:41:24 Part PurlingNayuki2
14:41:33 Join PurlingNayuki2 [0] (~yzflcyq@
14:41:54 Join webguest42 [0] (
14:42:53PurlingNayuki2I want to make it bigger but don't find any definetion about buffer size
14:46:16 Part PurlingNayuki2
14:46:54 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~yzflcyq@
14:47:52 Join zhkailing [0] (
14:48:11PurlingNayukiIs here anyone who knows about the size of skin buffer?
14:51:49 Quit webguest42 (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
14:52:20pamauryperhaps [Saint] or JdGordon know such things
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19:35:54 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Heading out)
19:37:10AlexPWhat are we doing with this release then?
19:37:17AlexPI'm thinking branch
19:37:38AlexPEnable 3.10 for nano 2g, unless we get reboot working in which case it can be added to the branch
19:39:18gevaertsBranch, certainly
19:40:50AlexPNow comes the searching for how to create a remote branch in git again :)
19:42:07 Quit Prodicus (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:45:39AlexPSo create local one, then push it?
19:46:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:46:59AlexPe.g. "git checkout -b v3.12" then "git push origin v3.12" ?
19:47:24*gevaerts doesn't remember!
19:47:34gevaertsIIRC you can create a branch on the gerrit web UI
19:47:59AlexPah, that'd be nicer
19:48:01AlexPI'll look
19:48:32AlexPah yes
19:49:38AlexPI can give the initial revision as HEAD right?
19:50:18AlexPI'll try :)
19:50:40AlexPSeems to have worked
19:52:59AlexPI stole your email :)
19:53:24Topic"Branched for 3.12 | Please read before speaking: | Please direct offtopic/social chat to #rockbox-community | This channel is logged at" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
19:54:02gevaertsI don't mind. I probably stole most if it from you anyway :)
19:54:17 Join LinusN [0] (
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20:44:52lorenzo92kugel: vannix and I found out a possible way to interact via usb in the samsung R0, using default kernel stuff...we can either call an external script to do that, but I'd prefer to do the wwhole thing in rockbox
20:45:28lorenzo92I will need help with the rockbox usb part (i.e. which functions to override etc)
20:48:58 Join pedro_angelo [0] (
20:55:30 Part archels
21:12:41 Quit megal0maniac (Remote host closed the connection)
21:18:27 Part LinusN
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21:27:46 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
21:30:03kugellorenzo92: I don't know anything about USB in rockbox I'm afraid
21:30:18lorenzo92okay, I will try myself :)
21:32:21kugelgevaerts can perhaps help you.
21:34:45 Join RAThomas [0] (
21:34:51gevaertsHow would this behave in practice? I'd say you're probably much closer to hardware usb than software usb from the rockbox p.o.v.
21:39:43lorenzo92well we use the gadgets feature in liux
21:41:04gevaertsI mean, your USB handling will basically come down to "make sure we close all files, then tell something outside of rockbox to go to USB mode", right?
21:41:56 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
21:43:46lorenzo92okay I'm back
21:44:02gevaertsRight. I think then you only need usb_init_device() (which could be empty), usb_detect(), and usb_enable()
21:44:16 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
21:44:17lorenzo92that's nice
21:45:38lorenzo92indeed usb init could be useful for initializing one variable or two, nothing more, usb_detect it's easy (ioctls) and usb_enable will call an external script (for the moment)
21:46:03 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
21:46:05lorenzo92ah btw, the "USB" mode closes all files right?
21:46:17gevaertsIt should, yes. If not, that's a bug
21:46:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:48:37lorenzo92a question about which kind of features to enable: #define CONFIG_USBOTG USBOTG_ARC could be one? and HAVE_USB_POWER?
21:48:55lorenzo92but that's to see in the code after all ^^ many thanks for the hints ;)=
21:50:14gevaertsHAVE_USB_POWER is about charging stuff, no idea, depends on your device. CONFIG_USBOTG, no, you're not using HAVE_USBSTACK since you're not using the rockbox stack
21:52:36lorenzo92ok USB_POWER perhaps about the possibility to charge the player via usb (yes, for us is the only source :) )
21:53:36 Quit Prodicus (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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23:47:56[Saint]pamaury: in future (answering you since the other guy left), there's pretty much no such thing as a skin buffer limit any more.
23:48:23[Saint]bufflib will allow you to eat all remaining audiio buffer for the skin buffer if you want to.
23:48:34[Saint]It'd be pointless to do so, but, you could :)
23:54:23 Quit mgottschlag (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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