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#rockbox log for 2012-09-19

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08:25:13Tyrell76someboday aliveƟ? :)
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08:31:16JdGordonwe cant help if you dont ask your question
08:31:30Tyrell76oh ok
08:31:43Tyrell76im searching for a solution with Rockbox 3.11.2 stable on my Sansa Fuze V1
08:31:49Tyrell76very strange things happen
08:32:00[Saint]You wanna tell us what they are?
08:32:08[Saint]Or, you just want a general solution?
08:32:10GodEatermy crystal ball is broken
08:32:11Tyrell76when i try to transfer mp3s to the player, it first starts transferring than freezes, then crashes the filemanager
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08:32:26[Saint]Check your filesystem.
08:32:36Tyrell76is there a buffer problem or smth?
08:32:37Tyrell76i did
08:32:41Tyrell76first i did :)
08:33:00[Saint] Fuze is fine.
08:33:14Tyrell76with the old RB on it ... some 3.7.x this didnt happen, sometimes it stalled, but strated sending after some seconds
08:34:33Tyrell76it seems to me that rb 3.11.2 has some usb issues on the fuze v1
08:35:17Tyrell76and i checked the FS, cleared all USB Mass Storage Devices on Win7 ... nothing helps
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08:37:23[Saint]USB _should_ be perfectly stable on this device for 3.11.2, and, therwe were no significan't changes between it and 3.11
08:37:42[Saint]If there is a problem, you should've been seeing it *months* ago. Its nothing recent.
08:37:47megal0maniacTyrell76: Does it work with the original firmware?
08:38:08megal0maniacAnd have you tried a different computer?
08:38:41[Saint]Well...that's a lie in part, there were plenty of significant changes, but nothing that should have any effect on USB for this target.
08:39:04Tyrell76with original fw it workd sure
08:39:12GodEater[Saint]: and he'd only have seen things months ago if he'd been using development builds
08:39:16Tyrell76and i mostly worked with RB before upgrading to 3.11.2
08:39:44GodEaterTyrell76: can you check if it works with the original firmware *now* ?
08:39:54[Saint]3.11.2 was just a point release to fix a problem you wouldn't have been seeing.
08:40:25Tyrell76no not now
08:40:56[Saint]Please be more specific, you can't check now, or, its not working with the OF now?
08:41:18Tyrell76nope i cant check it now with original
08:42:15Tyrell76dont got the USB here hehe
08:42:23Tyrell76USB Cable
08:43:42Tyrell76oh and i tried a different machine
08:43:50Tyrell76happens there too
08:44:02[Saint]Is there a specific version you're aware of that *didn't* cause you any problems?
08:44:32Tyrell76my first version was 3.7.1, it worked fine there
08:44:35Tyrell76slow sometimes
08:44:38Tyrell76but it worked
08:44:53Tyrell76sometimes it did transfers with about 600k/sec only
08:45:21[Saint]that's....two years ago.
08:46:25Tyrell76hmmm ... maybe it has something to do with driveletters?
08:46:56[Saint]Go on...
08:47:27Tyrell76but hmm ... as i said, i tried on a different machine, and it happens there too
08:47:39Tyrell76somehow the fuze seems to freeze and loose the usb connection
08:47:51[Saint]looks like this:
08:49:35megal0maniac[Saint]: fwiw, the "Reported version" is incorrect. Don't know if you have edit rights... Or if it really matters
08:49:56Tyrell76thats exactly my problem
08:50:23[Saint]megal0maniac: A year or so ago, it probable mattered.
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08:53:54Tyrell76well, so this seems to be a bug?
08:54:22 Join ender` [0] (
08:59:15Tyrell76oh and it doesnt make any difference if i transfer the files one by one or the whole directory
08:59:27Tyrell76for me it looks like some buffer overflow
09:04:35Tyrell76@Saint: Just read all the comments, this is EXACTLY the same problem here :)
09:06:42Tyrell76And i copy to the internal sd, i dont haven extermal sd in it
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09:13:52[Saint]Tyrell76: the problem is reproduction, and reports. I can't reproduce this, and were it as unstable as you seem to suggest it is for all, then I dare say we'd be flooded with reports.
09:14:26[Saint]Long story short, its basically impossible to fix a problem that can't be reproduced by someone capable of fixing it.
09:20:46Tyrell76so maybe i should downgrade to 3.7.1
09:20:53Tyrell76what OS are you rinnung?
09:21:02Tyrell76maybe thats the problem
09:21:09Tyrell76i use win7 64bit an all machines
09:23:21 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:26:48GodEaterwe're all linux users here for the most part
09:28:30Tyrell76ah ok
09:28:37Tyrell76maybe thats th difference
09:29:51 Join einhirn [0] (
09:33:29Tyrell76i have the cable
09:33:32Tyrell76try something now...
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09:36:58Tyrell76i booted the fuze into recovery mode holding << while powering on
09:37:08Tyrell76i can access the drive and copy stuff to it
09:37:11Tyrell76without crashing
09:37:20Tyrell76even the usb speed is higher
09:37:38Tyrell763.7mb/s in recovery mode and 2.5mb/sec when RB was bootet
09:37:45Tyrell76rebooting to RB 3.11.2 worked
09:40:28megal0maniacSounds like a usable work-around if you want to use later releases
09:41:16Tyrell76maby this may help you guys
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09:51:41Tyrell76ok wrote this workaround to this post
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10:25:53[Saint]We have a recovery mode now?
10:26:00[Saint]Oh...I see.
10:26:14[Saint]"USB works in the OF" is hardly surprising.
10:26:52[Saint]Kinda weird that Rockbox USB apparently works after this, though.
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12:40:47kresp0Hi all,
12:40:47kresp0the link to "Known issues" on the FAQ doesnt work
12:44:20 Join shai [0] (
12:49:43[Saint]kresp0: where are you looking?
12:49:56[Saint](there's a LOT more than one FAQ)
12:50:25kresp0heh sorry [Saint]. I was following the instructions to read before speaking:
12:50:57[Saint]wow, there's always a first for everything ;)
12:51:38kresp0the broken link is on the last url
12:52:03[Saint]Yeah, thanks, I see it. Looks like it didn't survive the git changeover.
12:53:16kresp0where should I get the last KNOWN_ISSUES or KNOWN_ISSUES.txt ?
12:59:33 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
12:59:41 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
13:09:58gevaertskresp0: the KNOWN_ISSUES file hasn't been updated in ages. Check the release notes and the bug tracker for more recent stuff
13:10:53kresp0ok, I'll do that. Thank you gevaerts!
13:16:44wodzbah, ld doesn't emmit reloc when generating veneer for long jump :-/
13:16:47 Part kresp0
13:17:11wodzrelocating calls to iram gonna be tricky.
13:28:53mortaliswodz: I'm not very sure that write to cache controller should be at some alignment, because with 1 nop (7 nops) invalidation of way1 (way0) code will be in the same offset as invalidation of way0(way1) code. So 1nop or 7 nops should cause data aborts too.
13:29:09 Join megal0maniac [0] (~quassel@
13:29:10mortalishowever this: works
13:30:09mortalisalso locking down of any cache way prevents data aborts.
13:32:19wodzI don't understand what you mean
13:38:11wodzmortalis: maybe something like this?
13:39:01wodzthis resembles OF way of cache handling.
13:41:09 Join new299 [0] (
13:44:32mortaliswodz: I'm trying to say that 1 nop or 7 nops at the begging of commit_discard_idcache should also call data aborts.
13:46:05mortalisbut it's not
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13:50:47mortaliswodz: do they use function alignment in SDK?
13:50:48wodzhmm, at least here HEAD inlines commit_discard_idcache
13:52:23wodzhmm maybe not, it just display it as commit_discard_dcache()
13:52:41mortalisit's the same
13:52:58mortalisvoid commit_discard_dcache (void) __attribute__((alias("commit_discard_idcache")));
13:55:08wodzanyway I still don't understand your statement about nops.
13:56:31wodzhmm but two writes to cache controller have different alignments so this doesn't hold
14:04:24mortaliswith 1 nop second write will be at the same alignment as was first write without nops. with 7 nops first write will be at the same alignment as was second write without nops. If you still don't understand just ignore me :) :)
14:06:23wodzright, now I get it
14:07:51 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
14:11:01wodzmortalis: Does the code you pastebined work without this fancy attributes? Does it survive inserting nops in commit_discard_idcache()?
14:11:54mortaliswodz: i didn't checked it.
14:13:43mortalisbtw, everything works if i lock down one of the cache way
14:14:14wodzmortalis: I guess you are not discarding locked way then which may have side effects
14:16:33mortalis"When one way is set to be lock, all cache update is going to another way" (c). I guess in such case it should be ok, isn't it?
14:17:57mortaliswodz: without noinline it would be the same as in the HEAD
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14:24:30wodzmortalis: you mean compiler inlines it, right? What about this align directive?
14:24:50 Quit megal0maniac__ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
14:24:55 Quit factor (Quit: Leaving)
14:27:57mortalis1) yes 2) it works without it,
14:29:32wodzTwo more questions than 1) Does the code I pastebined work? 2) Does your (and/or my) version survive nop insertion.
14:34:18mortaliswodz: 1) it works and without align also 2) how many nops do you want?
14:34:21 Quit mgottschlag (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
14:35:06 Join mgottschlag [0] (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64)
14:35:19wodzeverything in 1-8 range
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14:36:27 Quit megal0maniac (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
14:36:43mortalisand they should be placed before invalidate_way or at the begging of it, right?
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14:38:22 Join megal0maniac [0] (~quassel@
14:44:18LambdaCalculus3|TheSeven: Ping
14:46:09 Quit mortalis (*.net *.split)
14:48:36LambdaCalculus3|Is it normal for Windows to see a Rockboxed iPod Classic as a volume with exactly 0 bytes and no filesystem, yet be completely accessible?
14:54:26amayer_what do you mean 0 bytes but is accessable?
14:56:31LambdaCalculus3|amayer_: As in, 0 bytes used/free, and accessible as in, I can browse files on the device.
14:57:06amayer_does it do the same thing if you eject and remount?
14:59:40LambdaCalculus3|Let me try once more for good luck.
15:00:16 Join mortalis [0] (
15:00:51*LambdaCalculus3| thinks his iPod Classic is making an arse of him
15:01:46LambdaCalculus3|Now it mounts and reports a FAT32 filesystem with 29.3GB used/45.1GB free!
15:02:20 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:02:54mortaliswodz: works always
15:03:02 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
15:05:27[7]LambdaCalculus3|: pong
15:06:09[7]I've seen that 0 byte problem, but it usually wasn't accessible in that case
15:07:26LambdaCalculus3|[7]: Another Windows box reported that to me, as did a WinXP VM. My work machine sees it as FAT32 and properly sized.
15:07:56[7]so that behavior is definitely tied to the host machine/OS?
15:10:55LambdaCalculus3|Sounds like it.
15:11:54LambdaCalculus3|Although VMware Fusion can pass USB control to the guest OS.
15:12:20LambdaCalculus3|Linux in a VM can work with my Classic.
15:13:52 Join einhirn [0] (
15:15:17lorenzo92do you think 53% of usb-thread stack usage after the first screendump is normal?
15:18:27lorenzo92okay, so I discovered that system call crashes rockbox, if I place & at the end of the command doesnt..ideas?
15:18:51lorenzo92* I mean system("modprobe...")
15:19:42lorenzo92I'm sure the problem runs into the thread...outside it works...
15:20:27 Quit megal0maniac (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
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15:52:01wodzmortalis: I am going to commit this: later today then
15:52:16 Quit wodz (Client Quit)
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19:45:03mortaliswodz: noinline isn't necessary in your variant. gcc doesn't inline cache_invalidate_way.
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20:45:29CIA-10Commit 72ebcbf in rockbox by Marcin Bukat: rk27xx: Fix commit_discard_idcache()
20:48:23CIA-1072ebcbf build result: All green
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21:30:39wodzSo I am a bit stuck with bFLT. The problem is address space split for dram and iram. On PP the call to code in .icode section must go through veneer (as iram is furhter then 32MB allowed in branch instruction). Linker generates veneer correctly BUT does not emit reloc for address used in veneer.
21:30:59 Join mystica555 [0] (
21:31:04wodzSo reloc processing doesn't know it needs to fixup that address.
21:33:00wodzThe possible solutions are: 1) add some heuristic to elf2flt to catch veneers and treat it specially (tricky). 2) Teach the linker to emit reloc (don't know how to do that). 3) Live with that and link iram code at actual iram address and relocate only dram part.
21:33:13wodzAny other idea is welcome.
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22:33:47lebellium[Saint] when you have some free time, coud you please have a look at my Ubuntu font request? :)
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22:59:46kugelwodz (logs): At first I would file a bug report for the linker, that seems like a real bug
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