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#rockbox log for 2012-09-23

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00:10:03fmlbluebrother: Hello. There is a typo in the last commit for the German translation: "Eines oder mehrere__r__ Verzeichnisse auswählen"
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00:31:23saratogais there any alternative spam filtering software we could use for the forums?
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00:34:46gevaertsNot without someone having to integrate it into the code
00:35:27n1swould a manual new user acceptance scheme like for the wiki be doable?
00:37:19gevaertsI don't think that would work very well.
00:37:42gevaertsWell, not if they have to ask on irc, I mean
00:37:44saratogayeah that would be tough
00:38:03gevaertsI don't know if SMF has moderator approval features
00:38:20saratogawho has access to the database software?
00:38:47saratogaso he'd have to implement anything new?
00:39:23gevaertsHe'd have to be involved. It's perfectly possible to implement stuff on a test setup though
00:39:39saratogai was thining just banning people who post links in russian on their first post would do nicely
00:39:52saratogamost of the spam getting through seems to be the same bot
00:40:29gevaertshmm, maybe
00:41:02saratogaor ban anyone with an ICQ number
00:41:12saratogasince that bot always inserts one
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00:41:43saratogamost of the bots i see look like this:;u=41753
00:41:59saratogaseems like a simple DB query could locate these users and simply ban or lock them out pending manual approval
00:42:23saratogacan't imagine many people legitimately link to a website, put a web link in their sign and have an ICQ number
00:42:40gevaertsNot all of them have URLs in the signature though
00:42:51gevaertsThe mass spammers do, though
00:43:51saratogado we have the ability to do a sanity check on new registrations?
00:44:00gevaertsNo idea
00:44:12saratogawould suck if it requires a lot of hacking
00:44:24*gevaerts nods
00:44:48saratogaevery spammer on the first page of the the trash bin has an ICQ number
00:45:09gevaertsYes, but I don't know how many real people have one
00:45:34gevaertsThat's only a problem if you *only* use that to identify spammers of course
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00:46:09*gevaerts should have a look at the new topics page one of these days
00:46:22saratogatheres a couple people with an ICQ number (kugel has one)
00:46:37saratogabut no one active in many years that I can see with an ICQ number and a website link
00:46:50saratogaso realistically the odds of us banning a legit new user would be very, very low
00:47:26saratogahaha we'd ban bertrik though
00:48:15gevaertsHmm, there is an "awaiting approval" list, so presumably there's some infrastructure in place
00:49:03saratogaif(has_icq) then awaiting_approval =1 ?
00:50:14gevaertsHm, that seems to be an extension. My basic smf install doesn't have it
00:50:24gevaertsSo I can't find out how it works
00:51:47saratogai'm pretty useless here, but getting the forums fixed would be really nice
00:52:00saratogait makes our project look pretty inactive to have no new posts showing and a lot of spam
00:57:53gevaertsOK, so apparently we can enable plain unconditional approval
01:03:15saratogahow does that work?
01:03:24saratogaone of us just approves them?
01:04:49gevaertsThat means yes
01:05:15gevaertsThat means doing things like auto-approve on certain conditions might not be too hard to implement
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01:05:55saratogayeah that would be great
01:09:07gevaertsAt first sight, it seems it all goes through the "is_activated" field in the database
01:09:21saratogaif we could autoapprove everyone who didn't have a link or an ICQ number in their profile that would probably be fine
01:09:35saratogamanually approving the odd account that picked off would easy enough
01:09:40gevaertsYes, that would definitely be a good start
01:10:04gevaertsAnyway, that's for tomorrow. Time to sleep...
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06:58:29bootlknvfMornin' everyone !
07:07:22bootlknvfStill at £50 GBP
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10:41:37wodzpamaury: I see you commited more atj work on github. What is current status?
10:51:27pamaurywodz: nearly all the functions are reverse engineered (all but two, but these are the most "horrible"), I have checked some against live running also
10:51:34pamauryso hopefully nearly done
10:51:40pamaurybut I still don't understand how it works
10:52:19pamauryI will be abroad next week but I'll try to work on it and I'll put some comment to summarize the current status
10:52:55pamauryI think the code can be rewritten in C++ with a "big number" class to make it much more readable
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12:34:08n1sbertrik: with some basic iram usage decoding the 64kbps opus file is 72% realtime up from 49% but i think i've spotted one major cause for slowness, all their fixed point macros use 16*16 multiplications so a regular 32*32 >> 31 multiply is done with three 16*16 mults and a bunch of bitfiddling
12:35:19n1slooking at the fixed point header it references specific headers for various arm generations but those are not included in our tree, was that intentional?
12:37:25n1ssorry, lookign at the "arch.h" header in celt
12:39:09bertrikn1s: I think I did notice some non-included header files too
12:39:43bertrikand I think they did make it possible to run stuff on 16-bit machines
12:39:55n1sfixed_arm4.h and fixed_arm5e.h would be interesting
12:41:48n1sbertrik: yeah, i'm just saying that it's pretty bad for our targets where we have fairly fast ways of doing a 32*32 mult and getting the top half of the result
12:48:18n1sthey are not in the libopus tarball either
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12:58:27lebelliumwhat's the differente between "-" and "1" for the user font in themes?
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13:21:26n1sbuild dependencies for opus seem broken, when just changing header files nothing is rebuilt
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13:45:22n1syes, using 2 lines of asm for the most commonly used multiplication cut another 30MHz or so
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14:07:54daciHi , is rocboz supported on iPod nano 5 gen ?
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14:17:01dacmachi, will the ipod nano 5g be supported sometime in the future by rockbox ?
14:20:03n1sdacmac: we don't know, perhaps if someone works on it
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14:51:20n1shmm, i'm getting somewhat worrying errors in a very few samples with this emac asm
14:51:39n1slike losing too much precision in some corner case
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14:56:16PiotrI have to simple question can i ask something abaut sansa clip +
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14:57:38PiotrIf i install rockbox sansa clip will be moor laud on out moor mh?
14:57:45Piotrsory i am from poland
14:57:59Piotrand secend question hove laud is sansa clip+
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17:16:16bootlknvfStill at £50 GBP
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17:51:20bertrikn1s: nice work
17:52:15n1sbertrik: i need to think a bit more about the cf asm, but the same macro in asm helped on arm a lot too
17:52:55n1sfor some reason i get a different checksum on arm than cf or the sim though (without the asm code too)
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17:55:19n1sabout 0.1% of the samples have a small difference, looks like a rounding thing but it's a bit strange if its' the same c code
17:56:47bertrikhm, odd indeed
17:57:00bertrikthey should both be using the same fixed point code I'd guess
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18:13:49CIA-10Commit e3cd7ec in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: Remove unused include path for opus
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20:44:13AlexPHas anyone tried to use %LB ?
20:45:48bertrikhm, did I confuse the build?
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20:54:38bertrikcan someone block/ban forum user ioganlopezz ?
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22:29:21wodzn1s, bertrik:
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22:51:51the-kyleThe Rockbox Opus decoder doesn't like the −−uncoupled encoder option. I have some samples that need to be encoded with two independent channels,, so I pass the −−uncoupled option to opusenc. But Rockbox is playing the files as a series of chirps, scratches and garbled noise. Should I go ahead and report this as a bug, or is this being fixed already?
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23:38:41lebelliumI just updated and uploaded my theme lebellium Samsung-like and the theme website says "doesn't work with current build" while it actually works! Any idea?
23:39:51 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
23:43:31saratogathe-kyle: probably a good idea to file a bug report with a link to one of the files so that its documented and people have an easy way to reproduce it
23:46:25the-kyleOk will do. Thanks.
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