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#rockbox log for 2012-09-29

00:09:53kugelneglible, nice
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01:05:01*kugel has image centering working
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03:35:30thals1992Hi. Any dev interested in porting rockbox to the insignia hd01 or hd02? The hd01 is a button based portable hdradio unit and the hd02 is a touchscreen based unit. The hd02 has some kind of live recording cache that only holds up to a half hour.
03:36:44thals1992I have no clue even if it has an arm cpu, as there are no pcb shots even though they have been out for awhile.
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06:14:27dartmouthi think lebellium found the cause of the clip zip usb issue, it seems like it's pretty reproducible with either lebellium's or dfkt's minimal theme, they both have the RDS tag he mentioned and I don't see the problem with cabbiev2 or failsafe themes :D
06:17:50dartmouthalso possibly explains why a reformat/install worked for 'sansaclipzip' earlier, if they had an affected theme installed before they reinstalled rb. i saw the same truncated error they mentioned just today, exactly as they described it.
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09:12:59lorenzo92kugel: ping
09:14:42lorenzo92kugel: oh you're away...anyways yes definetly, will do a "cleanup" patch if it's okay. You can simply restore the old gpio.c file in case...
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09:56:31lorenzo92kugel: i'm compiling your changes right now to test them
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11:11:59JdGordonkugel: ?
11:13:01kugelJdGordon: I wondered how wps_display_images() works, since it's called for every viewport and (seemingly) darws every image
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11:16:40JdGordondoesnt it check the images viewport?
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11:43:05amiconnkugel (Buschel, saratoga - logs): There are several stable targets which don't support 48kHz, e.g. *all* the coldfire targets only support 44.1/22.05/11.025 (and some of them 88.2)
11:44:23amiconnSupporting (96/64)/48/32/24/16/12/8 on those targets would require a different base clock xtal - and then they wouldn't support 44.1 & related rates
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11:57:53n1shmm, ffmpeg decoding my 64kbps opus test file outputs one more sample at the start than rockbox, which also means it will have channels swapped compared to rockbox
12:08:10n1si should find an encoder to test the channel thing i guess
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12:15:55n1soggdec doesn't do that sample though so perhaps it's an ffmpeg bug
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12:22:29kugelamiconn: could you possibly switch between the modes?
12:24:32lebelliumwho is able to add targets on the theme website?
12:25:50kugellebellium: I am, which target?
12:26:15kugelJdGordon: is my observation right?
12:26:25kugelif yes, why does the wps look right?
12:26:26lebelliumkugel: I'll upload the first theme for Philips GoGear SA9200 quite soon
12:27:42amiconnkugel: You can switch between (88.2)/44.1/22.05/11.025.
12:28:42amiconnDifferent xtal for the base clock offering the other sample rates means soldering
12:28:49kugellebellium: what's the resolution?
12:29:01kugelamiconn: ah, okay
12:29:39lebelliumkugel: 128 x 160
12:29:59kugelcolor, right?
12:30:23amiconnThis is a limitation of the audio clock generation in the MCF5249 and MCF5250
12:30:37kugellebellium: done
12:31:03kugelso, opus must be resampled on those neverhteless
12:31:14lebelliumkugel: thank you :)
12:32:10amiconn*Iiuc* it could be solved if the dac would be clock master, but since the targets aren't designed that way, this isn't possible either
12:32:29amiconnAudio clock master I mean
12:34:52amiconnThis is why the H1x0 can record non-44.1 S/PDIF natively (and pass it through), but not record analog signals or play back at that rate.
12:35:16amiconnIn case of s/pdif recording the input is audio clock master
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13:02:53Buscheln1s: you saw the patch for the OpusDecoder allocation from yesterday evening (when you just left for beer) ?
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13:54:57kugelJdGordon: I guess it doesnt check for the viewport because the gui_img's viewport is the one where %xl was called not %xd, and thus is not the same as the viewport the image is displayed in
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14:39:53kugelonly flac and ogg is copied
14:41:35kugeloops again :\
15:13:45n1sBuschel: yep,;a=commit;h=270d9ea :)
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15:30:51kugelAlexP: ping
15:31:34kugelI've prepared a 800x1280 cabbiev2, are you interested?
15:33:09AlexPMine is 720x1280 :)
15:33:19AlexPbut I could cut it down I guess
15:33:35kugelshould work as well, give me some minutes
15:36:52 Join Buschel [0] (
15:37:19kugelok, there's a small issue
15:37:26kugelI need some more minutes :p
15:38:23Buscheln1s: saw the submit right after I asked :)
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16:43:51kugelAlexP: my dynamic_lcd is updating
16:43:58kugelbitmaps are large :\
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19:02:57lebelliumI'm pleased to present you the first user theme for the Philips SA9200 :)
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19:09:58kugelAlexP_: did you notice my update?
19:13:03AlexP_kugel: Where?
19:13:12AlexP_(so no :))
19:13:20kugelthe dynamic_lcd branch in my repo (on github)
19:13:45AlexP_ah, I'm not following that :)
19:13:54AlexP_I was using master, but I'll grab that
19:14:03kugelhow did you receive the changes the last time?
19:14:09AlexP_what changes?
19:14:29kugelthe one in the branch :) dynamic lcd size + android statusbar
19:14:46 Join sakax [0] (
19:15:10AlexP_I used it for a bit ages ago, but stopped as I didn't have a theme
19:15:25AlexP_Very recently I decided to make a theme, and just grabbed master
19:16:06AlexP_I've just looked now, nice :)
19:16:55 Join einhirn [0] (
19:17:41kugelit contains a few additions to the skin engine now also, images can be positioned with flags (top, center, right, ...) rather than x,y points
19:18:34AlexP_yeah, that's really cool
19:20:44 Join Epicanis [0] (
19:22:02kugelin this branch, the 768x1024, 720x1280 and 800x1280 themes are the same except for the backdrop
19:22:06kugel(same code)
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20:53:34kugelAlexP_: how do you like it?
20:57:08 Quit mirak (Quit: Ex-Chat)
21:18:48kugelJdGordon: ping
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21:31:24kugelthe "stop-playback-on-theme-change-if-albumart-size-changed" logic is broken
21:31:36kugelit now always stops, and it's not even buflib's fault
21:36:22*kugel has written a malloc-based buflib to not suffer from move/shrink callbacks
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22:16:37wodzgevaerts: ping
22:17:56gevaertswodz: pong
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22:20:21wodzgevaerts: I want to modify plugins.make so .rock is striped elf actually. returns errors about this strip line and I don't understand why
22:21:02wodzSyntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
22:21:13gevaertsAre those proper tabs?
22:21:36wodzit is one tab in the front
22:21:44wodzs/it is/there is/
22:24:36kugelwodz: could you copy the line from HOSTED?
22:24:50kugelHOSTED also strips elf in non-debug builds
22:25:37gevaertsThe tabs on pastie are clearly wrong, but I don't know how much pastie mangles tabs...
22:26:45wodzkugel: in which file?
22:27:08kugeloriginally there is "call objcopy"
22:27:28kugelhere objcopy this is a function, defined in tools/functions.make
22:28:03kugelto actually run external programs you have to use $(shell ...)
22:28:08wodzthat explains a lot
22:28:35kugelthe expansion for objcopy on HOSTED should be useable I think
22:39:57wodzI added strip = $(OC) -S -x $(1) $(2) line to tools/functions.make and error is the same :/
22:41:43kugelthis way strip has two parameters
22:41:53wodzah right
22:41:55kugelin your paste it has one
22:42:27 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:43:04wodzcan objcopy have the same file both for input and output?
22:46:03kugeldont you still want the output be named *.rock?
22:46:47wodzyes I do, anyway I can't make it to work
22:48:26wodzI defined strip in functions.make and substituted s/objcopy/strip/ and still get error
22:52:38kugelso the line is now "$(SILENT)$(call strip,$(BUILDDIR)/$*.elf,$@)" where "strip = $(OC) -S -x $(1) $(2)"?
22:53:52kugelno idea
22:54:27 Join lebellium_ [0] (
22:54:31kugelwhat if you change objcopy or define USE_ELF in the makefile?
22:54:50kugel(i know it will affect codecs too then, but just for a test)
22:55:19 Quit gxk (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:55:41wodzI don't get, you mean change back to objcopy in plugins.make and define USE_ELF ?
22:56:21 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:56:36 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
22:57:28wodzhow to define something in make? def or define?
22:58:27kugelUSE_ELF = 1 in $builddir/Makefile
22:58:51kugelwith export before
22:59:04 Join mystica555 [0] (
22:59:07 Quit mystica555 (Excess Flood)
22:59:17kugel(it has already an "export USE_ELF=", which makes it undefined)
22:59:34wodzthis works
23:01:14wodzwell it doesn't output .rock as elf
23:02:05wodzhmm maybe USE_ELF=yes
23:02:11 Join gxk [0] (
23:03:30wodzok with USE_ELF=yes I get rock as stripped elf
23:04:07kugeloops, it has to be yes right
23:06:53wodzok, will look at this tomorrow
23:06:59 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:13:11lebelliumwhy are there 61 themes for the X5 but only 57 for the H10 20GB while they have the same screen resolution?
23:24:52 Nick LittleCreature is now known as StopMakingSense (~fearofmus@unaffiliated/fearofmusic)
23:31:10 Join webguest06 [0] (
23:32:38 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
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23:37:55 Quit scorche` (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:39:08gevaertslebellium: because some themes don't pass checkwps there. I don't know why (yet)
23:41:33lebelliumgevaerts: I just noticed some dfkt's themes for X5 have remote control themes. Maybe it's because the iRiver and Cowon LCD remote don't have the same resolution?
23:42:00gevaertshmmm, could be I guess. Not sure yet
23:44:38 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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