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#rockbox log for 2012-10-02

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02:17:20amayeris album art supposed to fill with Theme_Name.cfg background color if the album art doesnt fill the view port??
02:21:16amayeri have a square view port 128x128 the album art scales to ~128x118.
02:21:18amayer5px on the top and bottom of the album art fill with the background color setting from themes/My_Theme.cfg when i pause.
02:21:20amayerthe color then remains their until the album art is updated with the next song
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11:43:28Buscheln1s: the profiling results i know show that decode_pulses() uses a reasonable amount of cpu time. what could be interesting on cf is to move the following variables to iram: u[] in decode_pulses(), iy[] in alg_unquant() and maybe also INV_TABLE[] in cwrs.c. on PP this has only few impact (~0.4 MHz faster), but on cf this might scale much better. those arrays are quite small and often used...
11:43:30Buschel...when fiddling with the bitstream decoding.
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11:54:07Buscheli have also updated the existing patch against your latest submits ->
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12:17:55pamaurywodz: i'm debugging the last pieces of the atj decoder, I should hopefully have something usable very soon
12:40:52funmanis there a TODO list before 3.12 ?
12:50:11wodzI thought it was decided to release during weekend
12:50:36wodzAlexP: when we are going to release 3.12?
12:50:47wodzs/we are/are we/
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13:18:45minouchHello guys
13:19:17minouchLast week I asked you guys about rockbox and 64GB microsd card.
13:20:14minouchTorne, AlexP: Just to let you know that rockbox handle it quite nicely
13:20:22Tornesee :)
13:20:35minouchBought a sansa fuze plus and the card and woot
13:20:45minouchyeah Thanks Torne :)
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13:21:47minouchJust had to reformat it FAT32 under Windows as you advised me (with a simple gui tool)
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13:23:02minouchTorne: is there any limitation that could stop Sandisk to do biger cards on a near future? As 128GB for exemple
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13:25:46minouchbtw fuze+ is cool too, just that touchpad like is a bit crap but I guess not rockbox fault
13:26:04minouchsince I didn't try on OF :)
13:26:04Torneminouch: we don't know :)
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13:26:56minouchI meant regarding the specs...
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13:28:30Tornenot really, but we may not implement it correctly :)
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13:42:18wodzOk, I have framework for loading elfs. Now I need arch specific relocation functions which handle this types of relocations
13:43:43wodzTorne: Do you have an idea how to support R_ARM_CALL ?
13:47:33Buschelmake zip
13:47:40Buscheloops :)
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14:05:32Tornewhat do you mean, how?
14:05:40Torneit's just an immediate offset
14:07:17wodzI men jumps to iram
14:07:54wodzie inserting veneers etc
14:10:38Tornedoes the regular actually handle inserting veneers, or does it assume you build with -mlong-calls?
14:11:18wodzdon't know
14:12:26wodzFor plugins we who cares, but all this could be used for codecs also. In codecs we care about efficiency.
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14:39:53kugelwodz: what do you need to insert a veneer?
14:40:33kugelan (constant) instruction word and an address word (for the actual jump target). anything else?
14:42:01wodzthe place
14:42:04kugeland figure where to place it
14:42:52wodzalso interworking veneers introduce additional complication
14:44:00funmando we have targets with thumb-2 yet ?
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14:58:55kugelwodz: what's required for interworking veneers?
15:03:05 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
15:07:54wodzkugel: I glanced only at elf32-arm.c and my knowledge about arm arch is rather basic.
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15:14:41Torne# Declare Android are cross compile.
15:14:45Torne^- someone actualyl wrote this in our code
15:14:51Tornecoworker, i are disappoint
15:16:27*Torne hms, meant the other channel
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16:05:28funmani just unbricked a clip+
16:05:41funmanas how it got bricked: "What I do? Just turned off Clip+ and it do not want turn on. I pressed power button for 30 second and nothing happen."
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16:21:59lorenzo92kugel, vanniX: today evening I'm there to continue the usb discussion/ideas as well as SD mount/ the meantime my 2 cents, was thinking about mounting the SD *without* any buffer, should be -o sync parameter right? Don't know if that could be eventually a solution to hotswap :)
16:22:00 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
16:22:51lorenzo92for the remount, either modifying the fstab or using rockbox (we have access to the correct gpio for the SD sense too)
16:23:15lorenzo92I'm quite for the second since there are so many roms around!! xD
16:23:18 Quit lorenzo92 (Client Quit)
16:33:07pamaurywodz (log): it works ! I've successfully descrambled the iriver firmware !! We still need to understand the firmware format though but apparently the result is readable. I hope nothing is encryption in the procuded file !!
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16:45:16pamauryanyone wants to have a look at pamaury/rockbox-1/blob/atj/utils/atj2137/atjboottool/atjboottool.c"> and tell me if that looks like a known encryption scheme ?
16:45:56pamauryit uses things like permutations, big integers, bit operations and xor'ing
16:48:55Torneunfortuantely that describes many modern block ciphers :)
16:49:28Tornei can't tell if it's anything in particular but i'm at best only familiar with pseudocode/diagrams of ciphers, not real implementations
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17:23:04pamauryTorne: I *tink* the actual cipher part is really small, just the way to produce the actual "key" from the header is really really intricate
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17:26:50saratogaanyone want to add tak support?
17:27:27pamauryto be more precise, the major part of the file is decoded with "decode_perm" which is pretty small
17:29:03pamaurysaratoga: what is this codec ? I never heard about it
17:34:47 Join liar [0] (
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17:37:56saratogapamaury: its a lossless codec thats known for high compression ratio but also very fast decoding
17:38:11saratogaits apparently been reverse engineered
17:43:03amayer_i was going to say. HA wiki says its closed source
17:44:47saratogai guess that and wma lossless are the two remaining lossless formats that we don't have
17:45:35pamauryanyone knows a file format that starts with "AFI" ? something like an archive
17:46:59 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
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17:51:07amayer_pamaury: Google says its a "Truevision Bitmap Graphic file"
17:51:20pamauryyes but that's not the case here :)
17:51:48amayer_oh ok
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18:43:06LFSveteranhas someone build his own kernel for the imx233?
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18:49:34pamauryLFSveteran: what do you mean ?
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18:50:21LFSveteranbuilding a mainline kernel from
18:51:13pamauryI don't think so
18:51:34LFSveteranI can imagine there are some patches needed
18:52:18pamauryiirc the mainline kernel has support for the imx233 and I know of at least two versions of the imx233/stmp37xx patches from freescale which are available online
18:53:14pamaurythey probably use different naming conventions: stmp37xx/stmp378x for freescale and mxs for mainline
18:54:42 Join perrikwp_ [0] (
18:54:57LFSveteranstmp37xx is the same as imx233?
18:56:07 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
18:56:09gevaertsIt would have been helpful to mention a *linux* kernel :)
18:56:58 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:58:16LFSveteransorry, ofcourse I meant a linux kernel
18:58:22pamauryLFSveteran: stmp3700 != stmp3780 = imx233 != imx25; stmp37xx = stmp3700 + stmp3780; mxs = imx233+ imx25
18:58:59gevaerts"of course"?
18:59:13LFSveteranare the other kernels?
18:59:19LFSveteranthe -> there
18:59:25pamauryrockbox isn't based on linux
18:59:41pamauryand has support for the imx233
19:00:11pamaurythe question is: what do you want to do ?
19:01:04LFSveteranI have a system with an imx233 and want to build a linux kernel for it (and the complete filesystem since a single kernel is useless)
19:02:31LFSveteranbesides the processor, there is also a lot of I/O that is imx233 specific, so the kernel needs to know how to handle these i/o
19:03:34pamauryunfortunately I can't really help you for the linux part. I know many things about the imx233 but I've never built a linux image for it
19:03:47LFSveteranthat's ok
19:03:56pamauryyou might want to have a look at chumby, which is open source and linux/imx233 based
19:04:09LFSveteranok checking that
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19:48:11 Join RAThomas [0] (
19:50:32AlexPwodz: I was hoping this weekend past, but I got tied up with real life
19:50:46AlexPSo sometime this week, latest this weekend
19:53:11lorenzo92pamaury: I think a port to IMX37 is possible, kernel sources by samsung + redboot patches by freescale...well for the moment I don't have much time to accomplish it but for sure one day I'll begin to write down some code :) For the moment we'll keep it stick to a RaaA ;)
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19:54:41pamaurylorenzo92: I think the specification of the imx37 can even be downloaded from freescale. The only problematic part is whether it is encrypted and how
19:55:08lorenzo92pamaury: uhm could you please explain? :)
19:55:19lorenzo92which encryption?
19:56:23pamauryencryption of the bootloader and/or firmware image
19:57:44lorenzo92pamaury: ah nono nothing strange
19:58:05pamauryok, we're lucky the,
19:58:08lorenzo92pamaury: for the flashing there is a samsung tool
19:58:12lorenzo92but no encryption
19:58:27lorenzo92there is a program sent to the device on the fly
19:58:45pamaurydo you know how similar the imx31 and 37 are ?
19:58:59lorenzo92and from it the flashing process is done...I tried also with the freescale's ATK tool, dump works, flashing never tested that much
19:59:05lorenzo92pamaury: I think pretty similar
19:59:14lorenzo92iomux, gpios,
20:01:47lorenzo92there is even a VPU and IPU, but we don't use in the RaaA either
20:03:24pamauryactually there is no datasheet for the imx37 that is freely available :( anyway if it works in the current state, that's already nice
20:09:12lorenzo92pamaury: indeed, it works perfectly, and battery lasts 25 hrs so it's pretty nice :D
20:09:17 Quit Gallomimia (Read error: No route to host)
20:09:23lorenzo92and yes no datasheet strangely
20:09:45 Join Gallomimia [0] (
20:12:50pamauryyou might ask freescale, since there is a linux port they might just agree to give it away
20:13:26pamauryperhaps there is a pattern about it
20:21:48 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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21:11:51wodzpamaury_: atjboottool doesn't compile
21:13:26 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
21:13:48wodzatj_tables.c needs to be renamed to atj_tables.h and Makefile needs to be tweaked accordingly
21:15:53pamaury_huh ?
21:16:02pamaury_it compiles fine here
21:17:25pamaury_ah, I forgot a file
21:19:03wodzpamaury_: about AFI
21:24:25wodzha s1fwx happily extracted files from decrypted e150 firmware
21:28:57wodzhmm it can't extract FWIMAGE.FW file though
21:29:57 Join zoktar [0] (
21:30:27amayer_it says if you have version 9 or higher of the firmware it doesnt work
21:32:04wodzamayer_: it is intended for different SoC family :-)
21:33:10amayer_wodz: oh ok. i dont know alot about firmware and different hardware. but i like to read what you guys post so i can learn and maybe help out.
21:33:51 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
21:35:06 Join VanniX [0] (
21:36:19 Quit AlexP (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:39:44wodzBREC*.BIN files look like plain binaries. At least when disassembled there are branch delay nops in proper places
21:41:10 Join ender` [0] (
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21:55:07 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
21:58:02pamaury_wodz: there might be different versions
21:58:25pamaury_at least for fwimage.bin
21:58:37wodzpamaury_: Anyway this proofs that your decoding tool works
21:58:58pamaury_don't worry, the code has so many checks that i'm pretty confident that it works
21:59:38pamaury_i'm writing the code to handle fwimage.fw, there are at least 4 versions supported by the tool
22:00:32wodzIt again looks like some form of archive
22:01:08 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
22:07:14wodzlol, running strings on FWIMAGE.FW reveals developers creativity: <DMA_HANDLER>:this irq dosen't belong to me %x
22:09:53wodzthere are Iriver E100 strings in several places which would mean E150 and E100 are closely related
22:12:22 Quit krnlyng (Read error: No route to host)
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22:43:26lorenzo92kugel: mount/umount buttons in Debug are working :) will implement later on the automatic mount + a single toggle button
22:43:39 Join kevku [0] (
22:44:05VanniXhe's away..
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