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#rockbox log for 2012-10-04

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02:28:43saratogawe should really make the codec profiling flags and instrumentation function calls a configure time option
02:28:53saratogasilly to have to add them manually when the preprocessor could do it
02:29:49derfsaratoga: So, if I've done things right, the actual amount of memory needed for the global stack, in fixed-point mode, assuming you aren't using the multistream API, is 49806 bytes.
02:30:14saratogaplus the stuff needed for ogg? or including that?
02:30:19derfThat will go down somewhat by moving the MDCT scratch buffers into IRAM instead of using the global stack.
02:30:26derfsaratoga: libogg does not use the pseudostack.
02:30:43saratogaFWIW, the targets that are most memory constrained do not use IRAM
02:31:01derfThat's good, because figuring out exactly how much they go down is complicated.
02:31:12saratogai would just ignore IRAM
02:31:26saratogaanything with IRAM has plenty of memory
02:32:38derfAnyway, here's the analysis:
02:32:55derfThat's for all API entry points, in both fixed-point and float mode.
02:33:14derfSo the only number you should actually care about is opus_decode: Fixed:.
02:34:01derfThere's also some stupidity we can eliminate to make that go down a bit.
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03:08:45someguyRockbox utility can't find my clip zip
03:09:13someguysays it's not mounted even though it clearly says it's on D
03:22:22derfI like that rockbox keeps changing the duration of this file as I listen to it.
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03:24:37someguyI'm stupid, forgot to change to msc
03:24:44someguyNever had that happen before
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08:18:03Buscheln1s: thanks for the hint. now test_codec takes ages for the 64 kbps file. so, i expect to have some result in a few minutes
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08:34:03Buschelhmm, got the output file, but it seems i do not have any arm-elf-objdump? where should this be located?
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08:47:21Buschelgot it ->
08:52:29Buschelmain parts: 27% for mdct pre-/post rotation, deshuffling and mirroring + 40% for ifft
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09:15:04Buscheli did an new profiling with all ifft-butterfly functions as non-static. you can clearly see that the N=4 and N=5 butterflies dominate the ifft ->
09:16:02Buscheli will later try toi break down clt_mdct_backward into single steps to gather where the most cpu time is consumed
09:17:15Buschelbtw, all measurements were done based on the open −− not yet pushed −− patch
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11:11:15wodzpamaury: Your atj tool is a bit ackward to use. If you want to unpack afi/fw you need to specify prefix with -o which is appended to *every* unpacked filename so to 'simply' unpack you have to pass -o ''
11:12:17pamauryI did that because if you run it without knowing, you end up with 20+ files on the directory and that's a pain to remove
11:12:26pamaurybut if you prefer I can change this behaviour
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11:12:39pamauryor put a "extract here" flags
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11:14:06wodzpamaury: ideally would be to specify dir with -o for afi/fw so you end up with all files from archive in single place
11:14:50pamauryand to extract in the current dir for fwu file ?
11:15:13pamaurynote that you can always do -o ./
11:15:29wodzyes, fwu is descrambled actually
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11:15:55wodzit will not produce bilion files
11:16:06pamauryok, so what should be the default file name then ?
11:18:03wodzmaybe append .descrabled or something to input filename
11:19:40pamauryI'll do that and we keep the behaviour for the other archives right ?
11:21:55wodzmy proposal is to 1) unpack afi/fw archives to directory (and not mangling filenames) 2) descramble .fwu in current dir with appended .something unless -o is explicitly given
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11:38:36pamaurywodz: you mean unpack to current directory ?
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11:39:35wodzit should default to something like afi dir for AFI and FW dir for FW files which could be changed with -o
11:41:06pamaurywhat about the filename without extension ?
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11:42:12wodzyou inspect the content and determine the type anyway, no?
11:43:00pamaurybut for the archives we could extract by default in a directory named after the file
11:43:21pamauryif you extract fwimage.bin then it's unpacked into fwimage/
11:44:00wodzyes thats smart
11:44:18pamauryok, action now
11:45:33wodzdo you support FW only of the type found in e150 FW or all 4 types you mentioned?
11:46:55pamauryonly the e150
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11:47:06pamauryI can"t support the others without files to test on it
11:47:09 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
11:47:14pamaurybut if you have some, feel free to send them to me
11:47:39pamauryby the way, I haven't found the e100 firmware on internet
11:48:55wodzpamaury: I was asking just in case it will be something s1mp3 people may be interested
11:49:18pamaurythe iriver website mentions it but I havent't found the actual link, maybe I'm dumb; sure it would be nice to support other firmwares
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11:55:12wodzbut it IS tricky to find
11:55:50pamauryoh god, it will take one hour to download at this speed; thanks
11:57:06wodz <- this one is probably slightly newer version
11:57:55pamauryhow did you find those ?
11:59:24wodzgoogle magic :-)
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12:28:29pamaurywodz: done
12:36:21Buscheli now did a profiling with opus mdct split into seperate functions (pre-rotate, post-rotate, de-shuffle, mirroring part 1 and mirroring part 2). it is very clear that −− on PP502x −− only pre- and post-rotate are of interest. ->
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12:44:00pamaurywodz: indeed, the files are version 10.40 and 10.50; I can successfully extract fwu, afi and fwimage files
12:45:13pamaurywodz: for you information, the iriver E40 is imx233 based without encryption. So if you want to work on irivers, this one is a safe bet :)
12:45:42pamaury*for your
12:46:02wodzpamaury: I would like to get in touch with MIPS - thats why E1x0 is interesting for me
12:46:16pamauryok fin
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14:08:45wodzcrap, ld 2.17 doesn't support −−gc-sections and -r at the same time. It doesn't support −−print-gc-sections also so I could tell what is actually discarded :/
14:09:15Torneit doesn't?
14:09:37Tornedoes it actually just error, or do you just mean it doesn't gc anything?
14:09:55wodzit errors
14:10:20wodzIt seems more recent ld doesn't have this limitation
14:13:25wodzyep, our arm toolchain is happy with −−gc-sections and -r together.
14:14:10wodzso SH and MIPS toolchains are problematic
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14:35:23kugelfinally a reason to upgrade sh!
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20:35:43amayer_i dont have git on my current machine is someone avaliable to make a commit?
20:35:45amayer_it would be to the default cabbiev2
20:36:09amayer_i guess to WPSLIST file
20:37:58amayer_we need to add: "show icons: on"
20:39:04 Join georgehank [0] (
20:40:21amayer_actually i think we need to add it to "" too
20:40:48amayer_its in the manual but not set by WPSLIST or
20:41:46amayer_its not a huge thing but i wont be able to get to it until this weekend
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20:49:15n1sBuschel: i can't quite convince myself that the reordering of operations you did in comb_filter can't introduce overflows
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21:06:23lorenzo92kugel: what about RDS patch? I think it's fine, it works perfectly, apart the text in lebellium's theme (who, by the way, will release a new version that's not affected by the crash)
21:12:44lorenzo92*well he has done a workaround
21:13:01lorenzo92not really a solution :)
21:13:03n1sif themes can crash rockbox we have serious bugs
21:13:56lebelliumnls: FS #12759
21:13:57fs-bluebot Various RDS issues (Clip Zip, YP-R0) (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:14:08lorenzo92n1s: indeed, but I think it's due malformed strings of whatever...not really "theme engine" issues
21:14:08lebelliumthat's the truth :(
21:15:15lorenzo92n1s: i.e. memory corruption...
21:17:14n1swell, somethings' causing the memory corruption, and there seems to be usb issues related to theme as well, suggesting the themes are capable of causing it
21:40:51 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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21:59:09kugellorenzo92: i asked you to separate out the gpio changes
21:59:44lorenzo92I did that, but I did also a mistake ... doubled the patches on gerrit :S
22:00:07lorenzo92mainly just needed to restore the gpio file
22:00:10lorenzo92nothing more
22:00:14lorenzo92then it's done
22:00:33 Join mgottschlag [0] (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64)
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22:01:14kugellorenzo92: that doesnt look right
22:01:46kugel g#321 reverts g#320
22:01:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #321 at : This patch adds RDS capability to Samsung YP-R0 target. by Lorenzo Miori (changes/21/321/1)
22:01:53kugelif you have git related questions just ask
22:06:07lorenzo92indeed, sorry ...
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22:40:00kugellorenzo92: also g#320 still contains the changes
22:40:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #320 at : This patch adds RDS capability to Samsung YP-R0 target. by Lorenzo Miori (changes/20/320/2)
22:50:46n1sBuschel: the opus guys didn't seem entirely confident that the operation order changes would not introduce overflows so i'd like to skip them for now, keeping just the changes skipping the calculations for 0 gains and using OPUS_COPY instead saves 7MHz on cf and 7.4MHz on pp
22:54:31 Join lebellium_ [0] (
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23:43:21saratogawhat is that werid "works because the cos is nearly one" bit in the Opus MDCT for?
23:44:08 Join Buschel [0] (
23:45:47Buschelsaratoga: i suspect they just do not do the multiplicstion with the cosinus term for yr and yi because it is nearly 1
23:46:02Buschelsaratoga: the sine term is also assumed to be sin(x) = x
23:46:37saratogawhat does that save them?
23:46:43saratogahalf the table entries?
23:47:05Buschellike, the real solution would be *fp++ = yr*cos(x) + yi*sin(x) -> they do *fp++ = yr + yi*x
23:47:20Buschelthey save two muls per loop
23:47:43saratogaisn't the yr already the dot product of the trig terms?
23:49:09saratogathe usual implementation is 4 multiplies per loop, but this one looks like 6 ?
23:49:44Buscheln1s: i can understan the concerns. if you expand the terms like "MULT16_32_Q15(MULT16_16_Q15(f0,g01),(x[idx0-1]+x[idx0+1]))" to "MULT16_32_Q15(MULT16_16_Q15(f0,g01), x[idx0-1]) + MULT16_32_Q15(MULT16_16_Q15(f0,g01), x[idx0+1])" i can live with for now. but it would be good to keep idx0/idx1/f0/f1 stuff.
23:50:47Buschelthis is what puzzled me as well... compared to the mdct pre-/post-rotation in faad
23:51:50saratogais it actually an optimization?
23:53:23saratogathe ffmpeg version for instance looks very similar but probably a lot faster:;a=blob;f=apps/codecs/libwma/mdct.c;h=e66be0e825e38bb120002c03af0f407de51cdffb;hb=132bc634edfb54aa857230eb6976309c8d4a2360#l74
23:53:30saratogaalthough maybe its not comparable?
23:54:09Buschelto me it looks like totally different implementations (opus vs. faad)
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23:55:28Buscheln1s: when the comb_filter() is later switched to multiply-add such overflow cannot occure anymore
23:56:47 Quit pamaury_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

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