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#rockbox log for 2012-10-15

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02:31:37speckmade1Anyone having some hints on what part draws most here and tips on tuning possibilities?
02:31:45speckmade1(If someone thinks this is offtopic please let me know...)
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02:39:10JdGordonspeckmade: ?
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04:17:45Clear_runwayjust a quick question. couldn't find the answer on the web site. can I boot my ipod nano 2g into the default firmware after installing rockbox?
04:18:16Clear_runwayoh shoot. there it is.
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04:25:01ParkerR_Clear_runway, Heh
04:28:31nrgright on
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04:32:46[Saint]Clear_runway: Not only can you do so, but, if you use a development build and want *have* to.
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04:39:37ParkerR_[Saint], Huh so Apple has to be set as default if you want dev build and USB?
04:40:07ParkerR_I just use Loader2 on my Nano 1g
04:40:43[Saint]No, that's not even possible (unless you modify, recompile, and re-encrypt the bootloader)
04:40:56[Saint]also, loader2 is *ancient*...why?
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04:41:24[Saint]l2n is dead.
04:41:28ParkerR_Because I can boot Rockbox, Appl, and a iPod linux build
04:41:45[Saint]the latter is irrelevant, surely?
04:41:59[Saint]IPL, l2n, ...dead.
04:42:04ParkerR_Well I like to have all three
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04:43:37[Saint]FF Tactics on a Nano1G...well, we have a winner. There *is* something that's more useless than DooM on a DAP.
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04:44:04ParkerR_The GBA emulator runs decent for simple games
04:45:18ParkerR_[Saint], Here's a video I made of it
04:45:42[Saint]Anyway, to answer your question...all one needs to do is remember to boot to disk mode or the Apple OF if you want to use USB.
04:45:52[Saint]as current builds will panic on USB plug.
04:46:04ParkerR_Huh good to know
04:46:50[Saint]You can stop the panic behaviour by simple compiling and telling it that USB is disabled for the target, fairly trivial.
04:47:15[Saint](a one line, one character change, in fact)
04:49:12ParkerR_I think I had a dev build on it but a few skins cause a panic.
04:49:25ParkerR_So I just went back to stable
04:49:45[Saint]did you report this? pointing to a bug report with detail would *really* help, y'know.
04:49:57ParkerR_No I didnt :<
04:50:18ParkerR_I can try to reproduce
04:50:23[Saint]that simply shouldn't happen. so, it would've been nice, but, yeah...past is past.
04:50:41ParkerR_Just need to find the iPod, heh
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06:14:00*[Saint] wonders if "On-The-Go Playlist" is an Apple trademark.
06:15:59[Saint]ah, apparently not.
06:16:21[Saint]It does seem very "Apple-specific" and I wonder if we couldn't come up with a better wording for our pages.
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06:39:54[Saint]Can someone please give Akismet a kick in the nuts for me?
06:40:02[Saint]JdGordon perhaps?
06:40:27[Saint](It ate my last post, which should be in this thread:,39020.msg207441.html#msg207441)
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06:52:59[Saint]If I were to just do a manual entry in plain text and submit that somewhere (doesn't really seem to fit on gerrit), would that be ok?
06:53:31[Saint]My LaTex-fu is lacking, and it seems the Database selective scan UI was completely neglected from the manual.
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07:00:01JdGordon[Saint]: doing
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07:03:45[Saint]JdGordon: regarding the above (manual entries), is that cool? I seem to recall reading that this was acceptable, somewhere, once upon a time.
07:04:21[Saint](I'm assuming the "doing; done" referred to kicking Akismet, and not the manual)
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07:38:08JdGordon[Saint]: err, you'd have to find someoen to apply it for you
07:38:18JdGordonwhere apply == translate to latex and foo
07:38:34[Saint]I'd need to do the same even if I supplied a correctly formatted patch
07:38:41[Saint]ah, right.
07:39:16[Saint]Ironically, you'd make a good "someone" in this instance Mr Gordon.
07:39:31[Saint]('twas a feature you implemented)
07:39:46[Saint]+ ;)
07:41:03[Saint]The Database folder selection UI.
07:41:08JdGordonthats in mainline?
07:41:18JdGordon(shows how much im paying attention lately)
07:42:26[Saint]It's in git HEAD, not the last release (iirc).
07:43:24[Saint]I wasn't sure how that is handled, do we have seperate manuals for release/HEAD?
07:44:17[Saint]That's, interesting. So the manual may refer to features not present on the device, or the device may have features the manual doesn't refer to.
07:44:41[Saint]Unless it is in the period /just/ after a release with no further commits of major features.
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07:57:50[Saint]So, does the manual reflect the development build, or the release?
07:58:00[Saint]the latter I assume.
07:58:10JdGordonask someone else :)
07:58:15JdGordoni think development
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08:22:38[Saint]Aaaawwww! Dammit.
08:22:59[Saint]Akismet hates me just ate a post of mine from:,38903.msg207453.html#msg207453
08:23:48JdGordonstop pasting links!
08:24:13[Saint]I didn't... (unless you mean here)
08:24:23JdGordonyeah, wierd
08:24:25JdGordonall fixed
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08:51:25wodzTorne: <- with this in UIE nano2g reports taking exception in ARM mode
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08:53:28wodzso it looks like returning from setjmp doesn't restore mode properly
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11:47:59Tornewodz: ok, that seems likely
11:49:18Tornewodz: i'm guessing our setjmp/longjmp are implemented in assembler (since, yaknow, they basically have to be) and probably don't have correct interworking return sequences?
11:50:14Tornethe code in libsetjmp has lots of complicated conditionals
11:50:25Torneit looks like it supports it but maybe we aren't enabling it
11:50:38Tornedisassemble it :)
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11:55:23wodzTorne: setjmp starts with bx pc and nop so it should just work
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11:55:54Tornethe return, not the start
11:55:57wodzit returns with bx lr
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11:57:01Tornewell, comment out the setjmp code :)
11:58:20wodzI compared elf compiled with -r and relocated by elfloader and the one staticaly linked (without -r). thumb bl fixups seems to be correct
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12:10:39wodzTorne: what bit pattern to use in asm volatile(".word BIT_PATERN\n") to trigger undef instr for sure in both modes?
12:13:40Tornei don't think there is something that definitely does that :)
12:13:59Tornelook up what the reserved undef opcode is in thumb
12:14:07Tornesee if that works in arm :)
12:14:29wodzI thought that something simple like 0xffffffff will do :/
12:26:05wodzaccording to this: 0xe7fddefe should work
12:32:22wodzhmm, no, there is no overlap between arm and thumb.
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13:07:48wodzkugel: ping
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14:17:38kugelwodz (logs): pong
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15:10:03kugelwodz: pong
15:11:21wodzkugel: how hard would be to 1) compile some plugins for arm sdl raaa 2) load plugins with the same mechanism as on native. This would allow me to run this in gdb using qemu
15:15:48kugeli guess it would be easy two use the same mechanism
15:17:03kugelsome plugins are compiled. i think you could use SOURCES instead of SOURCES.app_build (just change the #include at the top of SOURCES.app_build) to compile all
15:17:38kugelusing the same mechanism would be nice, however then plugins couldn't use libc functions that are not in the plugin api anymore right?
15:17:38speckmadeI'm kinda shocked about my Clip+ seeming to run his battery dry with less than 10 minutes of recording.
15:17:41speckmadeAnyone having some hints on what part draws most here and tips on tuning possibilities?
15:17:41kugel(like printf())
15:17:42speckmade(If someone thinks this is offtopic please let me know...)
15:20:34wodzhell, I think I understand whats going on with plugins in thumb mode. plugin_load() loads the entrypoint address from the plugin header which is xxxx6f0 in my test case and stores it in r3. Then it is supposed to jump into this addr which is done by bl somewhere (T) and in somewhere it does bx r3. As bit0 is not set it ends up in ARM mode.
15:21:29Tornethat doesn't make sense
15:21:38Torneoh, wait
15:21:44Tornesorry, yeah
15:21:57Torneso the entrypoint address should be a symbol like anything else
15:22:05Torneand thus should have the 1 bit set if it's thumb..
15:24:42wodzthats bizarre, I need to check how it works in regular thumb build
15:26:57wodzTorne: should T bit be specified in R_ARM_ABS32? I mean |1 if the destination is thumb?
15:28:33Torneif the symbol is STT_FUNC and it's a Thumb instruction, then R_ARM_ABS32 should be |1
15:28:51Tornethis is what makes Thumb function pointers work :p
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15:29:27wodzok so I guess *where += (symval ~1); should be *where += symval;
15:29:59wodzs/(symval ~1)/(symval & ~1)/
15:30:39Torneer, i dunno, does the symbol value already include the 1 bit?
15:30:43Tornethe docs imply you have to or it in yourself
15:31:21wodzsymbol have 1 appended otherwise you will not know if you need to do some tricks to end up in right mode
15:31:37Tornewell, then just take the value as-is without masking off the 1 bit, then
15:31:52Torneanyway that's why it doesn't work :p
15:33:16wodzit works
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15:35:51wodzHmm, kinda. There must be some other problem in the code
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16:01:24*nrg getting excited for his clip zip to come in
16:03:17nrgdoes anyone know if the rockbox utility can install to a clip zip yet, or is it still manual only?
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16:07:53kugelwodz: nice
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20:56:03Zagorgevaerts: here?
20:56:13gevaertsI am, yes
20:56:21gevaertsPossibly AlexP is too :)
20:56:45AlexPFor now anyway
20:57:05AlexPI seem to having a series of very brief powercuts tonight, some of which knock me offline, some don't
21:00:46Zagordid the release change any target status?
21:00:58AlexPI don't believe so
21:01:02gevaertsI don't think so
21:02:37Zagorok, the release files are moved into place and build-info is updated
21:03:18AlexPZagor: ta. Could you remove the old RC?
21:03:41AlexPHmmm, I see 3.12 in rbutil, but it doesn't seem to be offering 3.10 for the nano 2g
21:04:14AlexPI think this'll be easier if bluebrother^ speaks to Zagor :)
21:04:20gevaertsAlexP: can you do the announcement emails and things?
21:04:24ZagorAlexP: oh, my mistake
21:04:32AlexPgevaerts: Yep
21:05:21amayer_is there some way i can get some debug output when the wps is displaying all wrong info?
21:05:23amayer_its an mp3.
21:05:25amayer_the wps is displaying:
21:05:27amayer_track 6 of 8(currently playing track 7)
21:05:29amayer_time 6:06 of 4:11(current time is greater then total time in song)
21:05:31amayer_target ipod classic
21:05:57Zagorare there any other targets not using the latest version?
21:06:48AlexPjust the nano 2g I think
21:10:14AlexPZagor: ta v much
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21:15:45evilnickCongrats to all on the release :D
21:16:09*evilnick reckons that the topic here should be updated
21:16:41AlexPIf you insist :)
21:16:54*bluebrother^ looks around
21:17:13Topic"Rockbox 3.12 released | Please read before speaking: | Please direct offtopic/social chat to #rockbox-community | This channel is logged at" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:17:37AlexPbluebrother^: DOn't worry, all sorted
21:18:03bluebrother^AlexP: just tried a few minutes earlier and was pleased to see it worked :)
21:18:27AlexPyes, 'tis nice that
21:22:59Zagortools/ needs an update too
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22:04:17hillshumIs the Clip Zip stable enough for two years of use without access to a computer?
22:05:10gevaertsI wouldn't trust *any* device for that
22:06:12*hillshum will have rather limited access for the next while (half hour a week, roughly)
22:08:25n1sas long as you can reset it i guess you should be fine as long as it doesn't go and corrupt the storage :)
22:08:35 Join Scr0mple [0] (~Simon@
22:10:14 Quit Scr0mple (Client Quit)
22:12:33hillshumI suppose that's the main issue
22:15:53AlexPZagor: still points at 3.11.2, does something need fiddling to update that?
22:19:50ZagorAlexP: yes, tools/ needs updating
22:20:05AlexPdoes it need prodding after that?
22:20:24Zagorno it's auto-updated
22:20:32AlexPgreat, ta
22:28:49 Quit y4n (Quit: Assumption is the mother of all fuckups)
22:33:45 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
22:35:14kugelAlexP: it's on the release checklist! :)
22:35:18AlexPIt is
22:35:29AlexPBut reading the checklist is so boring!
22:36:02*kugel should have read the other replies before writing
22:36:07AlexPIndeed :)
22:36:45gevaertsAlexP: kugel knows the release checklist, so he's eminently suited to handle the next release :)
22:36:59kugelno, i just know it exists :)
22:37:13kugelplus that single point on it now
22:37:17kugelbut that's about it!
22:39:17AlexPThere is plenty of time to learn the others :)
22:39:30AlexPgevaerts: Did you get many votes yet?
22:40:27 Join Highlander [0] (
22:40:54gevaertsAlexP: almost exactly dozens
22:41:43*gevaerts will not reveal how many dozens :)
22:45:55 Quit Zagor (Quit: Leaving)
22:48:11 Quit Highlander (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.1/20121010144125])
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23:02:52 Part trey12
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23:03:53 Part trey12
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23:19:44 Quit AlexP (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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23:22:21 Quit sciopath (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:22:28 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:23:19 Part LinusN
23:24:57 Quit sciopat (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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23:54:07 Quit ender` (Quit: It's not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing it. -- Terry Pratchett)

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