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#rockbox log for 2012-10-16

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00:13:22amayerim not sure if the forum thought,39117 was span or if there is just no content but there is nothing there but a title(like when a message is marked spam)
00:14:00amayerps: if you could block "OnebyLyMn" from the forum for ALOT of spam that would be cool too
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00:21:35wodzCan I assume FS #12431 as something with potential of being integrated in trunk? I mean current SH toolchain has limitation that it doesn't support −−gc-sections and -r at the same time which leads to considerable binsize increase in case of my ELF work.
00:21:37fs-bluebot SH gcc 4.6.2 with link-time optimization, for Archos targets (patches, new)
00:23:30gevaertswodz: I don't see why not
00:24:38wodzOk, so I'll build this toolchain and test SH relocs on my player then. This will leave MIPS only which will be tricky as I don't have hardware.
00:29:36wodzgevaerts: btw. have you had a chance to look at imageviewer build stuff?
00:29:47gevaertsOh, no, sorry
00:29:49*gevaerts forgot
00:29:55gevaertsI'll have a look soon
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00:32:48wodzok thanks
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01:19:28SeekingHelpHi, I have an unresponsive Clip+. I was on the most recent version of Rockbox and the player would freeze on startup. It booted into the Sansa firmwire fine. I updated the Sansa firmware and reinstalled Rockbox, but the problem persisted. About an hour after that, the player became unresponsive. I left it plugged in to a wall outlet for 24 hours but there was no change. I have left it alone and unplugged for roughly 24 hours now.
01:19:55SeekingHelpif the battery still works)?
01:20:32SeekingHelpIs it possible to diagnose the problem ,or should I just leave it unplugged
01:20:39SeekingHelpand hope the battery runs out?
01:20:49the-kyleIs the clip+ unresponsive all the time? Did you try holding in the power button for about 15 seconds to force reset?
01:21:42SeekingHelpYes. The force reset worked when Rockbox froze at boot; however, the player is entirely unresponsive now. It does display anything after holding the power button for at least 90s.
01:22:42the-kyleIn that case, the best thing I can suggest is to let the battery run out before trying again. Everything I've read suggests about 2 weeks should drain the battery completely so you can plug it in and try again.
01:23:47the-kyleDisclaimer: I haven't had this particular problem myself; I have only read about the best ways to solve it when other people have experienced this issue.
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01:24:10Torneit shouldn't take two weeks to drain, only two or three days
01:24:35the-kyleSorry, I read somewhere that someone waited 2 weeks.
01:24:45SeekingHelpYes, that's what my reading suggested. I just wanted to check that there was no solution I might have missed. Thanks!
01:24:46Tornethey may well have waited 2 weeks :p
01:24:58the-kyleTorne is right though, it should only take 2 to 3 days.
01:25:13Tornewhen you get it to work again, install the current dvelopment build
01:25:23Torneit shuoldn'thave this problem any more.
01:25:32SeekingHelpWhen I plug it into the computer, my pc recognizes that something is plugged in, but it displays it as a 0 byute removable disk. I can't format or do anything to it.
01:25:38the-kyleWasn't this a database problem?
01:25:49SeekingHelpI don't know if that might help or not
01:26:02Torneit was a problem with the crash handling causing it to go into an infinite loop
01:26:17Tornethe code got fixed
01:26:26Torneso, now when it crashes it should just crash the regular way :p
01:26:30Torneand you should be able to reset
01:26:35the-kyleAh OK. I use git and only have a few random crashes at startup that are easily resolved by holding in the power button for 15 seconds.
01:26:59Torneyeah, it was fixed some time ago in the development builds
01:27:07Tornebut the problem was in the previous stable release
01:27:13the-kyleShouldn't 3.12 fix this also?
01:27:20Torneoh, i guess, yeah.
01:27:29Tornebut we only released that today, so probably not what they have installed
01:27:52the-kyleThis is true. I just felt I should point to the new stable release.
01:30:11SeekingHelpShould I attempt to power on the clip+ periodically −− maybe every few hours −− or just leave it alone entirely and then try again in a few days?
01:31:32the-kyleLeave it for 3 days to be safe, then plug it into the computer again. It should power on automatically.
01:32:10the-kyleYou may also want to boot to OF upon plugging it into the computer. Then install the latest dev build or stable release 3.12.
01:34:54SeekingHelpOF = Original Firmware?
01:36:15SeekingHelpOkay, thank you. I'll give that a shot.
01:36:19SeekingHelpHave a great day! Bye
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01:36:30the-kyleThanks. U2.
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03:11:58ParkerR_[Saint], Ok iPod Nano 1g Dev 9a7d11d. Ultima was set as the theme, I selected UniCatcher, then when I selected Thinbasic it threw this
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03:17:39ParkerR_[Saint], Oh weird. Ot does the same on stable
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03:38:54[Saint]ParkerR_: are you able to add this to the bug tracker please?
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04:23:39ParkerR_I can
04:24:50ParkerR_[Saint], Oh it seems it's a problem with the theme
04:25:39[Saint]While the theme may be poorly coded, and/or outright broken, this still should not happen.
04:26:41[Saint]It should either reject the theme entirely or display what it can and ignore the garbage. It shouldn't barf when switching between it and another arbitrary theme.
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04:42:41JdGordonwhy the fuck are themes borken? :(
04:42:56*JdGordon wishes he had a bit more spare time in the evenings to look into it
04:43:40JdGordonParkerR_: please put a direct link to the theme download in the tracker task
04:43:50JdGordonbetter yet, upload the zip incase the theme dissapears
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04:49:21ParkerR_JdGordon, I couldnt find a button to edit and trying to add a comment fails due to some server error
04:49:37JdGordonoh joy
04:49:41JdGordonlink here then please
04:50:45JdGordonParkerR_: can you edit the .cfg and remove the wps line and try loading it again?
04:50:51ParkerR_JdGordon, Oh the comment posted. It just didnt say that it did
04:50:56ParkerR_Can do
04:51:06JdGordonit has a sbs and a wps, it will be one or the other thats broken, help narrow it own
04:51:18 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
04:51:27JdGordonwhat the?!!
04:51:32JdGordon[Saint]: have you seen the sbs?
04:52:05JdGordonParkerR_: yeah, this is a really dead theme, unlikely related to other skin bugs
04:52:10*JdGordon guesses its the sbs
04:52:22JdGordon%?St(volume display)<|%?if(%pv,=,-81)<%xd(Nb)|%?if(%pv,=,-80)<%xd(Na)|%?if(%pv,=,-79)<%xd(Nj)|%?if(%pv,=,-78)<%xd(Ni)|%?if(%pv,=,-77)<%xd(Nh)|%?if(%pv,=,-76)<%xd(Ng)|%?if(%pv,=,-75)<%xd(Nf)|%?if(%pv,=,-74)<%xd(Ne)|%?if(%pv,=,-73)<%xd(Nd)|%?if(%pv,=,-72)<%xd(Nc)|%?if(%pv,=,-71)<%xd(Nb)|%?if(%pv,=,-70)<%xd(Na)|%?if(%pv,=,-69)<%xd(Nj)|%?if(%pv,=,-68)<%xd(Ni)|%?if(%pv,=,-67)<%xd(Nh)|%?if(%pv,=,-66)<%xd(Ng)|%?if(%pv,=,-65)<%xd(Nf)|%?if(%pv,=,-64)<%x
04:52:39ParkerR_Yeah just removing wps doesnt help
04:52:48JdGordonwhat the crazy fuck does that line do?
04:54:07ParkerR_JdGordon, Yeah it loads if I remove both wps and sbs
04:54:17JdGordonput just the wps back in
04:54:17ParkerR_Styles apply
04:56:28ParkerR_JdGordon, Works
04:56:42JdGordonyeah, its going to be the line i pasted
04:56:47JdGordonthat and a few other lines
04:59:48JdGordon[Saint]: ping!!!
05:00:58[Saint]Yo dawg, what be the haps all up in dis hizzy?
05:01:53JdGordonsee above :)
05:02:04[Saint]Whoah...that's some sheer terror.
05:02:13[Saint]Why would you....? Yeesh.
05:03:44JdGordonParkerR_: try for the .sbs
05:04:05JdGordon[Saint]: this must be before substring tag, and he prob doesnt know about multifont
05:04:12JdGordondoes my change look right?
05:04:25JdGordon%xd(N, %ss(2, 1, %pv))
05:05:48ParkerR_JdGordon, Loads
05:05:50[Saint]Yes, that'd do it. You could also do the classic (IMO easier to read) "%?pv<%xd(Xa)|%xd(Xb)|%xd(Xc)|...|...|<case_where_volume_isn't_known>>"
05:06:32 Quit MCL (Quit: CGI:IRC)
05:06:46[Saint]And no, substring wouldn't have been around at that point...but, that is still a damn ugly way to do it for the time ;)
05:07:06[Saint]I'm really not sure why it is done like that, it is unnecessarily complicated.
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05:09:54amayer*curls into fetal position* it hurts to look at
05:10:04JdGordonhey amayer
05:10:10JdGordonhows your theme site changes?
05:10:46amayeri blew away the server i had. havnt had time to start over... i need a working local copy so i can test stuff before i upload
05:11:40amayeri think it was something with my sqlite configuration and not haveing all the right info in the database
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05:12:42amayeri would gladly work on it if i could get it to work. i think i had like 20 hours into it and i still couldnt load a page with any themes on it
05:12:47 Join [7] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:14:18JdGordonI can hook you up with ssh access to my server if you dont have a box for it
05:15:09amayerjdGordon: do you have a working version of the theme site on it?
05:15:30JdGordonno, but you can putz around on the box till it does work :)
05:15:31amayeri just need something i can ftp to to test my php before i commit/push
05:15:34 Join nateloaf [0] (
05:16:02amayeri have a server i use at home...
05:16:24JdGordonoh ok, sounded like you took the server down
05:16:50amayeractually speaking of boxes i think i might put debian on my laptop and fool with it there...
05:16:52amayeri was just about to replace fedora anyway
05:17:00JdGordonbluebrother^: do you want a OSX box to do rbutil/whatever builds on?
05:17:29JdGordonamayer: well offer stands, i can give you ssh access and you can try getting it going if you want, apache+php are installed
05:17:32JdGordonwhat else does it neeD?
05:18:23 Join the-kyle [0] (
05:19:03amayersmarty theme engine
05:19:22amayer(something like that) and sqlite(v2 ???)
05:19:23JdGordonsmarty debian package?
05:19:38amayerthats what i downloaded
05:20:28amayerlet me install debian quick and see what i can get working now
05:20:35JdGordoneven better :)
05:21:40amayeri cant stand fedora(gnome 3) on my laptop so i was going to wipe anyway.
05:21:56amayerJdGordon: do you have ssh to theme site?
05:22:09JdGordonscorche: does
05:22:55amayerwell its his server i figured he would
05:23:00amayerscorche: ping?
05:23:14JdGordonactually i have ssh but i doubt i have access to the theme site
05:23:38amayeris it a debian(based) server?
05:24:08JdGordonDebian GNU/Linux wheezy/sid
05:24:38amayercan you get the sqlite version?
05:25:08JdGordon$ sqlite -version
05:25:08JdGordonjdgordon@squisch:~$ sqlite3 -version
05:25:08DBUGEnqueued KICK JdGordon
05:25:08JdGordon3.7.11 2012-03-20 11:35:50 00bb9c9ce4f465e6ac321ced2a9d0062dc364669
05:25:45amayer*scratches head* confused...
05:25:59amayerim not sure how to check which one of those php uses
05:26:40 Quit Epicanis (Quit: I should really go to bed before tomorrow...)
05:37:29Clear_runwaydoes anyone have any idea why USB is broken on ipod nano 2g? I seem to remember it working a long time ago.
05:39:12JdGordonit got broken
05:42:25amayerJdGordon: i forget what the verdict was. i rememeber we talked about redoing the theme site.
05:42:27amayerwhat did we about that?
05:43:18amayerwhat did we decide* about that?
05:43:38scorcheamayer: i seem to remember that we had a sqlitev2 database and recently changed it to sqlitev3
05:44:34amayerscorche: ok. but isnt sqlitev3 a class based php function set?
05:44:37amayeri think the current code is function based
05:45:13scorcheno clue =)
05:46:22amayerscorche: is there a reason we chose sqlite vs something like mysql?
05:46:57scorcheto reiterate - i just host the site and made version 1.5
05:47:15scorchethen others came along and re-did it to what it is now
05:47:56JdGordonamayer: redoing how?
05:48:46amayerwell there was talk of giveing it a whole new look and feel. then there was talk of redoing the whole website
05:51:54amayerim just going to try and get a version running on my laptop. i have some ideas i would like to incorperate.
05:51:56amayerbut first off is anyone involved in the theme site opposed to me removing the smarty engine? for some reason that thing just grinds my gears
05:52:32scorcheno one is really involved anymore
05:53:06scorcheit just runs
05:53:26scorchethere are small changes here and there, but no big changes have taken place in a long time
05:53:41amayeroh... well then. i will work some magic and speak with the gods and see what we come up with.
05:55:15amayerscorche: it would be a huge help if you could supply me with a trimmed down working version of the database.
05:55:17amayeri have 4 themes in the database(all under Alex Mayer)
05:55:19amayerif you could take the time to cut out everthing that doesnt belong to me but keep something in all the tables(i rememeber the settings table had alot in it) that would be a huge head start
05:56:09scorcheamayer: could you send me an email to hopefully remind me to do it this weekend?
05:56:39amayerwill do. do you want the email now or this weekend?
05:58:43JdGordonboth :)
05:59:08amayerJdGordon: i was just about to say "both it is"
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06:52:22Raptorswhere can I report a bug?
06:52:52Raptorson the rockbox fuze+ port there is a really sharp noise at boot that kills your ears if you have headphones on
06:52:58Raptorsnot sure how hard it would be to fix
06:54:19amayerRaptors: what version are you using?
06:54:33Raptorsthe latest from a like a week back
06:55:10amayerif so we just released version 3.12 today. you should try that and see if it fixes it
06:55:45Raptorsfor fuze+?
06:55:56Raptorsor fuze?
06:56:09Raptorsbecause fuze+ doesn't have any 3.11.2
06:56:13Raptorsit's dev version
06:56:40amayersorry miss read that
06:57:12Raptorsya I miss my fuze v2
06:57:14Raptorslost it
06:57:39RaptorsFuze+ is garbage compared to Fuze v2. At least Rockbox makes it run decent
06:58:58amayerRaptors: it looks like there were some changes on the 11th(your build is from the 7th)
06:59:46amayer(i dont have a fuze+ so this is the most help i can offer)
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07:16:02 Part amayer
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09:50:59mortalisZagor: could you push hifiman's boot tool & bootloader to the download server?
09:53:31[Saint]ipodpatcher doesn't compile.
09:53:42[Saint]Seems it still depends on svnversion
09:54:13[Saint]"CC ipodio-win32.c
09:54:13[Saint]..//../tools/ 1: ..//../tools/ svnversion: not found"
09:56:03[Saint]Where would I be able to find an example of how svnverion was changed over to handle gerrit magic?
09:56:25[Saint]or, was this not done yet?
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10:02:59Zagor[Saint]: tools/
10:05:32Zagormortalis: done
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10:27:45gevaertsscorche: lately it seems that basically any forum post with a url in it gets stopped by akismet. Any ideas?
10:30:13wodzselfprotection() :P
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15:03:45cereal_killerhello, I tried to execute RockboxUtility with linux mint 13, but I couldn't get it running.
15:04:26gevaertsCan you run ldd on it?
15:04:34cereal_killerlinux tries to look for an application to execute RockboxUtility, but doesn't find one.
15:04:56TorneRockboxUtility *is* an application
15:05:13cereal_killersorry gevaerts, I am totally new to linux...I tried to open it with teh terminal, but no luck
15:05:36cereal_killerwait a minute I check what ldd is
15:06:45gevaertsRun "ldd ./RockboxUtility"
15:07:21 Quit bootljhfdsds (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:08:26cereal_killerthis is the output:
15:08:27amayer_cereal_killer: you always need "./" before an application if you are running it from the command line
15:10:10cereal_killerI got this
15:10:57gevaertsThat all looks reasonably sane
15:12:36gevaertsWhat happens if you run it from the terminal with "./RockboxUtility"?
15:13:06cereal_killerlet me explain again, what I did: I navigated to the folder, where the Utility is (home/RockboxUtility-v1.3.0) where I see an file called RockboxUtility and opened the terminal from there.
15:13:59cereal_killerI typed sudo RockboxUtility, the terminal asks me for my password and says: sudo ./ RockboxUtility: command not found
15:14:28cereal_killerthere is no difference using ./ or not
15:14:48 Join wodz [0] (
15:14:54gevaertsNot ./ RockboxUtility. ./RockboxUtility
15:15:11gevaertsAlso, do you really need sudo? What player are you using?
15:15:13wodzmortalis: whats wrong with lcdif rework?
15:15:22gevaerts(not all of them need root permissions)
15:15:39mortaliswodz: it's not work with hm-601 slim with lcd v2
15:16:03wodzmortalis: but lcd works, no?
15:16:28wodzit it displays 'No partition found'
15:17:37amayer_cereal_killer: when you type "pwd" does it display "home/RockboxUtility-v1.3.0" (the directory that rockboxutility is in?
15:18:05cereal_killeramayer: yes the exact path
15:18:05amayer_(when you type it in the command line you are trying to run rockboxutility from)
15:18:14amayer_hmm... interesting
15:19:18cereal_killerI have my sansa clip v2 connected
15:19:22mortaliswodz: i think it's remains after bootloader. I've seen this this message often when i played with lcd and misconfigured it.
15:20:03cereal_killerI try to connect my ipod 5.5g
15:20:24Tornecereal_killer: You are typing the command wrong as gevaerts pointed out
15:20:27Torneno space
15:20:32Tornejust ./RockboxUtility
15:20:54wodzmortalis: bootloader should not display this message until something with sd goes wrong
15:21:42cereal_killerTorne: if I type ./RockboxUtility the error message is bash: ./RockboxUtility: Permission denied
15:21:56Tornewhatever tool you used to extract it from the archive has broken the permissions
15:22:04Tornechmod +x RockboxUtility
15:22:54wodzor home partition is mounted with noexec :P
15:24:12mortaliswodz: probably it's the same guy that asked me this question on, and he confirmed that before lcd rework everything works
15:24:29mortalisand right after it's not
15:27:02cereal_killerthe terminal does nothing on chmod +x RockboxUtility
15:27:38mortaliswodz: maybe it's not bootloader displaying this message, but misconfigured lcd somehow do it
15:28:11wodzI don't believe in magic
15:28:43Tornecereal_killer: it's fixed the permissions
15:28:48Torneit should jsut run if you click on it now
15:28:52nrglol, it should go now
15:29:32nrgis the clip zip built into the installer yet, or is it still just manual only?
15:29:34 Part LinusN
15:30:07 Quit mgottschlag (Read error: Operation timed out)
15:30:28mortaliswodz: as i said I saw this screen quite often when lcd config was screwed up
15:30:51cereal_killeroh right, now it works...great. thank you Torne.
15:31:05Tornewhat program did you use to extract the archive?
15:32:27cereal_killerI used "extract here" on right mouse button click on the .tar.bz2 file
15:33:09mortaliswodz: btw, before lcd rework first few lines displayed in the bottom of the screen.
15:33:13mortalisfor lcd v2
15:34:17cereal_killerso this was my computers is very old...:-(
15:35:30cereal_killerbtw. is the bootloader version 5.0 for the clip v2 the most recent one?
15:47:27cereal_killeron the bootscreen I can see 5.0 but on there is a folder called 6.0
15:55:29wodzhow exactly are codecs loaded? codec_load_file() -> codec_load_ram() ? What is codec_load_buf()?
16:00:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:02:34mortaliswodz: if there was problem with sd, than how OF loads?
16:02:53 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
16:07:03kugelwodz: codecs can be buffered on the audio buffer
16:07:25 Quit mortalis (Quit: Leaving)
16:10:08wodzkugel: buffered as being run from audiobuf or just cached in mem to reduce latency of loading?
16:10:30kugelthe latter
16:10:43kugelthe purpose is to avoid disk spinup
16:10:59Tornewhen two adjacent tracks int he playlist have different codecs we buffer a copy of the codec in between
16:11:23kugelbut it's copied from the audio buffer into codec memory once it's needed (just like the file content would be loaded into the codec memory)
16:11:28Torneso that as soon as the previous track is decoded you can just memmove() the already-laoded codec for the next track inplace
16:13:45wodzso codec_load_file() copies to audiobuf and from there it is memmoved or codec_load_file() loads to codecbuf directly?
16:14:16 Quit Raptors (Disconnected by services)
16:14:41 Join Raptors_ [0] (~Raptors@
16:22:40 Join pacovila [0] (~fravd@
16:26:49kugelwodz: it loads from the file and executes it
16:26:57kugelcodec_load_buf() copies to codec buffer (via bufread()) and executes it
16:29:51kugelwhen lc_open_from_mem() it is already in codec memory, you'd just need to relocate it from there
16:29:56kugel+is called
16:33:51wodzok, thanks
16:33:56 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
16:36:24 Quit Clear_runway (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
16:38:42 Quit cereal_killer (Quit: CGI:IRC)
16:47:36 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
17:02:08 Join Zagor [0] (
17:02:08 Quit Zagor (Changing host)
17:02:08 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
17:03:26 Quit jm (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:05:45amayer_what does "scanning disk" mean while booting again?
17:06:01Torneit's building the dircache
17:06:19Tornewell, specificlaly building hte dircache in the foreground
17:06:21 Join lebellium [0] (
17:09:38amayer_Torne: would turning of "Directory Cacheing" stop that?
17:09:41amayer_it seems like every 5 or so start ups it does a "scanning disk"
17:09:43amayer_target: ipod classic
17:10:12amayer_alternativly is there a way to send it to the back ground and not do it at boot?
17:12:36 Join n1s [0] (
17:12:36 Quit n1s (Changing host)
17:12:36 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
17:16:45Torneit does it in the background if possible
17:16:58Tornewhen you shut the player down it makes a note of how big the directory cache was
17:17:12Tornethen at boot it allocates that much memory plus a bit more for newly added files, and reads into the dircache in the background.
17:17:26Torneif that data is missing/corrupt it has to do it in the foreground
17:19:01 Quit minouch (Quit: CGI:IRC)
17:20:28amayer_so does it only do it when i add files? or is there a specific number of boots?
17:20:31amayer_or does it roll a 12 sided die?
17:20:44Torneit should only do it once
17:20:56Tornethe first time you boot rockbox
17:21:31Torneunless you go and delete rockbox's nvram data, or something on the disk gets corrupted
17:22:47amayer_only once? like after each update i apply?
17:22:50amayer_or just once total? like i said i get it every 5 - 8 boots
17:23:04AlexPonce in total
17:23:27Tornedoes "every 5-8 boots" happen tobe "after crashes/lowbattery poweroffs"? :)
17:23:31Tornebecause that might do it
17:24:08amayer_...well thats no good. is this a sign of a failing player(ipod classic) or a bug?
17:24:11amayer_my battery is fine(fully charged), the deviced timed out(after 5 min auto shutdown)
17:24:48Torneif the saved eeprom values say that the disk is clean (i.e. the player was properly shut down) then it should load the dircache in the background.
17:25:04Torneis it only if it shuts down automatically?
17:25:14AlexPmaybe classic auto shutdown is broken somehow
17:25:18Tornespecifically is it *every* time it shuts down automatically?
17:25:30Tornewe have had bugs in the past where the auto shutdown sequence is not the same as the manual shutdown sequence
17:25:31amayer_Torne: no not every time
17:25:40Tornee.g. LCDs not being correctly powered off so they fade out slowly
17:28:29Torneamayer_: has it ever done it after a manual poweroff?
17:29:09amayer_i dont usually manual poweroff... i just switch the hold button and let it auto power off
17:29:35Torneanyway. it should only do the full scan after an unclean shutdown, or the first time rockbox is booted
17:29:43amayer_Torne: ill look into it after manual power off.
17:30:11Torneotherwise, the nvram data should tell it that the disk is believed to be clean, and it will trust that the old dircache structure is accurate enough, reload that, and then update it in the background
17:35:10 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
17:36:05 Join n1s [0] (
17:36:05 Quit n1s (Changing host)
17:36:05 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
17:39:02 Join sentriz [0] (~Senan@
17:56:47 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
17:59:03 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
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18:58:34 Join stoffel [0] (
19:00:52 Join jm [0] (
19:08:36lebelliumwhy does this page say "Rockbox 3.12 was released on 06 October 2012"
19:08:41lebellium16 October?
19:09:32gevaertsBecause it *should* have been released on the 6th, but we messed up, and we forgot to change that date
19:10:57AlexPIt sort of was released
19:11:08AlexPIt just didn't get put anywhere where anyone could get at it :)
19:11:15AlexPI had it on the 6th :)
19:12:07 Join ender` [0] (
19:17:53 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:18:10 Quit ender` (Quit: Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets and then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again. -- The Wizard of Oz (from Marin County newspaper's TV listing))
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19:35:23 Quit ender` (Quit: Arguing that Java is better than C++ is like arguing that grasshoppers taste better than tree bark. -- Thant Tessman)
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19:49:25 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
19:51:03 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
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20:14:07Raptors_pamaury, do you know how hard it would be to fix the poping sound when the fuze+ powers on?
20:14:26pamauryif I just knew how to fix it, believe me I would !
20:15:24pamauryI could try to mimic the OF but I don't understand it enough to know how to do that for now
20:17:52 Quit scorche (Disconnected by services)
20:17:57 Join scorche` [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
20:20:12kugeln1s: ping
20:23:31kugelBuschel, n1s (logs): I don't understand why t0 and t1 are in/decremented by stride in 091619b when the index before was i<<shift and (N4-i)<<shift respectively
20:24:38 Join Horscht [0] (
20:24:38 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
20:24:38 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
20:32:06 Quit nateloaf (Quit: Leaving.)
20:47:13 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
20:48:11n1skugel: forgot to include a comment from Buschel's patch saying that stride == 1<<shift i haven't checked out where it comes from though
20:49:09kugeln1s: shift and stride are both parameters to the functions
20:49:32kugeleven if that's true making assumptions about the callers seems bad
20:51:16kugelpretty questionable commit in my book
20:52:35kugelespecially since the speedup is really minor
21:06:28kugelthanks :)
21:06:28 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
21:09:25derfkugel: FWIW, you can definitely make assumptions on the relationship between shift and stride.
21:11:58 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:15:27kugelderf: then I suggest the function be changed to take only one paramter
21:16:08derfNo argument from me!
21:16:17kugelno patch either? ;)
21:16:18derfPlease send patches upstream.
21:16:24 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:17:18derfI wish I had time to rewrite the 2/3rds of libopus I didn't write.
21:17:26derfBut the reality is I don't.
21:17:57kugelno shit :)
21:18:57derfFWIW, when I did my clean-room CELT decoder last year, my MDCT function didn't have separate shift and stride parameters.
21:26:39 Join sentriz [0] (~Senan@
21:31:06 Quit AlexP (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:31:55 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
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23:10:05 Part wtachi ("λ")
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