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#rockbox log for 2012-10-19

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01:44:44KiwiCam[Saint]: "you could, in theory, allow a user to turn on or off any theme element used in the theme by adding or removing a magic file." Yes. That's what I had in mind. Hmm...
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01:45:32KiwiCamIs there still available the Random tag? I'm sure I saw a posting for that once.
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04:12:48amayerscorch: ping
04:13:28amayerscorche: ping*
04:24:00JdGordonKiwiCam: its in gerrit
04:25:35amayerJdGordon: do you know where the database is located on the server?
04:25:37amayeri just need the path relative to www.
04:25:49JdGordonno idea
04:26:01amayeroh i thought you had ssh
04:26:07JdGordoni do
04:26:38amayerim working on setting up a clone of the theme site on my laptop(fresh debian install)
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04:31:51JdGordonamayer: the scroll bars are themable (though probably buggy)... but you have to do the whole sbs to do it
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04:38:47amayerJdGordon: i didnt see anything in the manual about it
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04:45:27amayerJdGordon: is there a reference page you can point me at?
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06:17:14FLACvestHello. I am using an iriver H140. I have flashed rockbox 3.12 to it. Consistently it will lock up upon first "boot", requiring I reset with the pin in the reset hole (bottom of player). Upon second "boot", the player will spin the HDD up properly, not lock up the firmware, and behave 'normally'. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this behavior?
06:18:25FLACvestAdditionally, I have reformatted, and re-flashed rockbox 3.12 two seperate times, duplicating this behavior. So it doesn't seem to be a bad firmware flash.
06:22:01KiwiCam[Saint]: Is it this?
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07:26:36FLACvestI've decided to file a bug in Flyspray on this.
07:27:04FLACvestGood Night
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09:02:48wodzmortalis: have you figured out boundary where nop insertion helps?
09:03:57mortalisno, i'll try today later.
09:07:00wodzmortalis: I think it may be that rk27xx does not define CACHEALIGN_SIZE and CACHEALIGN_BITS
09:08:07mortalisiirc they defined automatically
09:08:21wodzthey are not
09:10:21mortaliswodz: firmware/export/system.h
09:10:23mortalisline 322
09:15:17wodzmortalis: Ok it should default to 32 then. But I still think that problem is in this area. Maybe HAVE_CPU_CACHE_ALIGN?
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09:15:47mortaliswodz: defined for all arms
09:15:56mortalisfew lines above in the same file
09:17:29wodzok, this were just my thoughts
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11:17:13mortaliswodz: this time it works with nop at the end of semaphore_release and doesn't with nop at the begining of mutex_unlock
11:20:33ZagorHere's an interesting article by lawyer Carlo Piana describing why rooting (or rockboxing) does not void your warranty in the EU:
11:21:11wodzmortalis: will look later
11:22:02ZagorI'll add this to the faq
11:23:29mortaliswodz: ok, also it works with 8 nops at the end of semaphore_release, so it could be not alignment problem
11:30:44wodzZagor: It is of little use as many services refuse to take defunct device if software was changed. Even if law is on your side you have the perspective of court route which is long and bothersome
11:31:28Zagorit's always good to know what the law says. what to do with people/companies who choose to disrespect it is another issue.
11:32:14ZagorI would think many companies aren't even aware of what this law says
11:32:35wodzZagor: another topic - any possibility to logbot announce commits, reds and so on?
11:33:00Zagoryes, that is on my todo list. help is welcome :-)
11:33:44wodzI prefer to hack elfloader :-)
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11:57:29wodzTorne: About R_ARM_V4BX reloc - it is mandatory according to EABI. We could patch gas to not emit it (and break EABI), strip is afterwards (but striping relocs is painful) or leave it as is.
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12:26:15wodzjz4740.h is 'special
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12:27:06wodz' as it not only defines addresses and bitfields but whole lot of static inline functions, struct definitions and so on
12:27:37wodzso you cannot simply include it in linker script for example :/
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14:53:41amayer_i have a question:
14:53:43amayer_most of the links on this page
14:53:47amayer_are dead. should they be removed? or are they just there for historical value?
14:56:42ZagorI think they should remain. the purpose of the page originally was somewhere to point when people ask "do you know there's a [something] called rockbox?"
15:00:54amayer_Zagor: oh ok.
15:00:58amayer_should this be replaced with "what is git"
15:01:15Zagorthe faq is somewhat dusty overall
15:02:02amayer_and the section under that"CONTRIBUTING" idk what that is but the link is broken
15:02:18amayer_im assuming that has to do with svn also
15:02:59Zagorright, it's supposed to point to a file in the repository
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15:31:00amayer_should we just point this page towrds using git?
15:31:03amayer_or is this info still relevent? with git you dont really make patch files do you? git takes care of all that
15:31:13amayer_the page ^
15:33:21gevaertsamayer_: being able to run and diff is still relevant, although the git flow is a bit different of course
15:34:03amayer_so i should let that page? should i the link out of FAQ? to avoid confusion
15:36:21amayer_should i put that we dont accept patches with the Flyspray system anymore under here:
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15:42:16gevaertsWell, there is one exception: translations
15:42:54gevaertsMostly because of the way the translation website works
15:45:07gevaertsApart from that, yes, changing that page would be welcome
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21:32:13lovasoaIs there someone here with some basic math knowledge who can review my calculator plugin patch and commit it ?
21:33:42funmanlovasoa: why remove case sci_xy: ?
21:35:04lovasoaBecause it's not implemented. I wanted to implement it too, but I didn't understand how "twoOperands" works.
21:35:40funmanshouldn't it be a separate commit ?
21:36:01lovasoabut as soon as someone tells me how it works, I can implement it using x^y = exp(y*ln(x))
21:36:51lovasoaDo you think I should do one commit for exp, one for ln and log, and one for x^y?
21:37:26funmanno i think you shouldn't remove xy case since it's not related to implementing new functions
21:38:00lovasoaOk, I'm going to change that right now
21:39:35funmani use git show to review my patches to be sure they don't mix 2 separated changes
21:39:44funmanwith git it's easy to separate logical changes into different patches
21:39:59funmanwith e.g. git commit -p or git checkout -p
21:44:03lovasoaI have a git problem (I'm new to git):
21:44:03lovasoaI changed the file (calculator.c) to add the case sci_xy again. But now, when I do a git commit −−amend -a, git adds the files that have been modified in the trunk since the first patch.
21:44:03lovasoaHow can I commit only changes to calculator.c ?
21:44:23funmancalculator.c instead of -a
21:44:32funmangit help commit
21:44:39funman-a == −−all
21:47:08lovasoaHmm... But I validated the commit with -a. How do I roll back to the old commit (without the new files)?
21:48:48funmangit reset
21:51:00lovasoaIt did a git reset, but now, I get
21:51:00lovasoaerror: pathspec 'apps/plugins/calculator.c' did not match any file(s) known to git.
21:51:15lovasoa(I tried a git commit −−amend)
21:52:47lovasoaIf I create a new commit, gerrit will not understand it's still the same as my old commit, will it?
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22:02:22Xen_o hai people
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22:04:25Xen_I was curious about buying a new pmp supporting Rockbox, to play any media and gameboy games, with a decent battery life, what do you recommend?
22:04:40AlexPI recommend a gameboy to play gameboy games
22:04:51AlexPIt isn't terribly good on a dap
22:05:15AlexPIf you want new, you are looking at one of the clip or fuze variants
22:05:20AlexPclip zip I think
22:05:46Xen_does it fully support .rock apps?
22:05:59AlexPplugins :)
22:06:09AlexPand yes, but not all of them may have been ported
22:06:15AlexPI'd try the sim
22:06:39Xen_I didn't found the GB emu on
22:06:53Xen_a third party made it?
22:07:17AlexPwell, it was ported to Rockbox
22:07:29AlexPbut not by a third party
22:07:57AlexPFor some reason it hasn't been added to that page
22:08:03AlexPThe wiki is hit and miss
22:08:23AlexPIt is on that page :)
22:08:36AlexPLook more carefully
22:09:19AlexPbut that page is not complete
22:12:09Xen_thanks, pal
22:12:22AlexPno worries
22:12:55Xen_now...looking on the clip zip, seems like it will take a while to get compatible, right?
22:13:05AlexPIn what way?
22:13:18AlexPIt is largely fine now
22:16:55Xen_to be ported and everything, you say it works currently fine
22:17:22Xen_yet in wiki article, says the Rockbox is 'unstable', should I worry about that?
22:17:42AlexPWe have strict definitions of what the categories mean
22:17:58AlexPIf you click on the clip zip link on the front page you'll see what its status is
22:18:12AlexPIt seems to be unstabe largely as it doesn't have a manual yet
22:20:27 Join stoffel [0] (
22:21:56Xen_the front page of....where?
22:25:51 Quit nateloaf (Quit: Leaving.)
22:28:10Xen_thanks again
22:30:51Xen_but heck, I do like physical buttons....and video playback with decent previous player, gogear muse 2 had two only resistive touch....which sucked now I look back, and a nice battery with video playback. the touch was pretty useless actually, there was no support for any kind of app or plugin
22:31:41 Quit mirak (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:36:28lovasoafunman: I finally managed to revert all my foolishness, and committed a patch with the sci_xy case. Could you commit it?
22:37:16 Join Poke [0] (
22:41:04 Quit Poke (Client Quit)
22:47:31Xen_now, let me rephrase what I said: any player with video capacity, decent battery and physical buttons supporting Rockbox, exists?
22:48:04AlexPSo not new :)
22:48:09AlexPer, +?
22:48:16AlexPIf not, then there is loads of choice
22:48:34AlexPI'm not sure what buttons a fuze+ has, that might suit you
22:48:45gevaertsRemember that rockbox only does mpeg1 and mpeg2, and videos have to be the correct resolution
22:52:23Xen_a fuze+ has, well, barely any button, it is more like a touchpad
22:52:32Xen_seems like I'm asking too much
22:53:29 Quit sentriz (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:55:01 Part amayer_
22:55:25 Part LinusN
22:58:20lovasoaSo, someone to commit my calculator patch?
23:00:22gevaertslovasoa: you're already in CREDITS, right?
23:00:35 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:03:28lovasoaYes I am
23:04:18 Quit Xen_ (Quit: Page closed)
23:05:31gevaertsThere we go!
23:07:52lovasoathank you!
23:10:31gevaertsWe'll still have to see if it builds :)
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