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#rockbox log for 2012-10-21

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00:28:52amayerif i wanted to add info to this table for the classic what SVN should i use?
00:29:49amayershould i just put the daily build info in there?
00:39:03AlexPdev build?
00:39:15AlexPPut the git hash + the date
00:39:36AlexPAs with svn revision it is trivial to see which is newer from the number
00:39:39AlexPnot so with git
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00:41:55amayerAlexP: will do
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00:56:17amayerscorche: scorche|sh: ping
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02:14:46scorche`amayer: sometime this weekend...currently cleaning up the house =)
02:15:49amayerok sounds good. i have alot of free time tonight so i figured i would ask.
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03:10:59*[Saint] really should put on his Mr Someone hat this long weekend
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03:11:38[Saint]the discrepancies between the wiki and the manual wrt: theme documentation isn't nice atall.
03:13:44*[Saint] would actually like to blow away all the theme stuff from the wiki, so this stops happening.
03:31:50[Saint]<amayer> the other day we were talking about CIA being gone. i was just looking in the ubuntu software center and it says there is a CIA hook that can give IRC updates <−− that would still rely on CIA not being down.
03:31:54[Saint]...which, it is.
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03:38:36amayeroh.... its the client
03:39:44amayerwhen i saw hook i thought it was something else
03:40:52[Saint]it's just a trigger that says "Hey, CIA, <foo> wants you to do something"
03:41:13[Saint]it still relies on CIA not being dead, though :)
03:41:43amayerwas CIA closed source?
03:43:14[Saint](first hit for "cia vc+source" oddly enough ;))
03:44:51amayeroh i just knew the CIA part... and im sure google would provide alot of interesting material for that
03:45:28[Saint]here's the bit that really matters for you regarding it's function: (taken from LWN) " was a central clearinghouse for commit messages sent to it from ten thousand or more version control repositories. There were CIA hooks for subversion, git, bzr, etc, so a project just had to install such a hook into their repository and register on the CIA website. CIA handled the rest, collecting the commit messages as they came in and announcing them on
03:45:28[Saint]appropriate channels via its swarm of IRC bots. "
03:47:20[Saint]slightly relevant: Does KGB still ship with debian stable?
03:47:38[Saint]hmmm, seems so.
03:59:02mimoidthe CIA has backdoors in debian?
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04:07:57[Saint]yes, ...that seems a logical conclusion to jump to.
04:08:07[Saint](offtopic: but, yes, quite likely)
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07:13:27MirKiwiCam: Suse and Ubuntu
07:14:04Mirand the devices are auto mounted to /media/
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07:19:51Miri am not complaining about it
07:20:33Mir"it just works[tm]" that way :)
07:20:41Mirat least for me
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07:25:43*[Saint] looks for the other half of the conversation he apparently can't see.
07:27:18Mirtry 14 hours ago
07:27:38Mirand sup [Saint]
07:29:47[Saint]Oh, heh...I thought quassel was doing weird things on my end. I scrolled back, but not quite 14 hours back... ;)
07:31:54Mirgnite \o
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09:29:24JdGordonso, im probably going to get rid of my DAP collection... anyway want any? (mostly not working parts)
09:30:36JdGordonAJBR, ipod mini*2, h300, a couple of fuzes and e200's
09:30:42JdGordonand a mini2440...
09:32:40[Saint]1~2G mini(s)?
09:33:38froggymanany gigabea(s) (f) (x) involved?
09:33:50[Saint]hah, sure ;)
09:34:09JdGordoni have the parts for a s but it never worked (err, once i pulled it apart and couldnt get it back togetrher
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22:26:38saratogascorche`: can you unblock blr_p's posts?
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22:28:03AlexPsaratoga: There isn't anything in askimet
22:28:30gevaertsYes, it looks like the forums need a repair run again
22:28:57gevaertsWhich *does* need scorche
22:29:11AlexPThis is getting rather regular
22:29:45gevaertsYes. It's really all caused by the akismet integration not being integrated properly, really
22:29:58saratogawe shoudl see about upgrading the forums software
22:30:01AlexPAre there any other options?
22:30:12AlexPOther forum software for instance?
22:30:20AlexPEven if it requires some work to get going
22:30:26saratogaour version is rather out of date I believe
22:30:41gevaertsI have no idea how good smf2 spam filtering is
22:30:50saratogawe're on 1.1 while I believe they've long since moved to 2.0
22:30:53AlexPWe have some plugins and custom tinkering that make it harder to update I believe
22:31:09AlexPDoes anyone know what they are?
22:31:20AlexPIt'd be good to be a bit more standard if possible
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22:35:03saratogalooking at the forums it seems like the 2.0 upgrade is straightforward, although obviously we'd lose any mods and have to reconfigure things like spam filtering
22:35:40 Join factor [0] (~factor@
22:45:06scorche`well, technically our version of the forums is up to date (1.1.16), but yes, i have been looking at moving to SMF2.0
22:45:54scorche`i just need to get some more spare time, but then i plan on spinning up another VPS instance, copying over the current image, performing the upgrade, and going from there
22:46:54scorche`AlexP: and yes, i need to go through our many mods and see what we will gain and lose from 2.x
22:47:58AlexPSounds good
22:47:59scorche`about looking at other forums software, that would be a *much* bigger pain - much better to try out 2.x first
22:48:43[Saint]we use smf2.0 on a project I hang out with, it's not bad.
22:48:52[Saint]But we have a much smaller userbase.
22:49:02scorche`yeah - i like SMF in general - much better than phpbb and that crap
22:49:10*[Saint] nods
22:49:24scorche`lots of bigger forums use vbulletin, but that isnt really free
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22:50:19the-kyleLibriVox is using phpbb. They had to resort to setting up an e-mail account for people to introduce themselves and tell why they want to be on the forum. A rather high barrier to entry IMO.
22:50:24 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
22:51:46scorchephpbb is not an option - i refuse to consider it ;)
22:52:08the-kyleSMF2 can't be that bad. Hopefully they integrate better spam filtering than phpbb.
22:52:12scorchesaratoga: are those posts fixed now? - maintenance done
22:52:28scorchethe-kyle: *anything* is better than phpbb...
22:52:35 Join kevku [0] (
22:52:41*the-kyle definitely agrees.
22:54:30*the-kyle wouldn't use MyBB on a large project either. It will have the same spam problems as SMF 1.x.
22:55:22the-kyleIt looks a little better than phpbb, but it's still pretty bad wrt spam.
22:55:34[Saint]s/wrt spam//
22:56:03scorchei dont really see the need for a discussion about this - it will only lead to bikeshedding...
22:56:23scorchei will do what i will with the forums, and hopefully it gets better ;)
22:56:51[Saint]"and you'll all damn well like it!" ;)
22:57:07the-kyleSounds good to me.
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23:33:15saratogayes posts are fixed now
23:46:01 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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