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#rockbox log for 2012-11-01

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00:12:35pamauryany suggest for a block cipher with a 8-byte key and block size ? I only see DES but it doesn't seem to match
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01:02:46pixelma[Saint]: I'm for putting all the icons in cabbiev2's status bar into their own viewports, too. This would also allow for showing 'volume in numbers while changing', something I prefer and like about the built-in status bar (and I thin, I'm not the only one)
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05:09:59[Saint]pixelma: are you able to define "status bar" further for me please?
05:10:38[Saint]as in, the hardcoded system statusbar, or cabbies set of graphical icons.
05:11:35[Saint]I'm talking about the cabbie icons, personally (and the volume/progress bars), but I could make the changes needed to the hardcoded statusbar as well.
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05:39:48JdGordon[Saint]: pong?
05:40:15JdGordonyes, please get the images out of the backdrop bmps
05:40:26[Saint]right, coolies.
05:40:54JdGordonusing the backdrop layer would be nice :)
05:41:40[Saint]I don't really _need_ to, but...I can if you want me to just to show off the fnctionality in the code.
05:41:58JdGordonthats a good way of making sure it doesnt break
05:42:15[Saint]the images embedded in the backdrop can be displayed with by the bar tags backdrop param, of by the "off" state of the functions they represent.
05:42:25[Saint]so, no overlapping.
05:43:14*[Saint] dont word good today
05:43:20JdGordonmind checking your pm?
05:49:51JdGordon[Saint]: bah, ok, can you make your changes in small patches so thei are easier to push?
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06:47:44JdGordon[Saint]: proof of concept is working for metadata whosywhatsit
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06:56:42wodzpamaury: (log) RC5 and Blowfish comes to mind
07:00:04wodzrc5 should have striking simple implementation (if you found out the place in the code which do the decoding)
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07:31:25[Saint]JdGordon: yeah, if all goes to plan it'll be "massive unification/code cleanup"; strip icon/bar backdrops from backgrounds; fonts (if I can figure it out, and if I can convince enough people that it's better to pull pre-made fonts from a location in the source rather than generate them each build because the anti-aliased GNU Unifonts are *massive*)
07:32:57[Saint]16 GNU Unifont-anti-aliased.fnt 7.3MB
07:33:37JdGordoncan you do one wps at a time?
07:33:48[Saint]yeah, sure.
07:34:32[Saint]in fact, I would prefer I can't be arsed touching some of the really neglected cabbies at the present :)
07:34:36JdGordonso, i got the metadata from another viewport working, but only from the same .wps :(
07:34:51[Saint]mrobe isin pretty bad shape in git HEAD
07:34:55JdGordonmoving it to metdata.txt makes it lose track of the line it should be on
07:34:59[Saint]it works, but the code is *ancient*
07:35:42[Saint]JdGordon: oh, well...that's halfway there. :)
07:36:40[Saint]just for hilarity: 48 GNU Unifont-anti-aliased.fnt 62.5 MB :P
07:37:41[Saint]they're really big, and they'll hardly ever, it wouldn't make any sense to push that traffic around the place with the build farm.
07:38:45JdGordonfonts arent built every night
07:38:49JdGordonarnt they?
07:39:15[Saint]I thought they were, but now I think about it I vaguely recall being corrected on this.
07:39:36[Saint]Hmmmmm, ok, so...not that, then.
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08:05:35pixelma[Saint]: I was talking about the cabbiev2 icon bar too
08:06:31[Saint]that's a system thing, not a cabbie thing though, no?
08:07:10[Saint]from my understanding that statusbar can be called from anywhere by any theme.
08:07:59pixelmaI mean the WPS icons
08:08:09[Saint]ah, right.
08:08:31*[Saint] knows 'status bar' as the top row of tiny icons
08:08:38[Saint]apologies, I was totally confused.
08:09:34pixelmanot the built-in statusbar, I only mentioned it as that one has the functionality I want (and I thought I stressed "buit-in" enough ;)
08:11:06pixelmafor the cabbiev2 WPS - having the volume icon in its own viewport would give the possibility to show volume in dB in the same place easily
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08:11:27[Saint]yes, indeed.
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08:26:15JdGordon[Saint]: do you tinhk its a massive issue if you pretty much cant put anything else but %iu in the viewport?
08:26:25JdGordon%iu is "metadata the user wants for this viewport"
08:26:44JdGordonI *think* it would be stupid to do so, but just want to be sure
08:26:56JdGordonbecause if that is fine then its done and working and about 50 LOC :)
08:27:07[Saint]hahahaha, :)
08:27:22[Saint]and, yeah, that is actually how I would expect it to work.
08:28:32JdGordonI currently have %iu and %Iu - this and next tracks info, and they work by looking for a vewport named "this_X" and "next_X" where X is the number of lines that would fit in the enclosing viewport
08:28:48JdGordoncounting down, so if there is room for 8 but the user only setup up to this_4 that would be used
08:28:58*JdGordon thinks its pretty fancy :)
08:29:18[Saint]bastard! :P
08:29:27[Saint]You didn;t remember my statement from yesterday.
08:29:43[Saint]"not every theme hardcodes the font, this will break shit"
08:30:17JdGordonno no
08:30:22[Saint]I think it better if the viewport was entirely unaware of how many lines it was supposed to be able to display
08:30:22JdGordonthe enclosing viewport
08:30:41JdGordonthis_4 means "there is 4 lines in this section, any theme where this would fit should use it
08:30:58JdGordoneverything about the this_X viewport is ignored except the code inside it
08:31:18[Saint]why split them up though? Couldn;t we just come up with one file and a preferential order?
08:31:53[Saint]I mean, it's cool and all, just not what I was expecting.
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08:32:52[Saint]I suppose it is 'nicer' your way.
08:34:34[Saint]They way I imagined it from yesterday was basically just a plain text file with metadata code in, and some magic tag to say "hey, grab the metadata from here" and the viewport just displayed as many lines of the code that it was given.
08:35:15[Saint]so you'd put the most relevant infomation up the top, and stuff you'd be prepared to lose down lower.
08:37:08[Saint]the way I understand what you've done, the 'magif file" includes cases for "x many lines"; "y many lines"; "z many lines"; etc.?
08:39:58JdGordonpart of the problem is that the viewports dont stop drawing like I thought they would
08:40:37JdGordonbut my way also lets the user decide to use fancy conditionals and sublines if there is only room for 2 lines, or static if there is 4
08:40:46JdGordonwhere iiuc your way wouldnt give that flexibility
08:41:25[Saint]I've pulled off some magic in my RaaA work that does that, but it is a massive set of very deeply nested conditions.
08:41:43[Saint]I'd really like to get that mess to fuck off, so, bring it on ;)
08:44:42JdGordonwant to try it out?
08:45:13[Saint]I can't right now, but I can pull it off gerrit and have a play tomorrow morningish.
08:45:27[Saint]or <arbitrary_patch_location>
08:46:04JdGordonI'll put it on gerrit pretty soon, dont know how much more time i'll have to work on this for a while
08:51:01JdGordonhow many lines does the cabbies use? I want to put the ones cabbie uses into the binary
08:51:21[Saint]anywhere from 3 to 12, iirc
08:51:32JdGordonfor the metadata I mean
08:51:56JdGordonall the line spacing?
08:52:05[Saint]blank lines, no aa, next track data (and lots of it) with year and genre.
08:53:06JdGordonnext track and this track should be split up so thats not terrible if we can get it down
08:54:28[Saint]worksit isn't always split up, though.
08:55:02[Saint]in fact, it's about 50/50 in the source tree between dual viewports for current/next track, or one large one that handles everything.
08:55:18JdGordonbut you're about to rejig that :)
08:56:01[Saint]in many cases I can't without radically resisigning the layout.
08:56:34JdGordonwe'll see
08:56:43JdGordonthis will at least make all cabbies consistant
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09:02:20JdGordondon't put anything fancy in metadata.txt because that skin isnt really rendered like others
09:02:28[Saint] g#347
09:02:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #347 at : skin_engine: User selectable track data display by Jonathan Gordon (changes/47/347/1)
09:02:39JdGordonoh, bluebot is here
09:06:14JdGordonI should probablyu add a new viewport type to do this better
09:06:23JdGordon+36 LOC for this is pretty awesome
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10:06:26pixelma[Saint]: about cabbie on m:robe100 (I guess, or did you mean the 500?) - hope you are aware that %X doesn't work on monochrome displays and I'm not sure about the backdrop layer stuff
10:13:13JdGordon[Saint]: I fixed the bug so you can have more text under the %iu tag
10:13:24JdGordonwhich probably doesnt make much sense, but just in case
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10:17:27pixelmaJdGordon: could this external metadata thing also be set to some filename or directory info (which people can use for fallbacks if the actual tags are missing?
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11:45:58copper[Saint]: what's the difference between and ?
11:46:27[Saint]one still gets built ;)
11:46:45[Saint]it was a naming convention change, that's all. is outdated then?
11:47:09[Saint]very much so.
11:47:12copperok, thanks
11:49:43Tornewe should probably delete the obsolete builds
11:55:14JdGordonpixelma: it lets you write anything you want into the viewport
11:55:32JdGordonI could add another tag to get the text to show for the filename but i dont tihnk that would be useful
11:55:42JdGordonpamaury: ping?
11:55:44JdGordonerr, pong
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11:57:12pamauryyeah, yesterday I had a try at the touchpad thing and I wondered how touchscreen and touchpad should share things. In particular it seems to me that most (if not all) the stuff in firmware/ doesn't care, it's the "touch" part of touchpad/touchscreen and could be shared. what do you think ?
11:59:57pamauryJdGordon: ^
12:01:02JdGordonI think most things shouldnt care if it is a touch pad or screen
12:01:15JdGordonprobably everything but things that draw
12:01:20JdGordonso the skin engine
12:05:19pamauryright, so we could have say three defines: HAVE_{TOUCHPAD,TOUCHSCREEN,TOUCH} and all the code in firmware/ would depend on HAVE_TOUCH if possible
12:05:46JdGordonsounds good
12:06:02JdGordonjust have HAVE_TOUCH be automagically #defined from the others
12:07:25pamauryany objection about moving the touch > virtual button (grid mode) from firmware/ to apps/. I would prefer to have it in the keymaps like I plan for the touchpad
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12:10:58JdGordonpamaury: yeah, i dont tihnk that is a good idea, unless you move it to before the keymaps
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12:11:45pamaurywhat do you mean "before the keymaps" ?
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12:12:32JdGordoni mean, that mapping sholdnt happen in the keymap
12:12:37JdGordonbut what did you have in mind?
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12:14:18pamaurymy idea is that the mapping for the touch position to the button should not be done in firmware/. firmware/ should only report the position and then apps/ either use the position or call the mapping function depending on the mode
12:16:22JdGordonim open to see how you do it
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12:16:43JdGordonthat mapping is for screens which dont have a actual touch interface, so the target keymap shouldnt be used
12:20:01pamaurysure, but some screens don't have a mapping and on the touchpad you want to use the mapping most of the time. Furthermore, if you do the mapping in firmware/ it makes it more difficult to handle it in the simulator
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13:15:06wodzI am playing with new sh toolchain and lto behaves strange. It works correctly for core but plugins are masively bigger. It seems it doesn't garbage collect unused code from linked libraries.
13:15:28wodzby bigger I mean .text size mainly
13:21:23wodz4.0.3 produces slightly bigger .text then 4.6.3 without -lto
13:21:58wodzfor plugins I mean
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