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#rockbox log for 2012-11-02

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01:00:39soapWould a wiki admin delete the page at ?
01:03:37soapIt was a stub page needlessly created by Seth Johnson, is only linked to from PluginMpegplayer, contains little but an incorrect (broken) link, and the section from which it is linked is about to be removed from PluginMpegplayer due to THOSE instructions being worthless due to a broken link. Seth Johnson has not been present for (almost exactly) four years and while I have emailed him I still feel it is worthy to prune the dead wood. There are /plenty/
01:03:37soapof other encoding options outlined so no need to keep a broken one.
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01:17:37JdGordoncurse you AlexP !
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01:21:51soapoh god scorche` , why does the admin panel of the forums run SO SLOW?
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01:23:02soapI could mine a bitcoin in the time it takes to ban a user.
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01:26:54JdGordonthe whole forum is pretty slow now
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01:30:52soapMaybe scorche` mines a bitcoin everytime I ban someone? I'm preemptively banning as we speak.
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01:50:50amayerso thats how rockbox is funded... or atleast how scorche pays for his hosting
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02:38:46scorche`i wish
02:39:00scorche`soap: i dont know - it is a recent thing that the admin panel has behaved like this
02:40:10amayerscorche`: have you pulled to the webserver recently?
02:40:33amayeri think there are 2 or 3 updates that ive done and that have been accepted. im waiting on one more to be accepted
02:41:03scorche`amayer: no, i havent yet
02:41:37scorche`i will try to this weekend
02:41:43amayersounds good
02:44:04JdGordonthe admin panel has always been slow when getting the ban list
02:44:11JdGordonare there just too bloody many?
02:45:32soapno, it hasn't always been slow.
02:45:42soapI've been mostly gone 6 months, it was not slow before.
02:59:24JdGordonAlexP: (so you dont wonder wtf ^ ).... your theme shows that multifont and g347 don't necessarily work together so well
02:59:26fs-bluebotGerrit review #347 at : skin_engine: User selectable track data display by Jonathan Gordon (changes/47/347/3)
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04:32:14soap8 spam accounts logged in currently.
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09:48:09copperI got 32 hours and 18 minutes of playback with lossyFLAC on my iPod Classic (I ran battery_bench)
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10:02:49Belzebubcopper: 6G?
10:03:12Belzebub6G rev.2 ya?
10:03:17copperlatest :)
10:03:30Belzebub160 GB?
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10:04:45BelzebubI'll probably buy iPod 5,5G or 5G
10:05:12copperit's got a bass rolloff
10:05:19BelzebubStabile rockbox on this device ;)
10:06:11copperthe battery might be old
10:06:36BelzebubBattery cost max 10$ ;)
10:06:44copperand you might have to fight a couple of audiophiles for it
10:07:19Belzebubthis iPod support 250GB hdd ;D
10:09:28Belzebubcopper: What earphones do you have to your iPod?
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10:18:34dynxMy clip+ is completely dead not pwering on not recognized, bad sectors and all that pls advise
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13:50:20soap3dB at 30Hz (or so, depending on headphone impedance) ain't a lot, copper.
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14:00:33soapscorche, If I use Akismet's "Delete All Spam" button, it does NOT ban the offender.
14:01:14soapIf I click on each and every message's "Delete spam (and ban poster)" it does.
14:01:40soapBut if I were to do that for the 148 messages currently in there it would take 2 hours, if not literally longer.
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16:23:12skiasaurushello, all. can anyone here help me understand the information on this page?
16:23:41skiasaurus(if anyone is in fact here :) )
16:23:55copperskiasaurus: what do you want to know?
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16:24:55skiasauruswell, first of all, is the port for the classic being worked on actively?
16:25:05copperI think so
16:25:17amayeri use rockboxed ipod 6G every day
16:25:40skiasaurusthat's really good to hear!
16:26:14copperworks fine on mine, except rockbox sometimes freezes or crashes after unplugging the iPod from USB
16:26:14skiasaurusso what i glean from the page is that the OS itself works, but there's some issue with getting it loaded/booted on the machine?
16:26:15amayerjust know that if you follow the direction on the website you need to update to the most recent build from
16:27:19amayerfollow the directions from then
16:27:21amayerput these files( ) on your ipod and it will work good
16:28:20skiasaurususing emCORE?
16:30:13copperinstalling emcore and rockbox from a linux host was surprisingly straightforward
16:30:28pamauryyeah \o/ I was finally able to decrypt a sony nwz image \o/ That looks promissing for a rockbox port
16:31:20Zagorpamaury: nice!
16:32:01pamaurydownside is, I don't have a fw image of my sony nwz but I got one for another one and of course the key is not the same but it can be brute forced in one minute
16:32:33 Join XavierGr [0] (XavierGr@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
16:33:00skiasaurusso pardon my n00bishness, but what exactly is emCORE? is it an OS?
16:33:16skiasaurusdoesn't seem to be explained anywhere on freemyipod's site.
16:33:28copperit's a bootloader
16:34:03copperallows your iPod to boot Rockbox
16:34:31skiasaurusah, ok
16:34:50amayerrockbox doesnt have a boot loader for ipod classic yet
16:39:18skiasaurusis that the only problem with the port?
16:39:21pamauryone about the sony nwz is bothering me: most of them are linux based so I don't know if I should do a hybrid port or a full bare metal port
16:39:39skiasaurusin any of your experience, i mean
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16:50:51skiasaurusawesome, got it installed!
16:50:55amayerskiasaurus: ive had very few problems with it.
16:50:57amayerthe only major thing that i think is missing is that as of right now it doesnt interact with apple accessories
16:51:17amayercongrats *pats on back* welcome to the dark side
16:51:22skiasaurusoh, you mean like clock radios, etc.?
16:51:30skiasaurushaha thanks
16:52:13skiasaurusi've been jailbreaking my iphone for a couple years now, though :P
16:52:41amayeryeah like iHome, and car stereos, stuff like that
16:52:48skiasauruswhich device's manual should i reference?\
16:52:50amayeryou can use the headphone out in car stereos
16:53:00amayeripod video
16:53:09amayerthats what i use.
16:53:21skiasaurusok, that's what i figured. i'll stick around in case i have any more questions, but thanks for your help, everyone!
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16:54:35amayerTorne: ping
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16:57:32amayerskiasaurus: dont forget to check out some of my themes here:
16:58:22skiasaurushow does syncing with itunes work with rockbox installed?
16:59:14amayeri dont have any experience with that. but i dont think it works
16:59:35amayerwhat OS are you on?
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17:02:20skiasauruson my computer? win7
17:04:01amayerif all you want is the music off your comptuer there should be an itunes folder somewhere like
17:04:03amayerC:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\
17:04:05amayerthat has your music in it
17:04:32amayerjust copy that to the harddisk part of your ipod(anywhere but folders that start with a ".")
17:04:42amayeryou can make any folder structer you want
17:05:43skiasaurusis there a way to upload files into the database?
17:05:55skiasaurussorry if these are RTFM questions :S
17:06:22 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
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17:09:49amayerthat is covered in the manual
17:12:59 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
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17:15:04skiasaurushm, ok
17:15:44skiasauruswhat program do you use to manage your audio files on your computer? or do you just do it from the filesystem?
17:16:10amayerpersonally i dont use the database alot. i just use the filesystem
17:16:26amayerin the manual it tells you how to initialize and update the databsae
17:16:33skiasauruson your computer, i mean, not your device
17:16:53amayerjust use Windows Explorer
17:17:02amayerthere isnt a special program to do it
17:17:21skiasaurusto update tags and stuff though?
17:17:32skiasauruscan you embed album art with explorer?
17:18:10amayeroh. i thought you were asking about putting things on the ipod
17:18:17amayeri use Linux
17:18:30amayerim not familiar with windows programs
17:19:10amayeri think you can use itunes. i remember something about "write ID3 tags"
17:19:12amayerim not sure if you right click or if its a menu option
17:20:24amayergoogle can probably help you
17:21:04 Join Guest44874 [0] (
17:21:24amayerjust a hint tho. make sure your album art is jpeg not png.
17:21:26amayerrockbox currently only uses jpg files
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17:26:05n1sskiasaurus: the datavase should be covered in the manual, but you just copy files to the player and then init/update the databse on the player
17:26:28skiasaurusok thanks
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18:26:25scorchesoap: yeah...the akismet mod for SMF is...not the best thing in the world...
18:26:39scorchegevaerts has hacked on it a bit, but...
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