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#rockbox log for 2012-11-04

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01:24:31copperwho wants a Clip+ with a defective screen (really dim)?
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01:41:17[Saint]Belzebub: just so you're aware, as you seemed pretty excited about the iPod Video supporting ~200GB+ HDD...the Classic can make use of an SSD with ease (as can the Video), so, HDD capacity really doesn't set these players apart at all.
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05:23:57JungDoes anybody know how to automatically go to rockbox after reboot?
05:24:52[Saint]you're going to need to explain what you're doing...
05:24:58[Saint]the player should *always* do so.
05:25:47[Saint]Oh, unless you're talking about emCORE (I recall you from freemyipod), in which case...go there, as this has nothing to do with Rockbox.
05:25:47Jungso first, I hold the play button to shut off my ipod
05:26:00Jungi am
05:26:08Jungthis isnt related to rockbox?
05:26:14[Saint]Nope, not at all.
05:26:25Jungwell, if you're on both help channels
05:26:30[Saint]emCORE != Rockbox
05:26:30Jungmight as well help me here?
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05:26:41[Saint]and no, it doesn't work like that.
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06:32:00*[Saint] is really starting to dislike the "recent posts" thing on the Forum being absolutely useless.
06:32:46[Saint]is it just plain broken, or do we really get *so* much spam that after akismet has finished shit-canning things there's actually only 2 legitimate posts left?
06:33:29[Saint]I guess the "bug" is that if this is caused by culling spam posts, that the recent posts aren't automagically "mealed".
06:33:35[Saint]*healed, too.
06:34:54[Saint]I don't recall the last time I was able to use any more than page one of the potential ten pages of new posts.
06:36:15[Saint]and aside from getting emailed about every new topic/reply/whatever, or browsing the subs manually, there's no way to use the forum in a way that doesn't make me want to cry.
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11:44:55[Saint]Oh...forums, how I love thee.
11:45:20[Saint]The "Recent Posts" thing-o has decided it doesn't exist at all now.
11:45:39[Saint]I can't decide if that's a step forwards or backwards from showing 9 blank pages.
11:51:16[Saint]wrong time to do this, but..."meh"
11:51:49[Saint]JdGordon: what happens, or, is supposed to happen, when the metadata magic file is *supposed* to be present, but...isn't?
11:53:00[Saint]I guess that "if /path/to/file/" tag'll come in handy ;)
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12:10:27JdGordon[Saint]: the internal one will be read
12:11:05[Saint]this is getting way more complicated than I thought ;)
12:12:04JdGordonnpo it aint!
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12:12:41[Saint]'tis X∞
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12:13:12JdGordonits simple... just use %iu instead of crazy conditionals and it will just work
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12:14:51[Saint]'s not going the way I _thouhght_ it would, but I forgot that anything I dream up needs at least two more layers of complication before it gets into the core ;)
12:15:33[Saint]The way I thought it'd go has some pretty big holes in it, though.
12:16:33JdGordonit isnt in yet :)
12:16:52JdGordonim going to bed, fucking exhausted, talk tomorow
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15:26:11saratogascorche: I banned and some other email servers that didn't seem to be real websites but that were used by a huge fraction of our spammers
15:26:13saratogahope thats ok
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15:44:56*amiconn wonders why an internal mic recording on the Clip+ has a DC offset
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16:52:39Nate][What's a good player that will run Rockbox, and bluetooth cabable?
16:53:44 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
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16:54:13n1sdon't think there are any
16:55:00Nate][The only one I know that has BT is the Insignia Pilot..
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16:55:13Nate][(Can't run RB though)
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16:56:30funmanamiconn: what is mean amplitude for mic recording?
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17:20:35amiconnfunman: What do you mean? The actual DC level?
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17:59:38saratogathe DC level is the mean of the amplitude :)
18:01:30funmanamiconn: yes, how much is the offset?
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18:10:36amiconnfunman: It's about 550
18:11:09amiconn-550 to be precise
18:11:35amiconnThis is with a 44.1 kHz mono recording (wav)
18:12:23saratogathats 16 bit audio right?
18:12:26saratogaPCM rather
18:14:26funmanso that's why audio is clipping?
18:14:49funmanwould be nice to have tests with stereo and FM
18:16:44funman /* 14-bit => 16-bit samples */
18:16:44funman *rec_dma_addr++ = (value << 2) & ~0x00030000;
18:17:10saratogamight be related to FS #12692
18:17:12fs-bluebot Recording - positive clipping wraps around to negative or zero values (bugs, unconfirmed)
18:18:10funmanweird indeed
18:18:21*bertrik ponders the ~0x00030000
18:18:47funmanbertrik: (1<<16)<<2
18:18:56funmanhm no
18:19:29funmanbut the sample should be less than (1<<14)
18:19:45saratogaFS #12350 suggests that we don't do the stereo conversion right either
18:19:45fs-bluebot Clipv2 - Rockbox duplicates samples - effectively halves samplerate (bugs, unconfirmed)
18:19:54saratogaalthough maybe that is fixed?
18:21:18funmanit might be fixed by that keep_sample gymnastic
18:21:57bertrikI think I'd prefer (value & 0x3FFF3FFF) << 2 for the 14-to-16 bit conversion
18:22:22funman& 0xffff3fff is enough
18:22:29funmanand can fit in an ARM instruction :P
18:22:30bertrikbut that's probably the least important thing
18:23:19bertrikah, 0xffff3fff fits in a direct literal, 0x3fff3fff doesn't
18:25:15funmanhm did we use DMA for recording at one point?
18:26:25saratogaaccording to FS #12697, we should also drop the 48k option since we don't have the PLL set in such a way that we can record at it
18:26:26fs-bluebot SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 48000Hz rec 2.35% fast, but 44100Hz rec is fine (bugs, unconfirmed)
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18:43:45scorchesaratoga: probably - thanks
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18:44:43saratogascorche: also, perhaps it makes sense to do 1 year IP bans on spammers that get through?
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19:16:26yurikssaratoga: 1 year seems to long. I doubt they don't use dynamic IP and that will just be punishing hapless users
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19:20:09grawitySo I keep trying to upgrade my ipodnano2g to the latest Rockbox, and every time it seems that USB mode is still broken :(even though it works perfectly in 3.10)
19:20:14grawityAm I just unlucky?
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19:30:28amiconnsaratoga: Yes, 16 bit pcm
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19:32:44DBUGEnqueued KICK brkfstsqd_
19:32:44***Alert Mode level 2
19:32:44DBUGEnqueued KICK brkfstsqd__
19:32:44DBUGEnqueued KICK brkfstsqd___
19:32:44***Alert Mode level 3
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19:42:45***Alert Mode OFF
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20:08:18saratogayuriks: i doubt we have many users that get a dynamic IP address from chinese rack server companies
20:09:59saratogaprobably once they release those IPs, they'll just go to other websites, and probably not to people who would post on an english-language forum
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20:54:39scorchesaratoga: yeah - a year seems a bit excessive - they often dont re-use IPs much after they ahve been blacklisted
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21:01:02[Saint]grawity: not unlucky, slightly unobservant.
21:01:21[Saint]USB has been known roken for nano2g for 2 release cycles.
21:02:05[Saint](which is why there's no longer a nano2g release and RbUtil dishes out a release that is 2 cycles old)
21:02:34[Saint]so, ...yeah...not luck at all. this is expected behaviour.
21:04:56[Saint]grawity: see -
21:05:03[Saint]"Unfortunately we've had to drop the Ipod Nano 2g from the list for now due to serious issues with USB. We hope to add it in a later release"
21:05:31grawity[Saint]: I see, thanks :( I guess I'll stick with 3.10 for a while.
21:05:55[Saint]git HEAD is fine, you just need to remember to use the OF for USB.
21:06:54[Saint]If you really want, it is trivial to comment out that *panic* on USB insertion...and, we actually probably should do so in git HEAD.
21:07:10 Join Totalled [0] (
21:07:47 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
21:08:28[Saint]with known broken USB, it probably is best to disable it...but then, that doesn't really inspire anyone to fix it either. Tough call.
21:09:37 Quit kadoban (Quit: bye)
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21:36:46[Saint]scorche: is it in any way possible to make the "Recent Posts" thing in the forum "self-healing"? As in, always grab the 100 most recent posts?
21:37:02[Saint]I'm finding the forum pretty much impossible to use.
21:37:28CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:37:28*scorche shrugs
21:37:33gevaerts[Saint]: you're basically asking "can people fix bugs?"
21:37:55scorchegevaerts was working on trying to make the akismet plugin behave, but...
21:38:06[Saint]gevaerts: I'm asking "what controls this?" is is Akismet fuckery, or something I or anyone else can look/poke at.
21:38:12scorcheone of these weekends, i will hopefully have some free time to investigate migrating over to SMF 2.x
21:38:29gevaerts[Saint]: the akismet plugin is a terrible mess
21:38:38saratogaisn't there a tool that repairs that list? perhaps it could just run every day automatically?
21:38:47gevaertsIt filters some stuff, and as a side effect it basically corrupts some tables
21:38:47[Saint]right, but, does that actually control the Recent Posts display?
21:39:17saratogaor even called from the akismet plugin after its done breaking things
21:39:27[Saint]saratoga: I haven't seen the Recent Posts recover after that, personally.
21:39:39[Saint]that usually seems to blank the whole thing.
21:39:55saratogait was working fine this morning, then some bot posted 800 spam messages in like 2 minutes and it died horribly
21:40:35[Saint]Maybe I have timing issues, the past few times I've visited the forum there's been 0~2 posts in Recent Posts :-S
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22:01:41amayerscorche: ping
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23:49:17 Quit Horschti (Changing host)
23:49:17 Join Horschti [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
23:49:53 Join lebellium_ [0] (
23:51:59JdGordon[Saint]: plop
23:52:09 Quit sentriz (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:53:11 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:53:17 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
23:53:40[Saint]JdGordon: snarf
23:54:29*[Saint] likes this game
23:56:14JdGordonhow are you for free time today?
23:57:31[Saint]Not so great now, but should be good for most of the afternoon.
23:57:49[Saint]family invaders, etc.
23:57:54JdGordonfun :p
23:58:15JdGordonI want to get a listing of the track data lines the cabbies generally use so i can get this patch pushed
23:58:50[Saint]aha, ok, right. Yeah, I can do that for you.

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