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#rockbox log for 2012-11-10

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01:08:16KiwiCamI'm trying to get xbmc run within Mint13 KDE. If I change the /etc/network/interface settings, i lose the internet connection I've also added nameserver to resolv.conf. but I still get the message "not connect, check network settings"
01:08:49KiwiCamThe #'s are there currently so I can connect to the net.
01:09:29KiwiCamPlease ignore. Wrong ferkin channel.
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04:20:11razor_bladeI am having issues getting Rockbox to boot on a 5.5g ipod, with a ssd. The apple firmware works and allows me to write data to the ssd, but rockbox won't boot. It gives me ATA: -11 or -32 errors, depending on if it is plugged in or not. Is there a build that I should be using that is different from the stable o fix it?
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04:43:54razor_bladeWhat I end up getting is a *PANIC* ata: -32 pc:03E80590 sp:4000AE20 bt end
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07:54:04mto123Hello everyone. I want to perform a manual install of Rockbox on my Sansa Clip+ I know how to do this, but I read in the rockbox forums that the manual install method will not work with the most current Sandisk original firmware (ver. 1.02.18) unless a fresh "mkamsboot" is compiled from the source code. So my questions are: 1) How difficult would it be to compile a fresh mkamsboot on Windows
07:54:04mto1237, 64bit? and 2) If it isn't terribly difficult (i.e., if it doesn't require dual-booting linux, installing virtual machines, etc.), would anyone be willing to give me some instructions on doing so. I don't mean total noob-level hand-holding, just the basics. Thanks!
08:20:23mto123so no info on these?
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11:23:30JdGordonare the forums dead?
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11:37:11AlexPJdGordon: I can't get to them either
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12:12:51theli_uaanyone knows if ipod mini 2nd charges while in diagnostics mode?
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12:31:16Tornetheli_ua: almost certainly, but i can't guarantee it
12:31:37Tornetheli_ua: it may only charge very slowly, however
12:31:48theli_uait looks like it, yeah, thanks
12:32:23theli_uaipod was left untouched for ~ year so battery kinda emptied, stuck in bootloop so i pulled hdd out and left it in diagnostics mode now
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14:58:11soapI guess if nobody can load the forums nobody can spam the forums!
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15:29:56n1sproblem slved!
15:31:46soapyea, scorche` , we have a issue still
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15:38:16kugellebellium: did the last commit help with your RDS issues?
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16:17:04lebelliumkugel: not on the clip zip unfortunately. I haven't tried on the YP-R0 yet.
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19:00:54webguest49Hi, is the themes part of the sit edown?
19:01:07webguest49I cant get any new themes right now, and am a first itme user
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19:09:19AlexPwebguest49: the server that hosts the themes and the forums seems to be down
19:09:56AlexPscorche` runs those, so might be able to shed some light
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23:25:33*scorche` investigates server
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23:29:54scorche`looks like Apache crashed hard...
23:35:07scorche`running fine now - i will investigate more later...
23:39:16Buglousetime for nginx ?
23:39:51AlexPYeah, one failure is totally worth replacing everything for :)
23:40:54BuglouseDepends on the severity of problem and complication of replacement, there is a formula for this type of thing.
23:41:03the-kyleIt just seems better to rewire the whole system than to fix the broken wire.
23:41:12AlexPIt's gone down once now in years
23:41:19AlexPThat's pretty serious :)
23:41:25saratogahopefully we'll update the forums software soonish
23:41:44*Buglouse learns not to make *too bold* of suggestions on #Rockbox
23:41:46scorche`saratoga: yeah - one of these weekends...
23:42:00AlexPBuglouse: It just seems rather an extreme reaction
23:42:15saratogaBuglouse: well if you're interested on working on it, you're welcome to make any suggestion you want :)
23:42:20AlexPWithout even knowing wht the problem was
23:42:21BuglouseForums IRC and List, why not just IRC+List?
23:42:31*the-kyle thinks he'll replace the house next time a lightbulb burns out hehehe.
23:42:33AlexPBecause people like forums
23:42:37scorche`Buglouse: going down once in a number of years is a pretty impressive uptime, you know...
23:43:11saratoganot very many people use mailing lists anymore, and most users don't know what IRC is
23:43:28saratogaso development tends to happen in IRC, and user support on the forums
23:43:33BuglouseWhat? Well these 'ppl' are not devs then ?
23:43:42AlexPNo, users
23:43:50AlexPHave you ever looked at the forums?
23:43:59Buglousefoo that, priorities mediums for _actual_ development
23:44:03BuglouseFirst time.
23:44:05AlexPer, no
23:44:24the-kyleI'm one of probably only a few non-dev regular users who prefers IRC.
23:44:33AlexPDevs tend to use the mailing lists and IRC, but I fail to see why that means we should tell users to go fuck themselves
23:45:40BuglouseHave forums, fine, cost bandwidth, used to extend help to non-technical users, ... there are advantages and disadvans, as a community I'm sure you have found an equilibrium
23:45:46*the-kyle feels that forums get a bit cluttered and hard to manage, but that doesn't mean most other users feel the same. Multiple points of contact is usually a good thing.
23:46:13AlexPUsers are exactly those we are trying to provide help to
23:46:26AlexPAre you suggesting that we should not do anything to help users?
23:46:49AlexPthe-kyle: Only because of the spam problem really
23:46:51BuglouseInterfaces for different objectives, Users need to learn more than one language, and more than one type of language, for me to consider supporting their requests.
23:47:01saratogathe problem with the forums is that we keep breaking the database, hopefully that will get fixed
23:47:09BuglouseI'm not suggesting anything, I'm stating my preferences.
23:47:11AlexPThen thank god you aren't anything to do with it
23:47:15saratogathey were quite handy back before we started having problems with them
23:47:20scorche`saratoga: technically, we have never broken the database...
23:47:35BuglouseFaith? Superstition? Yes, thankfully I'm not included in that.
23:47:35saratogawell whatever table handles recent posts and such
23:47:55saratogaBuglouse is probably a bot FYI
23:47:57AlexPYou sound like the worst kind of technical elitist
23:47:59scorche`akismet just causes a lot of errors to be made by not completely removing everything that it should, and the forum software doesnt like it
23:48:06AlexPbot/troll/whatever :)
23:48:08the-kyleYes, the spam problem is probably the worst of it. Many newer forums pages are a lot easier to navigate than they used to be. And as I mentioned, the more points of contact that available to help users, the better for the users.
23:48:41AlexPthe-kyle: yep
23:50:18*the-kyle just happens to prefer IRC because conversations happen in realtime. Oh, and to monitor git commits, but that hasn't been working for a couple of months.
23:50:28AlexPyeah, sadly
23:50:31 Join lebellium_ [0] (
23:50:43AlexPnor have the email commit messages for even longer, which I used to rely on
23:50:56AlexPSince the emails stopped I find myself getting more and more out of touch
23:51:30the-kyleBut if I have a problem that doesn't require a realtime solution, or if no one is in IRC that can answer my question, the forum, when it doesnt' get broken, is probably best.
23:51:46BuglouseHey, I think users should be able to drink from the well if they want, and they should also be able to voice suggestions to the foundation, but I think before they do any of that they should learn a minimal set of the language and of the processes involved in their request. This means reading a few journals and experimenting on what they want and how it might be achieved, before they use their privilege of
23:51:46saratogayeah we definitely need to work on our web services a little bit more
23:52:12AlexPBuglouse: You have completely unrealistic expectations
23:52:17the-kyleI usually just do a git pull every couple of days now to see what's changed in master.
23:52:18 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:52:25BuglouseNo, just rational and logical ones ;)
23:52:25 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
23:52:46Buglouse'efficient' ones
23:53:00Buglouse'functional' ones
23:54:30saratogaBuglouse: if you aren't a bot, stop being offtopic in the main channel and use rockbox-community for random chat
23:54:40*the-kyle kinda likes nginx, but doesn't see how it can fix the forum issues. If apache had gone down more than once in years, I could understand, but it just doesn't seem logical given the situation.
23:55:10*Buglouse if Buglouse is a bot, Buglouse can spam|flood?
23:55:22AlexPand get banned
23:55:58AlexP(for spamming/flooding that is)
23:56:13 Join scorche|sh [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
23:56:18Buglousethanks AlexP, I appreciate your assistance and input.
23:56:43BuglouseI value the polite and constructive comments you have contributed
23:57:07AlexPEnough now
23:57:31BuglousePositivity seeping into your consciousness, now?
23:57:48BuglouseGetting a little twitch of compassionate growth ...
23:58:09the-kyleHuh? Randomness in the dev channel.

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