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#rockbox log for 2012-11-12

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09:49:35gevaertsZagor, B4gder: could one of you pull the website? I added the 3.12 news to it
09:51:43gevaertsLooks like that bit is not on ReleaseChecklist
09:54:30gevaertsZagor: hm, looks like 3.12 is missing from flyspray as well
09:56:05Zagorgevaerts: added
09:56:23gevaertsThe "since last release" page is also wrong, apparently
09:57:20gevaertsI'll look for the right hash and update
10:00:00gevaertsZagor: done
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15:13:28shikharIs this the right place to ask for help regarding emCore running Rockbox on iPod classic 6 gen?
15:13:44funmanyes just ask
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15:14:25gevaertsWell, it depends on the exact question. We might refer you to #freemyipod if it's too emcore-specific
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15:16:32shikharRockbox (through emCore) was working fine until today morning. Now it gets stuck on the "scannning disk" screen and goes no further. I have tried resetting the rockbox configuration and clearing the database through the settings menu on the boot screen, but it is still getting stuck. What can I do?
15:17:27shikharI have also tried running UMSboot and copy/pasting the .ubi again
15:19:10gevaertsCould be filesystem corruption
15:19:17shikharAmd sometmies I get the message "Data abort at 080536C0 (domain 0, fault 5) address 0x70657200) . The ipod is connected to the computer's USB, no wire splitters and original cable.
15:19:29gevaertsAlso, which rockbox version are you running? The one packaged with emcore is *old* and known to be buggy
15:19:56gevaertsYou can find a link to the current development build on
15:20:58shikharI am running rockbox_pThe .ubi that I used is installer-ipodclassic-r859-20120102.ubi
15:21:25shikharand this rockbox : rockbox-ipodclassic-r31516-20120102
15:21:41gevaertsRight. Start by updating that
15:21:57funmandon't you need rockbox to make rockbox bootable on classic?
15:22:02funmanor only to make the bootloader bootable
15:22:37shikharHow do I update that if the ipod is not showing up on my computer (Ubuntu, 12.04) ?
15:22:41funmanah since i don't remember the details, it means it just needs to be done once at startup
15:22:48funmanshikhar: can't you boot original firmware?
15:22:54gevaertsfunman: no
15:23:12gevaertsDoesn't emcore have an UMS mode?
15:23:21shikhar@funman, No, i can't. I installed through emcore since its iPod 6g. I don't think the ooriginal firmware is there on the iPod anymore
15:23:40funmanalright i'll shut up since i only know ipod nano2g
15:23:55shikhar@gevaerts, it does. I can update using that?
15:24:29gevaertsYou can also use that to check the filesystem for corruption
15:24:53shikharhow do i check for corruption and how do i update by going into UMSboot?
15:25:03shikharAnd also if you can tell me, how do I save my data?
15:25:26 Join wodz [0] (
15:26:27wodzI would kindly ask for review and tests of g348 (again). If there will be no objection within day or two I'll commit this.
15:26:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #348 at : imageviewer: gif viewer based on giflib-5.0.2 by Marcin Bukat (changes/48/348/9)
15:28:40shikhar@gevaerts , some help?
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15:34:32wodzhmm, hd300 bootloader from HEAD is broken
15:36:06shikharRockbox (rockbox-ipodclassic-r31516-20120102), through emCore, was working fine until today morning on ipod 6g. Now it gets stuck on the "scannning disk" screen and goes no further. I have tried "resetting the rockbox configuration" and "clearing the database" through the settings menu on the boot screen, but it is still getting stuck. The only way my computer (Ubuntu, 12.04) recognizes the ipod is in the UMSboot mode. 1. How do I update to the rockbox-ip
15:36:57wodzshikhar: just unpack zip with known good version to the root of the disk
15:37:08wodzrockbox is loaded off the disk on startup
15:37:47shikharHow do I get to the root of the disk through the UMSboot partition?
15:38:09wodzoh, I though you mean apples disk mode
15:38:23wodzumsboot partition is ramdisk AFAIK
15:39:45shikhar@wodz, i have no idea what that means. I installed rockbox through emcore which means there is no apple firmware on my ipod. and now rockbox too isn't loading. and the commputer is not recognizing it as an external harddrive as long as it stays on the (blue) emcore bootscreen.
15:40:23wodzshikhar: ok, catch TheSeven then - he will know
15:40:41wodzor [7] currently :-)
15:41:56shikharSo, I should just msg him?
15:42:43wodzI pinged him already with this statements so he will probably respond when he gets near his computer
15:43:29shikharokay, thanks... any idea on how I can save my data in th emeantime?
15:43:56pamaurywodz: I'll test the gif viewer tonight
15:44:41shikharor transfer my data?
15:45:37wodzpamaury: great
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15:47:14funmandid we consider mandatory registration through irc to post on forums ?
15:47:40funmanlike for the wiki
15:48:54scorchenot really - the wiki is more of a development resource, so IRC as a sign-up is appropriate
15:49:25scorchemost people who use the forums are one-offs that have no clue what IRC is - it is more a parallel support method
15:50:06funmanit would pretty much halt the spam though
15:50:25scorcheand many valid new registrations, i am sure
15:50:27funmanand we could show them the web client
15:50:40gevaertsYes, but it would also have the same effect more or less as just closing them
15:51:12gevaertsWe already have large parts of the day when nobody is active enough on irc to answer questions. Who exactly would activate these forum accounts?
15:51:21scorcheanyway, as i have said before, discussions on this should probably wait for me to get some free time to investigate and migrate the forums to SMF2 and see what effect that might have on the spam
15:51:46*gevaerts nods
15:53:24gevaertsI'd like to find some motivation to look into the forum code again to see if we can disable accounts instead of banning them. The banning code gets *really* slow with the number of bans we have
15:53:44AlexPIt takes me minutes to ban someone
15:54:01scorcheyeah - unfortunately, those changes would probably be wiped away for SMF2 though
15:54:16AlexPscorche: You should just get on with it :)
15:54:20*gevaerts nods
15:54:25scorchei know - i am sorry...
15:54:33AlexPscorche: see, gevaerts agrees :P
15:54:35gevaertsDo you have any sort of idea when you might have time?
15:54:58gevaertsAnd while you're at it, prod Zagor to fix the irc and email commit things :)
15:55:02scorchegevaerts: before the end of the year
15:55:17AlexPgevaerts: good point
15:55:24scorchehopefully within the next couple of weekends, but i cant say right now
15:55:27*AlexP gets a bigger stick
15:55:38gevaertsOooh, maybe we want commit notifications on the forums!
15:55:52gevaertsscorche: sounds good
15:56:02AlexPirc commi
15:56:11AlexPt thing is probably a bit harder
15:56:15AlexPas that wasn't us
15:56:34scorchei thought the CIA bot thing was open-source?
15:56:50AlexPmaybe, don't know
15:57:02AlexPDidn't it rely on their services though?
15:57:16AlexPSo it'd probably a bit of work to implement it ourselves
15:57:35gevaertsIt was, but that's not the issue, really. IIUC they had the bad habit of making local modifications and forgetting to commit those, and they had no data backups.
15:59:38scorchefrom what i understand, it is pretty horribly implemented though
16:00:10scorchethere is
16:00:39AlexPSMF 1 is end of life as of the end of the year as well
16:00:50AlexPoh, my mistake
16:00:55AlexPsilly subversions :)
16:01:29scorcheyeah - people keep saying that we are not running the latest stable version of the forums, but we are ;)
16:02:46AlexPscorche: looks interesting
16:03:42wodzHow CIA was notified about build result?
16:04:28Zagorwodz: a commit hook sent a notification to the cia server
16:05:17wodzso basicaly we are set with irker then
16:06:02wodzwe 'just' need to pass data from the hook to the irker instance
16:06:09AlexPZagor: Did you see the irker thing?
16:06:21ZagorI had been planning to write something for logbot to handle notifications, but I suppose irker would be less work
16:06:29 Quit shikhar (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
16:07:10AlexPDo you think it'd be worth having something like #rockbox-announce it could (in addition) post to?
16:07:31wodzAlexP: I don't see the point
16:07:45AlexPIn the abscence of commit emails it'd be handy to be able to see all the commits without having to search through all the other ocnversation
16:07:48wodzour channel is not very active for most of the time
16:07:57AlexPwodz: It is sometimes
16:08:04wodzrarely nowadays
16:08:17AlexPStill, sometimes
16:08:23wodzfrontpage lists commits
16:08:26AlexPI also don't see how it would hurt
16:08:27ZagorI' not sure many people want commit notices but not see dev chatter. but I supposed it's easy enough to config.
16:08:47AlexPwodz: I don't want to have to keep going and looking at the front page
16:09:05AlexPand announce could be read only as it were
16:09:20wodzok, I don't see the point but it doesn't bother me as well
16:09:29AlexPthat's good
16:10:58Zagorif someone wants to investigate irker a bit and then suggeste a configuration, that would be great
16:12:05 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
16:12:17wodzWhat the hell broke hd300 bootloader. I don't see anything obvious in logs. I am not pleased with bisecting bootloader thing...
16:13:09gevaertswodz: IIRC the latest theory was that it might have been related to size
16:15:58 Join dfkt|a [0] (
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16:15:59 Join dfkt|a [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
16:16:22wodznot h300 but hd300 :-)
16:16:42*gevaerts shuts up
16:17:19wodzthe bootloader itself works, but you can't turn on player without ac
16:29:30 Part LinusN
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17:39:52fireandfuelhi, I discovered a reproducible rockbox hang with my ypr0 while playing ogg/vorbis and flac files at daily builds from It's only first file in a folder, after 1-3 seconds of playing - it takes 1-3 seconds; than the hang is over. The interesting thing is: My rockbox build ( version 6242d9f-121109, no modification of source code ) compiled with "arm-ypr0-linux-gnueabi-gcc ( crosstool-NG 1.16.0 ) 4.6.3" doesn't produce this hang.
17:42:10 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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17:46:55SuperGlukcan i Sansa Clip+ if it seen as "M200Plus" 4MB device?
17:47:36 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@
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17:47:36 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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17:58:27saratogaSuperGluk: depends what you did to get it into that state
18:01:34 Join kadoban [0] (
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18:28:04 Part fireandfuel ("PING 1352741230")
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18:36:02*SuperGluk slaps saratoga around a bit with a large trout
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18:38:38 Join Llorean [0] (~DarkkOne@rockbox/user/Llorean)
18:40:20SuperGluki disconnect clip+ from pc. it turn off and never else turn on. (sorry for my english)
18:41:03 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:41:33saratogaso you didn't do anything specific to it to break it?
18:43:52 Quit yuriks (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:45:46SuperGlukno. if i connect it to pc, get message "unregnazed device". but if i connect it after reset(20sec power button), have "M200Plus" 4MB device.
18:45:57funmanwe need to buy 100 clip+ and use them ourselves until one breaks
18:47:49saratogaif it just randomly dies, a bad flash memory chip seems likely
18:48:46funmanone 'dead' clip+ that someone sent me works fine after recovery
18:49:06saratogait just randomly died?
18:49:10funmani have it in my hands and it shows no sign of weakness or weirdness
18:49:12funmanapparently yes
18:49:27funmanthe previous owner said nothing particular happened
18:49:45saratogai just assumed the sandisk players have a fairly high failure rate, their support forums are full of people asking how to fix their players
18:50:15funmanthat too, nothing seems to say failure rate with rockbox is higher than failure rate with OF
18:50:55funmansaratoga: the clip+ died this way: "What I do? Just turned off Clip+ and it do not want turn on. I pressed power button for 30 second and nothing happen."
18:51:35funmanSuperGluk: before you disconnect clip+ from pc, where you doing a firmware upgrade or rockbox bootloader install ?
18:51:52saratogasandisk's habit of putting the critical boot code in cheap NAND probably has something to do with it
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20:48:19SuperGlukafter i disconnect clip+ from pc it turn off and never else turn on. if i connect it to pc, get message "unrecognized device". but if i connect it after reset(20sec power button), have "M200Plus" 4MB device. can i repair it?
20:51:05 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
21:06:41 Quit GodEater (Quit: leaving)
21:07:17 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:12:49SuperGluki try this, but not enough for firmware.
21:14:14 Join sentriz [0] (~Senan@
21:14:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:14:50funmanno it must show the normal capacity, not 4mb
21:15:06funmanif it doesn't you didn't short the solder points correctly
21:15:25funman4m means flash is not available
21:15:47funman4gb (or 2 or 8 or 1) means the whole flash is available, including the place where firmware is written
21:16:19funmanin fact if you can access the flash it would be nice to dump the first sectors so we can analyze what went wrong perhaps
21:16:31funman(if you remember which firmware version and bootloader you used)
21:17:59 Quit sciopath (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:18:57 Quit sciopath (Client Quit)
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21:20:55 Join GodEater [0] (
21:20:56 Quit GodEater (Changing host)
21:20:56 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
21:21:56SuperGlukthanks. other man say me, that if i have m200plus device, clip+ already in service mode and i dint need short solder points
21:22:48funmanfeel free to hack it a bit and share your experience with us
21:22:58funmanmaybe you'll learn something new
21:26:04 Join derk0pf [0] (
21:26:06 Join n1s [0] (
21:26:07 Quit n1s (Changing host)
21:26:07 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
21:27:04 Join wodz [0] (
21:27:58wodzfunman: Have you tried to sacrifice amsv2 device by overwriting in controlled way firmware part to see what happens then?
21:28:35funmanyes but a long time ago
21:28:55funmani used hacked mkamsboot and bootloader
21:29:17funmantu uncompress OF, patch it at runtime and run it
21:29:35funmanit's really tedious if you don't know what you are looking for
21:29:55funmanit helped RE sd driver though
21:30:30wodzfunman: this 4mb device must come from somewhere - masked rom I guess. Do we have dumps of rom?
21:30:55funmanbut those 4mb were just 0 and repeated memory iirc
21:30:58funmanSuperGluk: can you dump it ?
21:31:33funmanrom very looks like OF
21:31:52wodzfunman: no I mean it is probably some ramdisk but code which presents it is in rom probably
21:32:14funmanah true
21:33:00funmanno i didn't look for that code
21:33:07wodzso do we have dumps of rom?
21:34:04funmani thought there was such an option in debug menu
21:34:23wodzroms are usually small it should be fairly simple to disasm
21:34:30wodzI don't have amsv2 myself
21:35:18wodzrk27xx rom is less then 8kB for example
21:36:52funmani ll dump the one of my clip+
21:37:56funmanrom size is 128kb
21:39:05wodzfunman: I guess memmap is contained in our .h file?
21:39:17funmannope it's in the pdf
21:41:38wodzfunman: As I stated before I don't have amsv2 myself. Can you send me rom dump + pdf? Maybe I'll look at it.
21:42:40wodz"Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found."
21:42:58funmanand my rom dump is full of 0 ...
21:43:46funmani mean as3525 pdf -> 2nd reslt
21:43:52funmanfirst is product brief
21:45:30funmanrom is full of 0 with 0x80000000 tii
21:46:55wodzso this is not the proper rom dump :-)
21:49:11funmanah i remember we turn off rom though
21:49:13 Quit yuriks (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:51:38funmanwodz: funman/rom-clip+.bin.bz2">
21:52:36 Join Bagder [0] (~daniel@
21:52:36 Quit Bagder (Changing host)
21:52:36 Join Bagder [241] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
21:52:39wodzok, grabbed
21:54:22funmanso it is loaded from address 0x80000000
21:54:26SuperGlukhow i can extract pcb from clip+ case? i open it, unscrew 4 screw, but something hold pcb
21:54:37wodzfunman: Does OF uses thumb?
21:54:48funmanto get OF:
21:55:25funman and utils/AMS/hacking/extract_fw.c
21:55:41funmanif you load them both side by side the similarity is stunning
21:56:32wodzI'll first try to look around in rom disasm
21:57:06funmanthe rockbox fund should send you a clip
21:57:45funmanclip zip is identical to clip+ (except the screen of course) and they should cost the same
21:59:12wodzThe fund should pay for some expensive gift for my wife then to not throw out this clip and me just a few minutes later :-)
22:01:26funmanif your wife hacks the gift no problem :)
22:01:33 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:01:35funman 25€
22:01:46funman 32$
22:02:20funmanit is the reason of the fund and also a small investment for big return to all the AMS users..
22:02:50funmani can buy it to you with paypal if you prefer
22:03:54 Quit Llorean (Quit: Leaving.)
22:04:51wodzI'll first look at disasm. When I consider testing something I'll ask for funding
22:20:04 Quit sentriz (Quit: Leaving)
22:23:26 Join Gallomimia [0] (
22:30:55 Join Strife89 [0] (
22:36:45SuperGlukshort the solder points 6 times, but always have 4mb disk...
22:39:36 Quit melmothX (Quit: bau)
22:43:21wodzrom do have string M200Plus
22:47:11 Join yuriks [0] (~yuriks@
22:50:52 Quit Bagder (Remote host closed the connection)
22:51:23 Part LinusN
23:00:28 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:04:11simonnnSuperGluk: I think I have the same problem as you; unbricking didn't help for me...
23:05:28 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:06:11SuperGlukwodz: yes
23:07:45SuperGluksimonnn: hope die last:) (sorry for my english)
23:08:04simonnnhehe, yeah:)
23:08:26simonnnsomeone told me to leave it for a few weeks and try again then
23:10:01SuperGluki trying other methodes in first
23:14:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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