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#rockbox log for 2012-11-13

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01:36:27d-e-r-pHi, I just barely installed Rockbox onto my Sansa Clip Zip... but when I have my repeat set to "one", I can't skip back and forth between tracks without going up to the list of songs and selecting the one I want. Any way to fix this?
01:38:25scorche|shthat is the intended behavior, i believe
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01:47:10saratogain repeat one mode, the next song in the playlist is also the current one, so you can't skip it
01:47:32saratogaIMO this is a weird way to do things
01:59:57d-e-r-pWell I must say that's a little disheartening, lol
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04:05:56saratogahmm forums down? Or someone just banning a spammer ?
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05:45:59d-e-r-pAnyone here have problems running the Rockbox utility in Windows 7 64-bit?
05:46:38d-e-r-pI might have a solution... run it as an Administrator, and it won't freeze when you try to autodetect your MP3 player
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08:26:37wodzQuestion to thous with bricked sansa presenting itself as 4mb M200Plus device - what are VID:PID in this state?
08:35:07wodzfunman: I guess we don't have "AS352x USB MSC Boot Promer specification document AS352X_USB_MSC_Boot_Promer_V07.doc" document?
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09:39:45wodzZagor: I briefly looked at irker and it should be fairly simple to adapt for our needs. There is example post commit hook script as well as simple script which shows how to build custom messages to be delivered by irker.
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09:47:54Zagorwodz: excellent.
09:49:12wodzZagor: I should also add probably that code is extensively commented :-)
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11:22:15pamaurywodz: gifviewer doesn't compile
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11:23:30pamaury(in DEBUG mode)
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11:29:35pamaurywodz: it's only a matter of disabling DumpColorMap in gifalloc.c even in DEBUG
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11:31:28pamaurywodz: it would be useful to be able to interrupt the loading process (especially on large gif)
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11:32:26pamauryotherwise if works pretty well
11:32:41pamauryexcept that I have a gif which should be moving but does not
11:33:04pamauryhere is it:
11:36:01wodzpamaury: Ok, thanks for looking. Speaking about load interrupting - this is not supported by any decoder in imageviewer. I may look to implement the framework for this though.
11:36:19wodzimageviewer is quite messy anyway
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12:27:31wodzpamaury: The gif file you linked is not quite standard conforming IMO. It has delay between frames set to 0. It relies on the fact that most viewers (web browsers at least) protect itself to not allow DoS by such crafted file and treat 0 as 100ms. This breaks other conforming gifs though.
12:28:34wodzI should probably implement parsing of application specific control block and do the same instead of treating such files as still images
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13:18:47funmanwodz: never heard about that document, where is it referenced?
13:21:02wodzin the datasheet
13:24:05 Join lebellium [0] (~chatzilla@
13:25:54simonnnwodz: this is the dmesg output I get if I plugin my clip+ (with the 4mb device problem):
13:27:06simonnn(and try to mount it..)
13:28:55***SPY: Authentication failed for Zagor
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15:26:47lebelliumwhat do you think of that guys?
15:28:11Zagorlebellium: limiting max volume?
15:29:10lebelliumyes... actually just if there is anything that should be done to prevent that or if we consider it's only the user's fault
15:29:43Zagorin short, it's impossible. the sound pressure is a factor of many things, and we can only control one
15:30:09lebelliuma user-defined limit volume setting?
15:30:09Zagorif we limit the output power based on one set of headphones, we risk making that level far too low for another set
15:31:44lebelliumSure. But if the user can define his own volume limit, that could work
15:31:51Tornelebellium: the equaliser precut is basically already that :)
15:32:38ZagorI'm doubtful there is much we can do that will do any realistic difference. limits will undoubtedly be raised "too high" by users, and then we're back to "it's your fault".
15:33:34Tornealso, a few seconds at max DAC output caused temporary hearing issues? what the hell headphones are those
15:34:40Zagorhearing protection is a very serious topic, but I don't see what actual difference we can make (as opposed to symbolic gestures)
15:34:51*pretty_function (~sigBART@ has joined #rockbox
15:35:09lebelliumwith sensitive IEM it can be very very loud. I wouldn't be surprised if a few seconds exposure at max level can cause hearing loss
15:35:38Zagoryes, it's quite possible
15:36:08Torneanywya. when the topic of a volume limit has come up before people have pointed out that the eq precut basically does exactly that
15:36:16wodzI'd say it is up to the user to THINK
15:36:33TorneYeah, don't listen to a device with a new firmware you've never used before with your IEMs in
15:36:41Tornemaybe start playback first
15:36:45Torne*then* put them in?
15:36:52Zagorwodz: sure, that's easy to say. but I think rather the question is if there's anything we can do to mitigate the effects of a mistake
15:37:32lebelliumwodz: He said it was an "error". I also sometimes turned up the volume unintentionally because I forgot to activate "hold" or what.
15:37:58wodzthere is next to nothing we can do about it
15:38:06ZagorI think it's a serious issue that we should not trivialize. But I also don't think we should add something that would only be a symbolic gesture.
15:38:16kugelthere's still the bug on android where sometimes the volume is at max even though the global volume was lower
15:40:20wodzwithout the feedback from IEM it is impossible to have sensible protection
15:42:23Zagorperhaps one solution is to simply document the fact that equalizer precut can be used as max volume limiter
15:42:41Zagorthen again, how many people read the manuals?
15:42:59lebelliumI partially read the manual
15:43:09lebelliumand was not aware of that EQ precut
15:43:09Torneif you don't think to turn the volume down before playing, then you aren't likely to read the manual to discover the limit and set it either
15:43:27Tornethat guy's specific case could only have been prevented by having a fairly harsh limit applied by default
15:43:44Torneand then a huge number of other users are inevitably going to come and ask why rockbox is so quiet
15:43:58Tornebecause nobody ever reads any documentation at all
15:44:31lebelliumthat's true
15:44:53Zagoranother idea is to force the user to set max volume at first boot
15:45:28Torneseems overly complicated though
15:46:29lebelliumbut most users browse the main comprehensible settings. So a not so hidden "volume limit" setting could help compared to that mysterious EQ precut
15:47:32Zagorlebellium: I rather think most users would never set it
15:47:43Zagoreven if they see it
15:48:50lebelliumhum you're probably right :(
15:48:51ZagorI think it's something you don't think you need until one day you wish you'd had it
15:49:29kugelfixed.cfg can be used to apply a low volume at boot
15:50:05Zagorkugel: yeah but I think most people would find that annoying and disable it
15:51:04kugelhow's it annoying? you can simply turn up the volume as it's not capped (no need to go through menus and toggle the eq precut)
15:51:21kugelanyway, we have more than one solution to this problem in place already
15:51:38ZagorI like to have my player resume to the same state I turned it off
15:51:58Tornewhat is the default volume? like, if you literally have no config file?
15:52:01Torneis it 0dB?
15:52:17kugel-30 or so, iirc
15:53:02kugelZagor: you're also not the one who wants his ears protected against accidental loudness :)
15:53:39Zagoroh, I do. I just don't want to to get in the way of normal usage.
15:53:47Zagor*want it to
15:54:07kugelIMO this is a finer solution to the problem, as you can still gradually turn up the volume (depending on the IEMs) without applying artificial limits
15:55:13Zagorsure. but what we need is a solution that can be shipped turned on
15:55:17kugelanyway, we have _both_ so I don't think we have to act upon it
15:55:25lebelliumBTW, logs stopped working at 13:30?! I wanted to give people the opportunity to follow this discussion
15:55:51Zagorlebellium: argh :-(
15:55:59ZagorI broke it when fiddling with logbot
15:56:32Zagorfixed now
15:58:28ZagorI'll try to repair it
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16:08:19lebelliumthank you
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16:59:53pamaurycan you accidentely increase the volume in a dangerous way ?
17:01:06lebelliumif you have the player in your pocket and forgot to lock the keys...
17:01:43 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
17:23:51saratogawe actually have instructions in the manual for adding a volume limiter using the precut
17:25:33[Saint]it probably wouldn;t be too hard to add some form of (optional) rate limiting to the volume.
17:26:02[Saint]for scrollwheels or so. so that you can't accidentally increase the volume more than X in Y time.
17:26:32funmansaratoga: should wmafixed.c stay GPL ?
17:27:33funmanrest of libwma is LGPL (comes from ffmpeg)
17:27:34saratogalet me check
17:27:39saratogait might use a bit of libmad
17:28:47saratogafsincos is from somewhere else in rockbox
17:28:50saratogaso its probably gpl
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18:12:43[Saint]damn the forum is slow.
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18:16:43wodzgit went in
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18:40:14wodzopus is not listed in MajorChanges
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19:34:29bertrikanyone feel like doing a couple of relatively simple bugfixes in rockbox?
19:35:33bertrik54ef3066101e68a9058e98ba8498d1a7ffce8ba9 fixed an elapsed time overflow in flac.c, but there's several similar ones in other codecs
19:50:38 Join hype [0] (~hype@
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23:16:52funmanZagor: re irker:
23:17:07funman17:51 < thresh> funman: post-receive hook: ~/custom_hooks/irker-notify −−color=mIRC −−channels=irc:// −−refname=${refname} $(git rev-list ${oldrev}..${newrev} | tac) || /bin/true
23:17:11funman17:52 < thresh> funman: ~/custom_hooks/irker-notify is : −−revformat=short −− −−urlprefix="http://%(host)s/?p=%(repo)s;a=commit;h=" −−template="%(bold)s%(repo)s%(reset)s %(green)s%(author)s%(reset)s %(yellow)s%(files)s%(reset)s: %(logmsg)s" "$@"
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23:52:06saratogapamaury: those RMAA tests you posted look like one of the voltages is wrong
23:52:59pamauryI saw that the OF setup something related to the biais voltage, does it make sense ?
23:53:15*pamaury knows nothing about all this
23:53:51saratogai was going to say that it might be that some amp isn't biased or something
23:54:05saratogausually a lot of THD/IMD means you're over driving something out of its linear region
23:54:40saratogais the DAC built into the IMX?
23:54:52pamauryit has a lot of adjusting bits
23:55:27saratogalet me see if anything jumps out at me
23:56:03pamauryone can adjust the VDDA, adjust the VBG, change the biais and adjust other reference voltages
23:57:08pamauryreversing the OF on that point is really hard unfortunately. I took me forever to find out how to cancel the audio pop
23:57:40pamaurysaratoga: do you have access to the imx233 datasheet ? perhaps you can have a look ?
23:57:45saratogayeah i'm skimming it now
23:58:02saratogado you know if operates in capless mode (audio output is through a cap into the headphones)?
23:58:30pamauryit seems to operate in capless mode from what I can see from the OF
23:58:44pamaurywould I see the difference on the RMAA output if it was wrong ?

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