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#rockbox log for 2012-11-15

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03:55:24Tony97hello i have a question dose the sansa fuze support a 128 gb micro sd with rockbox?
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04:08:10Tony97Ok lol im useing a android now insted of a pos ipod... dose rockbox on the sansa fuze support a 64 gb micro sd or 128 gb??
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06:57:14[Saint_]I think I've asked this about a bazillion times, but, what's the API level required to build RaaA?
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08:32:41wodzThe author of irq/fiq handler in amsv2 ROM must have been mad!
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10:31:04wodzpamaury: could you outline the benefits of preparing xml file with reg description to be used with your tools?
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10:44:43pamaurywodz: I don't understand your question ?
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10:46:20pamauryif you mean going from xml to a .c/.h it's mainly to have a single binary at the end, without the additional structure of the xml and for historical reasons of the tool :)
10:49:06wodzno I mean what I can gain by preparing xml file
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11:39:55pamaurywodz: currently none because my tool is imx specific
11:40:36pamaurywhat I want to do is to write a plugin wich can poke at registers using this register map. If you have a use of it, then it's probably not worth it
11:41:23pamauryanother use of it I can see on rk27xx is to write the equivalent of my imx tool to poke at register without ever knowing how to print something on the screen for example. But rk27xx doesn't have working usb so it's not possible currently
11:42:11pamauryIn any case, I would like this register map thing to not be imx specific. I put it in the imxtool dir because I just committed my work so that other can work on it if they want
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12:17:57wodzpamaury: I may look at it in the future. Now I have a few TODOs which I would like to finish
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14:02:59wodz <- for anyone interested how to hack gerrit look
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15:17:24wodzpamaury: I have pretty bad news. NWZ cable just came and the plug has only USB dedicated pins present.
15:17:58pamaurydamn :( This is pretty sneaky
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15:20:41wodzThere is also a good news. The plug looks pretty much the same like the one used in some samsung phones and in mrobe100. I recall the exact type being documented somewhere
15:22:25wodzanyway you can plug nwz cable into mrobe100 without problems - just checked
15:22:51pamauryoh that's cool, so perhaps the converse works ?
15:25:11wodzwhat you mean?
15:34:30pamaurydoes a mbrobe100 cable plug into a nwz ?
15:34:54pamaury(you don't have a nwz to check but that should work right ?)
15:36:40wodzI have mrobe100 without cable :-)
15:36:55wodzbut it should work
15:37:07wodzexcluding possible pinout mismatch
15:38:03pamaurythe pinout will probably not match but if you can figure out what the connector is then it's fine
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15:40:11wodzI'll do my best
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16:08:38wodzpamaury: tha cable I have doesn't comply to the pinout
16:09:48pamaurywhy ?
16:13:39wodzgnd is 1 and 5, +5V 11,15, usb data lines 18,19
16:14:09wodzI need to make good photo to proof this - pins are very tiny
16:15:34wodzhmm maybe data lines are 19,20 - anyway this is different than in the link
16:17:44pamaurythere might be different versions of the wm port, I think I saw something about it in the headers of the linux code
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16:37:23ktzhello guys
16:37:30ktzjust installed rockbox on my clip zip
16:37:43ktzit works well for now, even if it's not "finished" yet
16:37:52ktzI'm loving it so far
16:38:01ktzbut I'd like to ask someone who might know the hardware
16:38:18ktzthis tiny player is amazing me... the sound quality is outstanding
16:38:38 Join sentriz [0] (~Senan@
16:39:46ktzdoes anybody know if it's because of the chip installed? and on what other devices I can find a chip with a similar quality?
16:40:02ktzI can't believe this is so small and cheap and still beats every other played I had before
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17:09:59funmanktz: the only 'unfinished' part is the manual I guess
17:12:05funmanall the Clip and Fuze, and last versions of the c200/e200/m200 have almost the same chip
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19:31:34saturationhi, I am trying to install rockbox on my old 2nd gen ipod mini
19:32:03saturationrockbox installer doesn't allow me change device mount-point toi /dev/sdb
19:33:04saturationit detect my device correctly, log also says that is mounted on /dev/sdb, but there is no that option in dropdown-menu..
19:34:13saturationso, how to get pass this?
19:34:39kugelwodz (logs): cyanogenmod gerrit has a similar, non-standard, look
19:34:42gevaerts/dev/sdb isn't the mount point
19:34:49gevaertsThat's the device
19:34:51kugelmight be the same theme actually
19:35:34saturationgevaerts: erm so?
19:36:02kugel[Saint]: api level 8
19:36:14kugeli.e. eclair
19:36:19saturationthis what the rockbox installer says: [INFO] Ipod found - 2nd Generation Mini ("winpod") - /dev/sdb
19:36:36gevaertssaturation: the mount point is the directory where the device is mounted, and *that*'s what rockbox utility wants
19:36:37saturationbut I can't still select that from the dropdown
19:36:42kugelfor x86 and mips level 9 is required due to ndk support
19:37:07saturationgevaerts: ffs! I got that now..
19:37:17saturation-> mount that device!
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19:37:41saturationby the way, do you have a clue why there is a two parition in the ipod?
19:37:53gevaertsThe first partition has firmware
19:38:04 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
19:38:05saturationand that is what rockbox wants?
19:39:20gevaertsYes and no. The bootloader will get installed there, but you can't mount it, it's not a regular filesystem. You need to point rockbox utility to where data partition is mounted
19:43:02saturationhaahaa, that was easy!
19:43:04saturationthank you
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20:48:59sakaxhello guys - any progress with the nano 2g usb issue? :D
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20:55:07funmansakax: does usb work some times or just never ?
20:55:34funmanon my clip zip and clip+ it works most of the times (they use the same driver than nano2g)
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20:56:05sakaxit works with my computer - but it doesnt work like it should with a car adapter
20:56:35sakaxits the old issue were it goes straight in usb file mode when connected in a car usb power adapter
20:56:48sakaxi hope i am describing it correctly :s
20:57:02funmanah for that just pressing a button while plugging should prevent file mode
20:57:19sakaxi know i know
20:57:26sakaxbut it should be automated :)
20:57:32funmanokay, i didn't know about this issue
20:58:05sakaxi am always too late pressing and holding the button during boot
20:59:22sakaxbut for the rest, rockbox is rockin my nano 2g :D
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21:29:09lorenzo92I said that it would be better to open a ticket or a forum post, what do you think?
21:29:13lorenzo92pamaury: I've just see utils/imxtools/hwemul: simply great, would be cool if I could adapt it to mx37
21:29:46lorenzo92pamaury: a question, how do you send commands to usb? A simulated "console"?
21:31:01 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
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21:33:01wodzpamaury: The NWZ connector is like this except the one in pdf is 20 pin while NWZ uses 22 pin. Maybe you will find exact part number faster then me.
21:33:34lorenzo92pamaury: I tried to build redboot for the mx37 (I have the sources) but running it on device has the only effect to put the cpu in recovery mode, is this good or not, you think?
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21:51:23pamaurydamn he left
21:52:05 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
21:52:10pamaurywodz: I'm not used to search part so you'll probably be faster
21:52:55pamaurylorenzo92 (logs): the commands sent to the device are simple "read","write" commands basically. The commands are parsed by the tool on the host.
21:53:14pamaurythe same thing could be done on the mx37 if it has a recovery mode
21:53:25pamaury(which is accessible from usb)
21:53:34pamauryI'll have a look at the datasheet
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22:20:11AlexPIs there anything that can be done to speed up the admin bits on the forums? I've just spent ten minutes trying to ban someone
22:22:48 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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22:29:12AlexPAnd now they aren't responding at all :)
22:37:04AlexPand back!
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