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#rockbox log for 2012-11-17

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04:43:42ipod6gquestionHi. The frint page says the iPod Classic 6g is unusabe but the ipod classic port page says most functions work. Which one is more accurate?
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04:51:45Super_Brain_AKwichever was updated last idk im just a user
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05:15:48[Saint]Well...that was a very weird question.
05:16:40Super_Brain_AKfunny username :D
05:17:28[Saint]I'm trying to work out why one should be "more accurate" than the other, and, what I could do to change whatever it is that sparked that assumption.
05:17:45[Saint]Both are perfectly accurate.
05:17:57[Saint]Most functions *do* work, and, it *is* unusable.
05:20:00Super_Brain_AKim doughting that its possible for me to upgrade the memory in my ipod 2gen because ive got extra room where the battery is :)
05:20:53[Saint]Sure it's possible.
05:21:21[Saint]If you switch to a compact flash card, you can go up to 128GB+
05:22:15[Saint](switching to CF is probably one of the most common modifications for the older iPods)
05:22:38Super_Brain_AKyea and im horrible at soldering even through hole parts let alone desoldering surface mount parts :/
05:22:52[Saint]No soldering required.
05:23:44[Saint]Or, so you mean an iPod Nano 2G?
05:24:05[Saint]If you actually mean an iPod 2G, then, no. No soldering required.
05:24:10Super_Brain_AKoh yea sorry i left out the nano
05:24:33[Saint]Right, then, no. It isn't really possible.
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05:25:14[Saint]Even if you did install a greater capacity flash module, you'd only be able to use it in Rockbox as well. ...which likely wouldn't be a problem for you, I'm not sure.
05:25:33Super_Brain_AKoh well im going to be getting a new sansa soon so ive just got to deal with 2gig's for now
05:26:03Super_Brain_AKthat would be fun to do if only i was great a soldering
05:26:22[Saint]And, it wouldn't work "out of the box". But, it is certainly possible to add code to handle the larger capacity flash module you added.
05:27:04[Saint]I have replaced a flash module in a nano2g, but I wouldn't advise doing so. It is a right pain in the ass. :)
05:27:09[Saint]Even with the correct tools.
05:28:32[Saint]I managed it with a re-flow station and a dremmel, and ~6 hours of my life that I'll never get back. :)
05:30:41Super_Brain_AKi do have another ipod of the same type but the screen is blank, usb works fine though, i think it had gotten water in it so the part that is necessary for the screen has corroded
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17:15:44njbairI have a nano 2g which I believe the disk partitions are messed up on. I don't remember how it got this way, only that no matter what I do I can't get the existing iLoader on it to work right
17:16:02njbairdoes anyone know what the default partitions should look like?
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18:27:29lasserhi folks. The harddisc of my H320 shows some errors, so I wanted to replace it with a CF card. My first try with a 512MB extreMemory worked like a charme, so I decided to go for a 32GB one. After installing it in the player I can mount it and copy things on it, but the H320 says: ATA error: -80, insert USb cable and press a button.
18:28:36lasserI have seen the patch for ata.c at the bottom of Will I succeed with it?
18:29:53gevaertsWhich bootloader are you using?
18:30:33lasserv5, I reinstalled it in the try with the 512MB card.
18:31:21lasserbtw, I used the latest RockboxUtility
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18:33:25gevaertsIsn't there a v6?
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18:33:54gevaertsThis is a bootloader issue. Rockbox utility version won't make any difference
18:34:57gevaertsDon't build your own bootloader though. That's a near-sure way to brick the device. Always use one that's been released or at least well tested
18:35:26lasserhm, perhaps I'm wrong... I used Rockbox utility to install the latest bootloader. If that is v6, I beg your pardon...
18:36:01gevaertsRight. That should be v6 then
18:36:13gevaertsIf you're running the latest bootloader, I don't know...
18:36:35lassersimply a card incompatibility?
18:36:40gevaertsCould be
18:38:09gevaertsI'd say wait to see if some people who actually use a h300 with a CF card reply
18:39:18lasserBut what about the
18:39:27lasserIs it already implemented in Rockbox?
18:43:23gevaertsI have no idea. There's;a=commit;h=bc092ad6b998c69ec329a3fca0ed7c076a763aa0
18:43:33gevaertsBut that's *after* the v6 bootloader release...
18:44:11gevaertsI know there's a working unreleased v7-pre bootloader for h120, but I don't know if there's something similar for h300
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18:50:23lazeris creative's xfi-3 already running on rockbox?
18:51:39lasserDid I mention the brand of the 32GB card? It's a CnMemory.
18:51:43lazerrockbox utitlity seems not to work with it but is it possible to install it manually?
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19:28:55lantiziaLo, is there anyway to firmware update an iPod Touch 2nd gen?
19:28:59lantizia(i.e. from linux)
19:29:48lantiziaI attempted to do a firmware update in iTunes, but iTunes was running in a VM guest on my linux host... and because it kept flitting in and out of recovery mode it's got confused and now permanently stuck in recovery mode
19:29:59lantiziaand i don't have any real mac/win machines around to do it normally
19:30:25AlexP_no idea, nothing to do with us
19:31:17lantiziatake it rockbox don't touch on the 'touch' models thus the project has no firmware flashing tools for it?
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19:44:03lassergevaerts: Rockbox utility installs bootloader *v5*. How can I get v6?
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20:46:58AlexP_lasser: I think v5 is current for the h300, only h100 has v6
20:47:07AlexP_I think gevaerts might have confused the two
20:47:12AlexP_Or I might be wrong :)
20:47:29AlexP_But only up to v5 is tagged in the repo, and I don't remember a v6
20:48:06AlexP_unfortunately the h300 bootloader is broken in git and will brick your player if you attempt to build and use it
20:48:34AlexP_To fix it you need some quite specialist hardware that I don't think any currently ative developers have, so it isn't likely to get fixed any time soon
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21:05:57lassersad to hear that... So I think I have to replace my CF card with one which is known to work.
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