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#rockbox log for 2012-11-19

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00:08:50rockboxuserhi, i have an ipod color with rockbox installed. how can i go about un installing it?
00:09:53[Saint]Our Fine Manual can help with this.
00:10:08[Saint]However, it is really as simple as "Restore with iTunes".
00:10:12[Saint]that is all.
00:10:46[Saint]Out of curiosity, for what reason is it that you have chosen to uninstall Rockbox?
00:10:51[Saint]rockboxuser: ^
00:10:56rockboxuseroh, well thanks sorry i checked the maual and rockbox utility doesnt recognize it
00:11:04[Saint]Out of curiosity, for what reason is it that you have chosen to uninstall Rockbox?
00:11:34rockboxuserwell i want to use my 60 gb ipod color as a hard drive and rockbox isnt working right.
00:12:16[Saint]Could you clarify "isn't working right"?
00:13:01[Saint]while this is not an ideal use for a DAP, Rockbox or no, this should work fine.
00:13:29rockboxuserlol good point. well i think my install may be corrupt because it has trouble coming on and off. plus it has trouble when i connect it to my computer.
00:14:45gevaertsDoes it work properly in the OF or in emergency disk mode?
00:14:48rockboxuseroh and itunes doesnt recognize my ipod nor does the rockbox utility
00:15:35[Saint]This sounds very much like a bad filesystem, if not a hardware error.
00:15:46[Saint]it certainly isn't Rockbox-related.
00:16:14[Saint]Were it so, it would not affect the original firmware.
00:16:20rockboxuserwell crap. at any rate, i'd like to re install. except that the utility doesnt recognize my player
00:17:00gevaertsHave you tried the OF or EDM?
00:17:39saratogaboot into the emergency disk mode and restore with iTunes, apple has a nice guide to doing this somewhere on their website
00:19:08rockboxuserim doing that now, thanks man
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00:31:18rockboxuseralright man that worked thanks
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09:59:37OthnielGraichenI found it very difficult to find information regarding which targets support line-in and/or FM recording. Why is this not on the TargetStatus Wiki Page? My suggestion is to add a column entitled Recording to the tables for both existing and new platforms under development. Also the entry should read, Line-In and FM, Line-in only, FM only, or dash. This is much clearer and more useful than USB: Y/N or boots OF: Y/N
10:08:51gevaertsOthnielGraichen: that "USB: yes/no" *is* useful. Surely people want to know if they should expect USB to work or not?
10:18:17OthnielGraichenok what exactly does it mean? That is not documented. Does it mean that the file system is available when connected to a computer?
10:19:02OthnielGraichenOr does it mean that the device can be plugged into a USB wall charger?
10:19:51gevaertsIt indicates the level of support on rockbox
10:20:40OthnielGraichenIf the former why is there another column labeled DISK/FLASH? Do they indicate the same thing because it is unclear what USB *really* means?
10:22:39[Saint]I'm not sure how that is unclear, really. USB means the device has USB, and it is supported. DISK/FLASH indicates the storage type.
10:22:52OthnielGraichenAnyway I am not here to condemn the USB column. I want to make it easier for people to know on which targets recording is functional and to what level.
10:24:18[Saint]the manual makes it clear as to which device is capable of what in a more precise manor than the target status page does.
10:24:31OthnielGraichenThe device will have USB independent of Rockbox. How is that a Rockbox feature.
10:24:40[Saint]uuuugggghhhh, *manner
10:25:47[Saint]Just because the device has USB capability is in no way any indication as to whether or not it is supported in Rockbox. That is why it is mentioned.
10:27:08gevaertsThere could be more columns, yes
10:27:40OthnielGraichenSaint −− What does it mean? I have a Rockboxed ipod Classic 6G, Sansa e280 and FuzePlus.
10:28:19[Saint]Rockbox is a *complete* firmware replacement (except for a few specific cases), meaning that it can have features that the original firmware might not have, or lack features that the original firmware may have. These may be minor, or very major. This is my point.
10:28:38OthnielGraichenIt would make deciding which device to purchase given the intended usage.
10:29:33[Saint]I'm not sure what you are asking to be perfectly honest.
10:30:23OthnielGraichenAre you talking about when the USB icon appears on the screen?
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10:32:38OthnielGraichenI think the USB Y/N means that the rockbox file system is available when connected to a computer via a mount point.
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11:19:35OthnielGraichenso can a column for FM and a column for Line-In be added to both existing and new platforms to indicate listen and record mode support in rockbox?
11:20:04wodzpamaury: I looked at my notes and finally remembered why I sent you rk27xx. :-) Have you looked at llvm port for this zsp500 dsp thingy?
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11:21:37pamaurydamn, he remembers :) I began some work to do a llvm port but then I stalled. Iirc the port was compiling but doing nothing which is already something ! I'll have a look if you want
11:22:16wodzpamaury: thats not something with high priority.
11:23:12pamauryI must say that I would prefer to have usb working before, much easier/faster to work on the dsp then
11:23:34*pamaury decides to have a new try at rk27xx usb today
11:23:42wodzpamaury: true, this has much higher priority on my TODO list
11:35:44gevaertsOthnielGraichen: I don't think anyone would object if someone adds such columns, provided they're not wrong
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15:45:56redsteakrawDoes anyone know what is the current status of the Sansa ClipZip, my old sansa Clip + died and there are some black friday sales coming up. I don't want to make a purchase unless I know there is at least some reasonable support
15:47:29gevaertsThe main reason the clip zip isn't marked "stable" is that the manual isn't ready yet. There might still be some plugins that aren't fully adapted though
15:47:39gevaertsIn general it should work as well as the clip+
15:47:45redsteakrawthats good
15:47:55redsteakrawhow well does doom work with it?
15:48:33gevaertsI know bertrik showed me doom on it back in february. No idea how playable it actually is
15:49:02gevaertsNo idea how playable it *can* be given the buttons and screen size, really :)
15:49:05redsteakrawWell thank you gevaerts I will get it then.
15:50:09redsteakrawDoom wasn't playable on the clip+ because the screen was verry staticly and unreadable.
15:50:28pixelmaprobably a bit better than on the Clip+ (not sure though as I don't own either) ;)
15:50:45redsteakrawHow would one contribute back to the manual?
15:51:28redsteakrawIf I get the clip zip I might help out with the manual.
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15:56:18gevaertsI'm not sure exactly what's missing. Maybe just screenshots?
15:56:36gevaertsbertrik will know, but he's not online right now apparently
15:56:48pixelmathe manual is written in latex, so that we can generate each manual of the different players from one source based on the device's capabilities. I'm not sure what exactly is missing for the ClipZip manual ... either
15:57:27pixelmagevaerts: missing screenshots shouldn't stop the manual from building though, IIRC
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15:58:40gevaertsIt does build for me
15:58:53gevaertsIt's full of "WARNING! Image not found" bits
15:59:07gevaertsSo yes, at least missing screenshots
16:00:31redsteakrawDoes anyone know what the status of the Opus codec?
16:04:36gevaertsI think it works fairly well for at least some people on at least some targets
16:08:01redsteakrawIs it in the dev release or in the main 3.12?
16:08:14 Join saratoga [0] (123e0cfc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:08:26saratogaopus works, just needs more optimization for the FFT
16:09:52gevaertsIt's not in 3.12
16:14:06lebelliumare shuffle and repeat playback settings often used together?
16:14:23saratogarepeat all is probably used with shuffle
16:14:35saratogarepeat one won't work with shuffle though
16:15:05 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
16:15:23lebelliumare you sure?
16:15:34lebelliumbecause there is a repeat shuffle setting
16:15:40saratogawell you can't shuffle one track
16:15:55lebelliumrepeat shuffle setting = shuffle setting + repeat all setting I guess
16:19:54pixelma"repeat shuffle" reshuffles the whole playlist after each round IIRC, whereas shuffle and repeat would shuffle the playlist once and keep repeating the resulting playlist
16:21:39pixelmathe manual seems to agree with me
16:22:44lebelliumactually I was asking that because for my theme I don't really have enough space to display both together and I wanted to know if that's a problem for many people? > %?ps<%Vd(shuffle)|%?mm<|%Vd(repeat)>>
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18:45:13saratogapamaury: have any previous .sb files used actual words as the key?
18:46:05pamaurynot that I know, but I don't know many .sb files with non-zero keys either
18:46:30pamauryand some vendors used to do that a lot (like creative)
18:48:44saratogahow long is the key?
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18:54:36pamaury16 bytes
18:54:58pamaurythat makes it pretty infeasible
19:02:41pamauryI think bertrik had a look at the upater and said there was encrypted with two keys but then he said he looked at the wrong one so I don't know
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19:50:45bertrikyeah, sorry, I looked at a different ariaz model
19:51:27bertriksa1... instead of sa4...
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20:10:04bertriksaratoga: how did you get the firmware upgrade files?
20:10:18bertrikI thought you'd need to use songbird, with the actual device attached
20:10:35saratogabertrik: the songbird installer on the phillips website contains a file
20:11:04saratogayou can extract it from the installer (which is basically just some kind of tar) with 7zip
20:15:01saratogacan't do much with it though since its encrypted
20:16:26saratogatheres also a change log for the firmware update in there somewhere, but it was just one entry (i think this is the first firmware update)
20:16:47bertrikok, I see it too
20:18:15bertrikpamaury: would there be a chance that it accepts a .sb file with zero key too?
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20:23:36pamaurybertrik: no
20:23:53pamauryit could accept a file with two keys: one zero and the actual non-zero key
20:24:19pamaurybut you can't produce such a file without knowing the key or already having such a file
20:24:33pamaury(to the best of my knowledge)
20:28:55pamaurywe should find another from philips which a zero key
20:29:00 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
20:32:39saratogapamaury: you can try this one:
20:34:49 Quit Wardo (Quit: Blarglarg)
20:35:57saratogahuh their site stopped letting me download
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20:36:43 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
20:39:59saratogaheh, this player is a rockchip rk2800
20:40:26saratogaah heres another sb format one:
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20:58:16pamauryhum, the update are not the same, the versions are different, the sizes are different, the protocol might even be different
20:58:33pamauryI saw tons of dll in songbird to handle the differents players
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21:08:17laenHmmm, wanted to install Rockbox on the Clip+ ..but why does it require me to use an old firmware?
21:09:08laenOr are there known troubles with the .18 firmware?
21:10:44gevaertsAs far as I can see, clip+ 01.02.18 should be supported
21:11:51saratogadid .18 fail?
21:11:56laenGot an up-to-date mkamsboot somewhere?
21:12:20laen[ERR] Original firmware unknown, please try an other version. Tested Clip+v1 versions are : ..blabla.. 01.02.16
21:12:40gevaertsDoes rockbox utility work?
21:12:47saratogaoh you're not using rbutil?
21:12:50laenIs that a Windows util?
21:12:52n1snot sure if we release new versions of the standalone tools anymore?
21:13:03saratogathen yeah, you'll have to compile your own mkamsboot
21:13:11laenWell, if it's a Windows util, then it doesn't work.
21:13:19saratogait runs on all platforms
21:13:19laenAlright. Where's the source?
21:13:26gevaertswindows, linux, osx, ...
21:13:35saratogaits in the AMS folder in the rockbox util folder
21:14:20gevaertsIf none of those OSes work for you, then yes, you'll need to use mkamsboot
21:14:56laenYes, will do. I'm not gonna install QT and speex and what not to be able to run a utility that does the same.
21:15:04laenThanks mate!
21:15:16gevaertsIt's mostly statically built
21:15:22gevaertsOf course, it's up to you...
21:16:10laenRockboxUtility-v1.3.0-64bit/RockboxUtility: error while loading shared libraries.
21:16:14laenI'll get the source ;).
21:18:55saratogaare you running some weird distro? it should be all statically linked iirc
21:19:18laenHuh? Because RockboxUtility is not statically linked, you're blaming me for running a weird distro?
21:19:26gevaertsThere are some problems with the linking
21:19:34gevaertsTorne was going to look into that :)
21:19:44gevaertsIt's partly static, but not enough
21:19:48laenAnd what's wrong with just running make in the RockboxUtility-v1.3.0/rbutil/mkamsboot ;)
21:20:39saratogai don't recall having to install anything to run it in an ubuntu VM
21:20:57laenWell, that's Ubuntu, it comes with everything for everyone.
21:22:13laenmain.c:71:22: error: expected ')' before 'VERSION'
21:22:21laenThat's not nice.
21:23:01gevaertsThat doesn't happen in the full source checkout. Let me have a look
21:23:53gevaertsTry "make APPVERSION=something"
21:24:32laenAh, what would something be?
21:25:19laenDidn't help.
21:25:35laenBut then again, it's only a printf to stderr.
21:27:13gevaertsBuilding the standalone tools from the rockbox utility source tarball isn't very common
21:27:52laenRequiring weird magic to build stuff is not very common.
21:28:05 Join redsteakraw [0] (~sabayonus@
21:28:15gevaertsTrue. That's why we only use ordinary magic :)
21:28:20laenCool ;p
21:28:29laenucl errors now, let me see what's going on there
21:28:52gevaertsNormally you'd build from a full git tree. That rockbox utility source tarball is really only meant to build rockbox utility
21:29:48AlexPRequiring magic (weird or otherwise) is very common IMO :)
21:29:58AlexPOf course it isn't something we'd do :)
21:30:12laenIf you didn't, it would not complain this much ;).
21:30:22AlexPWFM :)
21:30:39laenBut i can completely understand that the secret recipy has to stay in the family!
21:30:54gevaertsGet a full checkout. If you still have issues, complain!
21:31:03gevaertsThat one *will* work
21:31:17gevaerts(unless you decide to try on a system without compilers)
21:31:29AlexPBuilding using all the source works for sure
21:31:31laenThat will make compiling damn hard lol.
21:31:44AlexPI've never tried to build rbutil from its tarball, let alone anything else
21:32:37 Quit redsteakraw (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:32:55 Join redsteakraw [0] (~sabayonus@
21:34:06 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
21:34:45n1syeah same problem with all the stuff noone ever builds or uses anymore it's almost always broken
21:35:28AlexPbuilding rbutil from its tarball works
21:35:38AlexPThat's what e.g. Arch's AUR build uses
21:35:45laenGot it build.
21:35:57laenYou guys complain too much.
21:36:14gevaertsBuilding rbutil doesn't use the files that fail
21:36:57AlexPgevaerts: right, I'm just saying building rbutil from its tarball works as expected, building anything else from rbutils tarball is not expected use :)
21:43:52 Join Topy44 [0] (~Topy44@
21:44:42 Quit Buglouse (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:49:20 Join Buglouse [0] (~Buglouse@unaffiliated/Buglouse)
21:49:30laenHmmm is it logical that the OF is 134136 bytes, and the new image 120131 ?
21:50:37laenAh, packed, nice.
21:51:20gevaertsIt has to be, to make room :)
21:52:12laenSee, if i didn't build from source, i wouldn't have experienced all this fun.
21:52:30laenFirst boot!
21:53:41laenLoading firmware, file not found. Guess i forgot something.. *heads back to page*
21:53:56gevaertsYou only installed the bootloader I suspect
21:54:15redsteakrawhow does one make screenshots with rockbox?
21:55:08gevaertsredsteakraw: usually enable screenshots in System->Debug, and then plug in USB, which will trigger a screenshot instead of connecting
21:55:33laengevaerts: i actually installed the whole final file
21:55:52gevaertslaen: did you unpack the main zip file?
21:56:45laenYes, unpacked the OF to clppa.bin, had the bootloader-clipplus.sansa, and the unpacked which placed a .rockbox dir with files in it
21:57:12laenThe OF boots though.
21:57:24gevaertsIs there a .rockbox/rockbox.sansa file?
21:57:39laen-rw-r−−−−- 1 laen laen 564688 Nov 19 21:48 .rockbox/rockbox.sansa
21:57:58gevaertsI'd recommend checking the filesystem for corruption. You never know
21:58:11laenThe OF and new FW:
21:58:12laen-rw-r−−−−- 2 laen laen 15728640 Nov 19 20:56 clppa.bin
21:58:12laen-rw-r−−−−- 1 laen laen 15728640 Nov 19 21:48 f44d956.bin
21:59:06laenShould they be the same size?
22:02:41 Join linuxstb [0] (
22:03:35 Quit Rower85 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:06:37laenLet me try the default build.
22:10:18laenNope, standard rockbox release doesn't work either.
22:12:08 Join harryrobey [0] (
22:13:13harryrobeyanyone in the abyss?
22:13:25laenNo they all left when i mentioned the dev firmware.
22:13:39gevaertslaen: I
22:13:55gevaertslaen: I'm still waiting for you to report on this filesystem check :)
22:14:07laenIs that vfat?
22:14:15harryrobeyi have an admin request but not exactly a biggy :/
22:14:35laen(I did a Reset to Factory and Format in Format in the Sansa FW btw)
22:14:36gevaertsharryrobey: the best way to find the right people to answer your questions is to ask them
22:14:41laenLet me find a PC with vfat support.
22:15:16laenEwwww, none. Let me boot Windows, i guess.
22:15:24laenBe back in 10 minutes after the filesystem check.
22:15:26gevaertsWait, what?
22:15:28harryrobeyI dont know anyone, im a NOOB, who sorts the site out?
22:15:32AlexPThere isn't a release for the clip plus
22:15:36laenWhat, why wait?
22:15:40gevaertsYou don't have any PC with dosfstools?
22:15:49gevaertsAlexP: you're confusing it with the zip
22:15:49AlexPAnd how did you install if your OS doesn't support fat?
22:15:55AlexPgevaerts: oh :)
22:15:58laengevaerts: oh, those work?
22:16:11laenChecking, then!
22:16:39gevaertsharryrobey: depends on which parts of the site you mean
22:16:39AlexPharryrobey: more specific please
22:18:09harryrobeywell the thing is there are quite alot of us using iPod classics, am i right? an i was thinking wouldnt it be easy enough to create an iPod Classic theme page on the site, specifically for classic themes, i know the ivideo ones work but having its own page would be nice?
22:18:23harryrobeyi know its not properly supported yet but still?..
22:19:36 Quit melmothX (Quit: bau)
22:20:13AlexPIt'd just be a copy of the ipod video bit, if you submitted a theme to either it'd show up in both
22:20:38AlexPBut yeah, there could be a category to make it more obvious to people
22:22:08laenWauw, that check takes a long time.
22:23:05laenThen again, i have it checking for bad clusters and doing a verification pass.
22:23:08harryrobeyand i know nothing about the coding appart from making themes so whats with the hold up on full iClassic support? have apple put some douchey thing in it? cant you just use emcore's code?
22:25:48laengevaerts: when dosfsck started, it said it found a 1st FAT and a 2nd FAT (no SD card inserted). The second reported problems, the first seemed less troublesome. Then ran the check and actions (bad clusters, repair). Since then it doesn't say anything about a 2nd FAT anymore. We'll see what that brings.
22:26:54laenSo it does indeed seem something was messed up, which isn't strange due to all the crashes the latest OF has been giving me.
22:29:31laengevaerts: first FAT: ..and second FAT:
22:30:08laengevaerts: -vrtV run:
22:31:55laenClean filesystem, new firmware uploaded. Lets check..
22:32:10 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:32:42 Join Wardo [0] (
22:32:54laengevaerts: to no avail
22:33:02*gevaerts hopes laen always unmounts the filesystem cleanly
22:33:13gevaertsThe bootloader is definitely there?
22:34:52laenI can switch between Rockbox and Sansa.
22:35:20*gevaerts doesn't know then
22:35:29gevaertsI'm not an AMS sansa specialist
22:35:31laenDoes it require the rbinstall dir to be in the home dir?
22:35:36laenWhen making it?
22:36:30gevaertsIf you have .rockbox on the device with rockbox.sansa in it, it should boot.
22:36:45laenHuh, that .rockbox dir should be on the device?
22:36:45gevaertsYou'll need other bits of .rockbox to actually do something useful
22:36:54harryrobeyanyone dual booted ipod os and rockbox?
22:36:57gevaertsWhere else?
22:37:08laenI thought it was used in the making of it with mkamsboot ;p
22:37:15*laen hits head against wall
22:37:17AlexPlaen: Surprisingly you need Rockbox on your dap in order to use Rockbox on your dap :)
22:37:31laenyeah i thought it was somehow compressed into the newfile.bin
22:37:57laenOn the upside, this was yet again fun, and i now have a repaired filesystem!
22:38:27laenOh, btw, what's that voice support?
22:40:12 Quit harryrobey (Quit: CGI:IRC)
22:40:48lebelliumanybody with a Fuze+ around here?
22:41:11AlexPIt is also mentioned in the installation section of the manual, which would have helped you before:
22:41:24AlexP(or clicking on the install Rockbox button in rbutil)
22:41:38laenAlexP: i guess i'm reading a different installation manual.
22:41:50AlexPWe only have one manual (per device)
22:42:04laenYep, i was not using that one.
22:42:07AlexPFound via the "manual" link on the left of the site
22:42:28laenWas using
22:42:58AlexPThat's just a wiki page, not a manual
22:43:28laenIt has an install procedure.
22:43:36AlexPYes, which says "Download and Extract the normal build ( onto your device."
22:43:53laenYes, I guess I was a bit too excited. Can I be blamed? :P
22:44:03laenMust've read over it.
22:45:59laenWell, sorry for the misunderstanding I had, you seem annoyed.
22:46:31AlexPI wouldn't say so
22:47:58redsteakrawso on friday I will be getting a clip zip, where would I find the missing screenshots for the manual so I can take them to help complete it.
22:48:20AlexPredsteakraw: It'd probably be a lot easier to take them from the sim
22:48:28AlexPDoing them on device is a pita
22:48:33redsteakrawwhat sim?
22:49:20AlexPWe have a simulator you can get a prebuilt (Windows) one here:">
22:49:36AlexPOr build it from source if on linux
22:49:40redsteakrawI'm on linux
22:49:59 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
22:51:17AlexPYou'll want to be building the manual too so you can see what is missing, what needs fixing/adding
22:53:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:54:27AlexPI think I saw gevaerts say earlier that the clip zip manual builds, so you should be able to build it and see where screenshots are needed
22:55:08AlexPPatches for other bits are also very welcome, preferably in latex, but also in plain text is fine
23:06:04laenIt's seriously not my day. So i was wondering.. now why don't i get any audio output!? Took a few seconds before i realised i didn't plug my headphones in.
23:07:21AlexPyeah, that's not in the manual :)
23:07:57laenI'm impressed, quite a few useful settings after all.
23:08:29laenStill wondering why the High frequency attenuation and cutoff are set to these values.
23:10:30laenOh they're only active if the first option, Crossfeed, is set i guess. Really should read the manual.
23:11:55redsteakrawI am quite comfortable using LaTeX
23:12:58 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Vamoose!)
23:19:33 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:20:56saratogalaen: a crossfeed is a circuit that feeds low frequencies from one channel to the other, so you need a filter to implement one
23:21:08saratogahence theres a cutoff
23:21:50laenI believe most of the settings like these are off by default, right.
23:22:07saratogayes crossfeed is off by default
23:22:16 Quit sciopath (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:22:19saratogaby default no DSP is applied
23:22:40laenWhat upside does the database have.. cause, that SD card was loaded almost instantly.
23:22:43saratogaalthough replaygain will be used if you have replaygain tags
23:22:49laenAh, that's fine.
23:22:54saratogait lets you browse by tags rather then files
23:26:57 Quit Topy44 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:27:33 Join Topy44 [0] (Topy44@
23:31:43 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
23:31:47 Part eckoit
23:33:26laenDatabase load to RAM on a Clip+?
23:35:25 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:35:47 Join Clear_runway [0] (~Clear_run@
23:36:15saratogaif you use the database it'll make it a little faster for basically no cost
23:48:04lebelliumkugel: the RDS issue still occurs on the R0 with the latest build
23:48:24kugelthat's unfortunate
23:48:46lebelliumit makes my R0 crash if I put a scrolling tag for RDS text.
23:48:57redsteakrawWhat are the system reqs for rockbox? I was wondering if it could technically run on the arduino due
23:50:21gevaertsThat's not going to be enough RAM by far
23:50:41saratogaredsteakraw: about 3-4 MB of RAM and a 32 bit processor (preferably ARM)
23:51:17saratogaha, 50Kb of RAM isn't much!
23:52:46redsteakrawI looked again, that is quite a small amount I don't know why they just don't add more ram to the board.
23:52:55saratogathe M3 doesn't support DRAM
23:53:06saratogano memory controller
23:53:41lebelliumas RDS issues are not likely to be fixed any time soon, I guess I'll upload my newer theme version anyway, without scrolling tag for RDS text. When the bug is fixed, I still can upload another version with scrolling RDS text., that's not a big deal.
23:53:52kugellebellium: it's sad but we don't seem to be able to locate (and fix) the issue
23:54:23redsteakrawso rockbox could run on this
23:55:17 Part LinusN
23:55:29saratogai think we do run on one of those S3C2xxx boards
23:57:21lebelliumkugel: I'm not sure someone is really looking for locating and fixing the issue? The only solution seem to be identifying the build that brought these issues but that would take much time

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