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#rockbox log for 2012-11-21

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00:00:42gevaertsNot sure what you mean
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00:02:10lebelliumwell if you take for example iClassic on the allthemes page. It says ".rockbox/wps/iClassic.wps....WPS parsing failure"
00:02:33lebelliumso I assume it's not a working status for a random target
00:02:37lebelliumbut for the right target
00:03:00gevaertsWhat do you mean by "the right target"?
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00:03:23lebelliumwell..actually I'm not sure what I mean either. I'm mixing up theme and target now... getting late
00:04:37lebelliumI guess I read "On other pages you'll get the working status for basically a random THEME"
00:04:42lebelliumbut you wrote target
00:05:01*gevaerts nods
00:05:38saratogaspam filter ate some peoples posts
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01:06:21jlbiasinipamaury (logs): my slight patch for keymaps update is ready g#352
01:06:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #352 at : [FUZE+] Rockblox plugin slight keymaps update by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/52/352/2)
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11:02:20wodzJdGordon: Do you still have Iriver E100?
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11:05:07JdGordonwodz: not sure, dont think so, i can check
11:05:18wodzpamaury: Iriver E300 is also based on ATJ213x and your tool happily unpacks the update package.
11:06:20wodzcomparing to the unpack content of E150 firmware update bundle many files are the same (I mean binary the same).
11:07:37JdGordonwodz: nope, doesnt look like it... i tihnk i gave it to my cousin
11:07:41JdGordonnew port on the way?
11:07:57wodzJdGordon: maybe
11:08:19wodzIf I get working unit cheaply
11:09:57wodzpamaury: Did you find something interesting in rk27xx rom?
11:10:09pamaurynot yet but I had virtualy no time yesterday
11:19:29pamaurydid you began some work on the atj213x ?
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11:24:17jlbiasinipamaury: any chance with git now?
11:25:31jlbiasinipamaury : oups, hello! :D
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11:27:05pamauryI've committed g# 132 and g# 186, thanks
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11:30:21jlbiasinigreat thanks! :) I finished g#352 that is also ready for commiting... After that I should be quiet for a while...
11:30:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #352 at : [FUZE+] Rockblox plugin slight keymaps update by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/52/352/2)
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11:33:04jlbiasiniPamaury anyway what are the plan for integrating fuze+ with touchscreen interface? Do you have an idea how you would do that
11:33:14jlbiasiniI could be of some help I guess
11:34:04pamaurythe idea is to make every in firmware/ not specific to touch screen but just "touch" and then have apps/ handle touchscreen and touchpad differently. The exact way of doing it is still unclear
11:35:56jlbiasiniprobably some general compiler #HAVE_TOUCHDEVICE then splitted into #HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN and #HAVE_TOUCHPAD?
11:37:20jlbiasiniI don't have much time but I could have a look and see if I can do some prework...
11:37:34jlbiasiniI will keep you informed
11:38:15pamauryno no, I already have some experimental code, need to finish it
11:38:23jlbiasiniah ok
11:39:40jlbiasinianyway did you see that post on the forum: it seems that sometime the clock just stop to be updated and then only setting it in OF will have it back
11:40:46jlbiasinipamaury: this is strange bug
11:41:57pamauryI'll have a look, never happened to me though
11:42:18jlbiasiniOnly happened once to me ... in 2 years!
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14:44:23soapGetting out of hand. The forums are frozen during the entire four minutes it takes to ban someone.
14:44:56soapNot sure which is worse. Allowing the forums to fill with spam or preventing people from using the forums by banning.
14:52:12 Quit mortalis (Quit: Leaving)
14:53:23Zagorwhy does it take four minutes to ban a user?
14:53:47Zagormaybe an index should be added to the database, or something?
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14:58:17marazwhat does the banning actually do? go through every message in the database? :)
14:58:51gevaertsIt might be as simple as an index, ues
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15:55:31 Part laen
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16:17:00deltsansa e200v2's USB mode is not very stable + crashes when unplugging the device
16:17:51deltfortunately i just use the SD card, which i can take out and use a normal card reader, but just thought i'd point out
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16:21:19coppersame with the iPod Classic
16:21:33 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
16:22:44jlbiasinipamaury: I've made a but report for the clock problem for reference: FS #12783
16:22:45fs-bluebot Fuze+ : Clock's value doesn't get save anymore (bugs, new)
16:23:30jlbiasiniI thing I'm going to finish the last missing part of the manual: application plugin
16:23:32deltanyway thanks for this awesome project, just wish it could run on more hardware
16:24:14deltbut not all devices have updatable firmware
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16:30:09deltoh, that sandisk e200v2 bug has been present for several versions... since i think 3.9 or 3.10
16:30:18deltworked fine in 3.8 iirc....
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16:30:59gevaertsIs that the one we've been trying to get someone to bisect for ages?
16:31:43delt10:17 < delt> sansa e200v2's USB mode is not very stable + crashes when unplugging the device
16:32:04deltthat one
16:32:15delti dont know if there's a bugsplat entry on the website
16:32:40deltum that would be flyspray, sry
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16:39:09gevaertsMy bet is it's related to FS #12184
16:39:09fs-bluebot Fuze V1 locking when transferring files Rockbox 3.9 (bugs, unconfirmed)
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17:37:35soapgevaerts, if the slowdown is something as simple as no index on the database, could we not (as a dirty temporary move) simply clear all the bans > X months old without any trigger hits to prune the DB?
17:39:56jlbiasinihello! Does someone used to manual edit can tell me if this edit follows do-it-right policy?
17:40:35jlbiasiniI didn't edit it for a while and I don't remember all the little things
17:42:00jlbiasinibluebrother^: pehraps you can tell?
17:44:27pixelmaso the Fuze+ does not have a way to restart rockblox?
17:47:05gevaertssoap: if it's the bans. It could just as well be the user table
17:48:36 Join speckmade [0] (
17:49:19 Join tjb0607 [0] (~tjb0607@
17:49:26jlbiasinipixelma: it used to but it is easy to push it involuntary because of the touchpad. Anyway the option is availlable from menu...
17:50:21jlbiasinipixelma: do you think it's a problem?
17:50:36 Quit speckmade1 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
17:51:12pixelmamaybe not, just wondering why - as even the Ondio has a way if I read things correctly, using a button combo
17:51:38soapgevaerts, so prune the user table as well?
17:51:54gevaertsNot sure if that's safe on the database
17:52:04gevaertsAs in I don't know the schema well enough to know
17:52:06soapI don't mean to be a broken record, but the slowdown is out of control.
17:52:15*gevaerts agrees
17:53:39*scorche|sh is hoping to get something done this week...
17:54:14scorche|shsoap: dont you remember how slow the *entire* forums were back when Jeff was hosting them? ;)
17:54:15jlbiasinipixelma: the problem of the fuze+ is that touchpad does not handle combos and touchpad keys can be easely mispressed
17:54:32 Quit linuxstb (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
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18:01:59pixelmajlbiasini: hmm, okay. As for the tex file changes - they don't look bad. If they were mine I'd testcompile for a few targets to see if the nopt is working correctly. Sometimes it has some undesired effects like still adding an unwanted newline somwhere and such
18:02:47jlbiasinipixelma: any sugestion for the target to test?
18:02:51jlbiasinior just random
18:04:44pixelmaI just picked randomly from the list "inside" the nopt (or ones I already had configured)
18:05:38 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
18:06:02jlbiasiniI just tried ondio fm and the table seems ok
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18:10:07pixelmanice, thanks :)
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20:02:41jlbiasinikugel: regarding g#188 the problem is that there is no keys left for orientation except PLA_CANCEL. I tried to set PLA_SELECT_REPEAT but it does not work well with the code because the long press on select is too sensible. So either we let PLA_CANCEL for orientation either we have to change the plugin core's code.
20:02:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #188 at : fft plugin: PLA integration by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/88/188/5)
20:05:25kugelI'll have a look later
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20:06:56kugeljlbiasini: what you could do is chain target specifc keys just for orientation
20:07:20 Join mt [0] (~Thunderbi@rockbox/developer/mt)
20:07:28kugelsimilarly to how metronome.rock has extra, target specific, buttons for some recording-related feature
20:13:38 Quit Buglouse (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:13:53 Quit mt (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:14:40kugeljlbiasini: what do you mean with too sensible?
20:15:20kugelif you use SELECT_REPEAT, you want to use SELECT_RELEASE for the other action, otherwise both will be executed on long press
20:18:07 Join Buglouse [0] (~Buglouse@unaffiliated/Buglouse)
20:18:21 Join mt [0] (~Thunderbi@rockbox/developer/mt)
20:27:54jlbiasinikugel: no the problem is that select_repeat is activated several time in a row
20:29:03jlbiasiniunlike the standar implementation PLA doesn't handle setting REL and REPEAT modifier together
20:29:14 Join derk0pf [0] (
20:30:04jlbiasinielse it would have been SELECT_REPEAT_REL to avoid multi reorientation in a row
20:31:30jlbiasinibut the problem is not really target specific
20:32:07jlbiasiniI think the code shouldn't probe for button so often
20:32:48jlbiasinithey're should be a pause in probing after a button press is detected
20:33:01jlbiasiniI'm not sure how to implement that...
20:36:06 Join speckmade [0] (
20:37:55 Quit speckmade1 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:44:57 Join hillshum [0] (
20:45:29 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Exit)
20:47:35jlbiasinikugel: do you have an idea how to get further then?
20:55:10 Join nateloaf [0] (
21:00:00 Quit mt (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:06:03 Join Super_Brain_AK [0] (
21:06:23 Part amayer_
21:08:23 Join wodz [0] (
21:10:26wodzha, I just reflashed nand bootloader of my rk27xx. Now resoldering battery and player will come back to normal operation mode after being guinea pig for quite some time :-)
21:11:15 Quit melmothX (Quit: @)
21:11:53 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
21:53:45 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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22:37:39 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
22:42:25lebelliumWhat can be done if a Clip Zip is no longer recognized by the PC, gets stuck on the Sansa logo with the OF and displays "Error accessing playlist control file (-4)" in Rockbox?
22:44:57bertrikhm, that's a tough one
22:45:12bertrikis there still an sdcard in it?
22:45:20bertrikif so, remove that
22:45:46lebelliumdunno, it's a user on a french forum I'm moderating, not my Clip Zip
22:46:21bertriksome targets have a button that allowsyou to reset all settings when you hold it during boot, but I'm not sure there's one defined like that on the clip zip
22:48:45lebelliumhum I never heard of that on the Clip Zip indeed
22:49:19lebelliumIt's not possible to format the device from Rockbox I assume?
22:54:50 Quit hype (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
23:04:07 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/user/saint)
23:09:31 Join hype [0] (~hype@
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23:26:26 Quit derk0pf (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:27:35 Join derk0pf [0] (
23:27:42 Part LinusN
23:30:13bertrikI think you can just format it when mounted as MSC, but that will also kill the rockbox installation from underneath rockbox
23:37:02lebelliumI meant directly in Rockbox
23:37:16lebelliumit is not recognized by the PC so can't be formated from the PC
23:40:48 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
23:45:17 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)

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