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#rockbox log for 2012-12-01

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01:37:55lazerHello AlexP
01:38:15lazernow rockbox rocks my iriver h120 with compact flash inside :)))))))))))))
01:40:54lazerthanks to AlexP and the Rockbox TEAM
01:41:18lazerI'm totally happy ;)
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02:18:31dizzylizzysweet! I got my 32 GB microSD card in the mail today, and it works perfectly with my player and rockbox
02:18:45dizzylizzyif only I could put some symlinks in the Files section
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04:34:10webguest03i need help my sansa fuze plus is stuck in rom recovery mode in MTP mode how can i get it out
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04:36:46webguest03i dont know
04:38:16webguest03can somebody help me?
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05:57:31jnchow to automate a stress test for verifying works/broken status of rockbox usb function?
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06:20:06[Saint]jnc: that's realy not needed, I'd say.
06:20:28[Saint]plug; unplug; re-plug a few times to see if it enumerates correctly.
06:20:42[Saint]then throw some heavy file transfers at it.
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06:21:48jnc[Saint]: What I'm concerned is, after all this, how do I know if it is not operating correctly?
06:23:01jncwhat I've seen are an outright crash of rockbox, or just a silent error like some plugin data being overwritten
06:23:12[Saint]a: it won't enumerate, or b: it either won't transfer, will transfer at a terrible rate, or will end up terribly corrupted.
06:23:23[Saint]do an md5sum before and after transfer.
06:23:53jncok. I was trying to also look for a tool that would transfer data and verify it for me, to fill the filesystem
06:24:01[Saint]If it enumerates, and your files end up in the right place, and intact, in reasonable it a win.
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06:58:20jnc[Saint]: what about something like badblocks -ns /dev/sd-rockbox ?
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09:37:42wodzpamaury: (log) g#364 - this are my current changes. With this usb_signal_transfer_completion() in usb.c for first setup packet is reached but no call to driver transfer functions is made afterwards.
09:37:45fs-bluebotGerrit review #364 at : rk27xx: usb work in progress by Marcin Bukat (changes/64/364/1)
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10:19:38wodzpamaury: (log) in usb_thread() in case USB_TRANSFER_COMPLETION the comparison if(usb_state <= USB_EXTRACTED) is true and that is why core doesn't issue any transfer. I am totally lost how and where usb_state should be set.
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10:37:25bertrikpamaury: I ran cppcheck on imxtools/hwemul and got [dev/main.c:1478]: (error) Array 'qh_array[4]' accessed at index 5, which is out of bounds
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11:02:00JdGordon[Saint]: meh? I'd have to look at tagtree.c to figure out how to do it... you want it?
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13:30:10bootinfdsdsHi Peeps Anyone wanna hangout this morning ?
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14:14:05AlexP_bootinfdsds: Please don't spam in here
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16:37:28lorenzo92pamaury: was a nightmare soldering uart on the z5 :S but now seems working, altough I don't know the default user/password for the root haha
16:39:23lorenzo92pamaury: this the bootloader shell ->
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16:41:30lorenzo92there are 5 partitions ;)
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16:56:05lorenzo92pamaury: ahaha now I understand -> root:$1$$xSKtarVEst060WqjSp8qG/:0:0:root:/root:/bin/sh
16:56:22lorenzo92wtf lol this is the default password but doesn't work lol how can it be?
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17:17:37lorenzo92encrypted -.-
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17:40:43lorenzo92pff need to modify the firmware lol
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18:24:19lorenzo92pamaury (logs): I have no time right now, but I will prepare a firmware without the root passowrd :) pff sooo frustrating lol I even needed to bridge 2 solder points since in the schematics there is a 0k resistor but in reality there is not ahah
18:24:23lorenzo92super-locked xD
18:24:49lorenzo92* solder join just for RX, TX was working lol
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19:08:27pamaurywodz (logs): you probably have a problem with usb because you don't notify usb connection correctly, I'll have a look at the code and fix the problem. That part of the code is not very documented
19:09:20*[Saint] often finds it amusing that USB is some form of black art.
19:09:59[Saint]For what it actually does, there's an awful lot of complication involved.
19:10:57pamaurywell, usb is not simple and on top of that you have to properly close down everything when you access the disk
19:11:21bertrikpamaury: finally sent the package
19:11:30pamaurycool, thanks :)
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19:42:28lebelliumpamaury: did you bid for the Z5 finally?
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21:34:20pamaurylebellium: yes but I lost the final bid
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23:02:27saratogabertrik: so can we make the Zip stable?
23:05:40lebelliumalthough the USB connexion is not stable at all?
23:06:55[Saint]Silly lebellium, connex is LEGO :D
23:07:18lebelliumconnexion is French
23:07:21lebelliumconnection* :D
23:08:34*[Saint] apologizes. K'nex is LEGO...Connex is a cheap rip-off of it.
23:11:53AlexPlebellium: Nor is it on a load of other stable devices
23:12:39bertriksaratoga: yes I think so, it's as stable as the clip+
23:12:53lebelliumI can't say for all devices but for those I own: USB is more stable on H300, Clip+ and Fuze
23:13:15saratogabertrik: you want to patch the HTML?
23:13:19*[Saint] disagrees with the Clip+ having "stable" USB
23:13:35[Saint]It's /really/ flakey.
23:13:39lebelliummaybe not fully stable but a way more than Clip ZIp
23:13:39saratogadepends a lot on the PC its used with
23:13:44AlexPGiven the hold out being the manual which is now mostly there, then the zip hs as much right to be stable as quite a few others
23:14:06saratogaalso if you're going to patch this, might want to add the forums update to the news section?
23:15:08lebelliumIt's maybe egoistic, but USB connection works 1 out of 10 times with my theme on Clip Zip, I don't want people to believe it is stable :D
23:15:30saratogatechnically the Ipod Classic could probably become "unstable", although it depends on what you consider "A released bootloader" to mean
23:15:49saratogai think the original intention was that there was a binary people could use without compiling, although in this case its not technically a rockbox bootloader
23:16:02[Saint]lebellium: the problem there *isn't* USB
23:16:09[Saint]...this had been done to death.
23:16:32[Saint]It's the memory corruption issues present (suspected present, I should say) since bufflib integration.
23:16:51[Saint]your theme *really* shouldn't have any ability to do what it does.
23:17:14[Saint]the fact that it can points to more brokenness than USB on a certain target.
23:17:47lebelliumindeed, that's more accurate than my statement
23:17:52saratogalooking at the wiki, apparently I decided that "unstable" devices needed a bootloader
23:18:15AlexPsaratoga: I agree in general with that, but it doesn't look like the classic is going to get one
23:18:18saratogaanyone mind if I decide that emcore counts in this case?
23:18:36AlexPI mind in principle, but pragmatism has to win
23:18:46*[Saint] minds in principle also.
23:18:58lebellium"a released bootloader"? What does that mean exactly? Does the R0 have a released bootloader for example? It's just our modded firmware on ABI
23:19:00[Saint]I'd really rather we not support the use of something non-Rockbox.
23:19:17[Saint]and it seems no one involbed in emcore has any time for development anymore.
23:19:17saratogawhat was the problem with emcore?
23:19:26[Saint]it's way too bloated for what it is.
23:19:34AlexPlebellium: Clearly that is different
23:19:35[Saint]or, what it does for us.
23:19:47saratogadoes that really matter?
23:19:52AlexPWe aren't going to require a "bootloader" on android either
23:20:05saratogayes i wrote that before we had application targets
23:20:16saratogawe'll have to decide what makes something stable as an application eventually
23:20:25[Saint]It's also non-trivial to install, but, I'm not sure how much that matters.
23:20:44saratogayes but its well documented
23:20:48AlexPsaratoga: I'm slightly concerned about not having the code in our repo/under our control
23:20:57AlexPJust in case it disappears for any reason
23:21:03AlexP(Not that that looks likely)
23:21:12saratogaits an open source project, so as far as I'm concerned its under our control as much as anything else we use is
23:21:46[Saint]It was always the intention to strip emCORE down to the bare essentials.
23:21:49AlexPEither way, this should go to the mailing list I think
23:22:05AlexPsaratoga: Right, but we've imported other things
23:22:20saratogawell eventually someone should just replace emcore with a bootloader build
23:22:20[Saint]emCORE (afaik) was never ntended to be the Rb bootloader, but an advanced tool for power-users.
23:22:24saratogawhich is probably not that hard
23:22:29saratogabut for now i'm not sure it really matters
23:22:31[Saint]it's used because it's the only way to boot Rockbox.
23:22:34[Saint]that's all.
23:23:02copperwhat else are you supposed to do with it?
23:23:29[Saint]It's got a metric shit-tonne of developer goodies in there.
23:23:34saratogalebellium: the R0 probably can't become officially supported until someone comes up with a good way to install stuff to it that doesn't involve questionable steps like distributing modified proprietary software
23:24:44lebelliumsaratoga: sure, I was just saying that with the current description ("released bootloader"), it should be rather "unusable" than "unstable" :)
23:25:05[Saint]Are there any targets where RbUtil cannot completely automate installation?
23:25:10saratogathe e200R
23:25:21copperthe Classic port is not "unusable"
23:25:26[Saint]Aha, that's good, then. So the Classic won't break any molds.
23:25:27saratogayes it is
23:25:38[Saint]copper: yes, yes it is.
23:25:46copperI know its status
23:25:47[Saint]Have you seen our fine Main Page?
23:25:51saratogayes i defined the groups originally to not include rbutil because we knew it'd be impossible on the e200R
23:25:52AlexPcopper: It is by our definition of the term
23:26:07saratogacopper: (once again)
23:26:07copperit's not by my english definition of the term :)
23:26:44[Saint]The problem with the Classic is that the user has to enter DFU mode manually. I'm sure there's some magic to send to the device over USB to do this, ...but, we're not Apple, so...yeah.
23:26:45AlexPIf telecoms companies can redefine unlimited to mean limited, then we can do whatever we want with unusable :)
23:26:58[Saint]After that, RbUtil (in theory) could take over completely.
23:26:58 Quit amayer_ (Quit: CGI:IRC)
23:28:51saratogai think manually entering DFU mode is fine
23:29:21[Saint]It sets a nice bar for entry, at least. :)
23:29:39[Saint](some people find it absolutely impossible to do)
23:29:54saratogathe original weirdness about our choice of bootloaders was mostly about loader2 the old ipodlinux project, mostly because their software tended to be buggy and the project died without fixing a lot of things
23:30:14saratogasince emcore is basically just a few rockbox developers, and appears quite stable, i don't really see why we care so much about using it
23:30:18 Nick Gallomimia_ is now known as Gallomimia (
23:30:21saratogaother then that its a little more confusing then it needs to be
23:30:47[Saint]I'd like to "trim the fat" as it were.
23:30:59[Saint]There's several options thast needn't be exposed by a bootloader.
23:33:07saratogaas for the Classic itself, I think the only remaining issues are somewhat flaky USB (although its pretty good compared to Sansa AMS I think) and lack of recording support
23:33:25copperClassic USB is horrible on my machine
23:33:39copperit's Plug & Pray
23:33:48[Saint]Are ROLO and Dual-Boot required?
23:34:08lebelliumwhy would USB connection depend on the machine?
23:34:16lebelliumconnection stability*
23:34:47saratogabecause USB is a type of networkinig between two devices
23:34:49[Saint]Go work for MS for us and find out...
23:35:03kugelsaratoga: I care about that the bootloader is part of *our* codebase
23:35:09saratogano we don't require dual boot, some targets like the iaudio still don't have it
23:35:17AlexPkugel: yes, that's what I meant
23:35:18[Saint]And ROLO?
23:36:11 Join Robin0800 [0] (
23:37:20kugelrolo is a misfeature :P
23:37:25 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
23:37:31kugelit's not required I'd say
23:37:43[Saint]Especially when it *panic*s and shits the bed.
23:37:56kugel(misfeature because it's actually problematic because the current implementation has bugs)
23:37:57*[Saint] forgot a smiley there.
23:38:39[Saint]kugel: isn't that just a way of saying "It's broken, and should be fixed...but no one has bothered yet or cares enough"?
23:38:58[Saint]I don't think it's a misfeature, just...broken.
23:39:41kugelit's hard to implement correctly
23:39:43saratogashould i add some other unusable ports?
23:41:43[Saint]If no one objects in the near future, I wouldn't see why not.
23:41:57kugelR0 should be considered unstable even
23:42:07[Saint]Perhaps bring it up on the ML and see if anyone else has any other submissions for bumping or inclusion?
23:42:09saratogaproblem with the R0 is the install procedure
23:42:18 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
23:42:26saratogawe need some hacked up binaries from samsung right?
23:43:46[Saint]What about that MounEncrypt thing-o? COuldn't that be re-implemented trivially, but as yet isn't?
23:44:54saratogain git, how do I push to the website?
23:45:53copper"Unusable" should be renamed to something like "Work in Progress" or something
23:46:26[Saint]copper: as long as we define the criteria, it could be called Mr. Johnston for all I care.
23:47:02[Saint]I don't think now is necessarily the time to re-shape a years old naming scheme, though.
23:48:59 Join saratoga_ [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:49:05saratoga_so how do i fix my git
23:49:11 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:49:20[Saint]define "fix".
23:49:34saratoga_now its telling me I need to do git pull, but git pull tells me i'm up to date
23:50:39saratoga_git is honestly the hardest part of working on rockbox
23:50:56saratoga_we never should have switched from SVN
23:51:02kugel[Saint]: it is. I did that a while ago but apparently forgot to commit it. anyway, pamaury put another (re-)implementation to utils/samsungtools
23:51:26[Saint]kugel: Oh, hum...apologies.
23:52:07kugelhe did just a few days ago so I'll let you off :p
23:52:10saratoga_if anyone knows what this means let me know
23:55:08saratoga_heres what i'm trying to commit if someone else wants to try:
23:55:38Torneyou are pushing to the wrong repository
23:55:45kugelsaratoga_: I think you set the push url to the wrong repo
23:55:51kugel(rockbox instead of www)
23:56:11kugelyou entered (pasted) line 9 incorrectly
23:56:36saratoga_ah that fixed it
23:57:18Torneit would be nice if it explained that better
23:57:34Tornespecifically, mentioning that there is no common ancestor, not just that it's not a fastforward
23:58:07Tornemaybe even explicitly suggesting that youa re pushing to the wrong branch or url

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