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#rockbox log for 2012-12-03

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01:07:08jncCan scrollwheel have any effect on usb mode of sansa v1?
01:07:17jncthinking I'm chasing another ghost
01:09:30JdGordonby default it connects with HID and MSC, and the scroll wheel does volume change over HID
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01:19:37jncJdGordon: I'm wondering if there is an identifiable code change causing usb msc failure on fuze v1 with rockbox, or if the code never worked right and is causing memory corruption
01:19:37deltrockdoom crashes on freedoom and plutonia on e200v2.... does the same happen on any other platforms?
01:19:53deltoh, it also plays only 1 demo, then stays hanging there at the end
01:20:31deltwhich makes it kind of pointless to have doom wads, since the only usable functon on a mp3 player is to watch the demos =)
01:20:38jnccertain compilations of code mask memory corruption, something like that
01:22:00jncdelt: have not tried rockdoom lately, don't know
01:22:38deltthen again, a 250MHz arm9 would very certainly be able to run more advanced games/demos, this screen res - i think 240x192 or something?
01:23:40deltjcn: oh did i mention the USB mode on e200v2 is very unstable :/
01:24:30delthave to boot it in OF to transfer files, fortunately i mostly use the microSD card, which i can pop out and use a little usb reader
01:24:37jncdelt: I'm having trouble with usb mode on Fuze V1
01:24:54jncrockbox release 3.7 final is stable for usb mode with my device though
01:25:21deltyeah, until i think 3.8 i had no trouble with e200v1 or v2
01:25:40jncare you willing to help test? I have some idea
01:25:46deltsure, if i can
01:26:19deltare you a RB dev?
01:26:24jncno dev here
01:26:47deltuh... then why is the channel called #rockbox :3
01:26:55jncif I can find a change of code that begins the problem, maybe it will help RB dev know what to fix
01:27:18deltas in, regression search
01:27:31deltdiff'ing files from one version to the next, etc etc....
01:27:39jncwhat is your host OS?
01:27:57jncinteresting. You know badblocks? I tried sudo badblocks -c 1 -n -o /tmp/sansascan.txt -s /dev/sdX
01:28:22deltum, i'd guess the manpage knows it better than i do :D
01:28:30jncbut I don't think I found the problem here
01:28:40jncjust finished one of my tests and it is inconclusive
01:29:12deltwell, first test would be to find out what version introduced the bug
01:29:30deltit might be something completely different for e200 vs. fuze
01:29:57jncmy best guess now is that usb is not implemented correctly, but depending on how the binary is built, it can mask the problem sometimes
01:30:42deltjcn: not having THAT kind of problem on e200...... that's bad
01:30:50jncoh okay
01:31:15deltworst problem on e200v2 is freezing of the device when plugging it to usb
01:32:04deltwhich makes the host computer (at least in linux) recognize a removable storage device, and then saying it doesn't exist
01:32:23deltwithout a "disconnect" line in the kernel logs
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03:03:08scorche`soap: gevaerts: that table does have an index....i will get time to play with the databases later, but there is a current issue with optimizing them - last time i did that, it corrupted multiple tables
03:03:32scorche`when i get some free time, i will put the forum into maintenance mode one night and see about cleaning out the ban list, etc
03:03:44scorche`for now, it is best not to touch the DB much
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04:26:27[Saint]JdGordon: Do you think it may be possible to add something along the lines of Android 9patch format to the theme engine?
04:26:37[Saint]...are you familiar with 9patch?
04:27:19JdGordonthats the bitmap which you resize in 9 parts depending on how you want it grown?
04:27:26JdGordonsuper bad explanation :)
04:29:02JdGordonit may be possible... what do you want it for? [Saint]
04:29:34[Saint]A 9patch image consists on 9 (surprising, huh? :P) segments. The four corners are anchored, and not scaled, the top/bottom/right/left middle sections scale along their axis (so the left/right middle sections only scale vertically, and the top/bottom middle sections only scale horizontally, and the middle section scales to fill the gaps.
04:30:23[Saint]I was thinking it might be useful for the eventuality of dimension agnostic themes.
04:30:59JdGordondepends how you expect to resize the side segments
04:30:59[Saint]It's likely too complicated, ...I was just curious.
04:31:09[Saint]I'm not sure how it could be done in a sane way.
04:33:40JdGordoni cant tihnk of any technical r3easdon against it
04:33:47JdGordonhow would you actually use it thouhg??
04:34:16[Saint]You mean, technically (wrt: syntax), or, what would I use it for?
04:34:22JdGordonboth :)
04:34:45JdGordonthe scaling the middle section might be hard to do
04:34:55JdGordonjhMikeS: might have an idea of the feasibility of it?
04:36:52[Saint]wrt: syntax...I have NFI. wrt: what I'd use it for, some examples may be - An album art backplate scaled and drawn to the backdrop buffer; the cabbiev2 touchscreen overflow menu popup background; titlebars maybe; <other>.
04:37:12[Saint]...pretty much anything that might need to be scaled and doesn't contain any dynamic content.
04:37:20JdGordonthat sounds awefully useful! :)
04:37:47[Saint]That sounds like sarcasm! :P
04:37:54JdGordonhalf half :)
04:38:40JdGordonok... so the stretching for the top and bottom middle segments.. do they get redrawn X times (so image the middle was ABC would it be drawn ABCABCABC... or stretched so its a very wide ABC?
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04:40:54[Saint]I can't parse that, but, I'll try explain it again. The 4 corners aren't scaled at all, the middle sections for left/right are only scaled vertically, and the top/bottom sections only scaled horizontally, the middle section scales to fill the void in the middle.
04:41:52JdGordonwhat does "Scale" mean for the top and bottom sections?
04:42:16[Saint]stretched to meet the corner images.
04:42:41[Saint]but they're only stretched along one axis.
04:42:44JdGordonok, so that might not be doable
04:42:59JdGordondoezs stretched mean the same thing as drawn side-by-side-as-needed?
04:43:24[Saint]Yes, it could.
04:43:49[Saint]I'm thinking this is /probably/ too complicated for the end result. I was just curious.
04:44:10JdGordonnot at all
04:44:20JdGordonjust the scaling causes issues
04:44:29JdGordonbut if we can cheat by redrawing then it should be "easy"
04:45:00[Saint]Well, the complication I'm thinking of comes from the syntax and the format of the image, not necessarily the code to achieve it.
04:46:04JdGordonthats the easy bit
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04:47:39[Saint]ie. would we have to declare 9 individual images, or a bitmapstrip with a specific layout top left/top middle/top right/ middle left/ center/middle right/bottom left/bottom center/bottom right (for example)?
04:48:09[Saint]I have NFI how the syntax to use such a feature would look.
04:48:15JdGordonyou'd declare your image as a 9seg image.. then draw it with a new tag
04:50:23[Saint]Hmmmm, maybe, it wouldn't need any funky syntax or new tags at all if magic were added so that the core automagically knew what to do with a bitmapstrip with a specific extension.
04:51:33[Saint]%xl(foo,image.9patch); %xd(foo)
04:51:49JdGordon%xd needs to be changed because it needs to know how to draw it
04:51:59JdGordoni.e scale to the full viewport? for aa size?
04:52:45[Saint]The simplest thing to do would be to just have it always meet the bounds of the viewport it was called in.
04:54:04[Saint]well "simple". :)
04:54:39JdGordonthat might not be what is wanted :)
04:55:31[Saint]*cough* child viewports *cough*
04:56:46JdGordonthe hard part will definitly be the scaling, but otherwise i think it shuold be doable...
04:56:51JdGordontime to get your hands dirty me thinks!
04:57:34[Saint]Heh, the time for me to get immersed into the theme engine is long overdue.
04:57:58[Saint]I've sat down with the full intention of doing so many a time, but, it is *very* overwhelming.
04:58:35[Saint]...ever wondered about the reason why it's just you that pokes at this beast? :)
04:58:39JdGordonit really shuoldnt be :)
04:58:48JdGordonit is actually pretty compartmentalised
04:58:55[Saint](well, not exclusively you, but, primarily you)
04:59:41JdGordonwhich is problematic.. im more and more doing nothing
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08:46:57kugelJdGordon: you can easily scale the sides of 9patch pics
08:47:07kugelwhy should it be hard?
08:48:34kugelI mean, implementing the whole thing isnt easy, but scaling the sides isnt more hard than scaling the middle
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09:04:52JdGordonkugel: we cant scale at draw time can we?
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09:08:27kugelJdGordon: no, do we need to?
09:10:32kugelwe always preload images, so they can be perfectly scaled at load time
09:12:15JdGordonnot in this case
09:12:20wodzpamaury: (log) with this in INT_UDC I get setup irq always. When I uncomment the block posting usb status to the core I never get setup irq. I am leaning towards conclusion that this is timing issue. int 7 is triggered both on connection and extraction.
09:12:40kugelJdGordon: I can't follow
09:13:29kugelwe do you want to scale-on-draw? we nowhere do this, not even for album art. it's not necessary
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09:14:02JdGordonwell, half the point of doing this is to allow the one bitmap be used multiple times - possibly different sizes
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09:33:13kugelJdGordon: you could preload those
09:33:37kugelanyway, we can't do this currently (and I have doubts that it's necessary)
09:34:53kugelIIUC 9patch is mostly used for buttons or frames which arent going to resize dynamically
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10:24:18wodzkugel: Regarding you question about g#190. I got no single comment about it so I put it in my TODO filo. I bet it will need syncing first which is rather unpleasant work to do.
10:24:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #190 at : Move load_firmware() to separate file to share it between bootloaders and rolo(). by Marcin Bukat (changes/90/190/1)
10:24:53wodzpamaury: have you seen my message for the morning?
10:25:08 Join Provel [0] (
10:27:26kugelwodz: IMO its a good patch :)
10:31:00pamaurywodz: yes, weird
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10:41:12JdGordon[Saint]: <- art by my wife :p
10:41:35JdGordonignore the black, background viewport isnt set up properly, but 9 seg bitmaps works (middle bit isnt being drawn yet thouhg)
10:43:00JdGordonI think it will need an option to scale or tile the middle segemnts (both could make sense, even though only tile is implemented currently)
10:45:49JdGordon g#366
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10:45:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #366 at : 9 segment bitmap drawing: by Jonathan Gordon (changes/66/366/1)
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14:21:58soap[Saint], you've mentioned a couple of times on the forums the Ridex Sansa / Ipod connectors.
14:22:57soapI no longer have my Sansa E200 to verify, but when I bought my connectors from Ridex the connectors were listed separately for Sansa and for iPod - different part numbers.
14:23:24[Saint]It's the same connector, different pinout.
14:23:29soapThey do not appear to be 100% interchangeable. A will fit into A and B, but B will not fit into A.
14:23:57[Saint]I'm sitting here now plugging a sansa cable into an ipod and vice versa.
14:24:21[Saint](had to double-check since you mentioned it and they're right here on my desk)
14:24:40*freqmod read something about power being connected in a way that would break one or the other if they were interchanged
14:25:03[Saint]it's _really_ not safe to apply power to either, due to vastly different pinouts.
14:25:10[Saint]you *will* fry something, yes.
14:25:19[Saint]so, don't. :)
14:25:33soapThe connector I have in my hand will fit into my C140 but not my Nano 1st gen.
14:25:49[Saint]Hum, that's...interesting.
14:26:12soapSo, based on that one piece of evidence alone, perhaps the Sandisk connector has an extra key the iPod ones lack?
14:26:39[Saint]perhaps the older Sansas are slightly different?
14:26:43soap(I forgot I had a C series.).
14:27:05[Saint]I only have Fuzes, and the cables I have for them fit in my Ipods, and my iPod cables fit in them.
14:27:09soapThese connectors (which fit into the C140) were purchased for my E250, FWIW.
14:28:34[Saint]looking at both my Sansa and iPod cables, the connector is identical.
14:29:05soapThese Sansa ones were purchased 2008-05-26 from Ridax.
14:29:21[Saint]the Sansa cable just has slightly more of the connector exposed than the iPod one does, in my case, but it still fits.
14:29:35soapItem name "SD_B. Sandisk/Creative dock connector plug ultra thin/black snap"
14:29:40[Saint]I'll ammend my post.
14:30:15soapI wish I had a part number to verify if it is the one they currently sell.
14:31:23soapNo need to amend your post. If we know Sansa has a blood type of AB it doesn't matter insofar as the question asker is concerned. The only outstanding issue is does the iPod have blood type O or AB as well.
14:32:30[Saint]I doubt the OP will care as soon as he realizes all he needs to do is set the volume to 0db anyway ;)
14:33:14[Saint]he said LOD, but iiuc he really just wants to use the 3.5mm jack as a line out.
14:34:33 Join jnc_ [0] (
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14:36:58soapInteresting. My Ridax iPod ones won't fit in the C140 either.
14:37:29soapLet me get my micrometer.
14:37:42*[Saint] boggles.
14:38:38[Saint]I only have 2 Sansa cables to play with, but I have a shit-tonne of iPod cables, they're interchangeable freely.
14:38:48[Saint]I only have Fuzes to test with, though.
14:39:25soapThe Ridax iPod cables have a key thickness of 1.55mm, the Sansa ones have a key thickness of 1.75mm
14:40:10soapBoth are 21.2mm wide
14:40:50[Saint]I don't have a micrometer, but I'd like to think my eyes aren't so bad that I would miss ~.2mm difference in a visual comparison.
14:41:26[Saint]that is interesting, though.
14:43:10soapThe Sansa one is 0.1mm taller. I can't get in the plug hole, but a ruler shows them both ~1.0mm high. And there is the other difference, Sansa connector hole is 0.25mm narrower than the iPod one.
14:44:50soapCorrection - the IPOD hole is 0.25mm narrower than the Sansa one. This may be just an artifact of what Ridax sold (sells?) A cable with the shorter key and wider hole would fit both.
14:46:37[Saint]I'd like to think they have manufacturing techniques that wouldn't allow for ~.2mm of deviation,'s possible, I guess.
14:48:13 Join Wardo [0] (
14:48:19soapas I said these were purchased in 2008. I'm curious if a conscious decision was made by Sansa to tweak their connector to match? I gotta believe the Ridax parts were made to spec. My last order from them was for both iPod and Sansa dock connectors, and they were different items.
14:51:11soapI no longer have any Sandisk brand Sansa cables. My Apple brand iPod cable (5th generation era) does not fit in my C140.
14:51:55*[Saint] wishes he had more Sansas to test with (older model Sansas, preferably).
14:52:07[Saint]Send me your C200 and I'll check :P
15:06:05pamaury[Saint]: why do you want more Sansa ?
15:06:40pamauryI have a E200 if you want
15:06:45[Saint]So I could see if there was any obvious difference between the docks of newer/older models.
15:07:04[Saint](see the above conversation)
15:07:34soapI agree it is a worthy goal to determine if and why there is a dock port incompatibility, but seeing as _I_ am the one with the digital micrometer I believe all Sansas should flow south to north!
15:09:53pamauryok, well if you are interested in my e200 let me know, I hardly ever use it nowadays
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15:14:54wodzI ordered Iriver e150 in unknown state and it arrived today. It has usb port desoldered unfortunately, will need to repopulate it and see if it works. Anyway e150 is atj2135n based just as e100.
15:16:12pamaurygood, the mips port will be live again then :)
15:16:46wodzIt depends on the state of usb. If this is just missing connector it should be easy.
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17:35:00 Part LinusN
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17:46:06 Join linuxguy4 [0] (
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17:50:55 Quit jm (*.net *.split)
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18:17:05 Join prof_wolfff [0] (~prof_wolf@
18:23:20 Join Ryantzor [0] (
18:23:34Ryantzorhey i have a question is anyone available?
18:24:17lebelliumJust ask and if someone has an answer he will reply
18:24:34 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:25:00Ryantzori installed rockbox on my classic 6g and rockboy is not included
18:25:03Ryantzorwhy is this?
18:25:49 Join n1s [0] (
18:25:49 Quit n1s (Changing host)
18:25:49 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
18:26:01gevaertsIt is included
18:26:15Ryantzorwhere is it listed under, games?
18:26:21Ryantzori checked everywhere and i do not see it
18:26:43gevaertsIt's a viewer plugin. You launch it by selecting a rom file
18:27:00Ryantzorawesome thank you!
18:28:16Ryantzorhas anyone ever had trouble dragging a library of music to their ipod and the connection of the ipod seems to be lost midway through? I have had this issue with my rockbox ipod classic 6g
18:39:39 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
18:48:56 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
18:50:53amayer_Ryantzor: I use my iPod 6g every day and put new content on it 2 or 3 times a week using Ubuntu. ive never had any problems with it losing connection mid way through a transfer.
18:50:56amayer_(ive copied as much as 8Gb of content at one time to my ipod, most times it about 200-400Mb tho)
18:51:24 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
18:51:53amayer_Ryantzor: what version of rockbox are you using?
19:00:22 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
19:02:50 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
19:06:51Ryantzoramayer the latest version
19:07:05Ryantzoramayer_: the latest version
19:08:28copperlatest version is
19:09:02copperand yeah it happens
19:09:15copperUSB on the classic port can be very flaky
19:10:03Ryantzorcopper: i should use that one instead of what im using?
19:10:16copperI don't know what you're using!
19:10:25soapI understand dual-boot with the 6G port is not an option, but I _assume_ one can still boot into Apple's bootloader USB mode?
19:10:30copperbut I've been told to use that link
19:10:42coppersoap: no
19:10:53copperwhat would that be?
19:11:53copper"USB DFU Device"?
19:11:55soapThe prior Apples have Apple OS USB and bootloader USB (aka emergency disk mode). For a long time emergency disk mode was the far more reliable way to do transfers on the 5th gen.
19:11:56copperthat, yes
19:13:47soapI would assume that most people using a large-storage device such as the iPod 6th gen are not frequently moving files on and off the device. If that is a correct assumption and if the bootloader USB mode works reliably I would think it would be worth the hassle.
19:13:50amayer_Ryantzor: where did you get the "latest version"?
19:13:53amayer_what is the version under: System -> Rockbox Info?
19:15:10 Join krabador [0] (
19:15:27coppersoap: except for people who acquire new music often and use the iPod daily
19:16:04soapI think the phrase "most people" leaves room for exceptions.
19:17:03amayer_the only problems ive ever had with ipod 6g and USB is twice ive gotten Data Abort error(or something of that nature) after eject and disconnected cord
19:17:25amayer_and like I said i put data on it 2 or 3 times a week
19:18:20AlexPRyantzor: If you are using the one that freemyipod supply with emcore, then it is a year or so old
19:18:35AlexPThere are multiple new builds of Rockbox every day
19:18:50coppersoap: the 15 seconds menu + select hold doesn't turn up a USB mass storage device apparently
19:19:15soapRyantzor, if few others are having issues perhaps you should look at which USB port you are using on your computer. _Rear_ ports (which are direct to the motherboard) can be more reliable than hub USB ports or even case front-mount ports which attach via a MB header.
19:21:09coppercrap, now I don't know how to make it reboot
19:21:58amayer_copper: if its an ipod holding menu + select(while not plugged in) should always make it reboot
19:22:10copperscreen stays black
19:22:27amayer_is hold on?
19:23:07soapMenu+Select is reboot. It is no wonder you didn't get into disk mode with that combo.
19:24:02copperwhat else is there beside normal boot and 15 second menu + select hold (DFU mode)
19:24:43copperah, it finally rebooted
19:24:46amayer_DFU mode is menu + select then play + select (all while hooked to usb)?
19:25:04copperno, just menu + select for 15 seconds, while plugged in
19:25:04amayer_copper: what was wrong with it?
19:25:21copperI plugged it back in and pressed menu + select, it rebooted
19:25:33amayer_was your battery dead or something?
19:25:41copper90% full
19:25:42amayer_that is very strange
19:26:04amayer_ive never had mine fail to reboot while holding menu + select
19:26:09copperI've always had that problem while trying to install emcore + rockbox
19:26:26copperagain, I was in the special DFU mode, not rockbox
19:26:50coppermenu + select from rockbox always works here, even when rockbox freezes or crashes
19:27:21 Join zaphee [0] (
19:27:52copperanyway, I don't think there's any other special USB mode that we could use
19:30:33 Join sentriz [0] (~Senan@
19:39:34 Quit sentriz (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:42:42 Join Gallomimia [0] (
19:43:24 Quit Ryantzor (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
19:50:28 Join jm [0] (
19:58:52 Quit Gallomimia (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:02:03amayer_besides forum integration for themes are there any other suggestions for improvements to the theme site?
20:06:15 Join Gallomimia [0] (
20:09:56 Join n1s [0] (
20:09:57 Quit n1s (Changing host)
20:09:57 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
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20:33:03 Quit akaWolf (Quit: my exit)
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20:36:59 Join preglow [0] (thomj@rockbox/developer/preglow)
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20:47:43 Join Gallomimia [0] (~Gallo@
20:56:11 Join wodz [0] (
20:57:24wodzI am having hard time with rk27xx usb. usb_status_event() called from ISR makes setup irq never happen.
20:58:20pamaurywodz: I thought you said that it worked with it but not without ?
20:58:45wodzthe other way around
20:59:08wodzIt works unless I call usb_status_event().
20:59:17 Quit Buglouse (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:01:10wodzmoreover int7 behaves strange. It fires on first connect then disconnect is missed and after that it fires correctly on subsequent insertions and extractions.
21:01:51 Join liar [0] (
21:02:51 Join Buglouse [0] (~Buglouse@unaffiliated/Buglouse)
21:02:57pamauryif it's not reliable then we should use polling
21:03:11wodzusb_status_event() call is not timing problem as I first tested that delay() between 10000 and 20000 all work ok. Then I came back to 10000 and placed usb_status_event() just below. No way it takes more then 10ms to post msg
21:04:04wodzpamaury: I tried polling without much success. Its like bit 20 in DEV_INFO is set with some delay or something
21:05:10pamauryand then you don't get setup interrupts ?
21:05:41pamaurydelay at init is not a real problem, if you don't respond to the initial setup, the host will reset you and start over again
21:06:58 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:07:04 Join krabador [0] (
21:07:40wodzpamaury: with polling I get setup interrupt but the core thinks that usb is still disconnected.
21:08:20pamauryokay but that's only for a few ms, the bit eventually sets to true and the then the core should accept setups no ?
21:08:52wodzno, at least I don't see this
21:09:16pamauryok, do you have some working code so I can try ?
21:09:31wodzthe code on gerrit triggers setup irq
21:11:54pamauryok, I'll try myself, that's very surprizing
21:12:51wodzand discouraging
21:15:57 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@
21:15:57 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
21:15:57 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
21:17:10 Join semitones [0] (8255fcb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:18:16semitoneshello, this message is for saratoga, as a followup to this thread (I just found it from googling)
21:18:34semitonesThe question was "how do I listen to music while usb charging" and the answer was "hold down any button"
21:18:50semitonesMy question is:
21:19:27 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
21:19:43semitonesWould it be possible to have a screen pop up the first time a user plugs into USB that displays this information? It would be useful, and if not hard to implement, definitely worth it.
21:24:23wodzsemitones: go prepare patch and convince others
21:26:16semitonesslight problem −− I can contribute what I can, even pseudocode, but the most I've ever programmed was TI-83 basic.
21:26:34semitonesThe most I can do is pitch it to you on the channel and see if you think it would be worthwhile
21:26:41pamaurywell, there is a manual...I know this is a commonly asked question but I'm not sure we can afford to do this for everything
21:27:12semitonesThe manual is great
21:27:17semitonesdefinitely is
21:28:25pamauryOn the other hand I understand the manual is a bit enormous
21:28:48semitonesIt just seems like a major source of user-confusion that could be fixed by altering the USB screen, or making a once-shown page.
21:29:06wodzsemitones: I don't want to sound harsh but the chance it will be implemented without YOU preparing patch are close to zero
21:29:09 Part eckoit
21:29:59semitonesthat is fair to say
21:36:11semitoneswodz: from what you know about rockbox, would it be hard to code such a change, or just modify the image shown when USB connected?
21:38:01wodzchanging usb graphic would be the easiest but I don't think it will be considered seriously for inclusion
21:38:12wodzI'll be against personally
21:39:53 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:45:38pamauryI think implementing it would be easy actually but I'm not myself convinced that it is useful, I don't know
21:47:26pamaurydamn, I should work on rk27xx now but i'm completely lacking the motivation
21:48:02amayer_maybe we should just include a text version of the manual on every device(kidding)
21:49:20*wodz sets motivation bit
21:52:52*pamaury considers the rk27xx device with a devil smile and plugs the usb cable with cruelty
21:53:21n1sthat's the spirit!
21:57:49pamaurywodz: it's a shame your work doesn't contain the renaming I did, the code is now full of constants everything again
21:59:13wodzpamaury: commit your renaming bit and I'll build upon it
22:03:41 Quit Gallomimia (Quit: Gallomimia)
22:04:08pamaurywodz: UDC_INT seems wrong: it should if() everywhere instead of else if()
22:07:09wodzit should be switch {} probably
22:07:38pamaurywell, loop+switch then because nothing prevents the interrupt to be triggered for several sources
22:07:56 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:09:48wodzah, thats what you mean.
22:11:39pamauryI notice new weirdness:
22:11:39pamauryTX0DMAINCTL = (1<<1); /* start DMA */
22:11:54pamaurythe manual only documents bit 0 to start dma :-/
22:12:12AlexPsemitones: I suspect even if you prepare the patch the chances of it going in are close to zero
22:12:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:14:16semitonesWhy, exactly?
22:14:22semitonesI mean
22:14:30semitonesit seems like something that would only help
22:14:48 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:14:58wodzpamaury: yep that looks like a bug
22:15:28pamauryI notice other things too, very suspicious
22:15:54wodzpamaury: the truth is this code was never properly debugged
22:16:29AlexPsemitones: Many people (devs) very much dislike popups and the like that get in the way
22:17:34AlexPAlthough seeing as this would be when going into USB (so not blocking you doing something else) that might not be as bad
22:17:45AlexPI'd have to be convinced :)
22:21:53 Join saratoga [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:22:17semitonesAlexP: Granted it wouldn't help developers, but it would help general users, who would otherwise need to search google or pore through the manual. Connecting through USB in the past has always allowed the listener to keep listening, and it is very jarring the first time especially to have your music turn off.
22:22:47AlexP"Connecting through USB in the past has always allowed the listener to keep listening" On what player?
22:22:52AlexPIt hasn't on some of mine
22:22:58saratogai think rockbox is the only firmware on earth that even allows charge only mode over USB
22:23:07semitonessaratoga: ipod does
22:23:13AlexPSo on a few of the players
22:23:36saratogathe sandisk players don't allow it unless you're running rockbox
22:23:44semitonesAlso, those of us who got used to iPods, you just had to eject the device from explorer, and it would continue to charge, while playing. This doesn't work on rockbox. There's nothing intuitive about holding down a random button while plugging in the device, which is why I think there should be a hint, at least the first time.
22:23:52AlexPEither way, if you were going to implement it, I'd take it to the -dev list first for a few opinions
22:24:12saratogai think its not a good idea, but if it were well enough implemented i might be ok with it
22:24:16AlexPRockbox is done primarily for the devs not the users, although of course we'll try to help users too :)
22:24:17saratogawould have to see it first
22:24:23AlexPsaratoga: My feelings too
22:25:13 Join hype [0] (~hype@
22:25:47 Join saratoga_ [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:25:56AlexPAnd on any ipod I've tried when you plug it into USB it connects to USB
22:26:18saratoga_i think iTunes has some way to signal to the player that MSC mode can end without disconnectnig it
22:26:48AlexPsaratoga: Right, but when you plug it in it doesn't just start charging, it stops music and connects to USB
22:26:57saratoga_I vaguely remember that it happens over some kind of proprietary MSC extension but i could be wrong
22:27:05 Join semitones_ [0] (8255fcb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:27:56 Quit semitones (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:28:46 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:29:10saratoga_funman: did you have some annotated disassembly of the AMS audio driver? i wonder if theres some clue in there how it detects line out devices
22:30:15AlexPsemitones_: Anyway, I'm sceptical but not definitely against - I think taking it to the -dev list for opinions before implementing anything would be a good idea
22:31:16 Quit semitones_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:35:26 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:35:33 Quit Buglouse (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:38:12 Quit saratoga_ (Quit: Page closed)
22:47:56 Part delt
22:56:04 Join Robin0800 [0] (
22:59:45 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:03:48 Join Strife1989 [0] (~Strife89@
23:05:14 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Switching machines.)
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23:05:23 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (~Strife89@
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23:08:08 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
23:08:08 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
23:14:01sakaxi can only agree that something should be done with apple usb issues
23:15:21 Join shamus [0] (
23:20:05 Quit sakax (Remote host closed the connection)
23:28:21 Join lebellium [0] (
23:30:45 Quit lebellium (Client Quit)
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23:34:29 Join lorenzo92 [0] (~chatzilla@
23:39:02 Join Prodicus [0] (~chatzilla@
23:44:41lorenzo92pamaury: I did it. I found another 4GB Z5 xD ... so now I have one with no lcd but with UART soldered hehe
23:45:10lorenzo92and one working ;)
23:45:38lorenzo92as I said, this period is full for me but it will be nice working on it later on ;)
23:45:46 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0/20121120062532])
23:51:04 Quit melmothX (Quit: bau)
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