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#rockbox log for 2012-12-08

00:02:46rmmhis ther any way to debug over usb? (gdb etc)
00:04:05rmmhI see an option to pipe logf over usb, but that's not quite as useful
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00:13:27wodzpamaury: Now I get this:
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00:17:13wodzpamaury: code which give this is on gerrit
00:18:15rmmhbertrik: it looks like the clip+ isn't getting GPIOA interrupts
00:19:18bertrikwe need to figure out if the interrupt of the radio is connected at all to the main SoC, and if so, on what pin
00:20:12rmmhright. is there a good HD teardown somewhere?
00:20:35bertrikmy first guess would be GPIO A4, like on the clip zip
00:21:31rmmhthe clipzip has RDS support that way, yes
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00:22:40rmmhis logf() inside an isr safe
00:30:38rmmhbertrik: what should I look at to find out? Can I log interrupts as they're generated?
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00:43:10wodzpamaury: fixed 'endpoint xxx has invalid maxpacket 64' error
00:43:45wodzthe code is on gerrit if you will find time to look at.
00:43:54rmmhhow bad is 40ms polling for battery life anyways?
00:44:22wodzgo figure
00:44:35wodzbut I'd say not that bad
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01:55:24rmmhcan I get a code review?
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03:03:02KiwiCamI've just installed Git and built a ClipZip sim. I'd like to confirm the syntax for subimage Offset...does this look correct? %xd(Ara,1,3) as in 3 is the amount of the offset.
03:07:58amayer%xd(Ara, [sub image offset])
03:08:17amayerwait(checking customwps)
03:10:26amayerKiwiCam: your code looks correct but what are you trying to acheive?
03:12:44KiwiCamSay I have a bitmap 46 wide by 150 high. Asume 15 subimages. But, I'd like to switch depending upon a condition from say subimage 1 to 5, or 10. subimage 2 to 6 or 11.
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03:16:58amayerif you do:
03:17:02amayerthen you can call any sub image with its alpha-equivalent
03:17:04amayeris a=1, b=2, z=26
03:17:06amayerso if you wanted a condition that was either 1, 5, or 10
03:17:10amayerthat would give you sub image 1 or 5 or 10 depending on the repeat mode(see %mm)
03:17:12amayeris this something like you are trying to do?
03:17:15amayeror am i misunderstanding you?
03:17:19KiwiCamTo make it easier. Just assume the bitmap is 15 high b say 5 wide. 3 segments of five, but 15 subimages.
03:18:16amayeroh, so its a box, like:
03:18:18amayerx x x
03:18:20amayerx x x
03:18:22DBUGEnqueued KICK amayer
03:18:22amayerx x x
03:18:25amayerx x x
03:18:26***Alert Mode level 1
03:18:26amayerx x x
03:18:28amayeris that what your saying?
03:18:31amayer(where each x is an image)
03:18:54KiwiCamThis is my test code:
03:19:42amayerdo you have a copy of the image?
03:19:53KiwiCamYes. You could look at it that way.
03:20:48KiwiCamIt's just a bit of a visual while the theme is on pause.
03:21:29KiwiCamI'll upload it now...
03:22:53amayerthe offset is just a modifier for the sub image if you are using a condition.
03:22:57amayer%xd(Ara, %mm, -1) would work because %mm returns an integer for the repeat mode
03:22:59amayerbut the images dont line up to the repeat mode they are off by 1 so the -1 modifys what %mm returns by -1 to align to the correct image
03:23:01amayerim not sure you can do a grid like you have.
03:23:03amayerim fairly certin that all your images have to be on top of each other.
03:23:05amayerthe offset isnt used in the way you are thinking.
03:23:20KiwiCamDarn Multiupload is down. What's a quick upload site that comes to mind?
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03:24:14amayerhmm... not sure i usually use UbuntuOne and just make it public
03:24:16amayerdo you have a drop box or something?
03:24:41KiwiCamOwncloud...haven't used it yet....
03:25:04amayerif your image is 3 rows of 5 images i dont think it will work with the them engine
03:25:33amayerit needs to be 1 row of 15 images then it will work
03:26:07amayerthen you can do %xd(Ara,1) or %xd(Ara,5) or %xd(Ara,15)
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03:30:49amayerKiwiCam: did i answer your question?
03:31:04amayerfor more info you can look here:
03:38:55amayerKiwiCam: so that is 3 rows of images beside each other?
03:39:07amayerbtw: what target is this for?
03:39:26KiwiCamClip zip
03:40:43amayer46 doesnt divide evenly by 3 so im confused
03:41:58KiwiCamIt's 46 wide. As it is at the moment you'll see a 5 x 46 image each time.
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03:43:03amayeryes that is how the theme engine would handle it. im confused where your getting the 15 from?
03:43:05amayerthat is only 5 images
03:43:37KiwiCamOriginally what I really wanted was on pause to shift through that image one line at a time so that you see the full width of the image 46 and say 12 pixels high. Using %t(x.x) or %cS to shift the image
03:44:45KiwiCam150 / 10 = 15
03:47:56KiwiCamShifting through that image 1 line down at a time (but showing say 12) of those lines at a time, would be quite difficult). That's what I've wanted to do with this image originally. Then I started working on (which is when I came here) a simpler way to just cycle through 15 subimages instead of 1 at a time.
03:48:24KiwiCam:) Yes. This is crazy. But, it may be possible.
03:49:06rmmhcomedy feature: some sort of FM-based file transfer for downloading new builds wirelessly
03:52:13amayerKiwiCam: *totally confused*
03:52:15amayeryour just looking for a way to cycle throught the images while the player is paused?
03:52:21KiwiCamI expected that.
03:55:54KiwiCamStart again. With the code I posted, and the image. Can you get the offset to work? Assuming 15 subimages each 10 high.
03:58:27rmmhamayer: he wants that image to scroll across the screen while paused
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04:00:03KiwiCamrmmh: Yes
04:01:06amayeri think that is what you are confused about.
04:01:08amayeroffset(in this case) doesnt mean the image moves as far as x,y on the screen
04:01:10amayeroffset adds to the subimage
04:01:16amayer%xd(Ara,1,5) is the same as %xd(Ara,6)
04:01:17KiwiCamBut upwards, 46 wide, you'll be able to see only a portion of the height, say 12 pixels at a time. It moves one line up (or down the Image) at a time.
04:02:43amayerjust for clarification: are you trying to move this image side to side on the screen or is it staying in the same spot?
04:02:45KiwiCamamayer: Yes. I agree. That's how I hit on 1,6, or 10;2,7, or 11 etc.
04:03:38KiwiCamStaying in the same spot, basically in the middle of the screen. Scrolling downward thourgh the image, but you;ll see it moving upwards on the Clip Zip.
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04:05:14KiwiCamIf I could achieve one line 1 x 46 scrolling thorugh that image, then I figured I could have some lines below that (using the offset) to show each of the next few lines down (depending upon the high of the viewport.)
04:06:45KiwiCam150 pixels means I could show one row 150 times over 1 minute (60 seconds / 150 = 0.4 seocnds per image.)
04:07:43KiwiCamI might not even have to use the offset actually.
04:08:13KiwiCamJust %t(0.4) and choose the appropriate subimage number.
04:08:18amayerin this case i dont think you will need the offset at all. i dont think you understand what the offset is in this case
04:08:32amayerthe code you just posted is what i think you want
04:09:27amayerall you need is sub image(0 through 14)
04:09:51amayer*scratches head* not sure if it is 0 based or 1 based
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04:11:59KiwiCamOK. I'll forget the offset. I liked that idea * * * I can imagine being able to shift sideways through a bitmap as well as downward. You could achieve some interesting affects.
04:12:38amayeryou cant shift sideways with %xd() only up and down
04:13:56amayer%t(.5)%xd(Ara,1);%xd(Ara,2);%xd(Ara,3);%xd(Ara,4);%xd(Ara,5); ...
04:13:58amayeris what i think you are looking for
04:14:14KiwiCamThanks. I'll just use a shed-load of %t's and see if I can severely slow down my Clip Zip :)
04:15:17amayerif you still cant figure it out i would talk to [Saint]. his self proclaimed hobby is pushing the theme engine to its limits.
04:15:57KiwiCamWouldn't the %t's following be 1 second with that example?
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04:19:05KiwiCamI think I'm good to go for now. Thanks for that.
04:19:07amayeri think they should all be .5 but you may need a %t(0.5) before each section.
04:20:51dongsanyone using voice activated recording triggers
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05:22:28rmmh!!! getting some RDS data :D
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07:50:58rmmhI implemented RDS for the clip+
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08:29:28dongsgreat... now the mission is to find an actual active FM radio station
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08:35:41ParkerR_dongs, Haha
08:37:01rmmhdongs: my mission was to find an FM radio station that even bothered to follow the RDS standard
08:37:17rmmhapparently no one broadcasts song titles :(
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08:39:17dongsrmmh: now that youre done wiht rds, can you fix dB meter in recording menu? :)
08:39:17dongsi cant believe noone noticed this since 2008.
08:41:28rmmhyou mean its nonexistence?
08:44:06KiwiCamOK. How can I do this with only one viewport? (the link is above for the aracibo150.bmp, but I'd be happy to paste it again.
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08:53:08dongsrmmh: correct
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08:53:30dongsi mean the data is obviosuly there since it draws the things.,
09:02:32rmmhwell that's interesting
09:02:40rmmhI crash instantly when I open that
09:07:59kiwicamI suppose I could load up multiple versions of the %xl(same bitmap)...
09:11:42kiwicamI've got it.
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09:21:06rmmhhow do I change the text size of "Show log file"?
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10:04:49rmmhdongs: the simulator is pretty useful to me
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10:29:19dongsrmmh: ?
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11:24:13lasserHi! Some weeks ago I asked for help in CF-modding a H320. ftr I finally managed it to work with a takeMS 16GB card with normal bootloader and current rockbox version. Works like a charm :-)
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11:27:38lasserfor folks speaking german:
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11:31:14lebelliumrmmh: when using the Diagnostic Mode of OF it tells you SI4703? Or does it tell SI4702 although it is RDS compatible?
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11:36:33lebelliumI'm a bit confused since your patch says "sansa clip+: add RDS capability for SI4702 tuners" while Silicons Labs claim only SI4703 is RDS compatible
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11:50:26dongsbitbang that RDS
11:52:44dongshmm how am i supposed to setup IO for this
11:53:27dongsOD, obviosuly but I'll have to change it as input or output before setting?
11:54:26dongso wat, wrong channel. disregard, i suck cocks
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12:30:21bertrikI see in the clip+ OF that there is code to clear an interrupt on GPIO A4, just like on the clip zip. This might be some driver leftover though, so it might not actually be used.
12:30:53bertrik(GPIO A4 is the fm tuner interrupt pin used for RDS on the clip zip)
12:31:29bertrikI might be able to test this on my own clip+, although I have one with an RDA tuner, not an Si47XX
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21:01:42rmmhlebellium: err, right, SI4703. that's a typo
21:03:00rmmhbertrik: I couldn't make interrupts work, but if you can, my polling code could easily be changed so it posts to the queue on interrupt instead of timing out
21:03:03 Part eckoit
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22:15:58DmLSo I spent a fair bit of time trying to search the forums and Flyspray today. I was wondering, first of all, if anyone had information on a couple of bugs in rockboy on the Fuze+ and if not, how it would be best to go about reporting them. I have reported and issue or two in the past and didn't get any love, and considering Fuze+ is still unstable I thought it might be best to talk to the developer directly.
22:16:24 Quit Provel (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:17:34DmLThe first issue is that I get data aborts when trying to enter the menu from rockboy from many games, but not all, and it is consistent. I can provide links to PUBLIC DOMAIN roms which display the error message, as well as the exact error message, if requested.
22:19:20 Join the-kyle [0] (
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22:40:34 Join saratoga [0] (121801d6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:41:15saratogadml: are they actually specific to the fuze+?
22:42:22 Join brkfstsqd [0] (
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22:52:45DmLSaratoga; This I don't know, Fuze+ is my only working target.
22:52:48 Join Provel_ [0] (
22:53:14DmLI do know that this issue was not present on my previous Fuze V2 a little less than a year ago.
22:53:46 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:54:45 Quit Provel (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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23:10:07JdGordonsoap: yeah, i guess so
23:10:41 Join Provel [0] (
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23:27:52 Join saratoga [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:28:08saratoga[7]: the ipod 6G doesn't define HAVE_DISK_STORAGE which seems odd to me
23:28:16saratogais there a reason for that or is it just an oversight?
23:29:26saratoganot having it prevents various menus from showing disk related options, and some of the plugins handle hard disk players differently
23:32:33saratogaseems to compile cleanly, anyone want to test a build?
23:39:20 Quit Gallomimia (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:40:23[7]probably just an oversight, unless this causes the regular ATA driver to be compiled (the classic has its own one because of CE-ATA)
23:41:21saratogawell it compiles so i assume not
23:41:23saratogalet me grep
23:42:50saratogano doesn't look like it
23:43:05saratogayou have time to try a build?
23:43:23 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
23:51:38 Quit ParkerR_ (Excess Flood)
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