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#rockbox log for 2012-12-11

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00:30:23pamaurylorenzo92 (logs): hard to tell, my experience is that it can be pretty much anything and you don't necessarily need to understand what it is :) By the way, could you pastebin the output of lsusb of the stmp36xx in recovery mode ?
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00:37:21ManoloMtnezHi, I was wondering if anyone around has some insight to share about the question I formulated some time ago?
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00:48:43[Saint]ManoloMtnez: There's nothing I can think of that would enable you to do this from within Rockbox, I'm sorry.
00:52:08ManoloMtnez[Saint]: Thanks a lot, there's this .playlist_control file that looks close, but that's maybe because I don't understand what it records.
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00:53:14scorche|1hthe scrobbler file couldnt be adapted to this?
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00:53:53ManoloMtnezscorche|sh: what file is that?
00:53:59[Saint]scorche`: I'm wondering if the Database might be able to be adapted for this use...
00:54:20[Saint](It has a playcount/score sorting option, iirc)
00:54:55ManoloMtnez[Saint]: right, so I could open the database somehow and read that info off it
00:55:14[Saint]I just don't have any targets that have the database enabled (or media on the storage, to be able to enable the database) with any charge left in the battery.
00:55:32[Saint]I'm giving one of my targets a quick charge now so I can have a poke around.
00:55:53ManoloMtnezI appreciate it :)
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01:01:34[Saint]The Database is capable of telling you which tracks have never been played, and which tracks have been played, but not which tracks have been played in their entirety.
01:02:27[Saint](I'm not at all surprised at this, it isn't a terribly common information set to request from a DAP media database)
01:06:14ManoloMtnezthat's ok, thanks a lot. Maybe I can make do with that information.
01:08:49[Saint]Well, if you want to have a look for yourself, this type of playback information is in the Database under the 'History' sub-menu.
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01:09:20[Saint]Database −−> History −−> Never played
01:09:25[Saint](for instance)
01:10:13ManoloMtnezhow can i read this from my pc? What kind of database is this?
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01:13:32[Saint]I have no idea what type of database the Rockbox Database is using, none at all.
01:14:11ManoloMtnezI'll find it out. Thanks again
01:14:29[Saint]It is an area of code few developers touch, and most of the regular users/committers/developers that I know don't use the Database at all.
01:15:13[Saint]I can, however, tell you that you'll find everything related to the database in /.rockbox/*.tcd
01:16:20ManoloMtnezthat much i had figured out :)
01:16:47*[Saint] puts his speculation hat on
01:17:25[Saint]"It's probably just a plain text file..."
01:17:51ManoloMtnezUnfortunately it's not
01:17:57[Saint]Eeeek, no idea why that went bold/italic...but, anyway. I would guess that they're simply plain text files.
01:18:07[Saint]Oh? Hummm.
01:18:09JdGordonthe tcd are definitly not plain text
01:19:08ManoloMtnezi'll see if i can understand the source enough to figure that out
01:19:12ManoloMtnezthanks again everyone!
01:19:36[Saint]I'm guessing it isn't the ancient TurboCalc spreadsheet file...
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01:34:38himay333Hello, I'm having an issue with my clip+ after using v. 3.11.2 for a few weeks
01:39:18himay333maybe it was 3.12
01:41:57himay333It basically worked for a couple of weeks then would not turn on. I have tried holding the power button for 30 seconds - multiple minutes and it still won't turn on.
01:44:19himay333it also doesn't work when i connect it to the usb port. It appears in windows as an unformatted - and unformattable removable disk.
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02:07:38himay333is my best bet to follow the unbrick instructions, or do i have other options?
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03:45:10dongswhy does trigger manual tlks about stop hold and this is not in the menu to select...
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10:02:18wodzpamaury: Did you have time to try rk27xx usb?
10:02:23wodzonce more I mean
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10:03:37pamauryI just quickly had a look. I have the impression that when the host sends the first usb bulk transfer, the driver is never notified
10:04:39wodzthats my feeling too
10:05:43pamauryBut I must read the datasheet on this point, I don't know how bulk transfers works on this controller
10:05:43wodzI don't get any bulk interrupt
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10:08:17wodzI did some cleanup but don't know if it is worth to publish since the problem seems to be more fundamental
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10:21:36pamauryI'll have a look this afternoon during my break, perhaps something related to naking or a missing interrupt bit or dma ill-setuped
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11:33:14nateloafHey weird question... Is there anything software-wise in Rockbox that would cause an iPod (classic 120GB) to stop playing audio on the left channel? I've verified my headphones are OK :)
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11:36:50wodznateloaf: there is sound setting which can cause this, can't remember the name but its obvious one
11:36:58Zagornateloaf: have you tried booting the original firmware to check?
11:37:19wodzZagor: classic doesn't have dualboot
11:37:24nateloafThe iPod I have doesn't support dual booting :(
11:37:26Zagorah, right
11:37:46wodzZagor: any hope for commit announcements?
11:38:05Zagorwodz: hope springs eternal! :-)
11:39:37Zagorwodz: if you want to help, please create config files as best you can and some basic instructions I can follow to install/setup. researching is usually the most time-consuming item when adding new services.
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11:41:33wodzZagor: I'll try to remember about this
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13:24:03lorenzo92pamaury (logs): here the log ->
13:24:37lorenzo92pamaury: I hope it is as much complete as possible, it may be that there are some more packets since I forgot at first to detach my mouse :)
13:27:21lorenzo92pamury: NOTE the wasn't the original one, but a predefined sigmatel bootloader to avoid nand erasing again
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14:30:04webguest04hi can anyone tell me the latest status of the fuze+ port?
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14:58:38amayer_it should say right on the homepage
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15:09:40wodzpamaury: (log) I found something peculiar - usb_drv_release_endpoint() is called for nonexistent endpoints - I mean it is called for both IN and OUT variant of every endpoint. Should this function filter this?
15:12:51wodzpamaury: (log) in usb_storage_init_connection() there are some ifdefs for particular targets. I don't quite understand the purpose but It may be that RK27XX case should be added somewhere.
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18:12:31 Part LinusN
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18:59:17 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
18:59:47lorenzo92pamaury: did you receive the link about usb sniffing? :)
19:00:11pamauryNo, I don't think so
19:03:10pamauryBut I've discovered something great thanks to the Z5 updater: nearly all stmp based mp3 shared a common vendor specific scsi interface. For example I can scsi commands to my Fuze+, Zen X-Fi2 and Zen X-Fi3. I think the Z5 might also implement it. It allows to many things. See It's still work in progress and I've begun to write a tool. I'll poke you so that you can try it when it's committed
19:03:12pamaurylorenzo92: ^
19:05:01 Join sciopat [0] (
19:07:17 Join B4gd3r [0] (~daniel@
19:07:30 Quit sciopath (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:10:27 Quit Bagder (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:10:29lorenzo92pamaury: that's good , I will be back in 20 mins
19:11:54 Join Horscht [0] (
19:11:54 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
19:11:54 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:14:47 Join Wardo [0] (
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19:24:01 Join kiwicam [0] (~quassel@
19:32:28 Join kevku [0] (x@2001:470:dcc6:0:69:69:69:69)
19:33:50lorenzo92pamaury: by the way, the link was:
19:43:29 Join theli_ua [0] (
19:45:37 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
19:47:48pamaurylorenzo92: could you pastebin the output of lsusb -v on your Z5 in recovery mode please ?
19:47:57pamaury(lsusb -v -d vid:pid)
19:48:06lorenzo92just a second ;)
19:49:12 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
19:50:12pamauryor even better: put it on the wiki page of the Z5
19:50:56pamauryperfect, so that's not a HID device
19:51:06lorenzo92is it okay? :)
19:52:06pamauryfine, I'm still working on the updater tool. I'm working on the one of the creative zen x-fi2 but it's the same code actually. The code is really complicated
19:52:27lorenzo92good and bad ^^
19:53:09lorenzo92i have seen the recovery and updater modes, updater is the one when a program is sent in ram I guess right?
19:54:32pamauryupdater mode is probably a stripped usb mode which has the necessary scsi interface to write the firmware
19:56:20lorenzo92possible, yes...
19:57:01lorenzo92as you can see on the wiki the nand of z5 has 5 partitions that are created after the wipe when using the original (recovery tool)
19:57:36lorenzo92I still need to understand (well need to do a dump via linux) where is the stored
19:57:40lorenzo92(the samsung bootloader)
20:00:33 Join wodz [0] (
20:05:40 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
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20:07:14pamaurylorenzo92: usually the partitions are: firmware, user, linux (if linux), janus (drm ?) and others
20:08:09 Join yuriks [0] (~yuriks@opentyrian/developer/yuriks)
20:10:03 Join lebellium_ [0] (
20:10:54 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
20:11:47 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:11:52lorenzo92pamaury: look at z5 page, but yes similar at what you say we have the firmware (bootloader), linux, a system data partition, a rootfs parition
20:11:57 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
20:12:26lorenzo92pamaury: ah btw a question. Are all the NAND chips similar in usage? I mean, is there any standard interface?
20:12:45wodzlorenzo92: you mean raw nand?
20:12:56lorenzo92wodz: yes yes indeed raw nand
20:13:52wodzlorenzo92: general pattern is standard although there are two families - big page and small page, the actual handling mostly depends on nand controller
20:14:22pamauryusually they implement ONFI interface (which also specifies the pinout). Then you need to handle the different types of nands of course
20:14:35pamauryand then you have to implement the FTL
20:15:31 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
20:15:47lorenzo92pamaury wodz: thanks for clarification
20:15:48wodzI don't know if this is the case but many small page nands dont support ONFI
20:16:01pamauryreally ?
20:16:18wodzmost modern chips conforms to ONFI though
20:18:30wodzanyway FTL is really fun :P
20:19:18lorenzo92I may know which kind of fun you mean ^^
20:20:02lorenzo92FTL is a layer that underlines, e.g. the logical partitions?
20:20:19lorenzo92and does also error checking I guess or?
20:21:36pamaurylorenzo92: no, the FTL is the layer that makes the NAND appears as a block device
20:21:44lorenzo92ah okay
20:21:58pamauryit handles things like wear leveling, bad block/block reallocation, etc
20:22:18pamaurylorenzo92: I've committed a tool right now, could you test it on the z5 ? (not in recovery mode)
20:22:24lorenzo92oh yes yes that's what I meant with error check :)
20:22:30lorenzo92pamaury: yeah, sure ;)
20:22:49pamauryyou might need to install some scsi dev package
20:23:08pamauryprobably libsgutils2-dev
20:23:39pamauryexampke usage: scsitool /dev/sdb
20:24:08lorenzo92why not in recovery mode? It will start the linux in this way..
20:24:33pamaurythis tool is for the scsi interface
20:24:45pamauryI've not yet found the code for the recovery interface
20:24:54pamauryit's just to test my theory
20:25:13 Quit krabador (Remote host closed the connection)
20:26:00 Quit Wardo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:27:26lorenzo92of course doesn't work since usb is implemented through a kernel usb gadget or similar
20:27:34lorenzo92Cannot get inquiry data: -1
20:28:20pamauryhum, strange, inquiry data is standard. It present itself as a UMS device right ?
20:29:30pamauryok, can you edit some code: in stmp_inquiry(), just before if(buf_sz != sizeof(buffer)), add printf("sz=%d\n", buf_sz);
20:30:30lorenzo92pamaury: 36
20:31:08pamauryah ok, I should have handled this. then replace 56 by 36 at the beginning of the function
20:31:37pamauryit reports the bare minimum without any vendor data
20:32:18lorenzo92nice, got something
20:32:22lorenzo92 Vendor: Samsung
20:32:23lorenzo92 Product: YP-Z5
20:32:24lorenzo92 Protocol: 36.0
20:33:06pamauryI might have swap minor/major versions of the protocol ^^
20:33:21pamauryFuze+ report 6.1 and Zen X-Fi2/3 report 6.0
20:33:45lorenzo92works both with /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1 -> i'm curious: where is this implemented? at chip rom level?
20:34:14pamauryno no, it's probably implemented by a proprietary module which is called the usb gadget implementing ums
20:34:21pamaury*called from
20:34:25pamauryvery common
20:35:57pamaurywith this interface you can do a firmware upgrade for example
20:37:02lorenzo92very interesting !
20:37:36lorenzo92I can grab the module from the rootfs
20:37:52pamaurythat would be interesting indeed, two sources of information
20:38:06pamauryOkay, I might have found the code which send the firmware to the recovery, but it will be difficult
20:38:55pamaurylorenzo92: for a reference about this interface see it's still quite incomplete and I still need to put many more things I know on the wiki
20:39:16lorenzo92great ;)
20:40:38pamauryif I'm right you can get the partition table and even the physical device underlying it (nand, mmc, etc)
20:40:56pamauryyou can read/write
20:41:12pamauryyou can also ask the device to reset or to reboot to updater or to recovery
20:43:00lorenzo92awesome if working, here your mystery package :D
20:43:11lorenzo92contains all the stuff related to usb I could find
20:43:37lorenzo92you know, the main app is Java and everything gets called using scripts and files ^^
20:44:23lorenzo92which by the way makes a little sense java-speaking since this processor has a Jazelle hw accel for it
20:44:56pamauryit was android before android :)
20:45:51lorenzo92indeed :D
20:46:45lorenzo92yeah I decompiled some classes, well audio is OSS based and there is a linux daemon SoundCtl to control sound, and the java app sends commands using a /tmp/sound file haha
20:46:57lorenzo92sorry for the OT :D
20:48:07pamauryhum, the actual firmware code might be in the windows driver. Indeed the stmp37xx is hid based so not need for a drive but the stmp36xx needs a drive in recovery mode
20:49:06lorenzo92pamaury: yes it needs it :(
20:49:26lorenzo92*if you mean driveR ;)
20:51:20pamauryyeah :)
20:51:34 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
20:51:46lorenzo92did you read the usb logging when updating to ram the
20:53:45pamaurynot really, I found first try to reverse engineer the code
20:53:56 Quit scorche` (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
20:55:33lorenzo92oh yes yes hope it will be useful!
20:55:53 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
20:56:41lorenzo92kugel: soon I will also try to complete usb support on R0, my first attempts where fine until some point (when loading the kernel module), I think I need to fork another process to do that
20:59:18 Quit TheSphinX_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:59:56 Join TheSphinX_ [0] (
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21:06:35 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
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21:59:09 Join Rower85 [0] (
21:59:14wodzpamaury: I posted my code on gerrit and attached logf.txt pastie in comment
21:59:40 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
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