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#rockbox log for 2012-12-13

00:01:00pamaurylorengo92 (logs): my theory is write, the updater simply write the sb file as-is to the bulk out
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05:32:52amayerif i want to delete the database from my player i just have to delete all the files that start with "database_" from the rockbox directory, correct?
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05:34:48amayerThank you.
05:34:50amayerIs this shomething that should be added to the wiki?
05:36:43amayershould I also add this to the manual?
05:36:52[Saint]It should probably be added to disktidy, which is fairly trivial.
05:36:57[Saint]I'll have a look.
05:45:02[Saint]adds a way to wipe out config.cfg (settings) and *.tcd (database) to the disktidy plugin, off by default.
05:45:24[Saint]...maybe needs a manual patch, but I don'
05:45:37[Saint]t dig latex. :)
05:46:25amayerive never used disktidy...
05:46:27amayeri already deleted the files from my player
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05:48:21amayerseems like a cool app... why do you need to delete config.cfg?
05:48:28[Saint]If I get bored later on I'll see if the manual needs changing and push it to gerrit.
05:49:15amayerIm about to you to sleep but I was going to add the manual way to delete the database to the manual tomorrow
05:49:22amayerI just updated the wiki for now
05:50:02amayerdid you push the disktidy change?
05:50:09[Saint]Deleting the .cfg I added at the last second, I thought it might be useful.
05:50:29amayeroh... so thats not needed to delete the database
05:50:36[Saint]If, for example, someone screws up their settings but can still navigate the menus.
05:51:49[Saint]you can reset each setting individually from the menu itself, but if you're not sure what you changed, it can be easier to just wipe out the settings and start fresh.
05:52:52amayer[Saint]: true. does the dev build ever wipe out settings. because sometimes i find that my settings are rest and im not sure if its a bug or if its because i just installed a new build
05:54:18[Saint]That should't have any effect...odd.
05:54:40[Saint]And no, Rockbox never deliberately wipes out the config.cfg.
05:54:48amayerhmm... ok
05:55:37[Saint]it's just a plain text file, it should be completely backwards and forwards compatible.
05:56:43[Saint]that kind of "file just automagicallly disappears" stuff smacks of filesystem corruption.
05:57:47amayerwell it didnt disapear. Its still there.
05:57:49amayeri just notice every once in a while that my volume is really loud and i go to my precut setting and its at 0db again. so i put it back to -6 to take off all amplification
05:58:33[Saint]Hum, I have no idea what that is.
05:58:43amayerthis is the first line in my config.cfg file
05:58:45amayer# .cfg file created by rockbox d119fb1-121206 -
05:58:47amayerso the build does something to it
05:58:52amayer(that is the last build i installed)
05:59:36[Saint]But you just reminded me that I wanted to do a "Safe headphone limit" patch. Something that automagically lowers the volume to a user defined level whenever headphones are inserted.
05:59:56[Saint](stealing ideas from cyanogenmod ;P)
06:00:49amayer[Saint]: insert headphones vs what?
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06:02:59pixelma[Saint]: something like fixed.cfg?
06:03:46[Saint]Oh, hum...yes, good point.
06:04:06[Saint]Well, yes and no.
06:05:02[Saint]fixed.cfg could only do its magic on boot, or if you force it to re-parse the .cfg
06:05:37[Saint]I was thinking along the lines of checking the volume is at a safe level every time with headphone detection.
06:06:23pixelmaalthough the problem with the volume on Android seems to be something else, or has this been fixed?
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06:08:48[Saint]Oh, no, that's still there. But I was thinking more along the lines of possibly accidentally raising the volume to a dangerous level before inserting the headphones and blasting yourself.
06:10:33amayer[Saint]: did you push the tidydisk patch?
06:10:35amayer(or was that just for me to use now?)
06:11:26[Saint]No, I didn't push it. I'll think about doing so later on when I've a bit more time and can see if the manual needs changing too.
06:18:23JdGordonfixed.cfg is only loaded at boot, not when loading random .cfgs
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06:31:17*[Saint] is aware of this
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09:23:46webguest39Does anyone know of a problem concerning the remaining time of track showing incorrectly on rockbox clip zip?
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09:26:37webguest39Further details may be obtained from .
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09:27:52webguest39Have also submitted the problem as a possible bug on .
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09:43:04webguest81Does anyone know of a problem concerning the remaining time of track showing incorrectly on rockbox clip zip? Further details may be obtained from Have also submitted the problem as a possible bug on
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09:56:09JdGordonbloody hell... the only person replying to my forum post about user selectable metadata skining thing.. was a spammer :/
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10:43:30dongsJdGordon: i know how you feel. I bitched about a feature thats been broken since 2008 and I was called a troll.
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11:06:11wodzdongs: The main difference between you and Jd is that he contribute quite a lot while you simply not.
11:06:50wodzWants a feature? Go implementing. If it isn't there it means that people that care don't need it.
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11:48:56wodzpamaury: ping
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12:45:05webguest940Does anyone know of a problem concerning the remaining time of track showing incorrectly on rockbox clip zip? Further details may be obtained from Have also submitted the problem as a possible bug on
12:46:14wodzPlease stop asking the same question over and over again. People do read logs.
12:47:14webguest940I did not know anyone was home.
12:47:33webguest940People come and go.
12:48:36dongswebguest940: my understanding after idling in here a few days is that if something is broken, you better fix it and submit a patch. or else noone will take you seriously.
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13:17:01pamaurywodz: PONG
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13:21:22wodzpamaury: Comparing wireshark log and on device log usb fails on first bulk transfer.
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13:50:06pamaurywodz: yeah that was my impression, unfortunately I won't have time until tomorrow and even th
13:50:10pamaurythen I'm not sure
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13:56:56Raptorspamaury, any progress on the gesture thing?
13:58:09pamauryRaptors: no sorry, I'm really busy recently, many deadlines and not enough time to do everything
13:58:28Raptorsno prob
13:58:40Raptorsit must be stressful being a programmer with a ton of deadlines
14:00:38pamauryactually I'm a researcher and there many submission deadline coming, and papers don't write alone ;)
14:01:14wodzyou should write 'paper generator' :-)
14:01:51Raptorspamaury, that sounds pretty boring
14:04:34pamaurywodz: it already exists ;) But research is definitely cool. I wouldn't like being a programmer
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16:06:04pamaurylorenzo92 (logs): if you want to try it, I implemented stmp36xx support in sbloader. You can find the code here: pamaury/rockbox-1/tree/master/utils/imxtools/sbtools"> Obviously I have no way to test it currently so I leave it to you :) For example try to send the file using it: sbloader 0 and see if it runs correctly
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17:00:34 Part LinusN
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18:48:12lorenzo92pamaury: good to know for the updater, so I think it is easy to write down some code for it right (I assume that for you :D )?
18:48:40lorenzo92pamaury: ah just seen I'll try now ;)
18:56:39lorenzo92pamaury: ping ... your tool works perfectly !!! congrats ;)
19:00:31lorenzo92it has loaded a sigmatel made bootloader for this chip, as well as the original bootloader (not the recovery one) and booted the device to the OF
19:04:34lorenzo92should I test some particular cases (e.g. zero byte files and so on?)
19:07:15 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
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20:03:38npnthHi, I have a bunch of mp3 files with non-ASCII id3v2 tags. I've tagged them using UTF-8 as the encoding. In the file browser, the names of the files show up correctly, and for a split second when I start the song, my wps will show the filename correctly
20:04:18npnthhowever, as soon as it loads the tags, the wps will drop into what looks like 8859-1 gibberish.
20:05:36npnthWhen I inspect the files with id3v2 -l, they show fine on my computer. How should I change encoding the tags to get rockbox to recognize them correctly? Use UTF-16?
20:06:23gevaertsThat's weird. I'd expect them to show up either correctly or wrong, not both...
20:06:40npnth(I'm using the micro wps on a Sansa Clip+, which has a screenshot of displaying these fonts correctly)
20:07:10gevaertsDo you have *only* id3v2, or are there maybe some v1 tags too?
20:07:16*gevaerts is really just guessing here
20:07:20npnthOnly v2
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20:08:07dfktboth wps and file browser use an unicode-capable font?
20:08:12npnthI can provide one of the files in question, if need be (they're being pulled from an internet radio station with streamripper, with all of the tagging options set to UTF-8)
20:08:35gevaertsAh, wait, I misread
20:08:36npnthyes. I was using fixed-8 for the file browser, which understandably didn't work, but I use (hang on)
20:08:58npnthSazanami-Mincho for the file browser now, which works fine
20:09:08npnthI believe that is the font used in the wps as well
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20:10:40gevaertsIt's almost certainly not a font problem
20:10:57gevaertsA font either has the character you want or it doesn't. It won't show the wrong one
20:11:02 Join lebellium [0] (
20:11:25npnthSounds reasonable to me - especially since during the [very] brief loading the wps does show the right characters.
20:12:33*gevaerts checks the code
20:13:14dfktdoes rockbox handle id3v2.4 fully? (i only use 2.3 for broad compatibility)
20:13:35gevaertsI'm trying to find out
20:14:06gevaertsIf we don't, utf8 for id3v2 probably doesn't work and you have to use either latin1 or ucs2
20:14:32npnth <−− post from Llorean indicates id3v2.4 is supported... but I can try rewriting in 2.3
20:14:50npnthLet me see if I can figure out how to retag a file and specify the version
20:15:44 Quit y4n (Quit: Today is the perfect day for a perfect day.)
20:16:15gevaertsOK, the code definitely handles encoding==3, i.e. utf8
20:17:07gevaertsSo either there's a bug in our metadata handling, or the id3v2 tag isn't correct
20:18:17npnthAssuming it's the latter, how could I check for incorrect tags?
20:18:58gevaertsI'm trying toi find out :)
20:20:05gevaertsAssuming the actual data is indeed utf8 (which I think is likely), if the files are to blame, they're either not marked as v2.4, or the encoding in them isn't specified correctly
20:20:15gevaertsthe id3v2 tool shows neither, apparently
20:21:05npnthThis may be silly, but if I dropped them to v1 do you think that would make a difference?
20:21:33gevaertsDon't. v1 doesn't specify encoding at all, and string length limits are much shorter
20:25:16npnthHmm. Perhaps (on a limb here) because my system locale is utf-8 the tagging library isn't explicitly setting it?
20:26:51gevaertsThere *must* be a tool that shows this stuff...
20:27:40 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
20:28:29npnthI suppose I could hunt around for a player that doesn't work with 2.4 tags and use it as a detector :)
20:28:57dfkton windows there's MP3Tag, which - while it won't show the encoding of current tags - at least lets you specifcy the encoding for re-writing tags
20:29:32dfktit has utf-8, utf-16, and 8859-1 for v2.3/2.4
20:30:26gevaertsCan you upload one of the files somewhere? I could have a go with a hexdump tool :)
20:31:32npnthSure, hang on a second
20:37:43gevaertsYou could actually cut off the first few kilobytes. Theid3v2 info is at the start of the file, and I don't really need the rest
20:37:52npnthalright, if you ftp to '' you should find an mp3 in the root directory.
20:38:25 Quit WalkGood (Quit: ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪)
20:38:42gevaertsOK. got it
20:38:58npnthOkay. The file transfer probably butchered the name, but the tags should be intact at least.
20:39:12gevaertsAt first sight, that's v2.3
20:40:23npnthThat might make sense - I told the library to write with UTF-8, and 2.3 should be UTF-16?
20:40:46gevaerts2.3 is either ucs2 or latin1
20:42:31npnthOkay. ucs2 should be equivalent to -16 for the characters I want, so I'll see if I can get my tagwriter to forcably write in that.
20:42:39*gevaerts nods
20:42:54gevaertsoh, "file" seems to say which id3 version it is...
20:44:23npnth... heh, it sure does. So it looks like I was tagging in 2.4 form, but then calling it 2.3.
20:44:33gevaertsThe text in your file (at least the TIT2 tag) seems to be marked as latin1
20:46:45*gevaerts thinks tagging software should not offer the option to pick nonstandard encodings without big red warnings, if at all
20:46:52npnthI believe that would be an error on the part of the tag writer then... The text should contain characters outside latin1, my system locale isn't latin1, and I had the id3 encoding explicitly set to something other than latin1...
20:48:06gevaertsWell, the id3v2.3 encoding can only be specified as latin1 or ucs2. If the software is going to use a different encoding, it can't actually specify the encoding correctly
20:48:55gevaertsAnyway, if latin1 isn't enough, and you can't go to v2.4 for whatever reason, I'd say retagging as ucs2 is the best solution
20:49:33npnthIt looks like the software I'm using doesn't allow me to specify 2.4, so I'll move to ucs2 for now and let them know about the issue.
20:49:58gevaertsWell, 2.4 is quite new. It was only released in 2000 :)
20:51:12gevaertsMaybe we should have a setting to allow forcing tags to utf8. I'm not too sure I like the idea of such workarounds though
20:59:02 Join megal0maniac [0] (
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21:18:26npnthFYI, the server sent around a non-ASCII filename, and switching to ucs2 now makes Rockbox recognize all the tags. So that was indeed the problem.
21:18:29npnthThanks again!
21:18:30 Part npnth
21:20:40lorenzo92pamaury: sometimes I get this error code when attaching usb to my uart z5 0x80504009 and you know what? I found that it has a meaning ->
21:20:51lorenzo92yes your beloved imx233 :D
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23:28:09dfktdid anyone else encounter the issue that with rockbox on android (galaxy tab with CM9 in my case) running, the screen won't turn on anymore, after it turned off? once the sleep timer shuts down rockbox, the screen works again. i sporadically try new rasher builds, but this issue seems to persist on my device
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