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#rockbox log for 2012-12-14

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00:26:34pamaurylorenzo92: I already found these codes long ago, don't remember where actually. Useful indeed
00:27:51pamaurylorenzo92: thanks for testing sbloader
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07:25:41[Saint]Is there a way to know the storage type in Rockbox? Other than internal/external?
07:26:08[Saint]As in, flash vs. an actual spinning platter, for instance.
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07:30:55JdGordonerr, you mean on devices which assume spinning but not?
07:32:08[Saint]Well, yeah, I was thinking about devices which are supposed to be spinning platter, but are frequently modified by the user with a CF or SSD, yet the settings still assume a spinning platter.
07:33:08[Saint]And then they spin out about still having spindown and anti-skip buffer et al.
07:33:54_dongspretty sure last media player with a hard disk in it has bene osboleted more than a decade ago
07:34:07_dongslunix removed support for 386, time to dump support for dead tech here too
07:34:19_dongsmaybe while you're at it, you can fix triggered recording to actually perform as the manual describes
07:34:40[Saint]maybe you could stop being a douche?
07:35:16JdGordon[Saint]: the watermark stuff works off the disc access time (real, not reported) so that shouldnt matter
07:36:21[Saint]I just think it would be nice if the build could adapt to the storage type being changed, and not present those settings.
07:37:16_dongs64gbyte emmc is like $60 in single qtys from places like arrow/digikey
07:37:25_dongswhy would anyone want a spinning disk on a modern media player
07:37:41_dongs(or have more than 64gb of audio media)
07:37:52_dongsyou'd spend more time copying shit to it than you'd ever spend listening to it
07:38:55[Saint]I guess it is fairly safe to consider that if the user has modified their DAP to include an SSD or CF card that they could compile their own build and make the trivial modifications needed to dis-include the needless settings though...
07:39:11Galoisyou don't have to sit there waiting for it to copy
07:39:14_dongsdoes rockbox still require gcc to build?
07:39:19JdGordon[Saint]: hmm, well, if you make a list of the ones to remove we can talk about it
07:39:41_dongsI remember bringing up trying to compile it with a real compiler and seeing immediate performance gains, but I guess noone cared.
07:39:47_dongsthis was back in like 2006
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08:48:34wodz_dongs: Please disclose to us whats the name of the 'real compiler' which will bring us 'immediate performance gains'. Seriously, if you think rockbox is broken and developers are so lazy and stupid please go away. Nothing prevents you from forking and showing the rest of the world how dull current rb team was. Your comments bring nothing but irritating people. Please STOP.
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10:46:45lorenzo92 pamaury (logs): you're welcome ;)
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11:42:48wodzpamaury: Maybe I found out why bulk doesn't work. bit7 of RXnCON is described as 'Set as one to enable the INTERRUPT OUTPUT generation initiated by the assertion of RXACK'. Both OF and stage2 loader of rk27load set this bit.
11:43:48pamaurycool, will you have time to check this theory today ?
11:44:43wodzI am not sure
11:46:08wodzah, similar situation is for TXnCON.
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11:53:57lorenzo92pamaury: okay so I think we have all the tools to start the stmp36xx platform, well, I have lots of ideas in my mind but not sure I know what to do next :D
11:54:39pamaurythe missing tool is elftosb, since it doesn't create sb file for the stmp36xx right now. There is the windows tool but we don't want to use that.
11:55:00pamauryI'll write it soon, we the existing code it should be really fast
11:55:58lorenzo92ah right indeed I was missing this detail :)
11:57:39pamauryIf I were you, my first step would be to write a small tool that you can send to RAM and which has working usb. For example you could modify imxtools/hxemul to run on the stmp36xx (should be easy, the usb core doesn't modifications). When you're done, I send you other tools I wrote to have the screen working (using usb as a logger, very handy). When you have usb and the screen working, it will be much easier
12:00:00pamaurywodz: I'll try to fix usb on rk27xx now, I have a bit of time. Your code is on gerrit ?
12:01:10lorenzo92pamaury: indeed that was my as I probably understood your hwemul doesn't use any other rockbox code right? then yeah I can test this :)
12:01:41pamaurylorenzo92: yes, it's really minimal. It already runs on stmp37xx so that should give you an idea of what needs to be modified
12:02:23pamaurymost probably: pin registers and clock control
12:02:50pamaurybut I don't remember if they are used ^^
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12:04:08pamaurylorenzo92: and remove the pwm stuff, it shouldn't be there, that's a mistake of mine
12:05:45lorenzo92ok :)
12:06:07lorenzo92and so for the moment i will use the elftosb 4 windows
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12:07:53pamaurylorenzo92: if the tool crashes, tell me, I'll give you some command to run to strip the guilty sections of the executable
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12:07:58wodzpamaury: yes the code is on gerrit
12:09:31wodzare you going to do native port or RaaA?
12:10:21pamaurywodz: do you know if RXACKINTEN needs to be set once or once per transfer ?
12:11:05lorenzo92wodz: native, I hope to be able to help, at least, hehe
12:11:35wodzpamaury: I think once
12:12:54wodzpamaury: utils/rk27utils/rk27load/stage2/*.S has working usb out transfers
12:13:02wodz*bulk out
12:13:41pamaurywodz: by the way, last time I tried, when I plug usb and unplug, the device doesn't detect the unplug
12:14:00wodzyes I know about this
12:14:20wodzI am not quite sure yet how to fix this
12:18:22Raptorspamaury, btw, how did you figure out how to fix the annoying ass static sound on boot?
12:18:53pamauryRaptors: it seems to me that the current HEAD is much better in this regard, have you tried it ?
12:19:12Raptorscurrent head?
12:19:30RaptorsI am running the firmware from the 11th
12:19:36Raptorsand there is no static sound
12:20:07pamauryah, sorry, you question is about how I found out ?
12:20:30Raptorsyou weren't sure how to fix it before
12:21:04RaptorsJust looked at the original firmware?
12:21:22pamauryfirst I did RMAA tests to understand what was wrong. We figured out that some bias was wrong. And then I found out to charge the capacitor without a pop. Many trial and errors, looking at the OF and I finally found a solution without it
12:21:53pamauryI must say I don't completely understand why you have to do that but hey
12:22:52pamaurythere still is a problem with the frequency response if you looked at the RMAA test on the forum but that's less of an issue
12:23:53lorenzo92pamaury: I don't have the device right with me, but seems that pin addresses are pretty the same
12:25:32pamaurywodz: with this bit set, the interrupt is generated for the first bulk out. Then it doesn't seem to work but that's a first step
12:27:29pamauryI'm not sure I understand your code. Why if(ep->cnt > 0) blk_read(...) else usb_core_transfer_complete() ?
12:28:42pamaurywodz: say you do a bulk out and after the first transfer you're done. Then ep->cnt=0 but you won't get an interrupt anymore
12:30:31 Quit lorenzo92 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
12:30:52wodzpamaury: I don't have the code to look but it is quite likely I screwed this up
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12:37:18_dongssansa clip+ usb was much better in old version
12:37:25_dongscurrent -stable crashes half the time when USB is pluged in.
12:37:37_dongsand for some reason on my system, also kills the hub its connected to.
12:37:56_dongsso i have to pull the hub's power and reconnect.
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12:41:21wodzpamaury: ok, so in interrupt one should check how much was transfered in this transaction actually, you are right.
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14:01:49pamaurywodz: I'm a bit afraid by the dma code of this driver because it doesn't have a way to limit the amount of incoming data. For example if you usb_drv_recv 31 bytes but the host sends 32, it will write one byte past the end of buffer :-/
14:05:18wodzpamaury: true, but I can't see a way to prevent this
14:05:49wodzpamaury: there is no counter in dma regs
14:06:16pamauryI know. By the way I fixed bulk in, it now passes more or less inquiry. Some transfer still fail though
14:06:34wodzgreat. Please put it on gerrit
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14:08:08pamauryI don't quite understand why the host resets the device at some point, strange
14:10:25wodzthat was bothering me too, but I know too little about usb
14:10:52pamaurywodz: do you know if I can push the change on the same gerrit task ?
14:11:19pamauryor I can pastebin the diff, it's very small
14:11:23wodzyes you can. You only need to preserve this ID line
14:11:37wodzpamaury: whatever you like
14:12:40pamauryok, I'll pastebin the diff. I would need to have a look at this with the usb analyzer but my time is up. I think it would be simpler to disable ums and only debug HID, it's a simpler protocol at the beginning. And iirc UMS uses weird stall in his protocol, perhaps the driver doesn't handle it
14:13:30wodzhid doesn't use bulk transfers, no?
14:13:47pamauryno interrupt, but it's exactly as bulk exactly the max packet size
14:14:16pamaury(exactly for the programming point of view, it's the job of the host to ensure at interrupt transfer get the proper bandwidth)
14:14:52pamaurywodz: if you have a doubt about usb, I highly recommand USB in a Nutshell
14:15:29wodzpamaury: I know this document but there is huge difference between 'have idea' and 'deeply understand'
14:15:40wodz*have an idea
14:16:59wodzpamaury: but rk27xx have only interrupt IN endpoints so only half of the chain can be debugged this way
14:17:07pamauryI admit the rk27xx controller is really tricky because the doc is vague
14:17:22pamaurythat's true
14:17:40pamaurythen debug using logf over usb or even a custom driver
14:17:51wodzand misleading - DMA start bit is described as bit0 in one place and as bit1 in other
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15:09:25the-grueHi, I'd like to give opus a try. Which version do I have to install on my sansa clip+? I suppose bugreports go to, right?
15:11:02gevaertsA current development build, and yes
15:20:29the-grueThank you :)
15:20:39 Part the-grue
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16:08:30pamaurywodz (logs): with my code (slightly modified), it fails because at some point the received CBW (for UMS) has bad signature. I check with the usb analyzer and the signature is correct so there might a problem in the dma setup or something
16:09:56pamaurywodz (logs): by the way, I've found another request handled by the hardware: clear feature (for example, clear stall)
16:10:46 Quit shamus (Quit: chaos reigns within reflect repent and reboot order shall return)
16:11:21pamaurywodz (logs): though it's not clear if it *actually* clear the stall or just notify it
16:18:50pamauryhum, thinking about it now, there might be a problem with the cache if you didn't set the proper defines
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16:37:55pamaurywodz (logs): is there a way to discard a cache entry on the rk27xx ? (and not simply commit and discard)
16:48:59pamaurywodz (logs): funny, if I cache aligned things and commit_discard_idcache() it seems to work much better, but if I only commit_discard_dcache_range(), it doesn't work
16:57:27 Quit the-kyle (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:59:29 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
17:04:41pamaurywodz (logs): why don't you check for disconnection in CONN_INTR ? it explains why you can't detect unplug !
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17:14:15pamaurywodz (logs): I don't know why but ums reports two devices: sd card and *something* but the something has incredibly high storage size so the hosts send READ CAPACITY (16) which we don't handle and that kills the whole thing
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17:52:37pamaurygevaerts: in usb_storage.c, in the case of an unhandled command (search "unknown cmd"), shouldn't we stall the bulk endpoints too ?
17:53:12pamauryI checked and linux seems to wait for a response even though the cbw failed
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18:47:31gevaertspamaury: maybe. I seem to remember changing that a few times...
18:47:42pamauryi'm trying to see
18:49:15pamaurythis rk27xx controller is really weird. Handling clear feature in hardware but *not* actually clear stall...
18:49:29pamauryit generates an interrupt but that's just...weird !
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19:13:42pamaurywodz (logs): current state:
19:14:16pamauryI can enumerate, report drives but all read/write fail/timeout. I must leave so I don't have any time to investigate the issue but we are getting closer !!
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20:22:57lorenzo92pamaury: I wanted to do a quick try compiling your hwemul without many changes, okay got the elf, but then why elftosb crashes with an unhandled exception? can you please guide me I don't really know how to use it
20:29:35 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
20:41:15 Join wodz [0] (
20:43:48wodzpamaury: Great job! I reacall comment somewhere that dma buffer for udc needs to be double word aligned. Regarding the cache - you cannot simply discard. Only commit+discard is supported. range discard work in lcd driver so I don't know why it doesn't work for you.
20:45:11wodzpamaury: Could it be that 'big' other drive is nand which is not reported correctly? I mean all nand functions are stubs so maybe some uninitialized var?
20:46:41wodzpamaury: Checking (DEV_INFO & VBUS_STS) simply didn't work for me. If it works thats great.
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23:05:47pamaurywodz: yeah, sounds like uninitialized var
23:07:21pamaurylorenzo92: you must discard the .ARM.attributes section: arm-elf-eabi-objcopy -R .ARM.attributes in.elf out.elf
23:14:19 Quit melmothX (Quit: bau)
23:19:48 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
23:31:23pamaurywodz (logs): I tried to disable the nand storage and now it works almost ! For some reason the driver reads the partition table then the FAT and it fails on the first real read. It's peculiar since it's big (64kio) contrary to all the previous ones (1024 bytes). I currently don't have an explaination though because the usb analyzer reports the transfer as successful but the CBW is never sent it seems
23:33:04pamauryhum interesting, actually the host request for more than 64kio but the device only sends 64kio. It seems there is a bug somewhere
23:34:46 Join brkfstsqd [0] (
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23:41:25pamaurywodz (logs): yeah, my theory is right, it sends a ZLP after 64kio instead of continuing
23:42:54pamauryok, that's because usb_storage split the transfer into two parts and the driver sends a ZLP after the first whereas it probably shouldn't
23:46:05 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
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23:48:10 Part amayer_
23:48:59pamaurywodz: it works \o/
23:49:42pamaurywodz: working version:
23:50:09pamauryneeds lot of cleanup. The fix was easy: don't send a ZLP in bulk transfer except if the transfer length is 0 (that was a change from >0 to >=0)
23:50:27pamauryI haven't checked HID, perhaps interrupt transfers need the same fixes as bulk in
23:50:43 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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