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#rockbox log for 2012-12-17

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00:16:06saratogabluebrother: is it a problem for rbutil if we mark the clip zip stable but don't have a stable release for it?
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05:03:41h120_useranyone here have an iriver h1xx series that can help me out
05:08:55JdGordonask, dont ask to ask
05:09:14[Saint]It is likely that your problem doesn't relate to that port specifically, also.
05:09:42[Saint]So, just ask. Don't make it model specific unless it relates to manual installation.
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05:11:42h120_userumm i had rockbox 3.8
05:11:52h120_userand I tried to upgrade by using the rockbox utility
05:12:01h120_userit still bnoots as 3.8 but now with codec failure
05:12:13h120_useri just want rockbox 3.12 on it
05:12:39JdGordondid you flash it>?
05:13:23h120_usernot since 3.8
05:14:12JdGordonreflash it then :)
05:14:31JdGordoni dont know the details for h100 to do that, but it sounds like you're booting the 3.8 in rom and not the one from the disk
05:14:44JdGordongo into the file browser, into /.rockbox/ and run the rockbox.h100 file
05:14:46h120_useryeah when it says disk ata problem shows up
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05:15:42h120_userso run the .h100 file after installing with utility right
05:17:51JdGordondisk ata problems could be interesting
05:17:55h120_userno there
05:18:01h120_userwhen I installed theres no files when i browse
05:21:15JdGordongo into the settings and change to supported
05:21:21JdGordonfile display
05:21:30h120_useryeah figure im missing something ROLO is executing now
05:21:36JdGordonoh, rockbox.iriver is the one you want
05:21:42h120_userahh fudge
05:21:55JdGordonromboox.iriver is the one to flash.. i tinhk
05:21:56h120_userwill that install it to the ROM or HDD
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05:26:31*[Saint] backs away slowly
05:27:58[Saint]I'm unfamiliar wih the device, but, JdGordon is likely correct...the codec error symptoms point to a missmatch between the binary and other base files
05:29:20[Saint]my guess is that the more recent .rockbox folder made it to disk, but the main binary wasn't updated, or vice versa.
05:31:03h120_userhow long should the flashng take
05:31:11h120_userROLO executing for a while now
05:31:20[Saint]a full install through Rockbox Utility should 'just work' assuming your account has sufficient permissions and the device mounts and is writeable.
05:31:23JdGordonyou cant rolo the rombox.iriver file
05:31:30JdGordonrombox needs to run from rom
05:31:59JdGordoni suggest reading the manual though
05:32:05JdGordon99% sure a forced reset is safe
05:32:39JdGordondoesnt the bootloader have a boot menu to let you choose rombox or rockbox from disk?
05:32:54[Saint]it should always be safe I thought? where 'safe' == may wipe out the filesystem.
05:33:31h120_userthats fine
05:33:36h120_userhow do i reset
05:34:06JdGordondoesnt it have a hole to push a pin in to reset?
05:34:51h120_usergot it
05:34:52[Saint]much more elegant than my "RTFM" suggestion. :)
05:35:02h120_useridk where in the manual im at
05:35:04[Saint]and yes, it does have a reset pinhole.
05:35:05h120_userflash firmware
05:35:08h120_userreinstall this etc etc
05:35:40[Saint]you can search the manual...
05:36:13[Saint]it should really be he very first reference point for any issues you might face.
05:36:39[Saint]a good 90% of he common traps users fall into are detailed within.
05:37:53[Saint]...but, since you're here already and asked so nicely, we'll let you off :)
05:38:49[Saint]If you were wanting to avoid the futzing around here, you should just be able to do a full install with Rockbox Utility.
05:49:15h120_useri did install w/ rockbox utility
05:49:22h120_userI can only boot to ROM image
05:51:53h120_userso i boot into rom and run rockbox.iriver
05:51:56h120_userboots into 3.12
05:52:24h120_userwhen i turn it off and turn it on
05:52:27h120_userboots into 3.8
05:52:32h120_usergotta flash 3.12 into rom
05:52:33JdGordonrun rockbox.iriver
05:52:39h120_useri did
05:52:41JdGordonthen see if there is a rombox flash plugin
05:52:41h120_userin 3.12 now
05:53:12h120_userso there is
05:53:15h120_userso while im in 3.12
05:53:18h120_userrun rombox.iriver?
05:53:28JdGordonrun the flash plugin
05:54:13[Saint]he manual installation section in the manual should detail this process.
05:55:11JdGordonSet "Show files" to "All".
05:55:12JdGordonThrough the Files entry in the Rockbox menu, navigate to the .rockbox directory, enter it and scroll down to rombox.iriver
05:55:15JdGordonPlace the cursor over rombox.iriver, long press joystick (navi), then select "open with",
05:55:18JdGordona new menu will open, select iriver_flash and execute it.
05:55:20JdGordonIf the requirements are met, a confirmation message is displayed,
05:55:23JdGordonPress PLAY to confirm.
05:55:25JdGordonRestore the boot sequence to your preference as per Bootloader configuration below
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05:59:23JdGordon[Saint]: have you played with 9 seg bmps yet?
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06:00:18h120_useryeah it says incompatible version
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06:03:05[Saint]JdGordon: very, very briefly. I did something wrong, though, and couldn't get it to parse (and you were asleep).
06:03:36[Saint]Much to my annoyance and dismay I've had SFA time for hacking of any kind lately.
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06:05:25JdGordonbah :)
06:05:43[Saint]My plan is to use it to draw the overflow menu on the touch cabbies to familiarize myself wih the process, but real life and poor time management has been kicking my ass lately.
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07:46:29nosa-jwhich Conditionals do i need to tell rockbox to display a progress bar, artist, and title, tags wile the sbs menu is shown (ex: like at the bottem of the screen wile i browse)
07:52:23JdGordonwell, have you created a sbs?
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08:40:51[Saint]nosa-j: exactly none.
08:40:58[Saint]NExt question?
08:42:05[Saint]Lets try this instead...
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08:42:27[Saint]Tell us what you'd like to do, instead of asking how to do what it is you think you should do/need to do.
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11:06:59wodzpamaury: I checked on other box and I do get usb reset, device offline etc. errors
11:07:23pamaurythat's quite unfortunate
11:08:49pamauryI need to find a box which fails and run the analyzer on it seems. You could try to capture the failure with wireshark and send it to me but I'm afraid a real usb analyzer might be needed here
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11:13:21wodzhum, with this box dap seems to crash. After reported disconnection it doesn't react on usb unplug, screen stays black
11:13:55wodzhmm, maybe not quite but it needs quite some time to come back to 'reacting' state
11:14:28pamauryperhaps this has something to do with the unconstrained dma issue ?
11:14:46pamauryAnyway I have absolutely no time for this right now :(
11:17:33wodzpamaury: Ok, I'll experiment a bit, grab logs etc.
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12:56:40lorenzo92pamaury: how can I send to usb a string to be shown on my pc? i.e. I implemented the hold key detection (hopefully) and I want to see if it really working...moreover this moring I had a read to the datasheet during lecture :D
13:09:26lorenzo92pamaury: okay I think the device cannot send the logf
13:09:49 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
13:16:50pamaurylorenzo92: that's already implemented in hwemul
13:17:50pamaurysee hwemul_tool.c: print_log
13:28:15lorenzo92pamaury: okay then there is something that doesn't work perhaps
13:28:43pamaurywhat is the output of hwemul_tool ?
13:30:49pamauryhum, indeed libusb:warning [libusb_control_transfer] unrecognised status code 1
13:31:02pamaurysomehow the retrieval of the log fails whereas the other requests fail
13:31:16pamaurylet me check something
13:31:37pamaurycan you tell me if the device is connected in full speed or high speed ?
13:35:37lorenzo92uhm maybe it gets in conflict with the uart recevier? indeed I try without it
13:36:00lorenzo92btw rom gets dumped!!!
13:36:30pamaurydid you check the content of the rom file ?
13:36:45lorenzo92yes it seems okay, some stmp strings etc
13:36:55lorenzo92how do I know if it is fullspeed? :)
13:37:00pamauryI'm a bit puzzled because the rom gets dumped but on the pastebin the read fails and the logs too, perhaps "big" transfers fail, maybe some clock problem causes dma underrun
13:37:06pamauryin dmesg
13:37:47lorenzo92pamaury: full-speed
13:37:56pamauryhum, interesting
13:38:39lorenzo92pamaury: don't know if it can be helpful: usb 6-1: config 1 interface 0 altsetting 0 endpoint 0x82 has an invalid bInterval 0, changing to 32
13:39:46lorenzo92pamaury: I was studying the gpio interface, I need to set the pin to gpio function, then enable_gpio_output(.., false) and get_input_mask(0, 1<<13) right? :)
13:39:55lorenzo92for pin 13 bank 0
13:41:24pamaurylorenzo92: for full speed you probably need to fix the max packet size. Can you change "endpoint_descriptor.wMaxPacketSize = 512;" to "endpoint_descriptor.wMaxPacketSize = 64;" and same thing for "endpoint_descriptor.wMaxPacketSize = 1024;"
13:41:24pamauryTo read you don't need to setup the pin as gpio
13:42:28lorenzo92pamaury: okay thanks, I will continue later after lecture!
13:42:45pamauryif I find the time, I'll commit the fix about the packet size
13:43:00lorenzo92i'll test it now...
13:45:25lorenzo92seems not working :( will see that later
13:45:42lorenzo92also 1024 to 64 right?
13:46:56lorenzo92pamaury: argg now rom file is only 64kb
13:47:41lorenzo92maybe need to check against some register addresses! I may still miss something
13:51:36pamaurythe code is not really full-speed correct, it needs some careful fixing
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14:28:21pamaurylorenzo92: you can try this: i'm not sure it solves the problem though
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18:11:45amayer_scorche: im not sure if you get the auto update but I noticed this article and though I would clue you in.
18:12:09 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
18:14:09scorche|shamayer_: thanks - i will check it out later - likely tomorrow night or something (maybe tonight if i get time)
18:15:10amayer_scorche|sh: your welcome
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19:05:16lorenzo92pamaury (logs): okay it is possible that I screwed up the build environment, I will retry later ;)
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20:12:29lorenzo92pamaury: I really cannot figure out, so the actual status is: device gets initialized (apparently), hwemul can read indeed something (ROM content seems okay)
20:12:35lorenzo92some STMP strings etc
20:12:55lorenzo92but I cannot receive any log nor a read32
20:13:25lorenzo92pamaury: btw, I did NOT need to modify anything for now, that may be the reason :D
20:18:12lorenzo92pamaury: some detailed information about the connection:
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20:36:01lorenzo92pamaury: cool, I found out that gpio control registers are somewhat different, now hold key is "working" in the sense that hwemul idles before initializing the usb if hold is set (yeah that sounds trivial but it is already nice for me :D)
20:37:30 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
20:41:09lorenzo92pff other buttons apart poweron are handled by adc ^^
20:44:13pamaurylorenzo92: did you try the fix I pastebin on the channel about full-speed ? I'm not sure it helps but we never know
20:45:07lorenzo92pamaury: yes, and indeed doesn't help BUT doing call 0xC000000 locked up hwemul, so communications seem to work, but I don't really understand what is going on
20:45:24lorenzo92I guess does the same also without the latest patch
20:45:47lorenzo92usb registers are the same, GPIO are NOT
20:46:01lorenzo92I'm trying to enumerate them in the main.c
20:47:49pamaurylorenzo92: I can see other reasons, for example if the cpu speed is too low, read can fails due to timing constraints
20:48:23lorenzo92I can just say yeah seems logical :D but yes indeed it may be.I think now it is running at 40mhz
20:56:38pamaurymaybe you could try to increase the cpu/bus block speed, but without any feedback that's a bit tricky and I don't have the same device at hand to test :)
21:01:39lorenzo92indeed, perhaps first I need to create the right defines to handle pins
21:02:06lorenzo92I was thinking how to compute them from the bank number...
21:03:02lorenzo92pamaury: oh wait perhaps they are the same as for stmp3750 ! need to see...
21:03:25pamaurylet me eat and I'll try to figure out this usb issue
21:03:47lorenzo92ah nono they are not :) yes yes in the meanwhile i figure out something more
21:04:07 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
21:16:32lorenzo92pamaury: yes registers are very similar to the ones of stmp3750 (this 50 indicates something perhaps), so I added also the STMP3650
21:26:36 Quit sciopath (Quit: Quitte)
21:27:49nosa-j[Saint]: i was just trying to baslicly make a theme im still messing around it
21:28:02nosa-ji supouse ill find my way
21:28:14 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@
21:28:16nosa-jsorry for being vauge
21:28:17 Quit anewuser (Changing host)
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21:29:07lorenzo92pamaury: okay GPIO's are now fixed ;)
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22:13:14lorenzo92pamaury: here the GPIO patch,
22:13:57pamaurylorenzo92: I would have used HAVE_STMP3600, all stmp36xx are the same
22:14:16 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:14:50lorenzo92yeah why not ;)
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22:33:12lorenzo92pamaury: a good point is thatmuch of the stmp3650 seems similar to the 3750, that's good i guess
22:34:39pamauryI told you there is little different between those chips, even though we don't have the doc for the stmp3700
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