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#rockbox log for 2012-12-18

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09:00:09wodzmortalis: what is the problem with 601slim actually?
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09:20:45mortaliswodz: I guess i broke it in;a=commitdiff;h=50370cd70ddfc00d9407c4df02b4d49a90cce664. I did this because i thought if I read gpio than it should be configured as input.
09:21:29mortalisalso in v0.11 OF they changed a bit lcd identification and lcd init.
09:22:20wodzIs it used both to get some value and drive some pin really?
09:22:39mortalisbut don't know why my modified builds doesn't work for zaurux
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09:23:08mortaliswodz: you mean both directions?
09:23:37mortalisno it use only one.
09:23:45mortaliswait i'll pastebin code
09:23:47wodzwell, is it used only for identification? If so setting it as input should be ok.
09:24:14wodzmaybe they enable/disable internall pullup?
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09:26:41mortalisin v0.10 firmare they don't use GPIO_PCCON |= (1<<7); GPIO_PCDR &= ~(1<<7);
09:27:09mortalisi mean 5-8 lines
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09:29:39mortalisit's looks weired for me. They write to gpio pin right after it read it. But somehow it works.
09:31:20wodzmortalis: what you mean?
09:31:47wodz(1<<7) looks like some reset assertion
09:32:00mortalisi mean this GPIO_PCDR |= (1<<4); if (GPIO_PCDR & (1<<4))
09:32:50wodzfor me it looks like they (improperly) test for something *actively* pulling this pin down.
09:33:26wodzIMO the proper way is to setup pin as input with pullup active
09:34:34wodzwith OF scheme if something IS actively pulling down the pin excessive current is drawn
09:35:20wodzuntil they finally switch this pin to input after detection
09:35:22mortalispullup active by default iirc.
09:36:47wodzAnyway lines 5-8 look pretty standard for me. Lots of lcd controllers have reset line (usually active low).
09:39:36wodzdatasheet doesn't mention anything about pullup value on gpio pins, maybe thats the problem (but unlikely)
09:41:32mortaliswodz: SCU_GPIOUPCON reset value: 0x0
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09:44:55mortaliswodz: recently (just few hours ago) one more guy tested pastebin code on 2 601slims. And it works for him on both.
09:45:45wodzmortalis: right, but we don't know what is the internal pull down value. In theory they might implement detection by two distinct *external* pull down resistor values.
09:46:34wodzIt may be that internal pullup is too weak to see the difference
09:47:00wodzif thats the case it is seriously broken scheme :P
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09:51:33mortaliswodz: you suggesting this, right?
09:54:56wodzmortalis: This probably makes no difference since SCU_GPIOUPCON is (probably) 0x0 anyway.
09:55:30mortaliswodz: then what do you mean by "with pullup active"
09:55:49wodzI am speculating that internal pullup is too weak to see the difference between *external* pulldowns they choose to differentiate lcd types
09:56:13wodzthats why they drive the line up actively
09:58:42wodzmortalis: I mean the proper way to design this not how it is actually.
10:00:35wodzmortalis: anyway, if you detect type2 you should probably either stop driving line high or switch it as input to avoid excessive current draw.
10:00:52wodzI mean after detection
10:01:06wodzfor type1 it probably doesn't matter
10:03:19mortaliswodz: add GPIO_PCCON &= ~(1<<4); before return, right?
10:03:43mortalisin first paste
10:04:39wodzyes, or GPIO_PCDR &= ~(1<<4) - probably event better
10:07:25wodzmortalis: What lcd types does the guy have in his slims? I mean the guy with 2 slims that tested the code?
10:07:56wodzIt may be that he has the same lcd type in both and so the test is not reliable
10:08:14mortalisI guess v2, because HEAD doesn't work for him
10:08:24mortalisyes he has same type in both
10:08:31mortalisi have v1
10:09:09wodzmaybe add lcd type display to debug hw info screen or something to be sure
10:09:24mortalisgood idea
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10:13:19wodz[Saint], pixelma: do we have svg version of usb log?
10:17:22wodzJdGordon: would it be hard to usb screen be settable in skin (with some default fallback)?
10:17:54wodzerr, I mean usb logo/graphic
10:23:08JdGordonnot particularly, no
10:23:35[Saint]wodz: no
10:24:20wodz[Saint]: no to which question? about svg?
10:24:37wodz[Saint]: shit
10:24:50[Saint]Themeing the USB screen wouldn't be particularly hard.
10:24:56wodzJdGordon: Would be nice addition IMO.
10:25:31[Saint]wodz: you don't need an svg, just add some extra "cord" to the image to center the plug onscreen.
10:26:02[Saint]crop a ~10px section from the right of the image, and tile it until you get a centered image.
10:26:26wodz[Saint]: the cord is not straight
10:26:38[Saint]Ahhhhh, yes. shit.
10:29:55gevaertsI'm not sure if the USB screen is shown before or after the filesystem is unmounted
10:31:08wodzgood point
10:31:24JdGordonwodz: go ahead :) I'm haveing my honeymoon fr the next two weeks
10:32:10wodzJdGordon: I am not going to steal your job, sorry :P
10:43:24pixelmawodz: I might have one as basis but couldn't get to it till Wednesday or even Thursday in the evening (I'm also not sure). I remember that the purely scaled down images weren't so nice anyway so I editted them quite a bit even the colour versions
10:47:44wodzpixelma: I think it would be good to have svg as basis in repo anyway
10:50:21 Join lorenzo92 [0] (~chatzilla@
10:51:27pixelmayeah, I could add the logo if I find it but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it. Got a lot to do and will also be away for a good week after Christmas
10:52:16pixelmayou may have to remind me in Januaray :)
10:55:18 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:55:30wodzpixelma: will do, no hurry
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13:46:17lorenzo92pamaury: was wondering if the jump & return is to be used for hwemul!
13:47:23pamauryyou should use load & return yes. I'm trying hwemul on my Creative Zen V and it's doesn't work but it doesn't have a hardware recovery which makes it tricky to work with.
13:48:09pamaurylooking at the details, enabling usb on stmp3600 is much more complicated than on stmp3700
13:48:26pamauryby the way, could you send me the rom dump ? it would help me a lot
13:48:32lorenzo92oh yesyes sure!
13:49:49lorenzo92pamaury: here it is
13:50:02pamaurymy problem is different from you though: I can't even have the device connect ! (ie the host doesn't detect it)
13:50:27lorenzo92mine is a stmp3650, yours?
13:50:48lorenzo92perhaps there is something different? I don't think as you said but....
13:51:04pamauryit doesn't matter, all stmp36xx are the same, it's just because of the different init path (recovery mode inits usb while creative's recovery mode doesn't)
13:51:42lorenzo92okay, and what if the device gets bricked?
13:52:12pamauryit can't
13:52:25pamaurywell, except if you really want it
13:53:46lorenzo92hum I meant, uhm, wait, so the recovery device (sigmatel) cames out anyways? i.e. how can you send a program to it?
13:55:22pamauryno no, it's creative recovery mode, it shows you a mtp device which allows you to rewrite the firmware. If you prefer creative's recovery mode is like our bootloader and creative's firmware is like our main binary (except it's on a hidden partition)
13:55:48pamaurythe hardware recovery mode is only accessible if you disconnect the battery it appears
13:57:16 Join nibbler_ [0] (~sven@
14:03:30lorenzo92ah okay now it is clear, I did not understand that it was a specific recovery mode :)
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14:30:44pamaurylorenzo92: the sdk contains the rom image as a elf file ! There are two versions: 1.5 and 1.6, very interesting
14:35:39 Join Meezy [0] (
14:35:58Meezycan someone help me,
14:36:07Meezywith rockbox
14:39:22pamauryMeezy: ask a specific question, if people know the answer they will tell you
14:40:16 Join amayer_ [0] (
14:41:44Meezyis there any word on the sansa fuze+ port, if not how can i finish it?
14:44:36pamaurythe sansa fuze+ is already working well, it is supported by our installer. You can see it's state here: and there is a technical thread in the forum (NewPort subforum)
14:46:25Meezywhen will it be stable?, sometimes when i plug it into usb, it gives me white screen of death
14:47:39pamauryare you sure you are running the latest version ? I've been using it for a long time and never run into this problem. Does this happen when you plug when it's shutdown or already running ?
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14:51:47pamauryI plan to do a bootloader release soon, because a lot of work has been done in the past month and the current bootloader is quite outdated now. Maybe retry after that, see if this improves the situation. In any case I encourage you to post a bug report on our bug tracker
14:52:31Meezyi want the fm recorder, and the color inverter, will it be included?
14:53:32 Quit Meezy (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
14:54:14 Join Meezy [0] (
14:54:34pamauryeventually yes. Recording is the most wanted feature but I don't have a much time to work on this and color inverter, well, why not now that you ask (I didn't plan to implement it until someone ask)
14:55:18Meezysorry i logged out, ok,i hope that itll get finished
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15:15:32 Part amayer_
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15:21:38pamaurywhat is the procedure to do a bootloader release ?
15:23:42funmanpamaury: tag it, build it, send it to Zagor or Bagder and tell them where to put it on the ftp + make/update symlink to the latest version
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15:26:22webguest32hi there
15:26:45pamauryfunman: thnaks
15:28:28webguest32do you know if there are any plans to release rockbox onto creative devices?
15:28:50 Join clipplus [0] (324bd132@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:28:57webguest32I'm a developer and like to be 'rooted' etc. and fancied giving my mp3 player a lease of life
15:31:41clipplusCan someone please direct me how to recover data from a bricked Sansa Clip + which isn't reconigzed by windows, What does the recovery pins do? and if i have someone that can read the data with a chip reader is the data encrypted?
15:35:04webguest32i've seen this page,
15:35:12webguest32but cant see to much more on it
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16:20:06pamauryah damn he is gone, I could have answered for creative players
16:23:52 Quit rmmh (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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16:44:23pamauryclipplus: maybe ask funman
16:52:55funmanclipplus: does it still boot?
16:54:27 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
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17:04:18clipplusno it doesn't neither in rockbox or in OF
17:10:16dongswhat did you do to it
17:10:38dongsi have like 10 clip+'s and i never bricked any of them
17:10:57dongsi even got one washed
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17:19:00clipplusI don't know what happened, it appeared on the screen something about ATA failure and then crashed.
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18:19:19pamaurylorenzo92: I'm manage to disconnect the battery of my Creative Zen V, now it shows a stmp3600 recovery device. However it seems to not accept any data, I need to investigate this
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18:22:26pamaurylorenzo92: my device doesn't use the default key ! That's a shame
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19:31:04bertrikgit pull has been rather slow for me lately
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21:21:47amayer_is the backlight supposed to turn on and off while connected to USB? or just stay in one state or the other?
21:21:56 Quit clipplus (Quit: Page closed)
21:23:28gevaertsDepends on your settings
21:25:29amayer_gevaerts: well it turns on and off at (seemingly)random intervals
21:25:44amayer_(while connected to usb)
21:26:05 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:31:45gevaertsThat doesn't seem normal. Which device is this? Does USB work properly?
21:33:57 Quit theli_ua (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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21:57:37amayer_gevaerts: its an ipod classic. yes USB works properly
21:57:52gevaertsRight, so it's not a bad connection
21:58:44 Join FOAD [0] (~foad@
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21:58:55amayer_no. i just notice that sometimes when i have it plugged in the backlight will (seemingly)randomly come on. sometimes when im transferting media and others when its just plugged in and idle
21:59:23amayer_i used to think it would only do it when i transfer media but i noticed it do it while it was sitting idle earlier today
21:59:42gevaertsMaybe false wheel touches?
22:00:06bertrikmaybe idle time poweroff timer?
22:00:33amayer_hmm... it is pretty beat up. but it never does that while on and playing(or paused)
22:00:57amayer_bertrik: could be... i never took the time to see how long it is before the light comes on
22:01:17amayer_or if it comes on at a normal interval
22:01:27amayer_i always noticed it while i was doing other work and it was plugged in
22:01:37gevaertsI wouldn't be *that* surprised if the voltage difference between charging and disconnected would change the touchwheel sensitivity
22:02:14amayer_right now i have it plugged into power and the backlight hasnt come on yet(been about 30 min)
22:02:36amayer_both states playing and paused
22:03:31bertrikor perhaps battery state announcements?
22:03:49bertriknormally used for voice, but possibly still generating some kind of event without voice too
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