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#rockbox log for 2012-12-19

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10:44:54lasserhi! on the rockbox cf-mod page - - it is mentioned, that the OF of H1x0 and H3x0 does not like CF cards. Shall that mean, that CF cards will never work with the OF?
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12:02:30wodzlasser: most probably.
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12:12:13mortaliswodz: I misunderstood that guy with two 601slims. He says that modified build works only if INTERNAL flash is not empty. I think it just coincidence and identification is not stable.
12:12:57mortalisbut i find out that i interpreted disasm wrong
12:14:04wodzmortalis: btw I restarted ftl reverse engineering. Something like 15 functions left to dissasm :-)
12:15:13mortaliswodz: this should be correct
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12:16:48wodzit is not - if you detect high state you should not pull line low
12:17:14mortalisOF do this
12:18:47mortalisi planned to RE ftl after new year, i have very few free time right now.
12:19:27wodzare you very sure that GPIO_PCDR &= ~(1<<4); is not inside else{} block?
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12:20:51mortalisthey call GPIO_PullUpDown(0x14, 4)
12:21:11mortalisGPIOPort_NoPull = 4
12:22:03wodzmortalis: I mean are you sure that line 23 is not between 21-22?
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12:26:20mortaliswodz: oh, there is no line 23 in OF
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12:41:19lasserwodz: I'm asking because last evening something strange happened with my cf-modded player: since the beginning (3 weeks ago) the OF did not find any disk. Yesterday rockbox ran out of battery and I plugged in the power supply. The OF started and surprisingly found the CF as a disk and everything was running. Weird: the OF has found some deleted files :-)
12:42:31wodzlasser: my experience is that OF usually fails to wake up CF after putting it into sleep
12:42:43wodzso it works until it spins down
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13:05:31lasserwodz: don't know when it is put to sleep, but after 10 minutes doing nothing the OF still works like a charm with the CF
13:06:02wodzlasser: It mostly depends on CF
13:07:12wodzI tried a few cards in MPIO and 1 was not recognized by OF at all, one was recognized but OF failed shortly after start and third worked until of decieded to put it into sleep
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13:59:06lasserwodz: ok, thanks for your words. Bye bye for now. I wish everyone here a nice X-mas and a colorful 2013 ;-)
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15:27:24max3i have 64gb cf card that i was using in rockbox ipod that shows 55gb/64gb full but i can't see any of the files?
15:27:26max3right now im booted into ubuntu (because i thought it would help) but same problem in winxp
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15:55:02deltsandisk e240v2: clock is foobar
15:55:20deltwon't hold the time when turned off
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16:36:10funmandelt: it probably means the battery is empty?
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19:06:24deltfunman: nope, happens even when battery full
19:06:51funmandelt: hmm try setting it in OF and then again in rockbox maybe
19:07:27deltfunman: i can't use the OF.... stays frozen on "refresh database" thing
19:08:22deltanyway, it works if i turn off the player and turn it back on, but after a short while (a few minutes) it gets set to 20-30 minutes in the future
19:08:44deltnot reset to 12:00 which i'd expect with a dead battery
19:09:21funmanah indeed it's quite weird, no idea what's going on
19:09:40funmanperhaps just the RTC going crazy
19:10:08deltheh... yeah, "just" that.. :D
19:10:31deltanyway you're from france?
19:10:35delt<−−- canadian french
19:10:49deltare you a rb developer?
19:12:40deltno chance of rockbox ever supporting ext2/ext3 filesystems on SD cards by any chance?
19:12:58AlexPwell, vanishingly slim
19:13:23delti'd like to put symlinks but windowz fat is too retarded :/
19:14:04 Quit theli_ua (Quit: Залишаю)
19:14:15gevaertsYou can do sort-of hardlinks, if you promise to *never* check the filesystem again :)
19:15:13deltuh speaking of which.... i just had a -major- fuckup on a 32gb msd card... kingston brand. i strongly suspect the usb reader (wasn't using the e200 itself)
19:16:02deltworks fine with my 16gb card (samsung) ...perhaps the reader doesn't support > 16gb
19:16:20deltanyway, copying all my stuff again right now, with another one :/
19:16:23*AlexP is waiting for the relevance to Rockbox :)
19:17:16deltoh, to read/write to the 32gb card, should i just plug the e200 to the usb, or use a reader (if it DOES support 32gb) ...which one is better?
19:17:41delti'm wondering because writing to the internal 4gb sometimes causes problems
19:17:46gevaertsEither should work
19:18:17delt+ the USB mode on e200v2 is very unstable
19:18:38deltat least for me (rb 3.12)
19:18:59deltit was fine in 3.8 iirc...and maybe 3.9
19:19:22deltthen again with 3.9 i can't remember if i was using a e200v1 or v2
19:19:52gevaertsoh, e200v2... I wonder why I read that as c240v1...
19:20:10deltuh wut??
19:21:33delt"oh, slip off his spectacles... i wonder why i read that as..."
19:22:02gevaertsYes. I was blind :)
19:22:25deltanyway, about the usb, considering that it's a e200v2, 13:19 < delt> oh, to read/write to the 32gb card, should i just plug the e200 to the usb, or use a reader (if it DOES support 32gb) ...which one is better?
19:22:52gevaertsWell, if you have issues with usb on the sansa, the reader obviously :)
19:23:35deltduh *slaps forehead*
19:24:03deltanyway, the faster cpu on a v2 makes playing .it modules with lots of channels much more listenable...!!
19:24:25deltbut the mikmod port doesn't support reso filters :( :(
19:26:20delt12 of 15 gb copied from the old card to the new one..... this better work O_o
19:27:15SuperBrainAKjust dont cut it only copy :/
19:27:45deltotherwise it means the card is defective, which in turn means that a certain ebay seller might die in the near future :3
19:27:55deltSuperBrainAK: copying just doesn't cut it :D
19:28:11deltoh using command line (linux) btw
19:29:16SuperBrainAKso why are you risking losing 3gb of data?
19:29:39AlexPWhen did he say that?
19:30:14deltstill waiting for it to finish copying
19:30:36SuperBrainAKnevermind, i would copy it so if it fails it isnt permanent just a waste of time
19:30:55AlexPer, this is what he is doing...
19:31:04AlexPAnd it is still a waste of time, which he is hoping to avoid
19:31:06delti think he just misread
19:31:27deltor took my stupid "doesnt cut it" pun literally
19:31:42SuperBrainAKi am just reminding people never to cut things they arent so shure about
19:32:16AlexPOK, thanks
19:32:29delttechnically 32gb is the maximum size sd card RB can use right now, i think?
19:32:44gevaertsNo. People are using 64gb
19:32:47AlexPNo, we go bigger
19:32:55deltah nice :D
19:33:49deltwhat would be cool is to have little "pockets" for extra microsd cards on the back of the sansa, kind of like the slots on mini/regular size sd adapters
19:34:31SuperBrainAKyou stole my idea, have an mp3 with 2 sd slots
19:34:56*gevaerts invites people back to the topic
19:34:58delti do have several case backings for e2x0.... i was thinking of creating a mold out of them to create plastic backings, since the metal one is half the weight of the player
19:35:32deltadding a few adapters, or some kind of pocket, shouldn't be too hard....
19:35:58*SuperBrainAK goes back to going through the 318 hrs of music he has :\
19:36:11AlexPon-topic please chaps
19:36:46deltheh... i mainly use .ogg at 32KHz on my player, i can fit a LOT more music that way
19:37:21deltsomeone said that anything != 44.1KHz drains the battery more because of sample rate conversion, but i don't really see a difference in battery life
19:37:35SuperBrainAKive got a question does the android app use its own keyboard? if it does i would recommend having it be the dvorak one so much better :)
19:37:44AlexPNo, and no
19:38:03AlexPWe use the built in one, and using dvorak would be stupid
19:38:23delti learned to type once already, thanks
19:38:41SuperBrainAKwell i guess they should make one for thumbs...
19:39:13AlexPplease stay on topic
19:41:58deltit's not my fault, he did it!
19:42:58SuperBrainAKis morse code input an update to rockbox or just for the ipod 2nd gen?
19:43:16AlexPRockbox has morse code input, yes
19:43:26AlexPIf that is what you are trying to ask
19:43:37SuperBrainAKok interesting and cool
19:43:59AlexPYou know that Rockbox is a complete replacement firmware right? No part of the original firmware is running.
19:44:09gevaertsWell, on players that can afford the button
19:45:23deltwhat about the ipod shuffles with no buttons? you shake it in morse code?
19:45:40SuperBrainAKyes i know that i was just wondering if it was exclusively to the ipod
19:46:19AlexPNo, if the hardware allows all players get the same features
19:46:19delti see a "morse code input" option in the settings on my sansa, but i've never used it
19:53:25deltall write operations from rockbox are synchronous, right? ie. no writing cache?
19:53:58deltwhich is why it's so slow, but won't leave a mess on the memory card
19:54:26gevaertsYes, and no
19:54:42gevaertsThat shouldn't impact write speed at all
19:55:15deltjust removing an empty directory takes several seconds!!
19:55:52deltwell... a few seconds
19:56:18gevaertsI'm not saying it's fast, I'm just saying that whatever speed or lack of it you see is *not* due to rockbox not caching writes
19:56:33deltoh wait, just about a second sorry
19:57:45deltflash memory was designed to be a lot faster reading that writing iirc...?
20:02:11delthere's one for ya... would it work to backup the first few sectors of my card's partition, in case it gets mangled again by a player that doesn't support 32gb?
20:02:38deltlike, dd if=/dev/blahblah of=~/cardfatbackup.img ..... ?
20:03:26gevaertsAnything that doesn't support SDHC just won't be able to do anything at all with the card
20:04:01deltthis other read/writer does, it supports up to 16gb apparently... either that or the card is fubar
20:04:47deltand using my 32gb card in it completely scrapped the partition, which is why i'm copying all my files again
20:08:06delt:( fuckup...AGAIN
20:08:24deltnow i'll try with the e200's internal card slot
20:09:42SuperBrainAKdoy you have a pc/laptop with an internal reader?
20:10:27deltyeah, laptop with an old <=4GB sd reader
20:10:36deltwell, old laptop with a " " " "
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20:10:45SuperBrainAKoh heh :P
20:12:29deltjust running "mkdosfs /dev/..." should work fine for creating the partition right?
20:13:58deltor do i need to manually some sector/cluster size or whatever (i dont remember that stuff, it's been like 15 years)
20:14:11delti think i accidentally a verb :/
20:17:20delt*sigh* anyway... gonna take a break, while this copies AGAIN.. >:(
20:20:00 Quit __jae__ (Quit: leaving)
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20:30:52lorenzo92pamaury: uhm I read about your strange recovery device...
20:32:05lorenzo92so you are not able to enter to the recovery device?
20:38:14lorenzo92ahh sorry now it is clear, I associated key to hardware button ^^ indeed is the crypto key, :(
20:39:10lorenzo92something we can do? maybe it is similar to some keys that creative is using in some other firmwares (take a look at them in the wiki)
20:41:12lorenzo92(wops you are the author of them hihi)
20:42:43 Join wodz [0] (
20:44:29wodzquestion to arm guys: - am I right that it takes branch if the value read from mem was 0xffff?
20:53:16 Quit |akaWolf| (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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22:53:39pamaurylorenzo92: I can access the recovery mode (by disconnecting the battery), but the key used by the device is not the default key :(
22:54:01pamaurythus only the creative recovery mode is usable currently
22:54:22lorenzo92that's indeed a pity
23:11:25 Part amayer_
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23:38:34lorenzo92pamaury: basic uart tx works :) "Hwemul successfully started!" surprisingly, forgetting to call the init function, uart is already set to 115200 baud and works!
23:39:29 Quit [Saint] (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:40:18 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/user/saint)
23:45:16lorenzo92pamaury: once I finish the uart implementation, we can use that to know what's going on instead of usb :)
23:45:49lorenzo92I'm pretty sure your hwemul will also work on it with little modifications...
23:46:35 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121129165506])
23:48:33 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
23:48:59lorenzo92pamaury: watch out that also the udelay function doesn't work, need to see why
23:49:08 Quit lorenzo92 (Client Quit)
23:49:24 Join brkfstsqd [0] (
23:49:27pamauryperhaps the microsecond register changed ?
23:51:26 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
23:54:19 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:58:04pamaurylorenzo92: change #define HW_DIGCTL_MICROSECONDS (*(volatile uint32_t *)(HW_DIGCTL_BASE + 0xC0)) to #define HW_DIGCTL_MICROSECONDS (*(volatile uint32_t *)(HW_DIGCTL_BASE + 0xB0)) on stmp3600
23:58:06pamaurythat should fix it

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