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#rockbox log for 2012-12-21

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01:31:03webguest74I am having trouble finding a theme for my Sansa clip plus that has the sleep timer
01:32:19webguest74how do I know if the theme has the sleep timer without downloading and installing it first?
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01:36:39webguest54is there anyone online here?
01:37:28webguest54I am trying to find which theme for the Sansa clip plus has the sleep timer and is easy to read as well
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08:55:36espereguhi. any specific package I need to run RockboxUtility on Kubuntu lately? I just downloaded the latest RockBoxUtility and it shows without any text at all.
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08:58:05esperegu1.3.0 seems to start fine though
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09:28:45nosa-jhey i have a sansa fuze v2 and i was working with trying to get a plain black splash screen during bootup. anyway, i got my image to show up at the begening but it still shows the original rockbox logo. any way you guys could help?
09:29:11nosa-jit shows the original logo after it shows the one i made
09:29:57nosa-jmy guess is the image is somehow also loaded/shown from the disk instead of flash
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11:11:10gevaertsnosa-j: my guess is you only changed the bootloader splash, not the main firmware splash
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15:34:53melmothXcpu- and battery-wise, is it better mp3 @320 or high quality ogg?
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15:37:00wodzTorne: ping
15:38:26ZagormelmothX: see usually mp3 is faster.
15:38:43melmothXZagor: oh, thanks, i missed that page
15:39:46wodzZagor: Is it? I recall n1s last optimizations to tremor made it superior to mp3 except the PP where mp3 is dualcore
15:40:37Zagorwodz: if so, the wiki page hasn't been updated
15:41:12Zagormp3@320 nearly always beats vorbis@350 in those lists
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15:42:45wodzmaybe my mem is rusty
15:42:56 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
15:49:59Zagorwodz: or the wiki page is :-)
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16:14:04vedosi have iPod Classic 160GB i have emcore boot in it and rockbox... i've noticed it has had some hit's and the harddisk isn't working perectly / jams etc...
16:14:25vedosi'm getting stuff from there to my external drive.
16:14:49 Join the-kyle [0] (~kyle@
16:15:14vedosnow that it's clean from all files i was wondering about formatting it and installing all the stuff again. it there any way that'd it'd do thorough platterscan for bad sectors and marked it.
16:15:23vedosor some woodoo to get it work better?
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16:23:03gevaertsvedos: did you update rockbox after installing?
16:23:26gevaertsThe rockbox version packaged in emcore is about a year old, and known to have issues
16:24:01vedosyes i updated
16:24:15vedosbut how i should format the HD properly? to mark bad sectors etc?
16:27:42 Join kevku [0] (x@2001:470:dcc6:0:69:69:69:69)
16:38:11vedosgevaerts: any ideas?
16:38:19gevaertsSorry, no
16:42:19vedoshow expensive it is to get new HD to Apple Classic 160GB and fix the scroll wheel?
16:43:06vedosother POWERFUL players which can be used with Rockbox recommendations are welcome too!
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17:19:13amayer_vedos: im not speaking from personal experience here. but one of my co-workers said if you take your ipod in and tell them the battery only lasts an hour or that some other normal wear/tear happened you can get a replacement for $60(american)
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19:16:59saratogazagor: ogg is less complex to decode on arm then mp3
19:17:31saratogabut on multicore targets mp3 can use two cores so its faster
19:20:09saratogahmm actually with the last mp3 optimization s maybe this isnt the case
19:21:09saratogawell how about this: vorbis should be faster since its less complex but ive mostly worked on mp3 so maybe its faster on newer arm
19:22:45saratogayeah looking at the scores on faster arm vorbis depends a lot on memory performance since we over optimized its mdct for early arm chips
19:23:03 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
19:24:59saratogaok yeah looking at my notes when the cpu clock to mem clock ratio is low mp3 is way slower then vorbis but this reverses with slower memory due to our mdct having awful cache performance
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19:25:41saratogainterestingly on android phones with big caches this flips and vorbis is again much faster
19:26:01saratogashould probably fix that someday
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19:48:49bluebrother^saratoga: the stable / unstable state only affects the state displayed in Rockbox Utility. It doesn't have any negative effect on a release being shown −− if a release is announced by the download server it will get a release entry
19:49:05bluebrother^in other words: it is ok, there is no problem.
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21:02:47lorenzo92pamaury: ping
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21:39:18lorenzo92pamaury: I'm stuck on ADC reading, I don't know why but I don't get the irq finished condition :(
21:54:42pamaurylorenzo92: different irq number ? different registgers ?
21:54:45pamaurylet me see
21:54:57lorenzo92nono I reviewed that, I give the coe
21:56:34lorenzo92the irq bit should become 1 when done, right? from the datasheet seems so, but not sure from the text ^^
22:01:53pamaurylorenzo92: num samples should be ignored if acculmulate is false but even then it should be 0 for a single conversion
22:02:55lorenzo92pamaury: oh yeah! thanks :)
22:02:58lorenzo92it works :)
22:05:26lorenzo92pamaury: now I try to write down a simple button driver ;)
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22:16:09lorenzo92pamaury: what's the meaning of divide_by_2?
22:16:51lorenzo92and yes I detected the volume up correctly!
22:25:38 Join Strife89-N810 [0] (~user@
22:27:09pamaurylorenzo92: divide (analog) the input by two to not saturate this adc
22:27:23lorenzo92okay I immagined that, thanks hehe
22:27:43lorenzo92now I'm figuring out the adc value for all the buttons
22:34:26 Quit Strife89-N810 (Quit: Heading out.)
22:41:32 Quit melmothX (Quit: goodnight)
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22:50:41wodzpamaury: Could you take a look at - Do I assume correctly that it takes branch if the value read from mem was 0xffff?
22:51:40 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
22:53:53lorenzo92pamaury: done! I still miss the power button (this time should be gpio) and select button (??!! triggers recovery mode, so also here should be a gpio, need to see service manual)
22:54:08 Quit the-kyle (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:57:47 Quit y4n (Quit: Today is the perfect day for a perfect day.)
23:04:24pamaurywodz: yes
23:04:38pamaurylorenzo92: see power pswitch
23:04:57lorenzo92yes, but for the select button I'm still unsure
23:05:28wodzpamaury: do you have any idea why it is not simply compared with 0xffff in single cmp?
23:06:50pamaurywodz: is it possible to build 0xff in a single subs command ?
23:06:51 Join shamus [0] (
23:08:28pamauryTorne: ping
23:09:07 Quit SuperBrainAK (Quit: pbly going to sleep /_\)
23:09:12wodzthis compare is used in various places in ftl code so I wanted to be sure
23:09:25 Join the-kyle [0] (
23:11:43pamaurywodz: try to assemble subs r12, r1, 0xffff to see :)
23:18:08 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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23:31:44lorenzo92pamaury: okay I can detect center button (does also recovery) -> DIGICTL_STATUS bit 2 = 1; bit 3 = 1. But I cannot figure out power button!
23:31:50lorenzo92it is on the same pswitch
23:32:07lorenzo92perhaps it is needed to be done via irq?
23:34:49pamaurylorenzo92: usually pswitch can have several values, one can be used for power and one for select
23:34:53Tornepamaury: no, literals in ARM can only be 8 bit values rght rotated by an even number of bits
23:34:56pamaury(on stmp3780)
23:35:02Torneor the negation of such a value
23:35:10Torneso 0xff00 is fine but 0xffff is impossible
23:35:19pamaurythat's what i thought
23:35:41lorenzo92pamaury: exactly, but I don't know why on center i get both bits set (2,3) and on play/power nothing ...
23:36:14pamauryso it's not a gpio, no lradc, not pswitch ?
23:36:48TorneHm, wait
23:36:58Torneit's doing ldrh and then trying to see if it was 0xffff?
23:37:16Torneit should be okay to compare to 0xffffffff
23:37:20Tornebecause ldrh sign extends
23:37:35Torneand 0xffffffff is a valid shifter operand
23:38:47lorenzo92pamaury: seems so BUT the schematic tells me that is a PSWITCH :/
23:39:13Tornesomeone should tell wodz :)
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23:41:14lorenzo92pamaury: do you have the Z5 schematics with you? Otherwise I can send you a cut of the interesting part
23:41:35lorenzo92pamaury: OMG just realized why :D
23:41:39Torneoh. i guess he was reversing something, in which case it doesn't matter that a better way exists, i suspect the compiler just missed it
23:42:04lorenzo92pamaury: I have no battery attached currently, the schematic suggest me I need VDD_BATT :D
23:42:20pamauryTorne: ldrh sign-extend ?
23:42:36pamaurylorenzo92: indeed, since pswitch is voltage based
23:43:03pamauryTorne: so this code is wrong ?!
23:43:48Tornesorry, no, i mean, you can use ldrsh
23:43:49Tornewhich does
23:44:31pamauryah :) i'm feeling better, it's just that the compiler is not smart enough
23:45:40lorenzo92pamaury: possible that usb did not work due to battery missing? hope not ^^
23:46:07pamaurylorenzo92: no, the chip can work out of usb only
23:46:31lorenzo92pamaury: okay fiuu hihi, and of course now also play button is working -> keypad done :D
23:47:04Tornepamaury: well, if the value is also *used* then i guess it's not an optimisation if the value is supposed to be unsigned
23:47:19Torneas you will start treating 0xfffe as -2 instead of 65534
23:47:32Torneso it depends what *else* you do with the loaded value :)
23:48:12pamaurytrue, we need more context !
23:48:35pamaurybut wodz says this code is duplicated many times, isn't a load faster ?
23:48:59pamaury(load from constant pool)
23:49:09Torneprobably not, no
23:49:19Tornedepends on your memory characteristics and cahce
23:49:31Torneyou lose a register either way
23:50:01Torneso it's the difference between an additional almost-certainly-cached sequential icache hit (at the cost of slightly increased code size/icache pressure) and a nonsequential dcache access that may miss
23:51:13Tornei have a GNU as macro somewhere that, given an arbitrary 32-bit constant, works out the optimal way to encode it in Thumb code given the exact memory characteristics of the GBA rom :)
23:52:03Torneno cache on that platform so there is a fixed answer.
23:56:51lorenzo92okay I completed Z5's keypad hehe ...
23:58:53 Quit Elfish (Remote host closed the connection)

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