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#rockbox log for 2012-12-22

00:10:14lorenzo92tomorrow I will dig into the touchpad for the other 4 directional keys!
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00:11:08lorenzo92pamaury: it uses adc for the x+/- and y+/- plus some gpios...these gpios are used as interrupts? I think so, do you?
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00:12:10pamaurylorenzo92: quite possibly: gpio is used as trigger for actual conversion
00:12:58pamauryusually on x+/- and y+/- the hardware can do it automatically 'on imx233) (typically touch screen) but perhaps they missed this point
00:13:49lorenzo92pamaury: yes it can also the stmp36xx hehe, so I guess I could follow the standard way ignoring the fact of these gpios!
00:13:51pamaurylorenzo92: can you point me to the schematics ?
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00:36:01pamaurylorenzo92: the Z5 service manual block diagram documents both a touchpad and a keypad. The touchpad uses both AX/Y+/- and TX/Y+/-. I don't quite understand the use of the T* pins
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00:41:36pamaurylorenzo92: I might be wrong since I'm not an eletrical engineer but it seems that the T* pins come from the A* though a mosfet used as a switch. Concretely, that means that T* will be 1 only if the resistive load on A* is high enough, ie if you press hard enough on the touchpad. So it's probably simpler to use T* for simple detection but the A* interface gives you a more precise localisation of the finger
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10:27:31lorenzo92pamaury (logs): good point! indeed it can be ... I will try now!
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10:50:13lorenzo92pamaury: uhm nothing simply polling the pins, but I've noticed TX+/TY+ are inputs while the others are outputs hum hum. I try to have a look at sdk / trial and error
10:58:54lorenzo92pamaury: argh the schematic says output near the cpu, and input near the mosfet ^^
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11:10:50lorenzo92pamaury: okay touchpad doesn't work even in OF, I'm missing a part indeed, seraching for it haha
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13:43:18lorenzo92pamaury: backlight is managed via an external controller, PWM3 pin is used as GPIO ->,d.Yms
13:43:27lorenzo92via AS2C...
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14:19:19lorenzo92okay this as2c wire interface is something proprietary, once I get it working we can then add its support to rockbox
14:19:32lorenzo92anyone knows if already implemented somewhere?
14:22:35 Part delt
14:22:40bertriknever heard of it ...
14:23:00bertrikwhat parts are connected through it?
14:31:00lorenzo92basically it is a backlight controller, the main pin is the EN/SET pin. first select an address using 17+ rising edges, then send data
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14:40:59lorenzo92bertrik: do you think I need to do a little pause between a high and a low? From the clock image on page 10 of the pdf I don't understand uhm
14:41:38lorenzo92Tlatency yes, I need to wait also a little more
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14:44:05bertrikit looks vaguely familiar, perhaps have seen something similar in the meizus
14:44:56bertrikI think some backlight controllers have an interface where just the number of pulses set the brightness, or something like short pulse = go dimmer and long pulse = go brighter
14:45:11bertrikbut none as advanced as this one
14:47:16lorenzo92indeed, for the moment I still need to understand some points, since the code I wrote doesn't work apparently . if schematics are correct, gpio pin is okay
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15:22:13lorenzo92still unable to make it work, this means I will need to reverse some code of the OF bootloader
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16:18:00lorenzo92pamaury (logs): arghh I figured out why it doesn't work, well simply because muxsel and drive registers are little different here on stmp3600 ^^
16:18:12lorenzo92I will workout that later!
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20:23:45PagaNzoRany way to fix clip zip on rockbox power button act like back and pause ?
20:24:25 Join Neovanglist [0] (~Neovangli@
20:24:33melmothXPagaNzoR: it's not broken
20:25:35gevaertsshort power is mapped to "stop". See
20:25:37PagaNzoRok it just not working right
20:26:03melmothXit's working as documented
20:27:13PagaNzoRso no way disable that crap Power Stop playback ?
20:27:54dfktPagaNzoR, just change the keymap
20:30:22PagaNzoRthx, i try it
20:33:14dfktpretty simple, just some BUTTON_POWER instances -;a=blob;f=apps/keymaps/keymap-clip.c;h=0caf0de360df3e4031f9265d8e93874563b0933f;hb=HEAD
20:33:36 Join saratoga [0] (47e22765@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:34:54dfktsaratoga, is it possible that g#231 drains the battery quite a bit?
20:34:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #231 at : Work in progress hermite resampler. by Michael Giacomelli (changes/31/231/7)
20:35:27saratogadfkt: probably
20:35:38saratogatheres no assembly at all for it
20:36:14saratogai don't think i tried test_codec though so i'm not sure
20:36:14dfktah ok, thought so... my ancient x5 battery isn't up to that patch then :)
20:37:03saratogathe X5 has no data cache i think, so putting the resample_data struct in IRAM may make it a lot faster
20:37:12saratoga(i never had a coldfire device so I could be wrong)
20:37:31saratogaoh its already in IRAM
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21:31:58Emph4s3ris this the right path "<microSD1>/MUSIC/: no" in the disktidy.config if i want to remove the folder "MUSIC" from the SD card with the disktidy plugin on my sansa clip?
21:33:31Emph4s3ror should it be "/<microSD1>/MUSIC/: no"
21:34:16Emph4s3rsadly the documentation to the disktidy plugin is not very detailed...
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21:37:38gevaertsI don't use disktidy myself, so I'm not sure, but I'd expect "<microSD1>/MUSIC/: no" will work, although the "no" probably means it defaults to not remove things there
21:39:12 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
21:39:30Emph4s3rthanks, i'm aware of the "no"
21:41:08Emph4s3ri was not sure because the headings (i.e. "< Other >: no") also start with "<"
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21:41:34gevaertsI'd expect that if you indent things properly it should work
21:46:49 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:47:19Emph4s3ranother thing i don't understand fully: if i start disktidy and select "files to clean" - there is always every file/entry selected although there is a "no" at every file/entry in the "disktidy.config"
21:47:50Emph4s3r1. shouldn't it select only the files with "yes"
21:49:41Emph4s3rand 2. shouldn't it save my previous selection as stated in the wiki (
21:49:50Emph4s3r"the default config is to not remove any files so the first time you run it you need to go into the "Files To Clean" screen the first time. Your changes will then be saved for the next time."
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22:34:52lazerCould someone please help me to install a new bootloader.bin build with crosscompiler and git? I've got a Iriver H320. I think I need a *.hex file to flash the bootloader or I'm wrong? Please help. Thanks.
22:37:09lazerOr should I simply copy the created rockbox.iriver to the player?
22:38:41gevaertslazer: have you read ?
22:39:26lazerNo one moment please...
22:40:30lazerOk I read this before :)
22:41:14lazerBut if I patch this original firmware, how can I include my compiled bootloader?
22:44:12saratogado you need to change the bootloader? that tends to be fairly dangerous
22:44:33gevaerts*don't* compile your own bootloader unless you *really* know what you're doing
22:46:32lazerI've got the problem with my player that it has usb-problems. The player detects the compact flash card correctly but under linux or windows it fails...
22:48:47lazerDoes anyone knows this problem? With my original hdd it detects all correctly and I can see the device...
22:49:50saratogai guess the hardware USB bridge does not like the flash memory
22:50:00saratogahas anyone on the forums reported this problem before?
22:51:27lazerI found out that the problem is that it detects the compact flash wrong... 32GB seems to be detected as a 4GB device
22:51:58lazersaratoga: I can#
22:52:13lazersaratoga: I can't found anything like this
22:52:40saratogahave other people put CF cards into that player?
22:52:45saratogamaybe you should try using one of their cards
22:52:47lazerIt seems that other peope get it to work!
22:53:36lazerI bought the same card... I can't understand this... I've already tried several cards
22:53:37saratogausing the same CF as you?
22:53:57lazerYes, Kingston elite pro 32GB
22:54:03 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
22:54:20lazerOne moment please I'm searching the link
22:55:34lazerMatthiasLarisch did this before.
22:56:00 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:56:09 Join shamus [0] (
22:56:32saratogaah but using the bootloader from that wiki page
22:57:06lazerI already tried this too....
22:57:45lazerIt's funny the player detects the compact flash correctly...
22:58:29lazerI can't understand where the problem is!
22:59:10lazerBut I can't transfer data to it!
23:00:20lazersaratoga: do you know what the wikipedia patch is?
23:02:45lazersaratoga: you said you think that the usb-bridge is the problem. I can't judge this but I can say that the player is initialised correctly but dmesg and /var/log/messages give me errors
23:03:20saratogano i don't know anything about that player
23:06:45lazersaratoga: can you give me a hint how i can fix this... someone I can ask for example?
23:07:06saratogayou used that bootloader?
23:07:24lazeryes its installed at the moment!
23:07:33saratogathen i don't know what else you can do
23:07:48saratogamaybe watch the chat logs here in case someone else has an idea
23:10:18 Join brkfstsqd [0] (
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23:15:33 Join shamus [0] (
23:15:36lazerfor me it seems that i could be a problem what software i use for patching!?
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