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#rockbox log for 2012-12-24

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06:03:32RyanFralishCan I be added to the WikiUsersGroup?
06:04:16[Saint]You're real name is Ryan Fralish?
06:06:01[Saint]Done, welcome Ryan.
06:07:23[Saint]What area(s?) of the wiki are you looking at?
06:10:26RyanFralishI would like to port to the Alpha Dogg caller by Primos Hunting.
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06:15:02RyanFralishIt's setup to play mp3's currently, but the software isn't set up for using like a boom box. The speakers have incredible range and sound quality. Both the remote and speakers are rugged and weatherized. Would be great for outdoor portable music.
06:18:12*[Saint] cannot for the life of him find much detailed specs for the remote.
06:18:31[Saint]...which, as I undersnad it, is the interesting thing in this context.
06:19:36[Saint]Nor can I find a software update, or any details on the procedure to update the software if this exists.
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06:22:14RyanFralishI found the latest firmware and instructions on their support site, may have to be registered to view, but it was downloadable as zip and pdf. I also took it apart, but I understand my next step to be start sharing info.
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06:25:50[Saint]I can only seem to find firmware updates for the "Truth Cam" series.
06:25:57RyanFralishI definitely need help though, admittedly even the wiki is a little intimidating.
06:27:13RyanFralishI think you have to have a product registered to view the other firmware. Can I post the files located there to a wiki page?
06:30:18[Saint]I'm not sure of the legality of that, to be honest. My gut says no.
06:30:49[Saint]It looks as though all the technical information about this thing we're going to get is from yourself :)
06:31:30RyanFralishOk, what do I do next? :)
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06:32:16[Saint]Have you read:
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06:33:26RyanFralishyes, I think I'm trying to follow that path. I'm sure reading it again won't hurt.
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06:35:31RyanFralishThe firmware is two UDP files. PRA00003.UDP and PS000003.UDP. The files are uploaded to the speaker in the root. The remote has to go through a sync process on the 900Mhz bandwith. I figured out the PRA file is the remote firmware, and PS speaker.
06:42:02RyanFralishBoth the remote and speaker units have usb ports, but only the speaker seems to serve any purpose. All the helpdesk comments make it seem as though all data is sync'ed to the remote during initial pairing.
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06:43:05[Saint]Hmmmm...I got the impression the remote was the 'interesting bit'.
06:43:31[Saint]Either way, you definitely need the remote...lest you have no form of input.
06:44:19RyanFralishThat's what I thought too before I started reading into it more, really nothing for guts to it though.
06:47:26[Saint]The thing to start doing now, is to document the hardware and (if at all possible) the structure and process of a firmware update.
06:48:33RyanFralishOk thanks, and put it on a wiki page, right?
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07:01:00saratogais there a link to one of those firmware files?
07:03:48[Saint]I couldn't get one, as I couldn't be arsed registering for the privilege.
07:04:20[Saint]Its one of those "you can't update squat 'til you register your device" type pages.
07:14:43saratogaso anyone tried compiling the rockbox codecs or sim on the raspberry pi?
07:15:09[Saint]I built an SDL app on one.
07:15:37saratogahow long did it take?
07:16:26[Saint]minus toolchain, ~4min iirc
07:17:09saratogaoh thats not bad
07:17:29[Saint]Yeah, they're actually pretty snappy.
07:17:36[Saint]There's one in the build farm.
07:17:47[Saint]...not sure how much work it gets, though.
07:20:31[Saint]The one I have to play with at our local hackerspace is a little sick, though. NFI what's wrong with it, I keep forgetting to take the sdcard I have with my firmware image on it in there.
07:20:43saratogaoh really? i wonder if i could get ssh access to it
07:21:45[Saint]I'm sure I could arrange that, after <generic_holiday_season>.
07:24:03saratogawell mine should get here in a week or two
07:24:25saratogabut if someone has one setup i might try looking at some codec over the holiday
07:25:07[Saint]Aha, your should be arriving around the same time as mine, then.
07:25:49[Saint]I decided I wanted one as a media center.
07:30:20saratogai'm going to setup mine as an arm dev box
07:30:38saratogain case anyone else wants to try arm asm
07:30:56[Saint]That's what old Android handsets are for ;)
07:31:32*[Saint] is actually being ~50% serious
07:31:59saratogaactually i'm using an HTC G1 right now
07:32:07saratogabut it sucks because i couldn't get the wifi working in linux
07:32:15saratogaso it has to be usb networked which sucks
07:32:34[Saint]emdebian on an MSM7227 based device is pretty capable. It blew me away how capable it is, actually.
07:33:09saratogawhat did you try it on?
07:34:31[Saint]A Samsung Europa (GT-I5503T): MSM7227 @ 600MHz (OC'd to 800MHz), 256MB RAM (192MB usable).
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07:35:10[Saint]Running CM10 and a (few) debian image(s).
07:35:32saratogaso similiar hardware, i checked google and didn't see any guides for the g1 though
07:35:34saratogamaybe too old
07:36:22[Saint]There's a lot of "install a debian image for me" type applications.
07:36:37[Saint]But, any instructions you find should "just work".
07:37:53saratogaheh chrome is telling me XDA is hosting malware
07:40:23[Saint]its pretty much: "make an armel debian image, like you normally would, ignoring any additional requirements any tutorial says you need"; "steal a mounting script from a tutorial if you can't be arsed mounting manually"
07:41:45[Saint] <−− has nice mount/unmount script that I stole
07:41:55saratogais wifi likely to work though?
07:42:45[Saint]It does for me. A lot of tutorial neglect to mention that you need to export Android /sys and /proc for the chroot to use.
07:42:58saratogaah cool
07:43:29[Saint]I think that's the bit that makes the difference, making /sys and /proc available to the chroot.
07:43:50[Saint]iirc, my first attempts didn't have functional wireless either.
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12:37:55lorenzo92pamaury: pretty lost for LCD drawing...some hints?
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12:39:54pamaurylorenzo92: I'm sorry, I don't have much time. To use the LCD usually you first init it by sending commands and then you usually redraw by sending a few commands and then the data
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12:40:39lorenzo92okay ... so seeing your code there is nothing standard -> need to reverse OF, right?
12:40:40pamauryyou will to do some reverse engineering hee. Is the lcd driver part of linux or is it a separate module ?
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12:41:59lorenzo92part of linux :(
12:42:39pamauryUsually the LCD are either driven by SPI or by a standard bus called 8080 or 6800 (there are two modes) for which you can use the lcdif
12:42:54pamaurydo you have the datasheet of the lcd ?
12:43:48lorenzo92i need to search for it
12:44:10lorenzo92pamaury: lte182qq-f03-v2.2
12:46:55pamauryok that's a samsung lte182qq-f03, but I cannot find the datasheet
12:47:20lorenzo92indeed I neither :(
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12:48:44pamauryyou'll have to do some reverse engineering anyway. The best way is to look for the lcdif registers. Or maybe I can have a quick look
12:49:32lorenzo92pity that the driver is inside kernel...fortunately there are some strings to help locating
12:50:43lorenzo92at least backlight works :)
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12:51:38pamaurylorenzo92: is "Image" (in z5 updater) the linux kernel ?
12:51:52lorenzo92yes it is ;)
12:52:22pamauryis it a plain binary ? loaded at which address ?
12:53:31lorenzo92uhm if i remember well it is located at 0x6002000 in memory...btw the kernel image was inside the updater image indeed
12:53:58lorenzo92it is a linux image, not compressed
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13:00:27pamaurylorenzo92: hum, the starting point is at the beginning of the image ? looks strange
13:01:11lorenzo92well I don't know, i just know that the booloader loads this image in memory and then starts it
13:01:31lorenzo92perhaps the entry point is at 0x2000
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13:30:09Guest95473Having a bit of an issue trying to get rb on an ipod 4g -_-
13:30:51Guest95473It shows up as /dev/sdb1, but even after mounting rbutil doesn't recognize it.
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13:33:58TorneGuest95473: is it definitely a 4g? what capacity is it?
13:34:38Guest95473It's the greyscale one.
13:35:05Guest95473It also has a fresh new hard drive
13:35:33Torne*nod* Right, that should be fine
13:35:41TorneAre you running rbutil as root?
13:36:09Tornethe ipods need their bootloader installed on a hidden partition that you need to be root to access
13:36:50Guest95473Yeah, I've tried it as root. Still nothing.
13:37:27Guest95473I hit the same problem a couple months ago when I was putting rb on my Sansa ClipZip, but I forgot how I got around it...
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13:49:19Guest95473Ack! I tried it on a different system, and it autodetected, but when I hit install it says "Error reading partition table - possibly not an Ipod"
13:50:56Guest95473I formatted it as FAT32 earlier, could it be from that? Torne? :)
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13:56:27Torneif you changed hte partition layout at all then you have destroyed the firmware partition :)
13:56:53Tornethere is an invisible partition on the ipods which is very easily destroyed/removed by partitioning/formatting tools
13:57:09Tornebecause it has type "empty"
13:57:19Torneand so tools think it's okay to clear the partition start/size :)
13:57:33Tornewhy did you need to format it? was it a mac-formatted ipod before?
13:57:58Tornein order to convert from mac-formatted to pc-formatted you need to do more than just format it, you need to repartition and reinstall the original firmware.. the easiest way to do this is with itunes on windows
13:59:08Tornethere are instructions on our wiki on how to do this manually on linux but it's a huge pain and if you have access to a windows machine anywhere then using itunes is much easier :)
14:06:34Guest95473I found the page on the wiki. Why does Apple have to make things so difficult? ;_;
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14:06:42Guest95473Thanks though!
14:07:59Torneultimately: make sure it boots and works in Apple's firmware, with a FAT32 data partition, before trying to install rockbox
14:08:13Tornewe don't support installing on an ipod where the original firmware isn't completely functional
14:08:38Guest95473Ah, I see.
14:09:15Tornerockbox's bootloader is not the first thing to run on the ipod, it's second, so the disk has to be laid out in the way that apple's bootrom expects
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15:14:33lorenzo92pamaury: for the touchpad I understood that the TX/TY are definitely NOT to have a "keypress" but to turn on the touchpad...So I'll need to setup the standard interface for that. I also found in the rootfs a program "touchpadtest" and I get meaningful X,Y coordinates
15:14:46lorenzo92so let's say it is a full fledged touchpad :D
15:29:09pamaurylorenzo92: did you have any try at reverse engineering linux for the lcd ?
15:29:36lorenzo92no, still not...
15:30:11pamauryok, i'll try then, but I don't really know how Image is loaded and where
15:31:50lorenzo92the "module" is stmp36xxfb
15:33:20pamaurybut it is in the Image ?
15:33:29lorenzo92yes yes ;)
15:33:40lorenzo92sorry for the misleading "module" word hehe
15:34:56lorenzo92I found that there are something like 9 HW types for Z5 (FM radio or not, nand variants)
15:35:32pamauryis it using uboot ?
15:36:01lorenzo92it's something in house made, well, sigmatel sdk offers such a bootloader, very similar
15:36:10lorenzo92I'm 99% that the samsung one derives from it
15:37:44lorenzo92at least for basic things like uart
15:38:40pamaurydid you find or dump the image of the bootloader ?
15:38:47 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:40:28lorenzo92yes it is in the firmware, I was having a look at it these days :)
15:40:36lorenzo92just unpack it
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18:35:08*[Saint] wonders if it would be wise to disable USB completely in git head for the Nano2G
18:35:51[Saint]Doing so doesn't break it any more than it is already, and fixes the panic on USB plug
18:37:14[Saint]The one thing that leaves me hesitant to push a patch to gerrit is that disabling USB doesn't really inspire anyone to fix it, but I'm not sure how much of an issue that is.
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20:49:21funman[Saint]: good idea IMO
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22:16:09solarcloudOK so .. is the sourecode on sourceforge ?
22:18:37gevaertsNo. It's hosted on although I believe there might be a guthub mirror
22:20:45gevaertsSee for details, I think
22:22:18 Join sentriz [0] (~Senan@
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22:53:09 Part Snuupy ("I'm not being mean, you're just insignificant.")
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23:06:57lorenzo92pamaury: yeah! I got a multicolor scrambled display
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23:17:59lorenzo92.on YP-Z5 to be clear for other people :)
23:21:08 Quit Gallomimia (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:21:16lorenzo92pamaury: unfortunately doesn't depend on my small for cicle to write something, but it scrambles after inizialization, so there is somethiing to tune but good start
23:21:20 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0.1/20121129165506])
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23:29:34lorenzo92pamaury: errata corrige, it works beautifully :D
23:29:43lorenzo92right now is filling screen black
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