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#rockbox log for 2012-12-26

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02:12:40saratogawith a fresh source checkout i can't build the codec lib test program on ubuntu
02:13:44saratogamake: *** No rule to make target `/rockbox/codecs/pcm_record.h', needed by `/rockbox/codecs/lib/rbcodec/test/warble.o'.
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02:13:50saratogaany ideas?
02:14:23[Saint]If you figure out the dependencies for the ypr0 toolchain for 64bit Ubuntu, gimme a yell?
02:14:45*[Saint] *cannot* build the bastard thing.
02:17:40gevaertssaratoga: which target are you configuring for?
02:17:52saratogagevaerts: i tried a few
02:18:06gevaertsIt works for me for the sdl app one
02:18:24saratogaif they have recording, i get that error, if they do not, i get a conflict on "commit_dcache" with target-hosted.h
02:18:31saratogalet me try that
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02:19:07saratogaah that seems to work
02:19:23saratogadid we always have to select SDL for warble? i thought i didn't used to do that
02:19:35saratogaalthough i guess it makes sense
02:21:25gevaertsNot sure. I seem to remember that not all targets work
02:30:34saratogaare there any sites with higher bitrate opus files handy?
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02:33:22[Saint]transcode that sheeeeeeet, biatch.
02:34:02*[Saint] refuses to believe saratoga has no lossless files lying around. ;)
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02:49:19pamaurythere a many build errors, something about libtlsf
02:52:14[Saint]pamaury: for a particular target, for all, that a response to my ypr0 toolchain comment earlier?
02:56:34pamauryjust a remark, I committed a few things and noticed that are a few reds but they seems irregular, perhaps a buildbot problem
02:57:08pamaurysee by yourself:
02:57:37*[Saint] wonders why 'saint' isn't connected.
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05:19:42saratogaC_MULC in libopus would probably be a lot faster in armv5 since we could use packed multiply-shift operations instead of loading 16 bits and masking off values
05:20:50*[Saint] thinks you codec optimization guys are nutbags ;)
05:21:05[Saint]Looking into some of the "simple" codecs has often made me want to cry.
05:21:14[Saint]Braver men than I.
05:26:34saratogacodecs are just sequences of for loops operating on arrays
05:26:47saratogathey're easy to optimize once you realize that
05:27:12[Saint]its the "must. squeeze. every. last. bit." that I can't "see".
05:27:19[Saint]I don't have the foresight to do so.
05:28:28saratogayou mean every last cycle?
05:29:03[Saint]Yes, indeed. I realised after pressing enter that using "bit" was rather non-obvious.
05:29:20saratogaok wanted to make sure you weren't talking about encoders
05:29:30*[Saint] nods
05:29:52saratogafor decoders its actually not so complicated, most loops are fairly simple, and to optimize them you just try to make as many cycles as possible be spent doing a multiplication-add operation
05:30:20saratogato do that you look at the source and destination arrays and try to figure out how to set them up logically so the multiplier is never waiting on work
05:30:25saratogawhen you do that you're pretty much done
05:31:05[Saint]It always amuses me when I see such "It really isn't so complicated..." responses. As I'm sure, to you, it isn't. :)
05:31:06saratogaand usually thats what gcc has the most trouble with since it doesn't know quite as much about the organization of stuff in memory as someone who reads the code
05:31:31[Saint]But then, there's people much smarter than I that barf on the skin language we have, so, at least I understand something well :P
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05:32:00saratogawell its a finite series of steps that becomes fairly obvious how it should go once you look at it step by step
05:32:12saratogathe end result is complicated but the steps are small and individually simple
05:32:37saratogaload val1, load val2, multiply val1*val2, save product into location 3
05:33:35[Saint]I suppose I don't think like that because I've never really worked on anything that needed me to eek out every last bit of performance.
05:34:44saratogai guess its a lot more obvious once you know assembly :)
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05:36:16[Saint]I have somewhat of a "good enough" attitude to some things. In my mind, 101% realtime on the supported targets is where I'd stop.
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05:37:08saratogai just want every format to have good battery life
05:37:17*[Saint] nods
05:40:07derfsaratoga: I can make some higher-bitrate Opus files if you need them.
05:42:11saratogaderf: no i found one
05:44:02saratogaderf: i think i'm going to take a look at the opus fft
05:45:09derfLet me know what I can do to help.
05:45:52saratogado you know much about the celt part of the codec?