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#rockbox log for 2013-01-03

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01:23:56saratogadid anyone try the soft lock option for the FM screen on targets without a hold switch?
01:25:03[Saint]Why would it be enabled for targets *with* a hold swith, seems more the question.
01:26:25[Saint]I mean, wasn't soft-lock exclusively for targets without a hardware hold key?
01:26:34[Saint]And the FM screen was an oversight?
01:31:44JdGordonsounds about right
01:33:13[Saint]If soft-lock *is* available to any target with a hardware hold key, I would call that a bit of a fail, tbh.
01:33:37[Saint]I ean, what happens if soft-lock is on, and hold is engaged, do they cancel each other?
01:34:41[Saint]Ohhhhh, I see what I did there. It was weird wording.
01:35:15[Saint]not, as I thought, implying it was available to targets *with* a hold switch.
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02:12:30saratogathe softlock thing is just a hack that checks to see if you've hit a button and then ignores keypresses thereafter
02:12:39saratogaconsequently each and every screen must support it
02:13:06saratoga g#355 is a simple hack to add it to the fm screen
02:13:09fs-bluebotGerrit review #355 at : Add soft lock screen option for the radio. by Michael Giacomelli (changes/55/355/1)
02:13:26saratogai haven't tested it for lack of a player with me
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02:14:44*[Saint] wonders if it extends to plugins
02:15:39JdGordonsaratoga: thats not correct :)
02:15:45[Saint]though I gather it isn't supposed to be a replacement for a hardware hold key
02:16:01JdGordonin fms_button_loop you should just add ACTION_KELYLOCK to the context value
02:17:05JdGordonbutton = get_action(CONTEXT_WPS|ALLOW_SOFTLOCK,TIMEOUT_BLOCK); <- from wps.c
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02:20:16[Saint]this _could_ extend to plugins as well, if I'm correct?
02:20:29[Saint]I haven't found a reason why it wouldn't work /yet/.
02:20:37JdGordonit is only a matter of adding the ALLOW_SOFTLOCK flag
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02:21:25[Saint]I'll have a look some more if I get bored.
02:22:03JdGordonit should be a 1 line change (+ the keymap change which is needed)
02:22:14JdGordonplease test, i dont have a clip+ anymore
02:23:25[Saint]DAP purge?
02:23:42JdGordonno, it never recovered when i pulled it apart to unbrick
02:23:51JdGordonand its battery balloned also i tihnk
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03:28:42mobenIs there a limit ro the number of tiles per image that I can load with %xl?
03:28:58mobenon a sansa clip+, in case that's relevant
03:39:09JdGordonshuoldnt be
03:39:18JdGordononly on the size of the bitmap you can load into ram
03:42:02mobenmaybe that's it
03:46:01mobenIs that something I would likely hit with 46 tiles?
03:46:28mobenalso, I can't find out how much ram this has :-/
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04:32:46[Saint]moben: if you were to use the simulator, it will tell you if you are overflowing the available buffer or not.
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04:35:48[Saint]If memory serves, the Clip(s) have somewhere in the vacinity of 2~8MB RAM
04:37:47moben[Saint]: I am using the simulator and the problem was somewhere else, but thanks for the tip, will keep it in mind
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04:39:48[Saint]as for the limit on identifiers, there was previously a limit of 52 but this limit still stands.
04:40:32[Saint]I'm really not sure what would happen if you tried to declare thousands of identifiers, but it should in theory be possible I think.
04:42:20[Saint]Oh, hum...perhaps it was more than 52. A to ZZ. But now identifiers can be arbitrary strings.
04:42:43[Saint]*a to ZZ
04:45:34mobenalso good to know. Thank you again
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04:49:09[Saint]If you run into any trouble, give a shout.
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04:49:14[Saint]And, you're welcome.
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10:35:48JdGordonwhy the hell are the forums so slow when a ban is added?
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11:48:08[Saint]JdGordon: around?
11:51:48[Saint]Wondering if you could point me in the right direction with the menu(s). I'm looking at renaming a (IMO) fairly badly named setting. I've found where it gets placed into the main menu (in playback_menu.c 217-218), but not where the submenu (I guess you'd call it that) is defined.
11:51:57[Saint]it's the unplug_menu
11:54:51JdGordonback in 15
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12:12:53[Saint]this is annoying me.
12:14:57[Saint]I can see where the menu I want to edit is built (playback_menu.c 182-186) and where the menu is placed into the playback menu (playback_menu.c 217-218), but I can't seem to find where the settings &unplug_mode, &unplug_autoresume are defined so I can change the voice strings.
12:15:34[Saint]I already know what voice strings it uses, and I could just change them...but, not if I want this to have any hope of being accepted. I need to depricate them properly.
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12:19:20JdGordon[Saint]: settings_list.c
12:19:30JdGordonthats where all the settings get there strings
12:20:31[Saint]It's not just me, is it? The settings /are/ a bit of a nightmare, yes? :)
12:20:46JdGordonwell, how else can it be done? :)
12:20:53JdGordonyes, its a nightmare, but its not a big deal
12:21:00JdGordonif you want to organise it, be y guest
12:21:13JdGordonwhat do you want to change?
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12:46:05JdGordonkugel: I'm pretty sure,42489.0.html is a buflib problem
12:46:22JdGordonit looks like when the radio aa image is loaded the skin buffer gets corrupted
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13:12:42JdGordonkugel: FS #12797
13:12:42fs-bluebot RadioArt dataaborts with a corrupted skin buffer (bugs, new)
13:19:16JdGordonactually, this looks far worse, just entering the radio screen is enough to destroy the buffer
13:25:09JdGordonI think 0ebfb937aaa073282415e561f8d1f150813a00fd is seriously broken
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13:42:19wodzJdGordon: Personally I don't like fixing bugs by inserting #if 0 and waiting for others to do the work.
13:43:02 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
13:43:21JdGordonim bisecting as we speak
13:43:29JdGordonand yes, but crasing is still worse
13:43:38JdGordonespecially when its been broken since may
13:44:40*[Saint] wonders if the Classic is known to have problems with certain codecs.
13:45:14[Saint]the wmapro testfiles give me a /horrible/ screeching sound that is still audible at the lowest possible volume.
13:45:42[Saint]I noticed something was wrong when it "decoded" the files in 6.8Million% realtime :)
13:46:08wodzJdGordon: hopefully you will find offending commit soon anyway :-)
13:46:44JdGordondoesnt mean it will be easy to fix
13:47:20*JdGordon gets to blame jhmikes
13:47:32JdGordonda6cebb6b0b17b4a75a2bd4f51b7cf70b5dafe40 seems to be the culprit
13:47:35[Saint]It's waaaaaaaaaaay too late, but it would be really nice to go back to pre-bufflib times and review *every* single commit with a fine toothed comb.
13:48:00[Saint]things just haven't seemed "right" after bufflib, but I'm unsure if that was the cause, or bad timing.
13:48:37 Join Cinos [0] (
13:49:03wodzmemory management is always the most fragile part (and the hardest to debug)
13:51:10kugelbuflib, not bufflib :)
13:51:13[Saint]If bufflib isn't the cause, then it is indeed bad timing.
13:51:50kugelwe don't have the resources to do appropriate review
13:52:23[Saint]nor, sometimes, the patience to allow it to happen.
13:52:24kugelbut as part of gsoc my buflib work was reviewed more than other work
13:53:33wodz[Saint]: Some bugs were caused by buflib but indirectly. I recall at least one bug in move callback which was not obvious. It is hard to blame the framework for the bugs in 'client' code
13:56:01JdGordon[Saint]: what you want is to rewrite apps/ :)
13:56:25[Saint]*cough* Ha! *cough*...
13:56:34JdGordonstart from scratch with nothing but a playback engine and a lua engine
13:57:32*[Saint] puts that pretty squarely in the 'aint gonna happen' pile
13:58:00JdGordonok, rewrite in c++ :)
13:58:02JdGordonor... java!
13:58:56wodzor any other lang which needs massive dynamic allocations :P
14:03:14JdGordonone bloody nice thing about git hashes... searching for them almost guarentees useful hits
14:03:37wodzJdGordon: Isn't the offending commit you have found the one with broken move callback?
14:04:04wodzI mean the one kugel fixed some time ago?
14:04:17JdGordonI don't know what you're talking about :)
14:06:26wodzI can't remember the details but there was some mem corruption caused by not memseting something move callback which resulted in arbitrary address after subtracting the offset. Kugel should remember
14:07:46[Saint]Ahhh, I vaguely recall this too.
14:10:30kugelJdGordon: I added two possibly related problems. also lebellium reported one fms bug that affects ypr0 and clip+ (but I cant find that one) which is perhaps also related
14:11:40JdGordonbuffering_reset(0 gets called when the radio starts which seems insane
14:11:49JdGordonbecause i dont tinhk the skin engine handles that event at all
14:12:06JdGordonso all is handles will be broken
14:12:47*JdGordon has to go before the wife gets any more grumpy
14:13:33wodzbuy flowers from the fund and keep debugging :P
14:16:14lebelliumkugel : clip zip* FS #12759
14:16:14fs-bluebot Various RDS issues (Clip Zip, YP-R0) (bugs, unconfirmed)
14:16:23[Saint]kugel: JdGordon: I believe lebellium reported that his devices won't mount when a theme contains a specially constructed .fms file
14:17:15[Saint]..perhaps that was someone else though.
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15:25:10*[Saint] isn't sure he likes;a=commit;h=212e780
15:25:20[Saint]"As well as using an index, which breaks when a file is added or removed, use the crc32 of the filename. When the crc32 check passes the index is used directly. When it fails, the slow path is taken checking each file name in the playlist until the right crc is found. If that fails the playlist is started from the beginning. "
15:25:55[Saint]So...if I parse that correctly: "If the file we're looking for doesn't exist, restart the playlist from the beginning?"
15:26:01gevaerts"from the beginning" doesn't sound right to me
15:26:07[Saint]Isn't "Don't do anything" more sensible?
15:26:09gevaertsI'd prefer the old way then
15:26:21[Saint]gevaerts: my dislike as well.
15:26:23*gevaerts should have reviewed that
15:26:28*[Saint] too
15:26:42[Saint]I don't get mails for new gerit idea why.
15:26:55[Saint]Is there some list I need to be on, or do I need to be added as a reviewer?
15:27:19Torneif you want to get email for newly uploaded ones without them addint you, you need to set a watch on the project(s)
15:27:25Torneyou can set criteria for what you get notified about
15:27:28[Saint]I can't often keep up with reviewing every open patch on gerrit.
15:27:30Tornein theory you can specify specific paths/files as well
15:28:04[Saint]Getting back on track, I really dislike the behavior of that commit.
15:28:10[Saint]I think it makes no sense at all.
15:28:46[Saint]It makes perfect sense right up to the "restart the entire playlist if we fail the checks" bit.
15:29:02Tornehow much room do we ahve to store things?
15:29:08Tornewe could store more than one crc maybe?
15:29:12Tornefor previous/next files?
15:29:17Torneand try to work out the play position smarter
15:29:37Tornei.e. if you also store the crc32 of the previous and next two files, say, you are much more likely to be able to detect where you wqere int he list even if some are deleted
15:30:18Torneanyway, for gerrit: settings -> watched projects, enter the project name ("rockbox") and hit watch, and you'll get email
15:30:24[Saint]Hum...good idea.
15:30:30Torneyou can specify more specific requirements with arbitrary gerrit search expressions if you want
15:30:34Tornelike branch:master
15:30:35Torneor whatever.
15:31:09Tornei think there are also RSS feeds of changes somewhere but not sure wht url they are at
15:31:31*[Saint] wants commit emails back
15:31:42Tornei don't undersand why anyone wants those :)
15:31:54gevaertsWell, emails or irc notifications
15:32:08[Saint]Because then it wouldn't have taken me 5 hours to bitch about this commit.
15:32:21[Saint]I could've pulled jd up about it when it happened.
15:32:21Torne;a=rss;h=refs/heads/master <- is that any good to you?
15:32:34Tornerss feed of all commits to master
15:32:39Tornealso a=atom
15:32:45[Saint]better than nowt.
15:32:53Tornei much prefer rss for this kind of thing to email
15:35:04[Saint]matter of fact, I'm not too fond of;a=commit;h=c500f4e either.
15:35:40[Saint]I can't decide what is better, failing, or surrounding the failing hunk in #if0 for "someone" to fix later.
15:36:29[Saint]ah, wodz already mentioned that I see.
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16:03:47 Join Jiri [0] (
16:05:27JiriHello, I am using Rockbox 2 years and it works great. Ihave 3questions.
16:05:51[Saint]Well, ask them.
16:06:27Jiri1. Is it possible to make voice file another way then making it from Rockbox Utility?
16:07:43Jiri2. Does rockbox Support Sansazip Player Is it the same player as sansa Clipzip?
16:08:18the-kyleYou can run tools/configure and set it up for voice configuration and then
16:08:18the-kylemake voice
16:08:31[Saint]1 - Yes, 2 - No
16:08:48Jiri3. Is there some progress with porting Espeak to Rockbox?
16:09:24[Saint]There are three alternatives: Rockbox Utility, Compilation, and (deprecated) VoiceBox+
16:09:27[Saint]3 - No.
16:09:47[Saint]So, in summary: 1 - Yes, 2 - No, 3 - No.
16:10:20 Part eckoit
16:10:59[Saint]Actually, I think 2 might be "Yes".
16:11:23[Saint]As, I cannot find any information about this "Zip" player other than a few badly written questions.
16:11:50*the-kyle is pretty sure that the Sansa Zip is actually the Sansa ClipZip, in which case, it's supported.
16:11:59[Saint]I think it is reasonably safe to say that it is simply people being lazy.
16:12:45 Quit japc (Quit: Ex-Chat)
16:12:49[Saint]the-kyle: Yeah, I did a rough Google...then I decided to dig deeper and found people were calling it the wrong thing (combined with posting images of totally unrelated players with their queries to confuse me further :))
16:13:02 Join japc [0] (
16:13:03the-kyleWow that's bad.
16:14:05[Saint]Jiri: Out of curiosity, why do you need another alternative to create voice files?
16:14:22[Saint]Rockbox Utility is by far the easiest method for the average user.
16:16:03[Saint](of particular note is the fact that if Rockbox Utility cannot generate a voicefile on your machine, no other tool will be able to either)
16:16:22JiriI would like to create voice from Festival voice in Linux, but i can not run rockbox utility in Linux.
16:16:34[Saint]Yes, you can.
16:16:40 Quit Guest1495 (Quit: Blarglarg)
16:16:41[Saint]What makes you think you cannot?
16:17:37JiriI use screen reader and it does not speak
16:17:39[Saint]32bit linux:
16:17:59[Saint]64bit linux:
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16:18:18[Saint]Ahhhh...hum, ok. That may be a problem with your screen reader.
16:18:24the-kyleI was about to guess that. Screen readers won't speak the statically linked qt binary, because it needs qt-at-spi to speak.
16:19:02the-kyleIf you install the qt-at-spi library, you can build the Rockbox Utility from source and it will speak.
16:19:25*[Saint] guesses that's why he hasn't seen that issue
16:19:36the-kyleYour best bet is to download the entire Rockbox source tree and build it from there.
16:19:57the-kyleThis is what I did, and it works.
16:20:37[Saint]VoiceBox+ is unsupported, but should work.
16:20:57JiriI mostly work in Windows I use Linux sometimes. I cannot compilling
16:22:02[Saint]VoiceBox+ should be covered by your reader.
16:22:24[Saint]if I recall, it is just a simple html file that runs a few scripts.
16:22:43[Saint]It should be voiced as any other webpage would be.
16:23:18*the-kyle wonders if it's still compatible with the latest Rockbox releases.
16:23:39the-kyleDoes it generate compatible voice files?
16:23:41JiriI use voicebox, but it speaks only Talkclips for announcing folders and files. I need voice file for menu and so on
16:24:16[Saint]Oh, that's right...hum, yes, you're correct. It does only do .talk clips.
16:24:26the-kyleAren't voice files using Festival still built nightly?
16:25:08Jiriyes, the are, but i want create voice with Czech Festival voice
16:25:56[Saint]Seems like your option is to compile it yourself, then. I'm afraid.
16:26:25[Saint]You won't need to build any toolchains, so it will take very little time or effort.
16:26:35the-kyleOh yeah, I do believe only the US English voice files are built nightly.
16:27:03[Saint]*ahem* Only *real* English!
16:27:18[Saint]en-US isn't "real" English :P
16:27:36the-kyleOh, it's a US English voice that's being used, that's why I was confused.
16:27:57[Saint]Yeah, that is slightly confusing.
16:28:26[Saint]Jiri: you might want to look at this:
16:28:33[Saint]it is not as complicated as it seems.
16:29:34JiriThanks I try compille it.
16:29:50 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
16:30:56[Saint]configure *might* want to check if the toolchain is present, even if you are only compiling a voice file (I'm not sure, it shouldn't need to, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did).
16:31:29[Saint]In the even that it does, it only adds time to the ordeal, not further complication.
16:31:35[Saint]*the event
16:32:54the-kyleConfigure should just error out on not finding the toolchain, but it should still create the proper Makefile for make voice. I can't be absolutely sure though, as I build manually from git.
16:34:16[Saint]It certainly will error out when it doesn't find the toolchain, but I wasn't sure if the makefile would be generated or not.
16:37:26the-kyleI think it checks that at the end of the process, but I really can't be sure either, since I already have the toolchain. Worst case, it requires running tools/ There's no little risk involved in this process, just a few questions to answer and an automatically performed download and compile of the toolchain.
16:37:57 Quit Jiri (Quit: CGI:IRC)
16:38:38[Saint]Unless you're unfortunate enough to own a Samsung YP-R0
16:39:28[Saint]in which case, it is some questions, a bunch of automatic downloads, and a metric fuck-tonne of undeclared dependencies you have to figure out using magic.
16:40:11the-kyleI think it's possibly the ClipZip mentioned earlier, in which case, that shouldn't be a problem.
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18:01:49mobenIs there a way to alternate between two images in a theme?
18:02:13mobene.g. blinking battery while charging
18:04:42[Saint]Look at how alternating sublines are done.
18:05:37 Nick funman is now known as punman (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
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18:06:36[Saint]check the manual for the %t tag
18:06:46[Saint]this will explain sublines for you.
18:09:07 Join lebellium_ [0] (
18:09:25[Saint]No problem.
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18:59:40amayer_Torne: ping
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19:27:55kugel[Saint]: I thought the dependencies have been fixed
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20:33:31nikita2206Hi! Have someone encountered this problem with the latest build (212e780) on ipod classic? When I try to play any song, (1) it just goes to the next one, (2) tries to play the next one, and again goes to the next (1), and so on. This happens till the end of playlist.
20:34:57gevaertsSounds like a bug...
20:35:13evilnicknikita2206: Are you sure you overwrote the files when updating?
20:35:57gevaertsHm, right
20:36:07 Join nateloaf [0] (
20:36:18gevaertsIt might be an incorrect upgrade too...
20:37:09nikita2206Yes, I'm sure. Also, when rockbox is booting, it says that loading rockbox.ipod failed... Maybe I should have removed .rockbox directory and write a new one?
20:37:25gevaertsYou could try that, yes
20:38:37amayer_nikita2206: ive gottent the "rockbox faile to load" boot error too. then it shows emcore boot menu. i just reboot again and it works
20:39:10amayer_ive only had this happen twice, i thought it was a file system error so i didnt mention it on here
20:42:20 Quit bertrik_ (Remote host closed the connection)
20:42:31nikita2206No, doesn't work anyway. Still says about fallback image.
20:43:14gevaertsCheck the filesystem then
20:43:17nikita2206Could it be emCore's fault? I just updated rockbox, but not emCore
20:56:40 Part nikita2206
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