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#rockbox log for 2013-01-04

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00:16:15JdGordon[Saint]: gevaerts: the "old way" makes absolutly no sense in the case where the track isnt found... the old way was to start the track index (which is by definition then random) with the track time offset what it was for the deleted track (more random)
00:16:35JdGordonstarting again or not starting at all are the most sensible solutions
00:16:41JdGordonthe latter being non-trivial to implement
00:17:22gevaertsJdGordon: I think starting at the next track (if it exists) makes sense
00:17:33JdGordonwhich is the next track though?
00:18:11gevaertsThe one that's next in the playlist. If that one also doesn't exist, then I don't care what happens :)
00:18:11JdGordonif "5" was the one to be resumed, but 6 files were removed then track 11 would be starting, which is very much not the next track
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00:18:39JdGordonyou mean keep trying to find a track untill it gets one?
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00:19:52JdGordonyou still don't guarentee anything will be found
00:19:53gevaertsWell, I think that would be ideal, but I don't know how practical it is
00:20:48JdGordonthe patch origionally was "do nothing" but when i tested it, it became non obvious why playback wasnt starting so i fixed it to what it is now
00:21:04gevaertsTrue. There are (lots of) cases where nothing is found. When all else fails, restarting at the beginning (if that's possible...) is definitely reasonable. The discussion I think is what "all else" means
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00:22:22gevaertsI'd say it's reasonable to listen to something podcast-like, stop playback after it stops being interesting (possibly closing music?), plug in, and delete the file
00:22:44gevaertsIf you also delete the next one, I'd say it's fair to say we don't know what you want to hear next :)
00:24:00gevaertsSo I think we should consider also looking for the next track
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00:24:31JdGordonwhich means storoing another crc, but that seems wasteful
00:24:50JdGordonunless we can use 16 bits of the crc32 as "good enough" :)
00:25:16JdGordonthe crc is kept in "nvram" (which untill the archos' are killed off it pretty tight)
00:25:22gevaertsI can't remember now how full nvram is
00:26:14JdGordonmaybe replacing playlist_start(0,0) with a splash "nothing to resume" and calling playlist_stop() might work
00:26:20JdGordonbut that seems more bad that restarting
00:26:44JdGordonespecailly in your case where you're playing a podcast folder and deleting as you go, the first track will almost certainly be the one you want
00:26:44gevaertsHmmm. Shouldn't that commit have bumped the plugin api version? Or did I miss that?
00:26:50JdGordonit did
00:26:55gevaertsAh, ok
00:27:18JdGordonah, it apparently didnt
00:27:29JdGordonI swear i remember doing that :/
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00:29:01*gevaerts tries to remember how to work out nvram size
00:30:07JdGordoncount NVRAM() in settings_list.c
00:30:20JdGordoncan you ump the plugin api number please? that commit must have got lost
00:30:35gevaertsI'll do it in a minute
00:31:43gevaertsSo 30 bytes right now, if all options (such as dircache) are enabled
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00:33:41gevaertsand 44 bytes available, if I count right. That means if we really want this, we can
00:33:59gevaertsStill, it's a scarce resource, so let's think first :)
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00:35:28JdGordonthere is no reason to keep the other crc's in nvram though, they could be stored in the .cfg as strings
00:35:44JdGordonbut storing any amount is enirely arbitrary
00:36:11JdGordonand that will blow out the feature size
00:36:33gevaertsLet's keep it as-is for now
00:36:46gevaertsAnyway, plugin api bump pushed
00:38:27gevaertsDo those runtime things still make sense?
00:38:47JdGordondid they ever?
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00:39:02gevaertsNot sure :)
00:39:14JdGordonthere is plenty of truly useless bloat which could be trimmed to get the rec building again
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00:39:48gamewizardwhy isnt the ipod classic ofically suported
00:40:45gevaertsMostly because there's no straightforward way to install
00:41:44gamewizardk just checking because i just installed rockbox on my 160gb classic i got for chrismas
00:41:54JdGordonah you know what i tinhk happened? i bumped it to 222, then rebased and didnt notice it was previously bumped
00:43:08gevaertsAh, that seems to make sense
00:44:06gamewizardwhoa less than an hour remaining on my music transfer damn why do i have so much mussic
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00:45:22AlexPgamewizard: Stay on topic please
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00:47:53dfkti cleaned up the x5 interface bmp for the simulator, the old image was quite dirty - anyone willing to push/commit/merge it on git?
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00:48:26AlexPIs it on gerrit?
00:48:40dfktno, it's here -
00:48:50dfkt(old one for comparison: )
00:48:52AlexPbah, making me do work! :)
00:49:18dfktheh, sorry... i never understood gerrit/git, and have no access yetz
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00:52:53AlexPdfkt: What's your name?
00:53:12dfktMartin Sägmüller
00:53:34dfkt(i'm already in the credits, on the wiki, etc... just never got into gerrit)
00:55:31AlexPdfkt: Should be done, thanks
00:55:44dfktthank you
00:55:47AlexPdfkt: Also, you don't need commit access to be able to put stuff on gerrit
00:56:00AlexPThere was no point in this case, but it might be useful in the future :)
00:56:37dfktah ok... i see i can even use an existing google account for that, nice
00:56:57AlexPI think the wiki page we have on it is quite good
00:57:16AlexPI'm not good with git/gerrit myself, so I've read that page quite a lot :)
00:58:25dfktalright, i will read through that :)
01:06:55*[Saint] also frequented that page for a few days or so whilst getting used to the git workflow.
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01:49:07williamtdrI have looked, but obviously not in the right placces, to find an example of rendering a color bitmap in LUA. I looked at the GraphicsAPI page and the rb.lcd_color_bitmap, but can someone provide me with an example? Thanks.
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02:33:28JdGordonhey jhMikeS !
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06:37:08jhMikeSJdGordon: yessir?
06:38:05JdGordonjhMikeS: hey, did you see my email?
06:38:15jhMikeSJdGordon: one moment
06:38:17JdGordonseems a commit of yours back in may broke radio art
06:42:24jhMikeSQuite possible. Possible because main buffer handling is really quite a mess. I do have a project that implements proper sharing of the remaining space but has some issues that I'm not quite sure how to fix atm.
06:42:52jhMikeSBTW, is it broken in all cases or just when you have voice available?
06:43:12JdGordoni was testing without an english.voice file
06:43:15JdGordonif that matters
06:44:43*jhMikeS doesn't even know how to use radioart
06:45:53JdGordongrab the sim, say "yes" to the "scan for stations" when you first enter the fm screen, save and edit the .fms so one of the stations has a name, save a .jpg with the preset name in .rockbox/fmpresets, use the .fms in the bug report
06:47:17JdGordonthe buffering_reset() call is just scary to me, im pretty sure skin engine will barf after that happens
06:47:21JdGordonit doesnt handle being reset
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09:39:22[Saint]What is the supported bitmap alpha setup in Rockbox?
09:39:47[Saint]I know we support bitmaps with true alpha channels now, but, I'm not sure _which_ format exactly.
09:40:12[Saint]My guess, is 32bit A8R8G8B8?
09:40:56[Saint]Or 16bit A1R5G5B5?
09:44:27[Saint]kugel: ^?
09:45:43[Saint]Aha, found the commit...32bit. So, I'm gonna go with A8* as a guess.
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09:56:08kugel[Saint]: correct
09:57:01*[Saint] invented a word
10:00:06kugelgevaerts, JdGordon: how about storing 2 crc16 (or even crc8) instead? surely even simple hash functions should be good enough for this case
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10:23:10[Saint]kugel: Torne actually mentioned something that was very simple, and quite asn intelligent way to approach this. Storing the previous track's crc and the following 2 (or more) track's crcs, so you could make a /reasonably/ accurate guess as to where you were/should be in the playlist if track(s) are removed.
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12:06:37wodzReverse engineering rk27xx ftl is soooo f*** complicated. Actual FTL layer is intermixed with some sectors caching. Code makes assumption that nand chips could be of different types (which is insane) but not consistently.
12:07:31wodzVarious tables are cached also in global arrays which are accessed through pointers which makes reading dissasm a nightmare.
12:08:12wodzrk28xx ftl driver in linux kernel is so much simpler...
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12:33:54lorenzo92wodz: is this ftl common to all players using this SoC?
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12:38:30wodzlorenzo92: It is provided as binary lib in SDK for this platform
12:38:48wodzI mean rk27xx, for rk28xx there are sources in linux kernel
12:45:10lorenzo92wodz: okay, since with the stmp36xx (samsung Z5) I will need to do the same, and seeing your stubs, it might be possible to reuse some code...for Z5 the OF bootloader needs to see which kind of nand is mounted, if mlc or slc, and so on ;)
12:46:03wodzThat is the simplest thing. Everything is in nand chip datasheet.
12:47:45wodzThe hardest part is to figure out the scheme for page remapping and placement and data structures used for metadata.
12:49:38wodzsome version of Wimory ftl is somehow documented (nano2g driver + some docs on freemyipod + you can always ask TheSeven)
12:50:07wodzIf you are lucky it may be that as it seems the most wide spread ftl vendor in portable devices
12:52:34TheSeventhere are lots of variants of this though
12:52:40wodzI know
12:52:57TheSevensee the code in that iphonelinux github
12:58:25 Join Staphylo [0] (
12:58:35wodzTheSeven: What was actual process of n2g ftl reveng?
12:59:23TheSevenslowly, carefully digging through the disassembly in IDA, while looking at dumped flash contents and some code from iphonelinux which helped a lot in getting a better understanding of the general structure of it
12:59:57TheSeventook me like a month of full time work for basic readonly access, and I think about 3 months until R/W was working somewhat stable
13:00:56TheSevenI made the mistake of disassembling the bootloader, not the full monolithic ipod OS blob (~6MB on nano2g)
13:01:15TheSeventhe code base is the same, but the one in the full OS had much more debug strings etc. I only realized that after the fact :/
13:02:29wodzI am in a bit better situation as I have unstripped ELF objects + some headers. This helps a lot.
13:02:52wodzstill I don't understand the general scheme :/
13:06:58pamaurythe stmp37xx also use a FTL on the zenxfi2, will be a pain to reverse engineer too, especially given how complicated is the OF in general
13:07:19pamaurybut it might be the same as the stmp36xx, let's hope
13:09:28wodzpamaury: Did you look at rk27xx usb by any chance?
13:09:57pamauryno, I'm abroad for one month and I don't have my rk27xx (forgot it) unfortunately
13:10:39pamauryperhaps if you can capture the usb traffic and detailed logf log I can have a look
13:11:56wodzWould you prefer transfer of all zeros or some known pattern?
13:13:27pamauryall zeroes in fine, what is important is the complete log (enable all logf in usb stack and drivers), don't forget to increase the logf buffer size to not loose part of it
13:14:52wodzI'll do that when I get too frustrated with ftl
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13:49:23bertrikI'm thinking of changing the OLED brightness control for the Sansa Clip (v1/v2) and Sansa Clip+ from a "contrast" control to a "backlight brightness" control
13:49:32 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
13:49:48bertrikThat should (in theory) also allow us to do "backlight fading" for these targets
14:00:44lorenzo92thank you all for the info, i will resume my work after exams ^^
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16:19:34moben-is there a way to dynamically place bitmaps? I have "[r] [s]" for repeat/shuffle. But If repeat is off I want "[s]" instead of " [s]"
16:20:56 Nick moben- is now known as moben (~benny@exherbo/developer/moben)
16:22:44gevaertsNot as such, but you can just make different viewports with different (fixed) positions for the bitmaps, and switch between them
16:23:42mobenokay, thanks
16:24:41 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
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17:11:11Torneamayer_: how are we testing the changes to the themesite code?
17:11:20Tornethe latest version of your patch looks fine
17:11:27Tornebut it's a pretty large change
17:11:55Torneso, we should probably coordinate with whoever runs the themesite machine to back up the db before deploying it and then see if we can test it thoroughly before concluding everything is fine :)
17:11:56 Join stoffel [0] (
17:12:47mobenwhy does this not work? %?and(%if(%ps,=,s),%if(%mm,!=,0))
17:12:58mobenit seems to only look at the first condition
17:13:07Torneshouldn't the and be *inside* the if?
17:13:27Torneoh, wait
17:13:55amayer_Torne: I have a copy of the themesite running on my laptop(its just Debian with similar setting to the actuall themesite)
17:14:11Torneamayer_: right, but i mean, the process of rolling it out on the real server
17:14:16Tornei didn't mean to suggest yo uhaven't tested it locally
17:14:27Tornebut you can never really count on your production environment to behave :)
17:15:11amayer_Torne: true
17:15:28Torneanyway what i mean is, i don't want to just submit that patch now
17:15:48Torneit would be nice if someone could do the relevant backups, then update the real server and try it
17:16:02Torneso that it doesn't come as a surprise that the code has radically changed later ;)
17:16:23amayer_that is a good idea because it is a large chunk of code
17:16:45amayer_scorche|sh: are you available to do some backup/testing?
17:18:13scorche|shnope - send me an email and i can try to get to it this weekend though
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17:26:48pixelmamoben: why don't you use %?ps and %?mm - and if I read CustomWPS in the wiki correctly, there's no != operator for the %if tag
17:27:24pixelmahmm, there is but only works for a string
17:30:10pixelmathe wiki has trouble displaying the != in the first list
17:31:13mobenpixelma: you mean nesting %?ps and %?mm ? because they don't seem to work inside the %?and
17:35:15pixelmawell yes, that's the more traditional way maybe (the %?and tag is a lot newer than these). That's also the reason why I don't know so much about the latter. Maybe "%mm,>,0" would work if the theory about number or string value is correct?
17:36:34pixelmain your example I mean
17:36:52mobenalready tried that, doesn't work
17:49:57 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:49:57pixelmasorry, no other idea then. Maybe [Saint] or JdGordon do. I also don't understand why the wiki eats the ! in the first list and not in the later example (both being inside a <tt></tt>)
17:50:14 Join shamus [0] (
17:50:54 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
17:54:44mobenfor the record: I now tried %?ps<%?mm<%xl(S,shuffle.bmp,0,2)%xl(R,repeat.bmp,9,2,4)|%xl(S,shuffle.bmp,0,2)>|%?mm<%xl(R,repeat.bmp,0,2,4)|> >, which doesn work either
17:57:06pixelmawith %xl you only tell it to preload the image, %xd is what you want I think and %xl somewhere before that (if that hasn't changed dramatically over the past year)
17:57:36mobeni know, just found the error
18:02:21mobenor not.
18:03:16mobenmy problem is that I want the position to be dynamic
18:05:46 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
18:08:22 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
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18:19:21 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:24:17 Join Robin0800 [0] (
18:30:50 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
18:44:32kugel[Saint]: the problem are space constraints so you cannot just store an arbitrary amount of CRC values
18:44:45kugelmy suggestion was to make each value smaller if needed
18:46:22 Part eckoit
18:48:06 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
18:50:12pixelmamaybe you could store it on disk but that would possibly slow it down even further, no idea
18:53:15Tornekugel: sure, but how much space is there? how many *can* we store?
18:53:19Torneeven "two" might work well enough
18:53:26kugeldon't know
18:53:37TorneThe next item is much less likely to have been deleted than the current one
18:53:53Torne(i would expect)
18:54:00Torne(since the common case for this is "podcasts" and the like)
18:56:54kugelJdGordon: why should the call to buffering_reset() be a problem?
18:58:08kugelthe skin engine shouldnt have handles (allocated using bufopen()) on the audio buffer
19:07:27 Quit japc (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:09:27 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:10:25gevaertsTorne: 44 bytes, IIRC, of which I believe 30 are used at most
19:14:06 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
19:15:12 Join zamboni [0] (~bottledwa@unaffiliated/zamboni)
19:15:45zambonianyone aliiive?
19:16:20zamboninot getting rockbox to work :(
19:16:24zambonion my sansa clip zip
19:17:50zamboniaaand no one cares
19:19:58pixelmawell, you should be a bit patient. There aren't always people at the keyboard. Also if you want help, you need to give more info - what did you try, which guide you follow etc.
19:21:05zambonirockbox utility
19:21:19zambonijust had it autodetect my player and bam
19:28:01Tornegevaerts: well, two crc32s truncated to 16 bits would fit :)
19:33:34 Join saratoga [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:41:18 Quit sakax (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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19:53:39 Join sakax [0] (
19:53:42 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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20:08:56 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@2001:610:76a:0:19eb:272f:6214:8262)
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20:18:46pixelmazamboni: you really have to be more verbose. "had it autodetect my player and bam nothing" could be everything - from normal (the utitlity detected your player correctly but you didn't hit any install buttons) to a bug (the Utility crashed perhaps). We cannot see what you did and what happened. So, did the Rockbox Utility detect your player correctly? Did it crash? Did you use anything on the "Installation" tab? Note that I don't know anyhing about
20:18:46pixelmathe installation procedure on the Clip Zip but usually you have to install the actual firmware and if it's the first time installation, you also need a bootloader. This should be explained in our manual
20:20:34 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:25:28 Join amayer_ [0] (
20:32:28 Part WalkGood
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21:43:58 Part LinusN
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22:13:06 Join makoto [0] (
22:13:25makotoso i was trying to "SSD mod" my ipod mini.
22:14:12makotoi have had 8 espressos today. i took the hdd ribbon to the garage, and poked it with a soldering iron, then checked the joints with a microscope. microscope says yes.
22:14:16makotoipod says yes.
22:18:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:28:42zambonimy ipod nano5g doesnt rockbox
22:28:46zambonistupid apple
22:33:59 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
22:35:02 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:38:43 Join Wardo [0] (
22:40:34saratogashouldn't have bought it :(
22:43:31 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
22:46:55 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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