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#rockbox log for 2013-01-07

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00:07:09saratogai need to get a clip zip jsut so i have a player with a micro usb plug
00:09:21*[Saint] probably has the only iPod with microUSB
00:10:55[Saint](it doesn't charge, though I think I could get that working's just the microUSB port from the CF/ZIF adapter broken out off the board and soldered into the case backing)
00:11:25[Saint]*very* easy mod for iPods with CFs
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00:32:26*[Saint] thinks of a way dynion can try Rockbox on a real device
00:32:43[Saint](note the .apk part, you know what those are for :))
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00:38:01AlexPIt isn't very representative however
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00:45:53[Saint]Same as any other touch based port.
00:46:22AlexPRight, so not very representative of a standard one
00:47:09*[Saint] can't quite see how
00:47:29[Saint]the only thing that changes is the control method, and a few trivial additional features
00:47:41[Saint](which are related to the control method)
00:47:48AlexPThe interface is the most important thing, and that works very differently
00:47:55AlexP(to the feel of it)
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03:31:46SlowbrehHey guys. Rockbox won't let me select anything for mount point (device in filesystem) on first startup. Trying to Rockbox a iPod Video 5th gen.
03:33:04[Saint]Sorry, "on first startup"?
03:33:09[Saint]What do you mean by this?
03:33:56SlowbrehWhen I first run Rockbox utility
03:34:02Slowbreh(on OSX 10.8, btw)
03:34:23[Saint]So, select the mount point manually.
03:34:49[Saint]It isn't a mac formatted iPod, is it?
03:35:09SlowbrehIt is,,, yeah....
03:35:22SlowbrehI can't select ANYTHING for the mount point
03:35:23[Saint]That's the problem.
03:35:27Slowbrehthe dropdown has no options
03:35:29Slowbrehahh, I see
03:35:40[Saint]We don't support "macpods".
03:35:41SlowbrehWhat should it be formatted as?
03:35:52SlowbrehCool, will do
03:35:57Slowbrehthanks a bunch
03:36:48[Saint]Oh....hmmmm. Actually, I'm not sure that should prevent installation of the bootloader.
03:37:06SlowbrehYeah it will
03:37:10[Saint]It definitely won't work wwith Rockbox, but I'm not sure it should prevent installing the bootloader.
03:37:20SlowbrehiTunes asks you if you want to install firmware
03:37:43SlowbrehI know because I used my old iPod nano as a Ubuntu drive
03:38:44[Saint]It makes sense for it to disallow the installation, but there's no reason why it couldn't install the bootloader.
03:39:04[Saint]The bootloader goes to an entirely seperate partition.
03:39:58SlowbrehIt worked!
03:40:22[Saint]Excellent. That's kinda weird, but, excellent.
03:41:05[Saint]Does your iPod video have an HDD, or is it a CF/SSD conversion?
03:41:24[Saint]And, do you feel comfortable in a commandline interface?
03:41:28SlowbrehI'm gonna gues HDD
03:41:34SlowbrehI'm comfortable with CLI, yeah
03:41:56SlowbrehIt came out in 2006 and is 80gigs. There is no way that is an SSD.
03:42:05SlowbrehThat would be, like, $2K
03:42:14[Saint]This may be worthwhile for you, then. The default installation method for the iPods is the safest, most robust method. But it is far from the fastest.
03:42:38[Saint]As Rockbox doesn't have a sleep function, waiting for boot can be annoying, this is worth a look:
03:43:05[Saint]If you never use the original firmware, you can even remove it completely.
03:43:12SlowbrehThanks a lot :)
03:43:19SlowbrehI'm getting a permission problem, now D:
03:43:31[Saint]Are you administrator?
03:43:37SlowbrehEven though it's 777
03:43:44[Saint]You need to be to access the raw partition for the bootloader
03:43:56SlowbrehWait... admin, or root?
03:43:57[Saint]Oh, that's odd. What is the error exactly?
03:44:05Slowbrehgive me one sec
03:45:07[Saint]the 4th method listed in the above link is the fastet, but it doesn't allow the device to boot the original firmware.
03:45:10SlowbrehOS X has an actual root account, but you usually don't use it.
03:45:16SlowbrehI'll do that
03:45:49[Saint]It reduces the boot time of the iPod video to something near ~2 seconds.
03:45:53SlowbrehWhat's the actual boot time?
03:45:58Slowbrehthat's nice
03:46:01SlowbrehI'm gonna do that
03:46:08SlowbrehWait... can the iPod be turned on?
03:46:15SlowbrehBecause it automatically turns on
03:46:22Slowbrehand there's no way to stop it
03:47:02[Saint]How do you mean? Rockbox allows you to (unlike the OF) completely shut down the device, and then any key press will boot it.
03:47:29[Saint]the original firmware appears to have a fast boot time because it never actually shuts down.
03:47:37[Saint]It is a form of hibernation.
03:47:48SlowbrehWhen you connect the iPod to a computer, it automatically turns on. Even if it lacks firmware.
03:47:51SlowbrehThat's what I mean.
03:48:00SlowbrehWhich could be why I'm having permission errors.
03:48:34[Saint]It should go to Emergency Disk Mode in that event, which Rockbox Utility will have no problem detecting.
03:49:17SlowbrehI've got no idea, then. It doesn't say anything anywhere.
03:50:21[Saint]Lets try forcing disk mode. Hold menu+select to reboot the device, and then immediately press select+play at that same time and hold it.
03:50:47[Saint]this should force emergency disk mode, and allow you to mount.
03:51:22SlowbrehOh, yeah it's in that
03:51:32SlowbrehBut I get permissions error for some reason :/
03:53:04[Saint]Do you have access to a Windows machine?
03:53:19SlowbrehNot with my music on it.
03:53:32SlowbrehBut yeah, I can get to a PC.
03:54:40[Saint]It is probably just going to be easier to restore the device with iTunes on a Windows machine and perform the installation at the same time.
03:55:14[Saint]You /can/ restore the device from OSX/unix, but the "Just Works" method is always iTunes.
03:55:26SlowbrehiTunes is native to OSX.
03:55:40[Saint]Yes, which will format it as a macpod again.
03:56:14SlowbrehDisk Utility can do FAT32 formatting, though. It's what OSX uses for bootcamp partitions.
03:56:28SlowbrehI used it to make a bootable Ubuntu SSD out of an iPod
03:58:12[Saint]It is speculation, but I think Rockbox Utility may be getting freaked out by an FAT32 formatted macpod
03:59:08[Saint]Indeed, it is.
03:59:35SlowbrehSo what should it be formatted to?
04:00:01[Saint]It should be formatted as FAT32, but it still has the macpod partition table, which needs to go.
04:00:20SlowbrehI see.
04:00:20[Saint]The easiest way to do that is to restore the device on a Windows machine.
04:00:41[Saint]Failing that, you can follow the steps in the above link to do it manually.
04:01:26[Saint]If that fails, you can get into some bad situations where you will need to restore with iTunes anyway.
04:01:32SlowbrehI'd rather do it manually, TBH
04:01:38[Saint]So, if you can do so, it is best to use iTunes to do the restore.
04:02:49[Saint]Before doing so manually, you need to verify if you have an iPod 5G, or an iPod 5.5G as the sector sizes are different.
04:03:08[Saint](another reason why iTunes is the "Just Works" method)
04:05:17*[Saint] apologises for forgetting that the partition table needed to be changed as well
04:05:34SlowbrehSector size doesn't matter because there is only one acceptable partition table for 80 gig ipod videos
04:05:44SlowbrehIt's fine, don't worry about it :)
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04:12:02SlowbrehOkay, so I did it manually and dd failed on a permission error
04:12:10SlowbrehI sudo'd, and got "resource busy'
04:13:21SlowbrehAnything obvious that I'm doing wrong?
04:13:31Slowbrehoh OOPS
04:13:36Slowbrehforgot to unmount
04:13:41*Slowbreh facepalms.
04:16:49SlowbrehSo I did that manually, and it worked, but it still gets a permission error.
04:18:06[Saint]I can't think of why, I'm sorry.
04:18:28[Saint]Is RbUtil run as root?
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04:22:38Slowbrehdoing it manually now
04:23:40Slowbrehso now i get this from ipodpatcher
04:23:41Slowbreh[ERR] Firmware partition doesn't contain Apple copyright, aborting.
04:23:48SlowbrehWhat do I do?
04:25:08[Saint]If at all possible, restore the device from a Windows-native iTunes install
04:25:23[Saint]that's the one guaranteed "It'll just work" method.
04:26:15[Saint]If I was to put on my speculation hat again, I would say that the firmware partition got wiped out.
04:26:52[Saint]you can restore manually, also:
04:27:04[Saint]But the iTunes method is the preferred one.
04:27:52[Saint]In your case, you _should_ be able to get away with just dd'ing the firmware file to the firmware partition.
04:28:06[Saint](as you have already converted the storage partition to FAT32)
04:32:42[Saint]manual FAT32 conversion and restoration are identical except for the step of writing the .ipsw file to the firmware partition.
04:32:53[Saint]So you should be able to get away with just doing that.
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08:06:43SlowbrehNow that I've got Rockbox working, can I delete everything except .rockbox from my iPod?
08:06:53SlowbrehI don't want the Apple stuff. Just Rockbox.
08:09:44 Join LinusN [0] (
08:11:32SlowbrehWell, seems like I can!
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09:25:33SlowbrehSo uh
09:25:38Slowbrehhow do I force a reboot?
09:31:01SlowbrehIt's just a white error page
09:31:06Slowbrehhow do I turn it off... please...
09:38:17Slowbrehfor how long?
09:38:33Slowbrehoh it worked yay :D
09:40:06SlowbrehHO SHIT
09:40:10Slowbrehwell that was a gunshot
09:40:21Slowbrehbrb gotta make sure nobody died
09:42:19 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:45:45Slowbrehwell, no cops yet
09:45:53Slowbrehback to getting rockbox working :D
09:46:10SlowbrehOh, how do I safetly eject it?
09:46:22SlowbrehI eject it on my computer but it's still plugged in, can I just unplug it?
09:51:35JdGordonmoben: you still round?
09:51:40JdGordonwhat target is your sbs for?
09:52:03SlowbrehAre there automatic error logs?
09:52:21SlowbrehI can play music through files, but the database won't build :/
09:52:31SlowbrehIt just crashes immediately.
09:56:13SlowbrehHelp! I get "data abort at 000555c4" when I try to build the database
10:09:32 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:11:28 Join wodz [0] (
10:16:51wodzThe bug report about popping sound introduced by b19b250 doesn't make much sense. I would expect 1e5e022 if anything. Without proper bisecting and isolating the problem I can do nothing.
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10:21:08SlowbrehWhere is he metadata log stored? I can't find it.
10:26:37 Quit Slowbreh (Quit: Linkinus -
10:38:09JdGordonmoben: that sbs works fine...?
10:42:43 Join Robin0800 [0] (
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10:59:41[Saint]JdGordon: does the .sbs you were looking at have conditional, or fixed, viewports?
11:00:10 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
11:00:58[Saint]according to moben, this one failed:
11:02:24ZagorFYI: I will be doing a talk about Rockbuild (our distrubuted build system) on FOSDEM 2-3 feb
11:03:32[Saint]Zagor: since you're one of the closest people around here that represents an's a question I asked the other day, but didn't get answered: Is it Rockbox, or ROCKbox?
11:04:02[Saint]The logo is clearly ROCKbox, but every textual reference is Rockbox. It confuses me. I think it should be consistent.
11:04:19Zagor[Saint]: It's Rockbox. ROCKbox is just a logo design thing.
11:04:56[Saint]Hum. It seems quite inconsistent to me. But, I'm a bit anal about such things.
11:05:04[Saint]Good to know, though.
11:05:24Zagorit is a bit inconsistent, yes.
11:05:42Zagorit was never discussed with the logo designer
11:06:10[Saint]So, if one were to change, in theory, it would be the logo, and not the textual references I gather?
11:06:25[Saint]Right. Thankyou.
11:06:55[Saint]If I get bored making Ms [Saint]'s theme tonight, I might have a crack at redoing the logo for something to do.
11:07:14[Saint]I'm pretty sure the designer left me a set of nicely layered SVG
11:07:17Zagorwe tend to stick to normal name writing syntax. it is visible in other places where companies try to abuse them. such as Ipod vs iPod and Iriver vs iRiver
11:08:13[Saint]I like the current logo, I wouldn't change the main points of it.
11:08:22[Saint]I just want to see how it looks as "Rockbox"
11:08:41Zagorfeel free to tinker. I can't make any promises though :-)
11:09:03[Saint]Oh, sure, I know. Changing it is a pretty highly contentios thing.
11:09:42[Saint]One other thing I thought of, was that it would be cool if we switched out the logo in the bootloaders for the "10 years!" version.
11:09:55[Saint]that's a pretty big thing.
11:10:03[Saint]not the change, but the age.
11:11:35wodzreleasing bootloaders just for that is overkill IMO.
11:12:04wodzfor example we can't release h300 bootloader from our *current* codebase
11:12:15[Saint]Hum, good point.
11:12:29wodzbesides 10years pie and candles will look crap on small screens
11:12:34Zagorwodz: yes, I agree. also we make a point of telling people not to reflash boot loaders more than necessary.
11:15:03pixelma[Saint]: the original logo only existed as a high res pixel graphic. I made an SVG for the manual from it but it doesn't have the "texture" in the "box" part because that's kind of hard to do with vector graphics trying to keep them simple
11:15:30[Saint]pixelma: you have good timing.
11:15:41[Saint]I was just looking at the SVG and got slightly disappointed.
11:15:49[Saint]I thought the original image was an SVG
11:16:58pixelmamaybe the logo designer had one but I only know of the non-vector one
11:17:48[Saint]Well, that's all I can find.
11:18:19[Saint]I don't /really/ feel like recreating it fully. But I can try. I need to brush up on my InScape skills.
11:19:04pixelmathe pixel graphic is somewhere in the source too, maybe in www or so. I believe Zagor once gave me the hint so maybe he remembers where exactly
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12:22:18JdGordon[Saint]: err.. that link shows the list without the title
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15:45:32[Saint]just managed to make the Database init really mess itself up with a deliberately crafted recursive symlink
15:46:06[Saint]It gave it a good go, though.
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16:20:07whiskers75Is there anyone here who wanted day/night support?
16:22:46whiskers75If there is, its done.,42527.msg216307.html#msg216307 HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL!
16:24:49 Quit whiskers75 (Remote host closed the connection)
16:27:25*[Saint] wonders how fun it would be to play "GPL violation"
16:29:50[Saint]Ah, ok...nope. Some weird cache issue on my end.
16:30:01[Saint]Good boy.
16:34:58Zagor[Saint]: GPL violation?
16:36:51[Saint]I was poking some fun. When whiskers75 linked that build I checked his repo and the forums and couldn't see the commit for the newly added work, but it turned out to be a cache issue on my side.
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20:09:22mobenJdGordon: The sbs is for a clip+. I just tried again, it neither works in the sim nor on a real device
20:20:04 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
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20:30:43amayer_asside from using a hammer is it possible to brick a fuse+ ?
20:35:04 Join einhirn [0] (
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20:44:31wodzamayer_: AFAIK fuze+ is virtually unbrickable
20:46:30*Strife89 notices that the RSS feed for code changes is gone.
20:47:21amayer_wodz: thanks. I wasnt too hesatant to put rockbox on my ipod classic because i know there is always a recovery mode to get back to stock(quite literally unbrickable).
20:47:23amayer_my friends mom gave me a Fuse+ for free so i was thinking about putting rockbox on that. but i dont know alot about bootloaders(learning) or anything like that so i didnt want to chance it.
20:48:33wodzamayer_: with fuze+ there is recovery mode which can always be entered (just like in classic).
20:49:06amayer_wodz: ill do some reading up on it. is it hardware based like classic?
20:49:40 Quit benedikt93_ (Quit: Bye ;))
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22:15:25*bluebrother wonders how hard it would be to support e200rpatcher and similar tools using WinUSB
22:18:54 Part eckoit
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22:38:58wodzbluebrother: From the first glance winusb binds single driver instance to particular vid:pid through .ini file used during installation of winusb driver. So this is somewhat less generic than libusb way.
22:40:24 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:42:36wodzactual api doesn't seem to be more challenging then libusb
22:50:25 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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