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#rockbox log for 2013-01-09

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00:18:18DasBubwow, gitgui has a horrible interface
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06:53:26[Saint]TIL: LossyFLAC
06:53:32[Saint]...why is that a thing?
06:53:41[Saint]whoops, wrong channel.
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08:52:44JdGordongevaerts: [Saint]: so, im going to use trackinfo.txt instead of metadata.txt for the "user chooses the track info to display file", and i've got some slight mods to do to make it better
08:52:57JdGordonneed to see if %t() works inside it so the last cabbie can be switched
08:53:18JdGordonand i want to add another tag to get the viewports "priority" value, which is just how many of them are used on the one screen
08:53:38JdGordonso you could set it up with more than one and not have them all showing the same info
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09:17:58JdGordonyep, %t() inside the trackinfo.txt viewports works fine
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11:10:50dongstook me 15 reconnects to get my clip+ to connect to USB and show up as mass storage device.
11:10:59dongsapparnetly it didnt last past being detected as a drive though.
11:11:02dongslocked up again
11:11:33dongs16th try.
11:11:52megal0maniacdongs: I've never been 100% content with the USB on the clip+. It seems to have good days and bad days
11:12:05dongsyoure not kidding.
11:12:11dongs it literally depends on day.
11:12:16dongsshit worked last week no problem
11:12:34dongs whats worse is before 3.12 or wahtever it was fine
11:12:44dongsthen i upgraded like a month ago and shitstorm of this usb fail started
11:13:04megal0maniacMine usually locks up on disconnect, which doesn't matter too much. Have you tried the development build?
11:13:18megal0maniacThat's what I'm using with no (real) problems
11:13:29dongshey walked away from pc and replugged and it works
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11:31:08wodzA lot of effort was made to stabilize amsv2 usb without much success.
11:35:07megal0maniacwodz: You can't undo magic with code ;)
11:36:23megal0maniacMine does work pretty well, though, running on dev build from about 2 weeks ago
11:36:42wodzsure you can in this context - it's 'only' the matter of finding whats makes usb on amsv2 iffy :-)
11:37:08dongs"it works in default firmware" isnt good enough excuse?
11:37:36wodzIt is some init misconfiguration most probably but who knows. Without documentation it is hard to guess.
11:42:34megal0maniacI'm blown away each time my clip+ boots, purely on the merit that the people here made it happen without documentation. (Lonely applause for devs and contributors)
11:44:59wodzThe statement is not quite correct. We had *some* documentation.
11:45:31megal0maniacWell, yes, but only *some*. I still find it remarkable.
11:45:40wodzThe truly amazing is nano2g & classic where almost everything were reverse engineered
11:46:46megal0maniacI lost all hope in the Classic ever working. I had one, but I lost it before rockbox was released for it :(
11:47:14megal0maniacReplaced it with a Clip+, brilliant decision. Upgraded to a Fuze+, terrible decision.
11:47:20megal0maniacLuckily I kept the Clip+
11:48:49wodzpamaury is making slow but steady progress with f+
11:51:21megal0maniacHe is :) But I still dislike the device. I would have been extremely disappointed if I was stuck with the OF. I'm on my 2nd one since the 1st one's internal storage failed
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11:54:37megal0maniacI found a bug in the "current playlist", but I've forgotten the specifics. Will be back shortly
12:05:54JdGordonFFS... really nice to see just how few people use the archos recorder (and if they are they arnt using the cabbie)
12:06:01JdGordon[Saint]: ping
12:12:32[Saint]Ohhhhhhh hush dongs
12:12:36[Saint]JdGordon: mmmyes?
12:13:18[Saint]Can't say I'm at all too surprised about cabbie being broken on some targets.
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12:26:13[Saint]The few people that own the target(s) in question care more about the fact that it still builds, rather than everything actually working in it, it seems.
12:26:27[Saint]kinda harsh, but, yeah.
12:27:13[Saint]Death to charcell, death to HWcodec.
12:28:12mobenAre there any ways to debug themes except for the sim and checkwps? (I already tried checkwps -vvv)
12:29:42[Saint]Either should be entirely sufficient.
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12:30:40mobenI'm still wondering about that .sbs, but maybe I'll just hardcode the 24h time format
12:30:40[Saint]The .sbs you linked is entirely syntactically correct.
12:31:08JdGordon[Saint]: the cabbies have %; that wont let sublines work... riiight?>
12:31:39[Saint]JdGordon: iirc, that says "stop alternating now"
12:32:36[Saint]I thought it was so you could go through a set of alternations in a subline, and then tell it to stop?
12:33:19JdGordonwhatever gave you that idea?
12:33:39[Saint]maybe I'm thinking of something entirely different.
12:37:16[Saint]Oh, derp...that's the "display a ";" thing-o.
12:37:43[Saint]that _should't_ break in an alternating subline...
12:38:46[Saint]"%t(2)%;$;$;$;$;;%t(2)look at all the semicolons" should be fine
12:39:05[Saint]bah, s/$/%/
12:39:50[Saint]Now I need to remember what it was that made me think there was a "break alternating" thing.
12:39:52mobenI think I'm onto something here. This works:
12:39:58mobenThis doesn't:
12:40:13[Saint]Oh, there is, but it's just passing 0 as the timout for %t
12:40:43mobenthough I still have no idea why.. (still looks a bit messy, but I'm trying out stuff)
12:41:31mobentl;dr: title as a %Vl: fine clock as a %Vl: bad
12:46:14mobenam I making sense?
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13:36:05pixelmawhat is supposed to be broken about the bitmap Archos cabbies?
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14:21:50pixelmaerr... supposedly broken (or so)
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14:38:20kugelJdGordon: are you still looking at the fms bug?
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14:59:13 Part LinusN
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15:24:54lorenzo92I was wondering if there is something preventing to enable a global keylock for device which don't have hardware keylock, are there any target using power key all the times for example?
15:25:43lorenzo92JdGordon: you mean the RDS memory corruption?
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22:07:34wodzwhat does it mean as input constraint in inline asm: [b] "r,0,1" (b) ?
22:08:10 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:22:19wodzjhMikeS: maybe you will know what does such input constraint mean: [b] "r,0,1" (b)
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22:43:48*wodz is just running clang build on vibe500
22:44:01 Quit Katu ()
22:44:35pamaurywodz: it works ?!
22:46:50wodzit boots, playback (mp3) is working
22:48:20[Saint].elf, clang...the next logical step is an emacs plugin.
22:48:38wodzI am hard vi user :P
22:49:00[Saint]Run it in emacs then :)
22:49:12wodzthe changes needed are fairly small
22:49:29*pamaury prefers a kate plugin
22:50:19pamauryI guess those are mainly inline assembly constraints ?
22:52:39wodzWell I failed to fix inline assembly constraints in fractals plugin so I disabled it. One change is in setjmp.S - clang's preprocessor messes things up badly, other than this it is a matter of providing __eabi_* mem functions which are missing in compiler's runtime lib
22:54:02pamauryyou mean the C preprocessor ?
22:54:05wodzWell, this functions are present in compiler-rt sources but are disabled until full eabi support is in place.
22:54:10wodzpamaury: yes
22:54:41pamauryweird, is it that gcc specific or a bug ?
22:54:56wodzah and libspc uses enum for constants on which clang chokes
22:55:07wodzpamaury: its a bug in clang's preprocessor
22:55:31pamauryknown bug or new bug ?
22:55:44wodzclang preprocess .S and then passes output to gcc for actual assembling
22:56:10wodzpamaury: don't know google doesn't know about it but I may ask wrong
22:57:00wodzoh, and clang doesn't define __ELF__ also which is known feature
22:57:13wodzsetjmp uses this define
22:58:38wodzI don't quite understand the issue with preprocessor - it messes a##b
23:01:15wodzthere is #define SYM(x) CONCAT (__USER_LABEL_PREFIX__, x), clang sets __USER_LABEL_PREFIX__ to `_' (gcc leaves it empty), then .globl SYM (\name) is expanded erroneously to .global _ \name (there is space after underscore)
23:06:44 Quit bertrik_ (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:07:02 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:07:37pamaurywodz: you should probably submit a bug report with a small example if you can, strange indeed
23:25:43*pamaury has a go at changing EMI frequency on imx233, damn complicated
23:27:07 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:40:30wodzargh, I was wrong. I copied wrong .rockbox folder to the device. clang compiled binary hangs on boot. How stupid mistake
23:41:24[Saint]It's ok, just say that Travis told you it was fine.
23:41:47[Saint]It compiled, what more do you need? :)
23:43:26 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:46:37pamaurylol, trolled by [Saint]
23:48:05wodzpamaury: whats EMI?
23:48:13pamauryexternal memory interface
23:48:26pamauryhandles the ddram
23:49:59wodzwhat is that complicated in changing frequency?
23:51:34pamauryeverything :) Basically changing the emi clock on imx233 requires to: disable irq, clean cache, put dram in self refresh mode, poke more than 10 registers with cryptic values, change dividers, poke more registers to lock dll,
23:51:49pamauryand pray that it works :)
23:52:07lebelliumhey guys, I managed to design a grid main menu (I did not believe that was possible with the skin engine!). It's a bit tricky but that works pretty well^^ Is there a way to customize the menu text? For exemple to display "playlist" instead of "playlist catalogue" or "resume" instead of "resume playback" ?
23:52:40pamauryand to help even more, the OF doesn't do manual what the manual recommends, but the manuals doesn't document some crucial fields and linux does something even different x-(
23:55:00pamauryI although thought that DDR was complicated but now I think it's even more complicated :)
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23:58:32[Saint]lebellium: I don't think that is possible without editing the voice strings
23:58:50[Saint]Happy to stand corrected, but I don't think it possible.
23:58:59[Saint]+in the skin engine alone

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