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#rockbox log for 2013-01-11

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04:13:57derfSo do any of the actual release versions of Rockbox include Opus support?
04:16:51JdGordonthe next one will
04:17:08JdGordonthe dev builds do
04:18:26derfGreat, thanks.
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04:53:05webguest61where am i?
04:53:20derfYou are in Sweden.
04:59:34[Saint] you have a question relevant to Rockbox?
04:59:40[Saint]Or are you just passing through?
05:03:56webguest61ah yeah
05:04:32webguest61i got a rockbox for android
05:05:01[Saint]Ok, cool. And you're wondering...?
05:05:47webguest61but i can not find a manul page about it
05:05:55[Saint]There isn't one.
05:06:06[Saint]There are no manuals for unusable targets.
05:06:11webguest61like change thems and others
05:06:46[Saint]Depending on the resolution of your target, there likely isn't any themes for it either.
05:06:52[Saint]What is the target resolution?
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05:07:25[Saint]You may use this manual as a rough guide:
05:07:42[Saint]It is another touchscreen target that is supported, most things are the same.
05:08:13[Saint]And depending on the resolution of your device, I may be able to help you with a theme.
05:10:30webguest61oh no , rockbox for android platform, an android app......
05:10:50[Saint](The reason there is no manual for the RaaA {Rockbox as an Application} builds is because the port status is officially "unusable", which doesn't necessarily mean unusable in the common sense of the word, it is simply one of the three port classifications that this project uses)
05:10:56[Saint]I know what you are talking about.
05:11:08[Saint]What I said above still stands.
05:11:20webguest61ok ,thanks
05:11:21[Saint]You may use the manual I linked above.
05:11:39[Saint]And depending on the resolution of the target, I may be able to help you with a theme.
05:12:18webguest61excuse my pool english. thanks a lot
05:12:26[Saint]That is ok.
05:13:13[Saint]I am sure your English is a lot better than my attempts to speak your native language would be :)
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06:11:58cra0anyone here?
06:14:46cra0lol im coming back here for the first time since 2004
06:15:00cra0trying to get this again
06:15:06cra0for my old old ipod nano but
06:15:11cra0i think the sites down ?
06:20:05JdGordonthis isnt ipodlinux
06:20:37cra0i know but maybe thought u guys would know what happend to them
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06:41:08cra0oh wow
06:41:26cra0i found an old floppydisk with the bootloader on it
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09:36:57wodzPlease take a look and test g#380 - it removes artificial GIF_MAX_FRAMES constraint. Now the only limit is available memory.
09:36:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #380 at : gif viewer: remove max frames count constraint by Marcin Bukat (changes/80/380/1)
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11:02:34wodzpamaury: (log) what exactly does __attribute__((interrupt())) do?
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11:37:42funmanwodz: (look first occurence of "is an interrupt handler")
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11:38:12funmanit's for custom function entry/exit sequences IIUC
11:39:34wodzonly? If so it should be fairly simple to use naked attribute which seems to be supported by clang as this is literally for IRQ and FIQ on arm
11:39:57funmantrue but you need some asm anyway no?
11:40:15funmaninstead of just 'return;'
11:40:31wodzwe do use some asm already, no?
11:41:20funmanfor as3525 yes, and indeed attribute(interrupt("IRQ")) is 100% useless, naked would work fine
11:42:00funmanfor ARM you can specify the interrupt type, not sure what's the purpose?
11:42:08wodzI recall rk27xx irq handler has bits in asm to do proper prologue/epilogue
11:42:24wodzmaybe PP doesn't
11:43:09funmanyeah for PP it is written completely in C
11:43:15wodzyeah, PP irq_handler relay on what gcc does
11:43:35wodzcool, will check this when home
11:44:03funmanand for as3525, UIRQ is written in C but since it always ends with panicf() it doesn't really matter i guess
11:44:42wodzfunman: as of interrupt type, doesn't fiq have different reg save needs due to reg shadowing?
11:46:20funmanah right
11:46:54funmanbut gcc wouldn't know that if we use 'naked' ?
11:47:00funman(or clang)
11:47:31wodzI think, naked overrides what interrupt would do anyway
11:48:17kugelfunman: all as3525 ISRs are entirely in C
11:49:12wodzkugel: it is not about ISRs but about irq/fiq handlers
11:49:18wodzthats different thing
11:49:45kugelwhat irq handler?
11:50:11funmankugel: the one called by interrupt vector
11:50:21funmanfrom crt0.S -> system-as3525.
11:51:06wodzkugel: arm has 2 irq lines irq and fiq. This two handlers check the actual source of interrupt in interrupt controller and do the duties.
11:51:29wodzirq/fiq handlers are kinda special 'wrappers'
11:52:27Tornethat's not really a different thing to an ISR
11:52:33pamaurythat's impressive, the cpu and emi frequency scaling on fuze+ and unboosting at 64MHz, I have increased the battery life from 20hours to more than 35hours (still counting !)
11:52:36Tornethe IRQ and FIQ vectors are the two ISRs on ARM
11:53:05Torneany other function you dispatch interrupts to after that doesn't neccessarily need to run in a special mode or have a nonstandard calling convention, so they aren't really interrupt handlers from the compiler's POV, surely
11:53:07kugeli see
11:53:30wodzTorne: thats what I mean :-)
11:53:59pamaurythe fastest way would be to rewrite the handlers in assembly, that's just a few lines of code anyway
11:54:10Tornethe interrupt attribute is to do correct return-from-interrupt at the end
11:54:27Torneinterrupt("irq") and interrupt("fiq") restore different registers
11:54:28wodzeven not this - you need only small prologue/epilogue in asm
11:55:12pamauryyeah, just write a proxy in assembly, it calls irq/fiq_handler, three lines
11:55:27kugelbtw, we don't use FIQ on as3525 do we?
11:55:36Tornewe dont' use fiq on most targets
11:55:39Tornemaybe all, even :)
11:55:42Tornethere's not really much point generally
11:55:50funmankugel: nope, fiq_handler is an empty function
11:55:51kugelI think we do at least on PP
11:56:13pamaurynot on imx233 either, the only recommended use in the manual is for power brownount which should never happen
11:56:24kugelfor PCM DMA IIRC
11:56:51pamauryah yeah, but I think it's more because fiq has higher priority than irq iirc the commit
11:57:15wodz asm volatile( "stmfd sp!, {r0-r7, ip, lr} \n" for epilogue (+ eventual stack reservation for local vars) and asm volatile("ldmfd sp!, {r0-r7, ip, lr} \n" "subs pc, lr, #4 \n"); for epilogue
11:57:18Tornetypically you use fiq for super urgent stuff that really does fit into 5 registers (i.e. the entire handler is a short asm function), or in trustzone where fiq is often the external secure interrupt line
11:57:32Torne(and gets configured not to be maskable in nonsecure mode)
11:57:55Tornewodz: youd on't need to save r4-r7
11:58:05Tornethe C compiler will do that in the called function anyway
11:58:30wodzso only r0-3, ip, lr ?
11:58:57Torneonly the registers that are callee-saved
11:59:00wodzgood to know
11:59:05Tornecaller-saved :)
11:59:55Tornebut yes, just four instructions in asm is enough to dispatch to a C function to handle the interrupt
12:00:01Tornewithout needing the C function to do anything special at all
12:00:04Torneit doesn't even need to be naked
12:00:23Tornein fact it has to *not* be naked if you aren't saving all the registers :)
12:00:31Tornebecuase naked will make the compiler omit saving the callee-saved registers.
12:01:20wodzyou mean the C function called *from* irq_handler with this crafted prologue right?
12:02:55Tornestmfd sp!, {r0-r3,ip,lr}; bl c_irq_handler; ldmfd sp!, {r0-r3,ip,lr}; subs pc, lr, #4
12:02:58Tornethat's enough
12:03:13Tornethen c_irq_handler can be a compeltely normal function with no attributes at all
12:04:16wodzIf I want to use local var before bl I need to adjust sp correctly, right?
12:04:30funmanbut then it can be written in a .S file
12:04:37funmanno need to bother with gcc attributes
12:04:56Tornewodz: yes.
12:05:07TorneYeah, you can just write this in a .s and assemble it
12:05:24Tornewodz: but you don't really want to use local stack variables, i expect
12:05:38Tornejust save/restore more registers and use r4-r11
12:05:42Tornehowever many you need :)
12:05:50Tornethough remember to push/pop an even number to not break EABI
12:07:04wodzI mean this sub sp, sp, #8 - thats what OF do - why it is 8 not 4?
12:07:20Tornebecause the stack must be 8 byte aligned at function entry/exit
12:07:37Torneas i just said, you have to push/pop even numbers of registers :)
12:07:41TorneEABI requires 8 byte stack alignment
12:07:52Tornewhether you move sp by modifying it or implicitly with push/pop
12:07:52wodzok, now thats clear
12:08:16Tornethat code is gross
12:08:31Torneit's just blindly assuming that irq_no will be a stack variable, which is unlikely
12:09:00Torneit'd be nicer to just write that whole function in asm, it would be probbly shorter :)
12:09:19wodzMaybe I'll do that one day
12:09:36Torneyou can just save r0-r3,ip,lr then use r0-r3 as temporaries
12:09:50Torneoh, except you need it after as well
12:10:02Torneso yeah, just push r4 and r5 as well and use r4 for irq_no
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12:58:39wodzTorne: stupid question - why do I need r0-r3 later? looking at disassm r3 is used currently
12:59:11Tornei mean, you need irq_no before and after the call to the handler
12:59:24Torneso you can't just keep it in r0 or whatever, because the handler will overwrite it
12:59:36Tornebut you can just put it in r4 rather than making it a stack variable
12:59:40wodzah, that what you mean
12:59:42Torneand save/resotre r4-r5 as well
13:09:32wodzhow can I load into register the address of some C var in inline asm?
13:10:18wodzldr r3,=some_name doesn't work
13:14:16wodzoh, nevermind
13:17:53wodzTorne: <- does it look sane?
13:19:11Tornelooks ok to me, but don't you need to do this in a .S ?
13:19:36Tornei mean, it'll work if irq_handler is naked, but it's probably easier to just not involve the compiler at all
13:21:00wodz that is how rockbox.elf disassm looks like
13:21:26 Join lebellium [0] (
13:21:38wodz.S would bring problems as irqvect[] is declared static
13:25:31Tornelooks ok
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16:23:53dfktis rockbox for android building broken at the moment? i tried with current git revision and it gave me some error about "linux cpu count" - then i checked out the revision that's on rasher's server, and it built fine
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16:51:17 Part LinusN
16:58:25AlexPdfkt: Seems to work here
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17:38:58dfktAlexP, thanks, i'll try some more
17:41:24 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
17:41:31dfktaargh, how do i get back to the current revision in git? it complains about this - - after i did a "git checkout 1223435"
17:41:53dfktgit checkout -f and reset −−hard don't work
17:41:59AlexPno idea, git is a mystery to me :)
17:42:32dfkti wish there still was svn next to git, for peasants like me :/
17:43:39gevaertsdfkt: git checkout master?
17:44:29dfktgevaerts, thank you, it worked, "master" was the magic word... i tried "rockbox" which made git throw even more hissy fits :)
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17:50:21dfkthmm, still getting this error with current revision - - the one from 2012-12-29 builds fine
17:53:01 Join kevku [0] (x@2001:470:dcc6:0:69:69:69:69)
17:56:27dfktupdating android sdk didn't help either
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18:42:56dfktreinstalling sdk and ndk from scratch seems to have fixed it :)
18:44:56 Quit maruk (Quit: Leaving.)
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19:51:10pamaurywow, 39h playback on fuze+ with all power management features on oO \o/
19:53:46ParkerR_pamaury, Nice
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20:35:57x64cubanHello somebady can help me?
20:36:13pamauryx64cuban: ask your question
20:38:58x64cubanSorry but my Internet is very slow
20:39:16x64cubanWhat can you recomend me to do?
20:39:42x64cubanI'am about to ubrick it and I just have Windows
20:40:40x64cubanIt's freeze when its starts showing the Welcome Sansa Screen
20:41:11AlexPUnbrick what?
20:41:20AlexPWhat device, what is the problem, etc.?
20:41:53bluebrotherobviously a Sandisk device.
20:41:58AlexPwell yes
20:41:59bluebrotherbut which? ;-)
20:42:05AlexPBut there are a few of those :)
20:42:49x64cubanSansa Clip not Sansa Clip +
20:42:55pamauryI think we are missing some data, bad internet connection ?
20:44:13x64cubanI just told, a Sansa Clip that it locks when starts, and my computer does not regonize it
20:45:17bluebrotherdefine "locks". Define "not recognize". Define "computer"
20:46:15x64cubanIt's Freeze when show the Welcome screen
20:46:27AlexPDoes Rockbox boot?
20:46:32x64cubanMy computer show it as Unknown Device
20:47:16x64cubanNo, that's the problem, i can't install it for this reason
20:47:24bluebrother"computre" means? Windows 7 64bit? Windows XP 32bit? Ubuntu? OS X?
20:47:58x64cubanWindows XP Service Pack 3
20:49:29x64cubanWindows XP SP3 32 bit
20:51:46x64cubanAlso I have Lubuntu 12.4, it's possible to do it there?
20:52:14bluebrotherwell, to rule out a problem with your Windows installation trying a different system is usually a good idea
20:53:51x64cubanWell the problem is not that, the first time that I use the player it works well
20:54:35x64cubanBut then it just freeze on the welcome screen
20:55:06AlexPx64cuban: I don't know, but hang around to see if someone can help
20:56:21x64cubanWell i will try to ubrick it, if you have something else to recomend me
20:58:55x64cubanExcuse my bad english, thak you very much
21:00:35funmani recommand not unbricking it
21:00:43 Quit x64cuban (Quit: CGI:IRC)
21:03:41dfkt[Saint], can i download your android-y rockbox fonts someplace? i seem to have lost my older versions
21:06:36dfktor am i mistaken, and you only made the ubuntu font family, not roboto?
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22:12:38kugeldfkt: make clean would have been enough
22:12:42 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:12:48 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
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23:45:41[Saint]dfkt: I never made a Roboto font family set, sorry.
23:46:38[Saint]It has terrible character coverage, it is divided into different font sets for different locales, which doesn't suit Rockbox terribly well.
23:48:54 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
23:49:43 Join amayer [0] (
23:49:52[Saint]pamaury: nice work with power-savings on Fuze+
23:50:05*[Saint] should get around to unboxing his one of these days...
23:50:59pamauryactually I'm pretty surprized by the win, it seems that clocking down the memory and cpu from 260/130MHz to 64/64MHZ has a great impact on battery life !
23:51:24 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:53:37pamauryon the other hand i've not down a battery bench in a while so perhaps many small wins cumulated !
23:54:13[Saint]It would have to be many, many, many small wins ;)
23:54:31[Saint]You practically doubled battery life ;)
23:55:04[Saint]That is one of the single most impressive runtime gains I have seen in a very long time.
23:55:47gevaertsWhat does the OF do?
23:58:00 Join Shinobi [0] (
23:58:27pamaurywell, Freescale's power consumption calculator says that cpu/ahb/emi at 454 / 151 / 151 consumes 272mW versus 34 mW at 64/64/48 !
23:58:27pamaurythat might explain the win
23:58:28ShinobiBesides exporting to jpg or txt, is there anyway to view pdfs with rockbox?
23:58:28 Quit pamaury (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)

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