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#rockbox log for 2013-01-13

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00:25:15dfktfinal touch for my new theme: %?if(%fc,=,6)<Vorbis|%fc> ;)
00:26:59[Saint]not an .ogg man, huh? :)
00:27:12dfkti don't like that rockbox calls it by its container :)
00:28:32dfkt(let's hope there's actually vorbis in most of those ogg files)
00:30:26bertrikI agree that it's probably better to call them vorbis, but rockbox is mostly just using the common convention
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00:31:52dfktit's definitely nothing big at all... just noticed that it calls m4a "AAC", so i made it more consistent, at least one-way
00:32:43gevaertsWell, you really need both the container and the codec to make sense :)
00:33:01dfkttrue :)
00:33:18dfktlet's just put everything in mkv, problem solved
00:34:50bertrikI don't think we support arbitrary combinations of codecs and containers
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00:35:25dfktso rockbox expects vorbis inside ogg, and aac inside mp4?
00:36:39bertrikyes, I think so
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00:53:16JdGordon[Saint]: that wont work
00:53:35JdGordonfile check is done at runtime, font loading is done at load time
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00:57:00JdGordonnice try though
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00:57:22[Saint]I thought it would be re-parsed at theme laod.
00:57:29[Saint]*load, even.
01:02:29JdGordonthe skin engine has no mechanism to do contiionals at load time, so even if it did check it wouldnt work
01:02:42JdGordonactually, we could abuse the feature test for this
01:03:55JdGordonyeah, that could work
01:05:28JdGordonyou'd have to do %?xx(file, parsetime)<%Fl(...)|...> and make sure they all get the same font id
01:05:31JdGordonbut it could work
01:07:50JdGordonactually, no, because it wont skip over the true case if the font is there so you'd get doubled up id's and both would load
01:08:16[Saint]I was just trying to think of a way to word that.
01:08:19[Saint]No matter.
01:11:37JdGordonthat still might be fixeable
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01:26:16webguest96can someone help me out with a technical issue
01:26:29[Saint]Only if you say what it is first.
01:26:51webguest96i installed rockbox on my sansa clip zip, and i hate it
01:27:23webguest96ive tried to remove it, i followed every instruction but it will not uninstall
01:27:59webguest96i am using osx, rockbox utility, latest sansa clip zip firmware
01:28:08lebelliumdelete the .rockbox folder and reinstall the original firmware
01:28:31[Saint]Literally all you need to do is copy an un-patched firmware file to the root of the device, and reboot into the original firmware.
01:28:34[Saint]That is all.
01:28:39webguest96where is the .rockbox folder ?
01:28:50[Saint]lebellium: that isn't necessary.
01:29:09webguest96saint, i tried that
01:29:10webguest96it does not work
01:29:16[Saint]I assure you it does.
01:29:41lebellium[Saint]: delete the folder? it's not necessary to remove Rockbox but without the bootloader this folder is useless :)
01:29:46[Saint]The only reason it wouldn;t work is if you are supplying the wrong firmware, or, your hardware is in some way defective.
01:30:03webguest96i just tried it
01:30:24[Saint]Are you *definitely* supplying the right firmware file?
01:30:37[Saint]You're not trying to install V1 firmware of a V2, or vice versa?
01:30:49lebelliumit's a clip zip....
01:31:11webguest96i copy the latest firmware file from sansa website into the root dir (yes it is the right file, because at one time i used it to patch the original firmware without any problems). i then eject the device properly. as soon as i remove it from the usb port rockbox turns on automaticaly
01:31:17[Saint]Ah, sorry. Right, yes, not Clip.
01:31:46webguest96i cannot see any .rockbox folder in the root directory
01:32:16[Saint]Does Rockbox still boot?
01:32:24[Saint](without complaint)
01:32:45gevaertsWhat's the name of the firmware file you're installing?
01:33:02webguest96ok then what happens is
01:33:22webguest96if i then boot into the normal os using left+on, the normal os will upgrade the firmware, which is what shoudl happen
01:33:32[Saint]Do you have the device in MTP mode?
01:33:39webguest96now when i turn on the mp3 player rockbox does not boot correctly
01:33:50webguest96but it still TRIES to boot
01:33:55webguest96and i want it removed completely
01:34:00gevaertsThis isn't the *patched* clpza.bin, is it?
01:34:31webguest96... does the rockbox utility patch the original file??
01:34:43webguest96i assumed it patches it on the mp3 player
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01:34:57*gevaerts isn't sure
01:35:09[Saint]Rockbox utility asks you to supply your own firmware file.
01:35:16[Saint]You may be passing it an already patched file.
01:35:24webguest96ok let me try download it again
01:35:46[Saint]What OS is your host?
01:38:07webguest96... ok that worked
01:38:18webguest96i guess i was passing it a patched file ...
01:38:26[Saint]I guess so :)
01:38:38webguest96thanks for the help
01:38:50gevaertsYou're welcome!
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01:47:58JdGordon[Saint]: what you really want is just %?<Fl(...)|%?Fl(fallback1)<%?Fl(fallback2)>...>> right
01:48:07JdGordonthe xx tag isnt really needed to do what you want
01:48:36[Saint]Oh...well, balls.
01:48:49[Saint]I didn't realize %Fl could be used conditionally.
01:48:54JdGordonreally we could just change the %Fl() tag to take a list of filenames to try and use the first one it finds?
01:48:57JdGordonit cant
01:49:12JdGordonthinking abot it :)
01:49:21JdGordonaltohjnugh %!?Fl() would make more sense
01:58:30pamauryI might have found why frequency scaling was so glitchy on imx233 finally
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03:22:50[Saint]Reduce skin RAM usage in theme by ~55%; Add anti-aliased fonts and increase by 300%
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03:24:11ParkerR[Saint], Dat non-progress
03:25:12[Saint]If I claim it was intentional, I can call it artistic direction! ;)
03:26:43[Saint]The targets the theme runs on will have anywhere from 30~60ish MB of RAM available to the buffer, so it isn't an issue. It's just a very dramatic jump.
03:27:18ParkerR[Saint], What devices?
03:28:05[Saint]iPod Video, iPod Classic, Gigabeat (240x320 Color)
03:28:40[Saint](there may be more targets in there that have less RAM available that I'm unaware of)
03:29:15ParkerRiPod Nano 1g
03:29:24ParkerROnly one I have
03:29:40[Saint]== 176x132
03:30:01ParkerRDoom is fun on it
03:30:09ParkerRAlbeit much squinting
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03:32:09[Saint]I didn't realize the horror I started.
03:32:14ParkerRWhat now?
03:32:22*[Saint] will NOT be posting this revised theme to the theme site.
03:32:37[Saint]I just noticed how many iLike clones there are on there.
03:35:35ParkerRDat res
03:36:01[Saint]Oh, you don't need to tell me about the Nano(s), it's my favourite Rockbox target.
03:36:41ParkerR[Saint], And my favorite iPod linux ZeroSlackr
03:49:24ParkerR[Saint], Kinda surprised how much it can do
03:50:33[Saint]Oh, God...IPL...kill it with fire!
03:51:08ParkerRBrings me back to the days of iPod linux on my blue Mini
03:57:56ParkerRAnd for that fact Rockbox on my lue Mini
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07:14:49KatuIs there a theme tag that can check for computer connection? Couldn't find anything in the manual about it
07:23:16[Saint]No, there isn't.
07:32:06KatuHm.. Alright. On the theme I am working on, the info viewfinder is not full size; and has room on the side and bottom. When I hook it up to my computer, the usb image starts on the right edge of that viewfinder, then wraps to the other side, where it is obscured by the other viewfinders and text that is normally displayed there. Any solution?
07:33:41[Saint]That sounds like the code makes the assumption that the USB image will never be larger than the UI viewport.
07:34:23KatuYeah, that's what I seem to be experiencing. Any way to get a screendump post-USB connection to show the problem?
07:34:55KatuThe simulator does not reconstruct the issue when simulating USB connection
07:36:13[Saint]The "problem" is that the USb image assumes it will have the default (full-screen) UI viewport, and a custom UI viewport is capable of rendering this assumption invalid.
07:36:25[Saint]I'm not sure how/if we could handle that elegantly.
07:36:48KatuYup, sounds about right haha
07:37:34[Saint]You could quite probably switch out the UI viewport conditionally.
07:38:05KatuThat was a solution I was hoping for, but with no USB connection detection, I am unsure how to continue
07:38:09[Saint]So that it actually was full-screen in non-main-menu cases.
07:38:46KatuAh, that makes sense, so rather than detecting USB, just check to see if the menu is displaying?
07:39:54KatuWould that work similarly when handling playlists and other non-main menu-ish items, or do those count as a menu automatically?
07:40:16[Saint]you could probably do something like %?if(%cs,=,1)<%Vd(ui_viewport)>
07:40:54KatuI'll give that a shot and see what happens.
07:41:25[Saint]%Vi declares a UI viewport identifier, %VI calls one.
07:42:15KatuAnd I would be able to wrap that around a custom-sized info iewport, correct?
07:42:46[Saint]something like that.
07:43:56[Saint]There's a fun parser bug where a UI viewport declaration needs a blank line underneath it.
07:44:11[Saint]And they need to be declared at the bottom of the skin for some_reason
07:44:22Katuhm, interesting
07:44:55*[Saint] suspects JdGordon is going to post a "That's not how you frickin' do it, [Saint]!" message any minute.
07:45:20[Saint]Either that, or the fact the USB screen makes assumptions about a fullscreen UI viwport bugs him.
07:46:32[Saint]Well, it isn't necessarily the case that it wants the full screen, but I just had some fun myself and a UI viewport smaller than the USb image does cause some amusing results.
07:47:37KatuYeah, it seems that it is more concerned about the *width* of the screen than anything
07:48:42[Saint]Some time ago, a long time ago, I recall an effort to theme the USB screen...but iirc, it was non-trivial.
07:50:08JdGordonthe usb screen just uses the sbs
07:50:11JdGordonshuold be dead simple
07:50:56[Saint]I seem to recall wodz tried this at some point.
07:51:08[Saint]Perhaps it was the implementation that was the issue, not the possibility.
07:51:18JdGordonarg, usb screen le suck
07:51:28JdGordonit disables the screen if the logo doesnt fit by the looks of it
07:51:47[Saint]I'm seeing the logo getting wrapped around the viewport.
07:51:58JdGordonhow is that even possible? :)
07:52:16[Saint]No idea :)
07:52:19KatuI can take a picture on my ipod ;)
07:52:21 Quit SuperBrainAK (Quit: pbly going to sleep /_\)
07:52:56JdGordonskins are also completly unloaded for usb
07:53:00JdGordonwhen only the font needs to be :/
07:53:57[Saint]In theory, we could scale the USB image to the smallest UI viewport dimension, no?
07:54:15JdGordonwe could just disable drawing and let the sbs handle it
07:54:23[Saint]that would likely also solve needing a USB image for each group of LCD sizes.
07:57:43KatuFWIW - Here's what it does for me when I plug USB:
07:58:10[Saint]Yes, I saw similar results.
07:58:27KatuGlad I'm not the only one ahahaha
07:58:29[Saint]But I deliberately set the UI viewport to a MUCH smaller size than the USB image.
07:58:36[Saint]by an order of 10 or so.
07:58:45Katuoh wow, that should find any issues hahaha
07:59:21[Saint]IS that a Color, or a Video?
07:59:27 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
08:00:01[Saint]4G Color/Photo, if i'm not mistaken?
08:00:54*[Saint] starts stalking Katu on G+ ;P
08:01:39Katuhaha, yup yup
08:01:53KatuJust bought it on eBay for $19, shipped
08:02:29Katuyup. had a sad face ipod on boot and the seller didn't know what that meant
08:03:03KatuI got it in the mail, forced to disk mode, and had OF restored and rockbox loaded within 20 minutes hahaha
08:03:24Katuhas worked great for the last 3 days now, which is all the long that I have had posession of it
08:03:45KatuJust replaced the boot image with Tux, the Linux penguin too hahah
08:04:43KatuI have a 5G on its way, 30Gb also, paid $21 for that one. Unknown error on USB connect. We'll see how lucky I get with that one
08:04:49[Saint]Oh, wow. A user that can compile their own build, and understands the skin langauge with minimal intervention.
08:04:55[Saint]...pinch me, I'm dreaming.
08:05:25KatuNo, I cheated. Used ipod wizard for the boot image change haha, but yeah, research does amazing things hahahaha
08:05:42JdGordonKatu: love the usb screen... someone file a bug to fix that screen so it can hadnle sbs
08:05:49*JdGordon plans to commit g347 tonight
08:06:25KatuHaha, awesome! 3 days of Rockbox use, and I already uncovered a bug! Go me!! :-P
08:06:38[Saint]Well, technically speaking, it does handle .sbs
08:06:54JdGordonnot well enough!
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08:10:26[Saint]Ok, I added
08:10:43[Saint]terribly non-verbose, but linked to the IRC log and the failuer exaple
08:11:37Katuhaha, sweet! I'm an internet star! :-P
08:12:04[Saint]Better this than donkey shows.
08:12:15Katuso, so true
08:13:46KatuDo you have access to an iPod color and want to help double check my theme before I upload it?
08:15:19[Saint]I do, yes.
08:16:07KatuCool. I'll clean up the comment section real fast, then zip it and send it your way. Should I e-mail, or is there a better way to send it out?
08:17:28[Saint]Here is fine. I'm always logging when I'm here. I won't be able to check it immediately, but I will be able to do so.
08:18:09KatuOh, cool. Didn't realize you could send files via IRC. Neat.
08:21:47[Saint]Hum, my server doesn't seem to like that. You can mail to saint at rockbox dot org if you prefer
08:22:10KatuAlrighty, I'll do that then.
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08:23:34KatuE-mail sent
08:23:54[Saint]Got it, thanks.
08:24:46KatuYep. Thanks for agreeing to look it over for me. Being my first theme and all, want to make sure I didn't overlook anything
08:26:03[Saint]The theme upload process is actually pretty cool. It literally won't let you upload a theme that isn't syntactically valid, or contains duplicated fonts, etc.
08:26:27[Saint]But, it can't guess your intentions. Something can easily be syntactically valid, and still "broken" :)
08:26:50Katu..As I found out a few times in the construction process haha
08:27:24KatuThat is really cool though. Makes it much nicer for the end user as well, I'm sure. Makes things more likely to work that way
08:28:15KatuHaving downloaded several themes for the new iPod, it was definitely nice to not have to go through a bunch to find one that actually works haha
08:29:38[Saint]Themes that break due to syntax revisions in the core and/or added features etc. get relegated to the theme graveyard (yep, actually called that) automagically. It really is quite cool:
08:30:40Katubah.. stupid apostrophe
08:30:44Katuthat's awesome!
08:31:21[Saint]The "broken" themes stick around on the theme site for one release cycle, and then get hidden.
08:31:40[Saint]There should be a notice on each theme that tells if it works with the current release or not.
08:32:21ParkerRHuh some of those for the Nano look kinda neat
08:32:30KatuHm, yeah. That would be cool. Is there a way to contact the author and let them know what tags are broken, so they have the opportunity to fix and re-upload?
08:33:05[Saint]I don't _think_ so, but, that would probably be quite possible.
08:34:04KatuGotcha. I was just thinking that would be pretty cool, for those forgetful people among us (myself included) it would give them a chance to keep their themes alive :)
08:37:49JdGordon[Saint]: they dont get added to the graveyard automagically
08:37:59JdGordonthats the old ones from when the themes were on the wiki
08:38:23[Saint] mistake. I thought hidden themes ended up there too.
08:38:32ParkerR[Saint]: Oh almost forgot. My new Rockbox target. Nexus 7
08:39:09 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:dcc6:0:69:69:69:69)
08:40:21ParkerRThanks to rasher for the android builds
08:43:09ParkerR*For providing android builds
08:43:19ParkerRMany other people to thank for the actual port
08:46:00KatuJust changed my "no album art" image to something I did pull off of Google Images haha. No need to get into copyright issues :-P
08:46:52Katu There's the new one
08:47:05[Saint]ParkerR: (fon with command-line utils) 649 individual people or organizations, in fact.
08:47:37KatuHoly cow. Gotta love the power of the internet haha
08:48:18[Saint]623 individuals, 26 organizations
08:48:37[Saint]over the cource of ~11.5 years
08:48:54*ParkerR claps
08:49:03*[Saint] has some fun with "wc"
08:49:03*Katu joins in the clapping
08:51:30*ParkerR just had the crazy idea of being able to lauch native Adnroid apps from with the Rockbox program. Like be able to add the ones you want to Plugins > Application. Have Rockbox as sort of a custo launcher.
08:52:25ParkerRSucks not knowing where to start at all due to not being a developer of anything
08:52:29ParkerR(Besides ideas)
08:53:27KatuI'm with you there! I managed to create a theme, but I'll be a monkey's uncle if I could write usable code hahaha
09:05:20JdGordoneveryone has to start somewhere
09:09:15Katuheh, I suppose so. Maybe one day I'll learn :)
09:10:31Katuhm. Weird. I just plugged the iPod in, and the USB screen didn't break this time. Full screen, with just my background color displaying behind the picture of the USB plug
09:16:06 Quit Katu ()
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09:23:10 Quit zamboni ()
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09:41:45JdGordon[Saint]: is anything in the wiki thats not in the manual?
09:45:00[Saint]A few tid-bits, yeah.
09:46:05[Saint]making an actual list is kinda non-trivial.
09:46:11[Saint]Ineed to make the time to do so.
09:47:51[Saint]I was planning on getting stuck into my ToDo list tonight, but I feel like ass. #yayforbeingsubjecttothewhimsofabodythatdoesn'tcooperatewithmyintentions
09:52:45JdGordonlame :p
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10:18:38JdGordonfuuuuuuuuuu all the cabbie's
10:18:48JdGordonsurely we can fix a script to write them out from a template?
10:19:03JdGordonthey are pretty much all the same (well, 1 of 3 or 4 templates)
10:21:21 Quit Katu (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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10:25:58CultistOnce an ipod has rockbox on it, does it still need to sync with libgpod or is it handled like a mass media device?
10:41:09 Join thegeek [0] (
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11:07:30evilnickCultist: It'll appear as a drive that you can drag and drop files to. No need for iTunes or the like.
11:07:40 Part dongs
11:21:22 Part apo
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12:43:06jlbiasinipamaury : great job! With your last push, rockbox seems quite stable! I tried to make it screw all my best. No result so far... building database for my nearly 48gb of mixed format song (that took about 3 min vs OF 20!), while playing song, while playing solitaire then rockblox. Building improbable multi format playlist etc...)
12:44:27jlbiasiniactually database operation SEEMS quite faster (i'll do some test)
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13:34:08 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
13:48:29 Join Wardo [0] (
13:51:14 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:04:31pamauryjlbiasini: ping
14:12:55 Join pjrobertson [0] (
14:13:23pjrobertsonAny chance someone could add me to the wiki users group (
14:13:32pjrobertsonJust registered. Account username PatrickRobertson
14:14:07 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
14:20:23gevaertspjrobertson: done. Welcome!
14:20:33pjrobertsoncheers :)
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14:24:03 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
14:25:13pjrobertsonis there no way to add a commit/change message on the wiki?
14:26:59gevaertsIsn't there something at the bottom of the edit page?
14:27:02*gevaerts isn't sure
14:27:28pjrobertsonnah, just a place to add a signature (for discussions)
14:29:59 Join lebellium [0] (
14:30:02gevaertsRight, then I guess not
14:32:18pjrobertsonaaah well, looks like the site would need
14:32:58pjrobertsoncrazy that a 4 year old wiki doesn't have that implemented!
14:33:21*bluebrother^ gets the impression that using the command line is something our manual doesn't explain
14:33:47bluebrother^we really should move manual installation instructions to an "experts" appendix. IMO
14:54:43 Part jhutson456 ("Konversation terminated!")
14:57:47 Quit y4n (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
14:59:41 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
15:03:19 Join liar [0] (
15:06:54 Quit lebellium (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:07:25 Join lebellium [0] (
15:10:22jlbiasinipamaury: pong!
15:12:14jlbiasinipamaury : if it's about the modification you made last night look at the log I've already test it, short version: congratulation!
15:21:47 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
15:25:39 Join lebellium [0] (
15:27:19 Part pjrobertson
15:28:03 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
15:29:24pamauryjlbiasini: yeah, I saw, thanks ! Have you begun a battery bench or not ?
15:30:53jlbiasininot yet: I have to wait for the battery to be full again, tonight I set a battery test but the player crashed after 2 hours (black screen) and sucks nearly all his battery over night
15:31:31 Join stoffel [0] (
15:31:34jlbiasiniright now I checking a database build from scratch time comparision just for fun
15:34:49jlbiasinipamaury: Oh and I've got another question : did finally wrote a new bootloader version that would check for a .rockbox directory into the sdcard before using the one on the main memory so that if someone ever get the unwritable intern memory he could still use his device on sdcard?
15:35:44jlbiasiniI remember we talk about it ages ago but i don't quite remember what was the conclusion
15:37:50 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:38:02 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
15:38:59 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
15:40:25pamauryjlbiasini: I wrote a prototype that displays a boot menu if you hold power long enough, but never comitted it, don't remember if I still have it
15:41:49jlbiasiniwould the menu still work without intern memory working?
15:43:06pamauryyes, it would "check for .rockbox on sdcard" because that's too complicated but it would allow to boot from internal memory and sdcard and would allow to change the default choice
15:43:34pamaurybut there has been no recent recent of breakage so I forgot about it
15:44:16jlbiasinithis would be quite a critical improvement to do as it could save any future device from the risk of getting absolutly useless... And with the price of sd now it would really make the device usable forever
15:44:21pamauryI still have the code though and want to release a bootloader (should have done that ages ago), I can include it
15:44:44pamauryok, i'll work on this tonight and poke you
15:45:15jlbiasiniWhat does this menu? Does it allow to set a default booting (like intern vs sd?)
15:46:00[Saint]"...and would allow to change the default choice"
15:46:01jlbiasinibecause the critical thing would be to change that setting even with dead (=read only) intern memory...
15:46:02pamaurycurrently it doesn't but I planned to use the persistent registers to remember the choice so that you could override it with a plugin for example
15:46:22pamaurythe point is: the choice is *not* stored on the internal storage
15:46:31pamauryso you can change it with recovery mode
15:46:55jlbiasinigreat that the very important thing
15:47:32jlbiasiniok I'll run a battery test as soon as my device get fully charged
15:50:20pamauryok, wait a second, I will upload a bootloader with the menu so you can get a feeling of what it's like
15:50:31pamaury(I hope it still compiles !)
15:51:56jlbiasiniright and bump into all the bugs I can found!! :D
15:52:08 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
15:54:05jlbiasini"I hope it still compiles !" well I've got a friend there whose name is murphy and who believes that it won't...
15:54:19pamauryhaha, it does !
15:55:41pamaurylet me check that it works
16:01:32pamauryit works, but upload the whole thing would be long, i'll publish my branch instead
16:03:00pamauryjlbiasini: pamaury/rockbox-1/tree/imx233-boot-menu">
16:04:56jlbiasinipamaury: ah and another thing I also thought about last day: the unstability of the touchpad might be related to the somehow "blicking" raw data coming out of the driver: One can see it very clearly on the debug screen, the point resulting from a touch is always blicking - wich is also why my doubletouch stuff was so unstable. It might be interresting to see if blocking the state change any button > no button for a few ms (like what we did on the vol
16:04:56jlbiasiniume keys that were mixing together) could solve it.
16:05:17jlbiasiniok I going for it
16:05:43pamauryok i'll see, anyway I want to change the way the touchpad data is read
16:05:58pamaurythe current code has too much latency
16:06:03pamauryI have to go, see you later
16:06:34jlbiasiniwait just a minute
16:07:03jlbiasiniyour link is not on rockbox git how do I cherry pick that?
16:07:37 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:07:42jlbiasinipamaury ?
16:08:34Tornegit remote add pamaury pamaury/rockbox-1.git;">; git remote update; git cherry-pick ..pamaury/imx233-boot-menu
16:08:41Tornewill pick the commits in that branch that aren't already in your local branch.
16:09:22Tornethere are other ways to handle it too, but whateve ryou do you ned to add his repo as a remote
16:22:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:30:21 Quit funman (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
16:38:36 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
16:53:11jlbiasinipamaury : I've had a look at your bootloader upgrade, the principle is great and just what we need. Somehow on my device it doesn't work... If selected sdcard from boot menu it shows briefly some line that clearly stat that it's looking for some file on the sd but anyway it get booted on the internal memory. Its easy to check having different setting on the intern and the sd .rockbox repos or should we use a custom .rockbox on the sdcard?
16:56:08jlbiasiniregarding the bootloader itself I would just add a little thing to make the menu more ovious: having the bootloader displaying some "release power now to enter boot menu" message so that the user knows it can release it (I've done the completed circle boot -> hardreboot 3 time in a row before starting to get it :D)
16:58:28 Quit funman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:58:34 Join funman_ [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
17:03:27 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
17:03:49 Quit funman_ (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:05:57 Quit jlbiasini (Remote host closed the connection)
17:10:25 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
17:16:56jlbiasinipamaury : on the other hand if one boot into sdmode with no .rockbox on intern but only on sdcard it does boot saying no .rockbox found instalation incomplete and we end up with minimal rockbox. Seems there is a detection problem of the file. if booting on intern the bootloader immedialy echo "loading firmware rockbox.sansa file not found" and die immediatly
17:17:52jlbiasinilast thing after boot into sd if one reboots the setting doesn't get save and the device try to boot from intern
17:23:21 Quit liar (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:24:37 Quit jlbiasini (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:25:39 Join stoffel [0] (
17:28:28 Join liar [0] (
17:28:33 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
17:42:58 Quit joshin (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:45:55 Join Q_ [0] (
17:47:52Q_Hi, I just registered KurtRoeckx, can someone add me to the WikiUserGroup?
17:51:00 Join joshin [0] (
17:51:00 Quit joshin (Changing host)
17:51:00 Join joshin [0] (~josh@unaffiliated/joshin)
17:59:35gevaertsQ_: done. Welcome!
18:05:47 Join CaptainKewl [0] (
18:11:25 Part soap
18:11:37 Join soap [0] (~soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
18:13:54 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
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18:29:38pamauryjlbiasini: that's not a bug, that's expected. The bootloader only loads the main executable but if the main executable on the sd looks for file on the internal storage, then you get want you described. If you want to boot off sd, you need to do a custom build to tell rockbox to use sd as the main storage
18:30:23pamauryand about the setting, that normal because it's not implemented yet
18:33:55 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
18:34:30 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
18:35:19copperpamaury: I don't think he got that?
18:37:57pamaurythat's for the logs
18:38:04pamauryjlbiasini: see my answer in the log
18:38:33jlbiasinipamaury: ok, I understand. wouldn't be possible to add an alternate file to be loaded by the bootloader (and that it would load only while trying to boot on sd) that would overcome this normal seting? Because if it need special compilation it will not be usuable for mostly all users...
18:39:12pamauryI don't expect that booting from sd is a "normal feature"
18:39:48pamaurythe bootloader itself cannot do much apart from loading a file, the problem is that the main binary doesn't care from where it was loaded
18:40:01jlbiasiniright now no but give it time... :D
18:40:28jlbiasinito bad it would really be grat to find a way to automate this selection
18:40:29Q_I don't see the point if you have internal storage?
18:41:23pamaurythat's not that simple to handle, because of the current architecture you cannot switch the main storage easily in rockbox. I plan to have the bootloader save some parameters some that the main binary knows the situation but then it needs to some something with it.
18:41:28jlbiasiniwell if you don't have it anymore (it happens to a few hand on people on this device) you definitivly see it
18:41:46pamauryQ_: the fuze+ (and sansa's in general) are prone to hardware failures
18:42:41Q_I guess I don't use it enough. :)
18:43:24pamaurymine has been working fine and I bought it a few months after it was actually launch, some much more recent have failed, seems random
18:44:15pamauryanyway, the point is that if it happen, you cannot change the bootloader. I don't care if rockbox handles the situation or not, as soon as the bootloader is capable enough, you can always recover, that's the point
18:54:12jlbiasinipamaury : only problem that way is that user still have tto recompile it everytime they want to upgrade
18:54:40jlbiasiniwell actually I gues that for the work it represent it 's certainly not worth doing it for now
18:55:11jlbiasinithe most important as you said is to be able to recover somehow
18:55:21pamauryyou don't get the point: we don't advertise this feature as "you can boot rockbox off sdcard", it's a recovery feature. If there is a sufficient demand we can always implement this in rockbox later because the bootloader is capable enough (though it cannot be changed)
18:55:29jlbiasinifurther stuff could be done later if necessary
18:55:59pamaurywhy would normal people want to put rockbox on the sd card anyway ? they don't have a clue how it works anyway
18:57:20jlbiasiniright, so I'll do this battery test tonight hopefully without bug this time!
19:05:20 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
19:12:35 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
19:18:24 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
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19:34:06 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
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21:50:55 Nick gevaerts_ is now known as gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
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21:59:19 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:01:26 Join Lukeatomic [0] (
22:03:43LukeatomicI need helping unbricking a Clip+. I've tried the unbricking directions. When I run the Funman code, the computer recognizes it as a Sansa Clip+, but still will not mount it correctly, and it still will not turn on. Any help?
22:06:12funmanLukeatomic: is the screen working?
22:10:29LukeatomicDid the short just not take?
22:11:07 Join darkdoomer [0] (
22:11:26[Saint]If the wiki was in any way unclear, I will take the time now to mention that this is in no way an exact science.
22:11:31darkdoomerhi guys
22:11:40[Saint]It really is quite similar to bumbling around in the dark.
22:11:53[Saint]In many situations, we don't know why the units behave as they do.
22:12:16[Saint](or what certain partitions that can be exposed are for)
22:12:20LukeatomicSaint: I *think* I understood the directions. I'm just wondering if it's a hardware problem.
22:12:50[Saint]No, it isn;t the directions. The wiki should be clear about the fact that this is not in any way a guaranteed thing.
22:13:50 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
22:13:57LukeatomicSaint: I see. I knew there was a chance it wouldn't work. I was just hoping there might be a chance to repair it.
22:14:17darkdoomerluke : repair what/which model ?
22:14:45[Saint]There seems to be from my experience a chance that this process can expose any one of three partitions. a 4MB partition, a ~30MB partition, and a ~980MB partition.
22:14:52[Saint]The latter, is the one you want.
22:15:11[Saint]I have no idea what the others are for. I doubt anyone except SanDisk does.
22:15:17LukeatomicSaint: So should I do fdisk again to see what I get?
22:15:27darkdoomer...partitioning an mp3 player ? :I ha.
22:15:49Lukeatomicdarkdoomer: trying to unbrick a Clip+. Followed the tutorial, but no luck yet.
22:16:02[Saint]darkdoomer: would you prefer the bootloader and firmware be on the storage partition so that formatting the device completely bricks it? :)
22:16:14 Join saratoga [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:16:23 Quit TheSphinX_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:16:40funmanLukeatomic: fdisk is the best way to kill it definitely
22:17:08funmanwhen shorting the pins you'll see a 2G (or 4G or 8 ..) device, WITHOUT PARTITIONS
22:17:13darkdoomeri even wonder how something on the hdd could even brick an mp3, at worse you use the emergency connection and you replace the default files.
22:17:33darkdoomeri have na issue with my rockbox'd iriver since a while and i finally decided to ask people here...
22:17:38funmanLukeatomic: so what did you do exactly?
22:18:44saratogadarkdoomer: no hard disk on a clip
22:19:16darkdoomeryeah, the flash.
22:19:17 Quit Mir (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:19:26[mrtux]Is there going to be rockbox for the ipod nano 5th generation anytime soon?
22:19:33 Join Mir [0] (
22:19:35[mrtux]I have rockbox on an ipod mini and i love it
22:19:41[mrtux]ah okay
22:19:47Lukeatomicfunman: I followed the directions in the Sansa Clip v2 tutorial.
22:19:52[Saint]funman: shouldn't the exposed partion be 980MB? And not the entire storage?
22:19:55Lukeatomicfunman: Which part do you want to know about?
22:19:59darkdoomerwell that's the only thing that gives value to an apple product so yeah you can hope it will be made
22:20:03[mrtux]apple needs to quit locking their devices making their firmware the only one someone can use
22:20:24[Saint][mrtux]: No.
22:20:32darkdoomerotherwise you could just get a more decent player.
22:20:35 Join stoffel [0] (
22:20:39[Saint]Not unless you're willing to do the required work, no.
22:20:48funmanLukeatomic: the part where you run commands
22:21:00funman[Saint]: no i think it should be the full storage (IIRC)
22:21:23[Saint]funman: when I did mine, it was the ~980MB part that gave me success
22:21:27 Nick [mrtux] is now known as c0decat (~mrtux@unaffiliated/mrtux)
22:21:34funmana clip?
22:21:35*[Saint] refers to his earlier statement of "bumbling in the dark"
22:21:41 Nick c0decat is now known as codecat (~mrtux@unaffiliated/mrtux)
22:21:43[Saint]Yes, a ClipV2
22:21:47darkdoomerokay so here's my question : anyone else had that issue of their rockbox'd player goes full volume before shutting down randomly ?
22:21:52funmanmaybe i remember 4GB for a Fuze - but i might be wrong
22:22:07[Saint]It _should_ be there same there too.
22:22:11[Saint](from my experience)
22:22:16darkdoomer < same story
22:22:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:23:39Lukeatomicfunman: I did sudo fdisk -l, and it showed 32 MB. I shorted the pins, dd'd the firmware, which looked good, then ran your code. When I ran your code, it said there was a Sansa plugged in. I unplugged it, trying shorting it while turning on and nothing.
22:24:09funmanmy code??
22:24:26funmandunno what you're talking about sorry.
22:24:29Lukeatomicthe sudo su -c "while : ;do dmesg -c;read -t 1 && clear;done"
22:24:31[Saint]funman: your name appears on the wiki
22:24:35[Saint]valid assumption, I guess.
22:25:00 Nick codecat is now known as c0decat (~mrtux@unaffiliated/mrtux)
22:25:12 Nick c0decat is now known as codecat (~mrtux@unaffiliated/mrtux)
22:25:13funmani wrote several thousands lines of code over my life, can't guess which one you're talking about sorry
22:25:21 Quit TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:25:32Lukeatomicfunman: that's fine. It's just how they refer to it in the tutorial.
22:25:34funmanwell if there's a sansa plugged in it should be unbricked
22:25:50funmanpower it off and plug it again
22:26:16Lukeatomicfunman: tried then, and nothing. the screen won't come on, and it won't mount.
22:26:49[Saint]There is always the chance that it was irreparably damaged while opening the device, of course.
22:26:58darkdoomerand that's since you put a new rom into it ?
22:27:06LukeatomicSaint: it's true. I'm just hoping not.
22:27:12Lukeatomicdarkdoomer: yes
22:27:19[Saint]darkdoomer: it doesn't really matter. The correct partiton wasn't exposed anyway.
22:27:29funmanLukeatomic: well are you sure you used the same OF version that was installed already?
22:27:34[Saint]the 32MB partition is largely irrlevant to this process.
22:27:42funmanah, 32MB is irrelevant indeed
22:27:56Lukeatomicfunman: I thought there was only one clip+ version.
22:27:58[Saint]980MB is what you want.
22:28:00darkdoomerokay i have no idea how the sansa are made now
22:28:05funmanLukeatomic: no
22:28:16funmanSandisk released several versions of the firmware for clip+
22:28:23funman(at least two)
22:28:42Lukeatomicfunman: I'll go look at that, then.
22:29:06funmanwe know of 5 versions actually. but that doesn't matter if the disk you detect is not at 1GB (well 980MB)
22:29:14 Part codecat ("Leaving")
22:29:57[Saint]bertrik once reported recovering a device with the 32MB partiton exposed by dd'ing an unpatched OF to it, to to be frank, I think it was a fluke.
22:30:14 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
22:30:20 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
22:30:44bertrikyeah, I'm starting to doubt that myself too
22:33:08funmanit was a quantic unbricking
22:33:14funmanit worked, or not. or maybe both!
22:34:02 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:34:23[Saint]Schrödinger's brick.
22:35:28darkdoomersaint : oh how many times i had issues about hard drives formatted and partitioned then realized about the first bytes weren't marking it as a bootable one...
22:39:04darkdoomerso, er anyone have 5 minutes ? got something to try to fix that iriver...
22:41:27darkdoomer here's the issue someone else seems to have but the thing is, i have no idea which file i should edit to remove/cancel the remote.
22:43:25 Quit melmothX (Remote host closed the connection)
22:46:52Lukeatomicfunman: I tried the 01. firmware the first time, and I tried the 02. this time, but no diff.
22:47:04funmandarkdoomer: I commented all the /* remote buttons */ section in button-h10.c and the bug stopped occuring.
22:47:18funmanLukeatomic: the drive showed as 1GB ?
22:47:32Lukeatomicfunman: No, 32 MB.
22:47:33darkdoomeryeah but since it's .c it needs to be compiled and i have no idea how to do it
22:48:00funmanLukeatomic: then go watch some movie instead, it will have the same effect, i.e. it will be 1005 useless
22:48:18Lukeatomicfunman: So it's permabricked?
22:48:59funmanperhaps, try again until it shows up as 1GB
22:49:20Lukeatomicfunman: Will do.
22:49:31Lukeatomicfunman: Could it be that I didn't short it well enough?
22:49:42funmanmaybe watching a movie wouldn't be a bad idea, it can be quite frustrating
22:49:48funmanyeah, could be
22:50:01funmanit took me 10 tries maybe before success
22:50:10Lukeatomicfunman: I'll try that some more then.
22:51:14Lukeatomicfunman: thanks for the help.
22:51:19 Quit Lukeatomic ()
22:55:43darkdoomer okay i rather think of the option B: finding an older version of rockbox from the times it didn't occur
22:56:01darkdoomermaybe one from 2007 or something, i don't care if i can't play DOOM on it anymore.
22:56:25darkdoomer...i don't think i ever used that function. robotfindskitten is clearly superior.
22:56:50Torneactually doom was implemented ages ago and is probably *more* likely to work on olde rbuilds because it's largely gone unmaintained since ;)
22:57:49darkdoomercool. i even wonder why i updated it, it was ...years ago. but since i did that bug occured, guess that has something to do when they implemented that remote thing. idea where on rockbox the old builds are hidden, you know ?
23:04:15[Saint]The old releases archive
23:04:23[Saint]labeled clearly on the releases page
23:06:04 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
23:09:28darkdoomercool thanks !
23:09:34darkdoomeri'm gonna try that right now
23:10:50[Saint]I'm sure you're aware, but, this basically releases us from providing support for said build.
23:11:13[Saint]As the first steps are usually "update to release" or "update to git HEAD" and verify.
23:11:31[Saint]There the very high probabability you will run into bugs that have been fixed years ago.
23:12:11darkdoomeri prefer to have insignificant glitches but have it useable, and iirc, it used to be.
23:12:51[Saint]If you pm me an email address I can compile git HEAD for you and email it later on.
23:13:05*[Saint] is feeling nice today
23:13:51darkdoomeryou're a saint...
23:14:41darkdoomeri'll check that but if you know how to disable the remote thing that causes that, i'd give you a doctorate of awesomeness
23:18:23[Saint]IFF I'm reading the code correctly, all I would need to do is disable the remote_button_* blocks from keymap-h10.c
23:19:00darkdoomeryeah but it requires a certain knowledge to compile the .c file into something operational for rockbox.
23:19:25*[Saint] already has a fully functional build environment.
23:19:37[Saint]as long as I keep it to C and not voodoo, all will be well :)
23:20:23darkdoomerokay, can you send me the edited file to please~ @w @
23:26:52 Join stoffel [0] (
23:27:22darkdoomeranother thing i'd like to know beside editing/compiling my own .c files would be to find a way, in the tuner functions to unlock frequencies that aren't 87-108
23:27:35[Saint]5 or 20GB?
23:30:14[Saint]for your first question:
23:30:28funmandarkdoomer: well you can set your region in the FM settings i believe
23:30:31[Saint]for the second, I have NFI
23:30:59[Saint]funman: ahhhhhhh, derpy derp derp!
23:31:02[Saint]Yes, indeed.
23:31:36darkdoomerfunman : aye but i checked the doc and the tuner chip has a slightly broader range, covering a few more vhf channels but i'll find out later, the essential is to get it working
23:32:14[Saint]It wouldn't surprise me if we didn't enable any ranges outside of the locale specific ones.
23:32:30[Saint]Whether the tuenr is technically capable of it or not.
23:32:41[Saint]I'm not actually sure if it is lawful to do so.
23:32:52 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
23:33:26funmanso japan is 76-90 and no region goes above 108
23:34:16[Saint]It looks like we could do so, sure, I'm not sure I'd want to, though.
23:34:31[Saint]There is a reason why the bands are defined for public use per locale.
23:34:42darkdoomerfearing legal repercussions ?
23:35:07[Saint]Depending where you are, yes. I think it is questionable to do so.
23:35:30darkdoomeri think as soon i own an hardware, i can do whatever i want with it. found some frequencies one day when fussing with an old stereo tuner.
23:35:42darkdoomerespecially in AM.
23:36:02[Saint]Perhaps the rules relate to broadcasting. I'm really not sure.
23:36:04funmanwell you know where the code is now
23:36:30 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:36:46funmanwether you can use that spectrum is only between you, and the army of your country. good luck!
23:37:51[Saint]what is the structure of that block? min freq, max freq, freq step(?), (?)?
23:38:09*[Saint] isn't sure what he is looking at in the last column
23:40:56darkdoomer"A silver H10 (20GB) was used as a detonation device for a bomb in the Season 6 premiere of 24." okay i'm already a terrorist now, why should i even bother anymore~
23:42:15[Saint](my email isn't playing nice with me via ssh)
23:42:50darkdoomersaint : thanks !
23:43:20[Saint]It turned out I shouldn't have been looking in the keymap file at all, so it took a bit longer than I expected it would.
23:43:24darkdoomergotta try this and if the bug occurs again, idk i'm gonna move to another version for good
23:43:49[Saint]I haven't tested it, but, the code implies it will function as I intent it will.
23:43:51darkdoomerno prob, if threre's anything i can do in return feel free to ask !
23:44:13*[Saint] resists the temptation for deviance
23:44:18darkdoomer(i draw stuffs so if you have a project for designing an UI or something you know how to contact me)
23:44:28darkdoomer...well maybe not that kind of stuff
23:47:24funmandarkdoomer: well you can always send your patches
23:49:17darkdoomer...gotta do that, i noticed how the "skins" were made and i liked the use of a bitmap to make the icons.
23:49:32darkdoomerso i gotta consider bringing some stuffs in there.
23:49:41darkdoomeroh one last question - more hardware, would rockbox support another hard drive ? on wiki it is written that you can upgrade it to a tosh 120 gigs. i've been tempted to do it
23:49:51[Saint]As I am obligated to do so (but only if you actually ask for it really...), here is the patch against a clean tree for the changes to the binary I just gave you:
23:50:17[Saint]darkdoomer: sure, as long as it is electrically compatible or you find a convertor, sure.
23:50:30[Saint]You can put a CF card in there trivially, or an SSD.
23:51:22darkdoomerthat was an idea, instead of getting a samsung as my mp3 player that's not gonna last i think investing into a similar format 64gb SSD would be a must
23:52:18[Saint]But, long as the connector is the same, or you find an adapter, any drive should "just work" in theory.
23:52:55[Saint]The only "problem" is that Windows won't like formatting a large capacity drive as FAT
23:53:04[Saint]this is easily avoided, though.
23:54:05 Quit n1s (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:54:06darkdoomerthere's gentoo for that.

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