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#rockbox log for 2013-01-15

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00:23:32RJ45...really, still no answer?
00:24:48Tornewe are all volunteers, you know; if you don't get an answer to your question then maybe nobody is here, or is busy. also it's pretty late in europe where a lot of us are.
00:25:01Tornealso, that quesiton can easily be answered by reading hte manual
00:26:31RJ45...after all this time waiting for an answer, I've fiddled around with it enough to figure it out... thx.
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00:38:04[7]<[Saint]> Ohhhh....hum, it isn't drawing enough to keep it from discharging with the screen on. << that really should not happen
00:38:15[7]actually that's a sign of it completely misconfiguring the charging circuitry
00:38:22[7]possibly related to the latest usb breakage
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01:17:44[Saint][7]: I just checked my hardware on the machine I was working on, and, it it definitely capable of providing enough power to charge the device.
01:17:57[Saint]....but, it only seems to be drawing 100mA
01:18:47[7][Saint]: can you check if it pulls more while being in the emcore boot menu?
01:18:58[7]emcore should configure it for 500mA during boot
01:19:10[7]or rather emcore loader
01:19:24[7]rockbox will then take over control and apparently configures it to 100mA for some reason
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01:21:05[Saint]The "fix" is to turn the device off and charge that way.
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04:56:17Cultistjust came inside and looked at my sansa clip+, and it had this error on the screen
04:56:50CultistI hadn't done anything except transfer some music to it earlier this morning, and it didn't have that error on the screen when I last looked
04:56:53Cultistthought I'd mention
04:58:44KatuInterestingly, I got the same error on my iPod Color earlier today, only with different hexadecimal numbers in it. I figured it was a random thing though, so I just unplugged and dismissed it
04:58:55Katunot before I took a picture though, just in case hahaha
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07:03:46zamboniIs there a place I could paste a bunch of songnames (like 100+) and have them play it for me like in a pandora/youtube-playlist fashion?
07:04:17*[Saint] wonders what this has to do with Rockbox
07:04:43zamboninot sure where else to ask this sorry
07:04:46[Saint](which is really a thinly veiled way of saying that it has nothing to do with Rockbox)
07:06:04[Saint]Yes, well, unfortunately, not knowing where else to ask doesn't change the fact that even if I did know the answer I wouldn't answer it here, I'm afraid.
07:06:23[Saint]This isn't a generic support channel for all things audio.
07:07:49[Saint]Your questions always seem to be more well suited for #rockbox-community, the welcome banner displayed to you upon joining this channel should explain this.
07:07:59[Saint](though I suspect very few people read it)
07:09:09[Saint]#rockbox == "Rockbox support/discussion/deelopment/etc."; #rockbox-community == "Everything *ecxcept* Rockbox support/discussion/development/etc."
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10:38:34wodzJdGordon: You said many times to switch theme engine into lua - how hard would it be?
10:41:10JdGordonto do it right I'd say we'd replace the entire ui with lua, so the core is just lua+playback engine
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10:41:58wodzso its rather in dreamland :P
10:42:38JdGordonwell... doesnt have to be
10:43:08JdGordonit would no longer be "rockbox" though
10:43:32wodzwhy not? luabox but still rock
10:43:53JdGordonwe couldnt switch to lua for the skins unless it can run without being a plugin anyway, so that mostly kills the idea
10:44:06wodzanyway I am a bit worried about performance. calling C from lua is expensive
10:45:10JdGordondoing this would be beneficial to the people wanting native ui's for android... we really need to split the full playback engine out to a lib (which is very bvery sort of slowly happening?), then the apps/ could be fully replaced
10:45:16JdGordonwhy would the lua call c?
10:45:20wodztechnically I don't think it is that hard to not run lua as plugin. It is just a matter of finding suitable buffer which tlsf/whatever malloc could use as a pool
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10:45:56wodzhow would you interface it to lowlevel drivers? How would you draw anything?
10:46:09JdGordon[Saint]: ping?
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10:48:49JdGordonwodz: calling lua for just the wps wouldnt be too difficult at all, but hardly worth doing
10:49:59wodzwhats the difference between calling lua for wps and for entire ui?
10:50:34JdGordonlua would be expected to control the whole wps, including the button handling
10:57:50 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:58:43wodzah, interfacing lua and C is slow because all params goes through the stack as well as return values
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11:04:02jlbiasinipamaury : so far 36 hours, still playing !!! :D
11:04:32jlbiasinithat's a hell of an improvement !!
11:05:24jlbiasiniand still no bug...
11:06:02pamaurycool, I've reached ~39h in my last test
11:06:19jlbiasiniwith what king of mp3
11:07:35wodzpamaury: When you will be back so I could bugg you about rk27xx usb?
11:08:27jlbiasinipamaury: but if I get this right the consumption is less than it used to be in normal state but more on high activity right?
11:09:28jlbiasiniand do you still want to test/debug it or would you commit it?
11:10:07pamaurywodz: i'll be back on february but I shouldn't be home before the 9th
11:11:23pamauryjlbiasini: I don't know, yesterday someome showed up claiming that frequency scaling had turn his screen dark and bricked his device (won't boot). But he didn't listen to me so I don't know if he unbricked it. Actually I doubt you could brick your device with such a minor change
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11:14:07jlbiasiniHa yeah I just read the log
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11:14:19jlbiasininot sure what to think about it either
11:15:22 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
11:15:31jlbiasinihe doesn't even explain how he brick it...
11:16:31jlbiasiniAnyway I will keep using it for a while to see if I can find other problem
11:28:47JdGordonscorche: do you think we can nuke the ban list for the forums so adding them doesnt take minutes?
11:31:46jlbiasiniJdGordon : are there any plan for making the ugly "key locked" message themable?
11:32:07JdGordonjlbiasini: have a guess what i've been thinking about this evening? :p
11:32:16jlbiasiniwow !
11:32:30JdGordontrying to figure out how to do it nicely
11:32:37JdGordon[Saint]: oy
11:32:59jlbiasiniI was just reading yestedays log about usb screen that's why I asked!
11:39:30wodzJdGordon: when we talk about usb scree work - I truly appreciate your work its just I see it as a bit inconsistent with what we have.
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11:46:32JdGordongevaerts: ping?
11:53:58*gevaerts looks up
11:59:47JdGordonI want to dump my idea on how to skin splashes... looking for some feedback
12:00:27gevaertsI can't really think much about stuff now. Tricky work stuff...
12:01:03JdGordonwell, its quiet in here, so ill braindump and hope for replies later :p
12:01:19gevaertsSounds like a plan :)
12:02:15JdGordonAFAICT, people will want one of two options, 1) for the splash to draw in a specific rectangle, or 2) work like now but draw around the splash with some other stuff (images or whatever)
12:02:35JdGordon1) obviously has a problem where the text may not fit in the supplied rect, but thats acceptable
12:03:02JdGordonso what I want to do is have the splash screen look for some specially named viewports in the sbs, and use the ui viewport if they dont exist
12:04:00JdGordonthe first will draw statically (to fill point 2), i.e "splash_static", whatever is there will happen (likely a bunch of %Vd()'s for the next sbs update)
12:05:00JdGordonthen it will look for "splash_text" (or something) which will be centered and sized like currently which can have the splash text drawn in by a tag as well as any images the skinner might want
12:05:21JdGordonnot sure how well that will work though
12:06:15JdGordonI suspect most themes will just stick a 9segment image around the border and maybe colour the viewport differently than the current grey
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12:08:52*JdGordon has no clue how to make all that actually work thouh
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13:15:33JdGordon[Saint]: RTL AA fixed
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14:29:51jlbiasinipamaury : 39h20m37s !
14:33:37jlbiasinimp3 128
14:36:03*jlbiasini wonders if any rockboxed device can beat that time...
14:38:35pamauryseems very consistent with mine, great
14:39:30wodz :-)
14:39:59gevaertsjlbiasini: several, yes :)
14:40:33*gevaerts tells jlbiasini to look up iaudio M5L runtimes
14:40:52funmangevaerts: will you attend fosdem? I can give you back the Meizus you let me borrow a few years ago..
14:40:54pixelma although it doesn't list the record I remember of mne
14:41:08funmanI'm unlikely to work on them anytime soon..
14:41:11gevaertsfunman: I'll be at fosdem, yes. So will several Swedes :)
14:41:24gevaertsWill you be there too?
14:41:24pixelma*mine (almost 52h, maybe only mentioned in the logs here)
14:41:57wodzM5L has dual battery :P
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14:42:13jlbiasiniAnd how long is it suppose to last in OF?
14:42:27gevaertsjlbiasini: for the record, that's a hard drive based player :)
14:43:06jlbiasinibecause that's also what amaze me: the f+ is suppose to last 24 h in OF (in fact around 20)
14:43:35jlbiasinigevaerts: that's even better then !! :D
14:44:02pixelmaI should get a fresh battery and repeat the test with the SSD...
14:44:44jlbiasiniwell my device is already over 1 year, not to mention pamaury's one
14:45:14pamaurymine is two years old I think
14:45:34pamaurybut yeah, the difference between the OF and RB is amazing
14:47:41funmangevaerts: yes i will be at fosdem
14:48:16gevaertsWe'll have to meet up for beer!
14:48:26funmansure thing :)
14:48:28gevaerts(and Meizus)
14:48:46funmanwell for the new year I decided to stop drinking Meizus
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15:01:12pixelmajlbiasini (logs): can't tell how long it lasts in the OF - there own statistics seemed a bit nonsensical and the port only got dual boot last year or the one before, plus the OF doesn't like the SSD
15:02:38pixelma*their (duh)
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15:16:55kugelJdGordon: wouldn't a special viewport tag be more consistent with the existing skin language? we already have special viewport tags in the language (e.g. %Vi), but nothing that expects special labels
15:17:39 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:22:06scorcheJdGordon: that problem is still around? - i will look at it in the near future, hopefully
15:22:32scorchelast time i tried to optimise the tables, the database nuked itself
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18:24:44pamaurybluebrother^: ping
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20:07:37webguest29For the record I don't think the scaling build caused my Fuze+ to brick yesterday, I guess it was just a coincedence and a bit of bad luck, I shall have another go to make sbloader send the recovery file.
20:07:49webguest29 Other users are reporting very good results with the Fuze+ now, I was too, all I did was unplug my Fuze+ from the usb, the screen flickered a bit and then went black and has been since. Not the fault of Rockbox.
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20:13:28makotomy fuze did that
20:13:38 Join amiconn [0] (amiconn@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:13:55makotonot a fuze plus, just a fuze. seemed to be the lineout dock connector that "killed" mine
20:14:10 Quit bebna (Quit: Leaving.)
20:14:51 Join the-kyle [0] (~kyle@
20:16:58webguest29If I can't recover my Fuze+, I'll just buy another and load Rockbox on it, I can't live without Rockbox! Thanks for trying to help devs.
20:17:40 Quit webguest29 (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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20:30:43pamaurythis guy is something, he comes and leave
20:31:21pamaurymaybe the internal storage died but still
20:37:02pamauryCould we add the zenxfi2 and zenxfi3 to the build table ?
20:39:15 Join liar [0] (
20:39:26gevaertspamaury: sure! Go right ahead :)
20:39:58pamauryI don't know how to do that !
20:42:35*gevaerts spots some warnings
20:44:47gevaertspamaury: firmware/drivers/tuner/stfm1000.c:46: warning: ‘stfm1000_write_reg’ defined but not used
20:45:49pamauryok, let me fix that
20:47:41gevaertspamaury: the sim doesn't build right now for me, I assume that's known and expected?
20:47:50 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
20:48:36pamaurygevaerts: I forgot about this one :) Ok, I'll poke you when I have it fixed, that be useful
20:48:53gevaertsOK. I'll go ahead with main build and bootloader
20:50:39pamauryfixed the stfm1000 warning
20:52:39pamauryI have a warning for the simulator:
20:52:39pamauryfirmware/common/filefuncs.c:52:5: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘strlcpy’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
20:52:45pamaurythat's not mine !
20:53:11pamauryzenxfi3 simulator is working
20:54:36pamauryhow is touchscreen handled in the simulator ?
20:54:38gevaertsOK, main and bootloader should be added
20:54:40gevaertsNo idea
20:57:17pamaurywho did the nice simulator images ? never remember
21:10:08pamauryhaha, I did the fuze+ and zenxfi3, I was amazingly not bad
21:21:32 Quit |akaWolf| (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:27:25 Part LinusN
21:32:15bluebrother^pamaury: pong
21:34:56pamauryI have a question about rockbox utility
21:35:25pamaurybasically to support the zen x-fi3, I need to extract the firmware from the installer which is inside a CAB !
21:35:52bluebrother^should be possible using cabextract, shouldn't it?
21:36:07pamauryyes but that's not nice for windows users
21:36:29bluebrother^why not?
21:36:33 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
21:36:42gevaertsThey actually get a native preinstalled tool IIRC
21:36:55bluebrother^if Rockbox Utility is able to extract the format there's nothing ofr the user to worry about ...
21:37:08bluebrother^the cabextract website tells that it's based on libsmpack.
21:37:35bluebrother^so if we're able to integrate that into Rockbox Utility and have it working on all supported OSes it should be no problem for the user
21:39:33bluebrother^the README states it's designed to be "easy embeddable". Gives some hope :)
21:40:40bluebrother^"The LGPL requires you to build libmspack as a stand alone library then link your code to it using a linker."
21:40:54bluebrother^that's not my understanding of the LGPL ...
21:41:08bluebrother^at least if the code you're using it with is GPL
21:41:19gevaertsI'd say you have to use a linker, but it's not the LGPL that enforces that
21:41:36bluebrother^sure, to link objects together I have to use a linker ;-)
21:41:45bluebrother^but I don't need to build it as standalone library for that
21:41:58gevaertsIndeed not
21:42:19bluebrother^from my understanding LGPL licensed libs have to be linked dynamically if you link against a non-GPL (i.e. closed source) program.
21:42:27bluebrother^Qt is such a case
21:42:43bluebrother^but if you're linking against OSS you don't have this limitation
21:43:07gevaertsWell, not really
21:43:19gevaertsIf you provide object files, you can do whatever you like
21:43:44bluebrother^ah, right.
21:43:51bluebrother^but who wants to provide .o files?
21:43:57gevaertsDynamic linking can be easier of course
21:44:08gevaertsIIRC staroffice used to do that
21:44:59bluebrother^never thought anyone would actually go that route :o
21:47:06bluebrother^from looking at libmspack I get the feeling that using it in Rockbox Utility shouldn't be too much of a problem.
21:47:18bluebrother^though we would need to convert it away from autotools :)
21:48:38pamauryso what's the outcome, looking at the code, I have the impression that integrating the code in our repo could work, it's not a big library
21:49:07 Quit Raptors (Quit: Leaving)
21:49:14bluebrother^pamaury: same here
21:50:05pamauryok, technically question now: since the installer is a exe, how does rbutil now to cabextract it ? or should I integrate into mkimxboot
21:50:49bluebrother^if you use cabextract on that exe it "just works", right?
21:51:09bluebrother^so we should be able to point it to it and see if extracting works
21:51:13pamauryyes, "cabextract -F installer.exe" and you get the file
21:51:19bluebrother^if not the file needs to be something different :)
21:51:49bluebrother^do you have a link for such a firmware file?
21:51:57pamauryinstaller ?
21:52:41bluebrother^I'm not sure if it's better to integrate extracting into mkimxboot or if we better perform extraction separately and then call mkimxboot with the extracted
21:53:20pamauryand what about windows
21:53:57pamaurywould we embed cabextract binary ?
21:57:40bluebrother^I think we should be able to use libmspack on Windows as well
21:58:09*bluebrother^ needs to find some time to try building libmspack and its cab test program on Windows
21:59:52jlbiasinipamaury : are you going to activated scaling by default now? Or do you still want to wait?
21:59:56pamaurybluebrother^: I'll try if you want
22:00:14pamauryjlbiasini: I think I'll do it, people will complain if it doesn't work ^^
22:00:50jlbiasinithat about the better way we found to find bugs anyway!
22:03:08*pamaury needs to finish the zenxfi2 simulator image and then will try to build libmspack under windows if he has time and motivation
22:08:48bluebrother^pamaury: I'm trying right now :)
22:09:17pamaurycool, the library is so simple anyway, it will most probably work or need trivial modification
22:11:00*bluebrother^ now has cabrip.exe built from the libmspack sources. Time to try it on Windows ...
22:14:17pamauryi think the single greatest problem with libmspack is the possible copyright issue with lzx
22:14:54 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
22:15:56pamaurycompression method, I don't know if there is a patent on it or not
22:18:15bluebrother^"The the best of my knowledge, libmspack does not infringe on any compression or decompression patents."
22:18:19bluebrother^according to the README
22:18:49bluebrother^since it is used in programs like cabextract that is distributed with linux distros I don't think there should be a problem here.
22:19:18 Join iBelieve [0] (~iBelieve@
22:19:32bluebrother^though I wouldn't mind someone with legal background to give this a look :)
22:20:06 Quit iBelieve (Client Quit)
22:21:18pamaurywell, there is lzw controversy...
22:22:24 Join iBelieve [0] (~iBelieve@
22:23:11bluebrother^aren't those patents expired these days?
22:23:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:24:01pamaurynow yes
22:24:20pamaurybut the author showed up only years after he invented it ^^
22:24:48 Quit scorche (Disconnected by services)
22:24:51 Join scorche` [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
22:26:46 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:29:13 Join lebellium [0] (
22:35:56 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:39:41 Quit iBelieve (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:48:37 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
22:50:14 Join bertrik [0] (
22:50:14 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
22:50:14 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
22:53:17pamaurygevaerts: you can add the zenxfi3 simulator
22:55:11pamauryJdGordon: how does absolute mode works in menus ?
22:56:14pamauryok stupid question, I found myself
22:57:50pamaurygevaerts: and zenxf2 too :)
22:58:00*gevaerts is on it!
22:59:02*pamaury can now focus and the useless details of the zenxfi2 image
22:59:12gevaertsOK, done
22:59:20 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
23:01:34 Quit melmothX (Remote host closed the connection)
23:02:46 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:14:20 Quit the-kyle (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:23:34 Quit XavierGr (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:24:41 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:24:49 Join XavierGr [0] (XavierGr@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
23:32:25 Join the-kyle [0] (~kyle@
23:39:15 Join blackangelpr [0] (
23:41:08blackangelprhi guys i have a doubt ,,, the ipod 80gigs is supported or not? i cant install rockbox since it says "Error reading partition" any clues ? :(
23:41:40blackangelpri am using ubuntu 12.10
23:42:04 Join dfkt_n [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:42:13 Quit dfkt (Disconnected by services)
23:42:17 Nick dfkt_n is now known as dfkt (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:42:26gevaertsWhich 80 gig ipod?
23:42:59gevaertsThere's the video which is supported and stable, and there's the classic which requires you to jump through some hoops
23:43:09blackangelprlast letters are YMV not sure if its the clasisc or not
23:43:55gevaertsAccording to that's a classic
23:44:16blackangelprXD so any hope?
23:44:57blackangelprbout it long time a go i mean yrs and not used since apple itunes sys are not good LOL
23:45:12gevaerts describes the current status
23:45:36Tornerockbox works with the calssic but it's not 100% finished and the install has some manual steps
23:45:39 Quit blackangelpr (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
23:45:47 Join saratoga [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:45:56 Join blackangelpr [0] (
23:46:04gevaertsYou basically have to install emcore from I can't help more there, but some other people might
23:46:14blackangelproh i had read about it
23:46:18blackangelprit says its not supported
23:46:23blackangelprthat why i am confused
23:46:32blackangelpralso it says i might never be :P
23:46:51saratogadoes the build table not show the full build logs anymore?
23:46:59saratogaclicking on some of the failed builds I get an incomplete log
23:47:16kugelman, the high cpu usage of the ui sim (and sdl raaa) is hugely annoying
23:47:37gevaertssaratoga: it should. Maybe that's part of the issues?
23:47:49saratogawhat issues?
23:47:54blackangelpri had formated as new fat32 default itunes and i verify the part with gparted,,, still when i try to install rockbox it says it could not see the part
23:48:13Tornethe Rockbox installer does not support the classic
23:48:17gevaertssaratoga: the reds
23:48:20blackangelprand yes i run the program as sudo ./Rock...
23:48:23Torneyou need to manually install emcore, and then manually install rockbox afterward
23:48:32gevaertspamaury: looks like there are still issues with those sims
23:48:37blackangelprdo you know any site with the instructions?
23:48:38pamauryha ?
23:48:56Torneblackangelpr: the links you have already been given include the instructions
23:49:06saratogablackangelpr: our wiki has install directions too
23:49:12pamaurygevaerts: that strlcpy thing is not my fault !
23:49:24pamauryoops, I forgot a file \o/
23:50:08pamauryin filefunc.c apparently
23:50:13blackangelprokay will start to read :P thanks guys \m/(^_^)\m/
23:50:43saratogahmm there is no on the build server either
23:50:47Tornegcc has acquire a habit of rewriting string.h calls into safer ones these days
23:50:51Torneposibly that is your problem :)
23:51:06pamauryI mean, I didn't write this code, it has been there for ages
23:51:11kugelreally? that's news to me
23:51:33pamauryapparently it is triggered because of __PCTOOL__ + HAVE_MULTIVOLUME
23:52:33Tornekugel: there's various interesting string rewrites that started happening in 4.7
23:52:57Tornewhere it will do stuff like keep track of hte length of strings where possible and use that knowledge to generate better code paths
23:53:04Torneit's rather terrifying :)
23:53:21Tornebut it occasionall results in calls to variants of string functions you didn't think you were using
23:53:26kugelI knew about _FORTIFY_SOURCE which adds compile and runtime checks, but not about str(n)cpy to strlcpy
23:54:05Torneacutally my favorite one was it optimising a strncat into a single "strh" instruction
23:54:30Torneresulting in code thatonly worked for strings that were even numbers of bytes because of ARM alignment :)
23:54:51Torne(forgot to tell gcc i was running on a core that doesn't spport unaligned accesses)
23:55:14pamaurycommit d7d3bc248f53c504c591850ce955d899c6ab4c2d, svn 23767, by Maurus Cuelenaere ,Thu Nov 26 22:34:08 2009
23:55:21pamaurythat's the culprit :D
23:56:05 Quit blackangelpr (Quit: CGI:IRC)
23:56:30kugelstrlcpy needs #include "string-extra.h" (or "strlcpy.h"
23:56:46kugelin our code
23:57:00pamauryin the simulator ?
23:57:28kugelstrlcpy isnt in string.h
23:58:55pamauryok, let's add this then

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