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#rockbox log for 2013-01-16

00:00:15pamaurytoo late
00:01:25saratogaBagder, Zagor: could one of you add this to the test_files folder on the download server:
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00:07:00saratogaalso, does anyone with a coldfire player feel like running an updated test_codec benchmark (including Opus)? i don't think we've updated coldfire in a while
00:09:35pamaurywe have a number of annoying reds in the table
00:09:43pamaurysomething about ranlib
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00:34:19JdGordon[Saint]: did you see my brain fart last night about skinning splashes?
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00:53:35[Saint]kinda, reading the backlog now.
00:56:12JdGordonand i fixed your AA bug, because im awesome :)
00:58:39[Saint]Was it what I thought it was, or, totally unrelated?
00:58:47[Saint]I had the feeling it was being displayed OOB.
00:58:55JdGordonpretty much
00:59:18JdGordon%Cl wasnt using the viewport for its placement at all, so completly broken, broken on LTR also
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02:40:39saratogaanyone have an idea what this IC is?
02:40:52saratogacan't seem to find anything on google for the numbers and i don't recognize the logo
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03:20:44dfktsaratoga, it's a ST chip i think
03:21:09dfktfavicon looks the same as the logo :)
03:21:55[Saint] does?
03:22:08dfktuse your imagination :D
03:22:20dfktpretty sure it says ST
03:22:45[Saint]I see: "triangle, with possibly an italic "91" next to it with a line over the top"
03:23:19[Saint]we're talking bottom left of the chip, yes?
03:23:45[Saint]Yeah...I really don't get ST out of that.
03:24:08saratogano match for the part number on their search unfortunately
03:24:40dfktpossibly discontinued?
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03:27:12[Saint]My eyes are fairly shit, but I'm gonna go right out on a limb and say that I *really* don't think that is the same logo.
03:27:19saratogai'm guessing its a custom part of some sort
03:27:39[Saint]Even if I try to use my imagination and/or if some of it is worn off, I just can't see the similarity.
03:28:30[Saint]Is "Triangle, italic 91 with a line over it" a known manufacturer? :)
03:28:42*JdGordon cant see any logo on this photo
03:28:50[Saint]bottom left
03:29:06KatuI do see the similarity, but that picture makes it real hard to see for sure
03:29:09JdGordonpic is terrible
03:29:16[Saint]it's greatly magnified.
03:29:30[Saint]by hand, one presumes.
03:29:49KatuSafe bet. That looks like a jewlers loupe
03:31:10JdGordonactually, im starting to agree with dfkt there, soes look like st
03:31:29dfktsaratoga -
03:31:36[Saint]Pah! <stomps off into distance...>
03:31:37KatuYeah, I copied the image into Gimp and played with some edge detect filters, I definitely do see the ST
03:32:55*[Saint] concedes
03:33:40saratogai still don't see it
03:33:48[Saint]I don't blame you.
03:34:25saratogaso they'll sell me one but not say what they do
03:35:36KatuThat's what I could pull with some edge detects
03:36:45[Saint]See...I still see "triangle 91"
03:37:07[Saint]I was looking at the "inverse"(?) image.
03:37:24[Saint]*Now* I can see it.
03:38:06[Saint]I can't think how to word what I was doing properly...
03:39:03JdGordonsaratoga: what's it from?
03:39:16JdGordon I just did a quick search in the usual places (as I'm sure he did) without luck. My best advice would be to get in touch with his local ST-micro rep or field applications engineer( They may be able to help. The only clues are that: it is from ST Micro. The batch number is from 2011 so there's a good chance it's still a current product (or at least the doco will be available). It's a TSOP-8 and with that orientation, it's likely a memor
03:39:23JdGordon^ from one of my cowerkers
03:39:57saratogalike a memory chip?
03:40:42saratogaits from some connector i'm trying to reverse engineer
03:41:00saratogamy theory is that it checks to see if the device its talking to is authorized
03:41:02[Saint]"triangle 91" is created (in my twisted mind) by looking at the *background* of the logo. I assumed the non-black section made up the logo, not that the logo was made up by black left over from the non-black section.
03:41:20[Saint]Looking at it now, I can selectively see triangle 91, or, (correctly) ST.
03:41:25JdGordonsaratoga: what's it connected to?
03:42:18dfktmore search fodder:
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07:41:59slacta year or two i was able to configure the backlight fade time. I don't see this option anymore and it's absent from settings.cfg documentation. Has it been deleted completely? If
07:42:25slactIf it has, can anyone point to when it happened so that I can find the commit when it happened
07:45:10[Saint]Was this on a totally seperate target by any chance?
07:45:42[Saint]slact: ^
07:46:20slactipod video (old), ipod classic 6G (new)
07:46:32[Saint]Right, that explains it.
07:46:43[Saint]Not all devices have the same feature set.
07:46:49slacthm. let me check with the simulator
07:47:01[Saint]There's no point.
07:47:46[Saint]If it isn't in Settings - General Settings - Display - LCD Settings (which it isn't), we don't know how to fade the backlight or it isn't possible to do so.
07:47:57[Saint](or, it isn't implemented, which is unlikely)
07:49:27[Saint]TL;DR - Not all devices have the same feature set
07:50:53 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
07:51:35slactok, i built it for ipod video
07:52:01slactthe option is still absent
07:52:17slactand i'm pretty sure i'm not going crazy over several years' worth of memory
07:52:50slactyou used to be able to configure backlight fade in/out times separately on the ipod video, and you can't anymore
07:53:03[Saint]You still can.
07:53:28slactsorry, i don't see it
07:53:43[Saint]I don't think the sim can accurately represent this.
07:53:59[Saint]The sims are not meant to be a completely accurate representation of hardware.
07:54:12slactyeah, fair point
07:54:56[Saint]It is a valid assumption to make. A few years ago I would've been wondering the same thing myself probably.
07:56:42slactit's called a 'simulator' and not an 'emulator' for a reason.
07:57:06[Saint]It is almost certainly possible to implement this on the classic, it "just" requires an accurate working knowledge of the LCD9s) used through the various incantations of said device.
07:58:11slact"get patching." got it
07:58:35[Saint]Oh, no, it's not that...though, no one is going to stop you :)
07:59:10[Saint]With newer ports, like the Classic, these little things often are pushed aside for power saving features and realtime playback.
07:59:12slactok, another thing then
07:59:27slactthe theme uploader is broken. is this known?
07:59:47[Saint]Can you define broken?
08:00:20slactweird limits on theme acceptance, php notices blabbed on the page
08:01:00[Saint]The "weird limits" aren't that weird. It expects the theme to be syntactically valid, and not reproducing any fonts included in the font pack.
08:01:30slactthe syntactic tests are too strict
08:01:32[Saint] for "PHP notices"...pass, but, I don't think that == broken as long as the theme gets there in the end.
08:01:49[Saint]How so?
08:01:51slact1 sec, let me get the errors
08:02:01[Saint]If it fails there, it fails checkwps, and should also fail on device.
08:03:53slactPath too deep: .rockbox/wps/EscapeBoD-black/volume/outline-active.bmp
08:04:21JdGordondont do that
08:04:27[Saint]...that shouldn't work at all.
08:04:45JdGordonwhat says "path too deep" php error or checkwps?
08:05:28[Saint]the "volume" dir is superfluous, is it not?
08:05:44[Saint]the them expects all the images to be in a dir named as the theme is.
08:05:49[Saint](without subdirs)
08:05:54[Saint]*the theme
08:06:05slacti live in web world, i was just organizing files
08:06:15slact(there are a _lot_ of volume slides there)
08:06:16[Saint]Yeah, don't. Because we don't.
08:06:37slact...but it's just an extra folder? how is that bad?
08:06:57[Saint]Because it breaks the assumptions that the skin engine we have (that is completely proprietary) makes.
08:07:08[Saint]And you're trying to impart your own conventions upon it.
08:07:14slactreally? but it's always worked
08:07:16slactthe skin, that is
08:07:20[Saint]It shouldn't.
08:07:28slactit totally does and always has
08:07:32JdGordonyes, just checked the code, it will work, but dont do that
08:07:51slactwhy not? is there a boundary condition?
08:08:01slactlike, two directoies deep and it blows up
08:08:04JdGordonit shouldnt be needed
08:08:17slactuse case: 50 volume slides
08:08:25[Saint]...and? :)
08:08:41JdGordon50 different sliders?
08:08:51[Saint]also, what are you dfoing that requires 50 sliders?
08:09:00[Saint]can't it just be one subimage?
08:09:06slactno, just 50 bms' worth of volume slider positions
08:09:19slactat least it couldn't 2-3 years ago
08:09:27slactmaybe the theme engine handles it now
08:09:29[Saint]I assure you it could.
08:09:31JdGordonnow a days you use a single slider image
08:09:35 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
08:09:49slactit's a nonrectangular mask though
08:09:58JdGordonthen you're screwed :)
08:10:02 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
08:10:03slactthere you go
08:10:16slactso a legitimate 50 volume slides
08:10:18JdGordonbut having 50 bitmaps in a single folder which should never be looked at is no problem
08:10:26JdGordonbuuuuuut... the php sholdnt be bfing there
08:10:29[Saint]No, that got parsed weirdly due to timing.
08:10:36[Saint]there's nothing stopping you using subimages.
08:10:41[Saint]you just can't use the slider.
08:10:56slactthis is true
08:11:12slactand that's what i should have done
08:11:21slact(because it's clearly superior)
08:11:44[Saint]Years and years ago, the limit was from Aa to AZ
08:11:56[Saint]now, you can do %xd(ident, 200"
08:12:04[Saint]now, you can do %xd(ident, 200), rather
08:13:15[Saint]I'm not sure if there is a hard limit on subimages anymore...there probably is, but it would likely fall over from lack available buffer before you broke it with too many subimages
08:13:40 Part zamboni
08:14:03[Saint]JdGordon: you think we should nuke allowing subdirs in a theme directory?
08:14:19slactsorry, how can i build checkwps?
08:14:32slacti want to check the theme against it
08:14:42[Saint]Just do configure as you would for any other target, it is a build option.
08:18:04slactoh, btw, i don't have 50 separate volume sliders, it's just done for organization
08:18:37*[Saint] seems to recall that subdirs in a theme directory was a fail case pre-parser overhaul
08:18:39 Join LinusN [0] (
08:20:22slact'invalid extention', -vvv says nothing more...
08:21:45 Join ender` [0] (
08:21:56slactnevermind, checkwps is fine
08:22:13slactwill you let my post my crappy theme or not?
08:22:50 Part eckoit
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08:25:42[Saint]All you would need to do to do so is move the images out of the subdir and remove anything that references that path.
08:25:58[Saint]As far as I can tell the fact that it works for you is a happy accident.
08:26:26[Saint]Convention dictates all the images are kept in a singular directory, named as the theme config is.
08:30:41[Saint]This does possibly call for some discussion on what is "right", though, perhaps.
08:31:33[Saint]As I can imagine you're not the first one that has wanted to organize images into groups via subdir.
08:33:33[Saint]It would be simpler to change the skin engine to barf if you try to though, I think.
08:34:00[Saint]and a general "all images go in here" directory seems cleaner to me.
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08:39:57 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:43:55 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
08:47:36JdGordon[Saint]: no, thats silly
08:48:14JdGordonthe theme site is broken in this respect
08:48:39[Saint]Is it, though?
08:48:51[Saint]It's accurate to what has always been allowed as far as I remember.
08:51:12JdGordonthat doesnt mean adding the subdirs should be forbidden
08:54:24[Saint]JdGordon: I just imagine that people will want to try putting a fonts dir in their theme dir, wtc.
08:54:34[Saint]disallowing subdirs seems a lot cleaner.
08:55:40JdGordonwe'll worry abot that when it happens I think
08:56:56 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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09:15:54 Join einhirn [0] (
09:18:08 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
09:26:44slactwouldn't it be cleaner to check that the folders contain appropriate file extensions?
09:27:27slactthat way themes that work will be uploadable, and people wouldn't put fonts in theme subfolders _or_ base folders
09:28:18slact if you pardon my armchair programming
09:39:47 Quit jlbiasini (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
09:41:12[Saint]I think "These are our conventions, don't expect shit to work if you don't follow them" is cleaner.
09:41:24[Saint]we shouldn't *need* to check these things.
09:42:06[Saint]and all the documentation I can find suggests all images must live in the directory with the same name as the theme.cfg, without subdirs.
09:42:50[Saint]I think the fact that subdirs works is a happy accident.
09:54:37 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
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13:05:19 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
13:22:07 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
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13:22:37 Join redhot [0] (~kvirc@
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13:22:58redhotHi everyone
13:30:00 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
13:30:31wodzif you have a question just ask
13:30:49 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
13:31:51 Quit pamaury_ (Client Quit)
13:32:08 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
13:33:04redhotthanks :)
13:33:18redhotAny plans for new release?
13:35:25wodzsure, it just wasn't decided when :-)
13:38:18redhotok. I am enjoying RockBox ~1 yr and it really rocks ;)
13:39:02redhotbtw, If I wish update list of FM radiostations form my city, how I can contribute?
13:43:30dfktyou can upload the presets here -
13:48:02redhotdfkt: thanks! but my wiki registration failed
13:48:14redhoton first attempt I did not get email
13:48:49redhoton password recovery I get Access Denied
13:49:09redhotI am using gmail and Spam folder does not show any emails too
13:49:20dfkta site admin has to activate your account, i think
13:50:10redhotok, is he ?
13:50:17dfktyou can ask in here
13:52:02funmanhum for the wiki he just need his write access to be enabled
13:52:12funmanaccount creation should always work afaik
13:52:54redhotfunman: but it has failed for me
13:55:45gevaertsredhot: in that case I'd recommend emailing Björn, yes (unless he's here right now. Zagor?)
13:55:58*Zagor perks up
13:56:08redhotuh, thanks for an advice :)
13:56:25gevaertsdfkt: you don't need a site admin for write access, actually. Anyone with write access is fine :)
13:56:26Zagorwiki registration seems to trip over itself now and again :(
13:56:45redhotZagor: is manual activation possible?
13:57:01Zagorredhot: yes, just give me a minute
13:57:01dfktgevaerts, oh, democracy! :)
14:00:44redhotZagor: sure, I will wait as long as needful!
14:01:21*redhot knows how to wait
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14:01:50 Join advcomp2019 [0] (~advcomp20@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
14:02:31pamaurybluebrother: what is the outcome of libmspack on windows ?
14:19:14 Join Raptors [0] (
14:23:59 Join amayer_ [0] (
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14:37:55jlbiasinipamaury: Hello, I think you forgot to push the the frequency scaling! :D
14:41:45 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
14:47:45redhotZagor: just be sure I have sent you an email also. And thanks a lot for great product!
14:50:16pamaury_jlbiasini: I've not done it yet, today I have some work to do, I cannot work on rockbox
14:51:02jlbiasiniok, I just thought you forgot it.
14:51:02 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:52:36pamauryI wanted to but got interrupted by the zenxfi2 simulator not compiling and then some breakage with sd on zenxfi3
14:53:00pamauryI also need to work on the bootloader menu and fix the zenxfi2 bootloader keys to something more consistent
14:56:40pamauryjlbiasini: do you have time by chance ?
14:57:11jlbiasinitell me...
14:57:34jlbiasiniOn the worst I can do it tonight after work
14:58:14jlbiasinipamaury: how can I halp you?
14:58:31pamaurysince you know the manual much better than me, I thought you could work on the manual for the creative zen x-fi2 and 3. And the plugin keymap (mostly zenxfi3) You don't have the devices so I understand you have no interest...
14:59:54jlbiasiniwell, doing keymaps without the device in hands is not very serious, but I could start with doing some svg picture for the manual
15:00:19pamauryok, thanks :)
15:00:21jlbiasiniI could probaly do the more obvious for the keymaps
15:00:45jlbiasinibut I don't know this is extremly time consumming
15:00:59jlbiasiniI'll do what I can :D
15:00:59pamauryok, i'll do the keymaps then
15:01:40jlbiasiniI can certainly do the most obvious part of it
15:01:46pamaurynote: the zenxfi2 is touchscreen based so I guess the plugins already handle it, I hope
15:02:42jlbiasiniwhen would you want to have those keymaps ready
15:03:15pamauryI don't have any deadline
15:03:24pamauryany help at any time is fine :)
15:03:37jlbiasiniok I'll give it a try
15:04:16 Join Rower85 [0] (
15:05:07jlbiasinithe only thing is that we don't start in parallel doing the same
15:05:41pamauryfor my part, I'm too busy with the code currently, so I won't touch the manual and the keymaps anytime soon
15:06:11jlbiasinibut how is the keymaps now did you do some basic or nothing?
15:06:28pamaurythat's funny, when I started the imx233, I was wondering how the hell could other 2 year old port could still be changing. Now I know :D
15:06:50pamauryjlbiasini: I don't remember, nothing or trivial ones
15:07:02pamauryprobably trivial since it compiles
15:07:14jlbiasiniYeah and actually I still have some plan to slight change into the keymaps
15:07:14pamaurylet me check
15:07:44jlbiasiniyou have the simulator workking on that right?
15:08:36pamauryhum, currently configure doesn't include th plugins, so you will need to change plugins="" to plugins="yes" in tools/configure for both targets
15:08:38jlbiasiniare zen2 and 3 the same regarding keys?
15:08:43pamauryyes, both sim are working
15:09:03pamaurynot at all, zenxfi2 is touchscree, zenxfi3 has a strange layout (see the sim)
15:09:36jlbiasini\me now knows why he wanted the much plugins as possible to be turned into PLA!
15:10:18pamauryfor reference: zenxfi2: touchscreen + menu button + power button
15:10:18pamauryzenxfi3: back, menu, up, down, play, volume up, volume down, hold, power (note that power and hold are on slider so not very practical)
15:10:44jlbiasiniI might be righting that auto keys generator after all!
15:10:57 Join bebna [0] (~a.fasold@
15:12:00 Quit esperegu (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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15:59:55 Quit mt (Changing host)
15:59:55 Join mt [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/mt)
16:06:22jlbiasinipamaury: I will have a look at it this week end...
16:06:28pamauryok, thanks
16:06:34 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
16:09:49amayer_[Saint]: I was just wondering if you got a change to see if the code I wrote yields the desired effects on a theme
16:09:52amayer_Im pretty sure it does what we were talking about but i dont want to spend more time working on it if its not what you were talking about
16:24:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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16:59:59 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
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17:20:19 Part LinusN
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19:52:08Tornefydo: it dosn't look like it's completly down, maybe just slow/wonky, hopefully it should get better? :)
19:52:17fydoyep. fingers crossed
19:52:19TorneIn fact yes, logbot just pinged out and returned
19:52:23Torneso i expect the machine just rebooted or something
19:52:30 Nick logbot is now known as Guest87001 (
19:52:35Tornewill probably be okay in a few minutes
19:52:44KatuLooks like it was just a hiccup. Seems to be quick again
19:53:05 Nick statelessliberta is now known as stateless (~quassel@
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19:53:50 Part eckoit
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20:00:53fydowoot, got all the files I needed
20:01:23 Join esperegu [0] (
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20:11:30 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
20:22:43fydoat first I thought my playlists were wiped out, but I see what happened (they are still in the same place, but not in the place or format that rockbox expects)
20:22:51fydoI must say, I'm very impressed so far
20:57:42 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
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22:25:45[Saint]Is it just me, or does,42631.msg216927.html#msg216927 make no sense at all.
22:26:06[Saint]"Is there any way to do foo?"; "No, you can only do foo."
22:28:05dfkt"Is there NO way to do foo?" - "No [this is incorrect], you can only do foo." - i guess
22:28:58[Saint]Strange wording. Doesn't matter if OP understands I guess.
22:29:25dfktyou will find out if OP understood it :)
22:29:31[Saint]To me, it seemed contradictory.
22:39:03 Quit guymann (Quit: Lost terminal)
22:46:40 Join Katu [0] (
22:53:54 Join Gremuchnik [0] (~Gremuchni@fsf/member/gremuchnik)
22:55:26Gremuchnikhi, when I am listening to a song, is there a way to show the volume as numbers instead of a graphically (as a growing triangle) thanks!
22:55:51[Saint]This depends entirely on your theme.
22:56:21[Saint]You could edit your current theme trivially to do so. Or simply find one you like that does.
22:56:41KatuPurely as text, one would simply use the %pv tag in a them, correct/
22:57:32Gremuchnikwhich theme has that feature?
22:57:33[Saint]Correct. You could do something like %?mv(2.0)<%pvdB> if you wanted it visible IFF changing the volume.
22:57:50Katuwhich player are you using?
22:57:58[Saint]Gremuchnik: No idea, I don't know your target. Trial and error is the best bet I guess.
22:58:53GremuchnikI change "volume display" from graphic to numberic, but it does still show the triangle :-(
22:59:11[Saint]That only effects the built-in status bar.
22:59:23[Saint]not arbitrary objects on the wps.
22:59:35[Saint]...though, I could probably make that ammendment.
23:00:11 Quit ParkerR (Excess Flood)
23:00:20KatuGremuchnik: Have a look here at you target palyer, and simply choose a theme that shows numbers :)
23:00:32Gremuchnikthanks Katu!
23:00:46KatuYep yep
23:03:41KatuAnd with that, it is time for me to head off to work. Have a good one guys!
23:04:10Gremuchniksorry, is there a "install theme howto"?
23:04:29 Join ParkerR [0] (ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr)
23:06:11[Saint]"extract archive to root of dive, done"
23:06:15KatuIt's pretty easy. Just open the archive, and extract the contents to your player's root directory. If it asks about merging directories, say yes
23:07:15Gremuchniksimply unzip to player's root directory and then power on?
23:07:22 Quit FOAD (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
23:07:22Katuthen, eject the devide, go to settings>theme settings>browse theme files
23:07:38Katuthen click on the name of the theme that you just added
23:08:32Gremuchnikok. can I download and unzip several themes at the same time?
23:08:38Katuof course
23:08:50Katuthen just select the one you want to use
23:09:20Katuno problem :)
23:11:07[Saint]RockboxUtility can install themes automatically for you.
23:12:07GremuchnikSaint I did not remember that - nice!
23:12:58Gremuchnikuder what tab? I don't see an install theme utility
23:13:22 Join Raptors [0] (
23:13:29Gremuchniksee it!!
23:13:32Gremuchniksorry and thanks!
23:13:39 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:14:12Gremuchnikwow, that rockbox utility is really really awesome, great piece of software really!
23:14:40 Join FOAD [0] (~foad@
23:14:40 Quit FOAD (Changing host)
23:14:40 Join FOAD [0] (~foad@unaffiliated/foad)
23:14:44 Quit Katu (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:15:22[Saint]bluebrother will be proud.
23:15:57[Saint]while various authors contributed to the individual parts thereof, for device specific installers, RbUtil is his baby.
23:19:26Gremuchnikevery single developer can be proud! RB is an awesome product and you guys are all very helpful and friendly. thank you all *VERY* much!
23:20:10[Saint]Thank you.
23:21:04[Saint]Such blessings make me proud to be a contributer here.
23:22:19Gremuchnikyou can be. I will share a small anecdote with you if I may
23:22:31fydoyeah, I just installed rockbox today for the first time. very impressed!
23:24:58GremuchnikI got my SansaClip+ directly with a Sandisk 16GB MicroSDHC Memory Card (Class 4). The player always saw the card as "empty". I spend ONE HOUR on the chat with a Sansa Tech and only wasted my time. I installed RB and, voila, the card worked perfectly!
23:25:38[Saint]Heh, I'm sorry to hear that, and glad to hear that at the same time.
23:25:43[Saint]Glad you found us.
23:25:56GremuchnikWhen some customer support guy frm Sansa called me (they had 'escalated' my problem) I told them that I had installed RB and that it had solved all problems. He was rather demure after that,LOL!
23:26:53[Saint]I believe they are well aware that many people see that Rockbox makes their devices worth owning.
23:27:40Gremuchnikwell, with RB the SansaClip+ becomes a very very nice and cheap player. I wish they just shipped it with RB directly :-)
23:29:01Gremuchnikgotta run - bye everybody!
23:29:06 Quit Gremuchnik (Quit: Бывайте ребята)
23:32:12 Quit melmothX (Remote host closed the connection)
23:35:58 Join krabador [0] (
23:35:58 Quit dynion (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
23:41:40 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:47:58 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:49:39 Quit Belzebub (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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23:55:18 Quit Belzebub_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:57:11 Join cougarten [0] (
23:58:13cougartenhey hey, is there ayn minimal button set-up? i got a sansa fuze+ und broke that * ribbon connector. a replacement is just to expensive and i might get 3-4 buttons to work again, but would need to remap them

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