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#rockbox log for 2013-01-18

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00:35:41blightcan i and if so how do i install the gameboy emulator on my clip zip? :p
00:35:55Garethscorche`: ping
00:37:15scorche|shGareth: hi - long time no see =)
00:37:28Garethscorche|sh: indeed :)
00:37:50Garethscorche|sh: how are things?
00:38:19scorche|shGareth: as an FYI, this channel is for all things pertaining to rockbox - social calls go into #rockbox-community ;)
00:38:52dfktblight, the emulator is already included, you just need to start ROMs via the file browser
00:38:57scorche|sh(although i imagine the point of this conversaion is pertaining to rockbox - just the small-talk isnt)
00:39:19Garethscorche|sh: well thats good. because I'm here on business.
00:39:24dfktblight, not that you'll see much on the 96x96 screen
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00:40:22scorche|shGareth: i doubt we will be able to pull people together to form a booth for scale if that is what you are asking =)
00:41:26Garethscorche|sh: I suppose I am that predictable :) no worries. we had space so I thought I would extend the offer.
00:41:37scorche|shi honestly havent been involved much lately with rockbox (besides administrating servers, and chatting in -community and such), so i wouldnt really feel comfortable doing it myself
00:41:51blightdfkt: ahh right ;)
00:41:53blightdamn :p
00:41:56JdGordon[Saint]: file a bug and prod me next week... bday sunday so i wont get any time to look at it till monday prob
00:43:07dfktblight, i made a video of running doom on the zip... it should be enough for a quick laugh, so you don't have to install the stuff yourself ;) -
00:44:03blightdfkt: i already played doom
00:45:27fydoit's an even bigger laugh on the Clip+, you can hardly tell what's going on :)
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03:16:04SuperBrainAKhey is there something wrong about mp4 for the ipod nano 2nd gen? it plays the song but it doesnt show the video :/
03:21:25SuperBrainAKi looked in the manual and it says it is supported as apple lossless codec but not as a video codec
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03:26:08CapacitorHey guys. amsV2 USB question here... Is it still buggy?
03:34:32ParkerRSuperBrainAK, I use WinFF to convert some videos. It has a Rockbox preset for all the major players
03:34:42ParkerRSuperBrainAK, mpeg not mp4
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03:35:38SuperBrainAKok they are just album art anyway but they are still cool :)
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13:41:02lebelliumif anyone is willing to port Rockbox to a Samsung player, you can have a look at that thread, I'm trying to gather all services manuals for Samsung players. There are useful and interesting information for developers :)
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14:01:11pamaurylebellium: thanks for link about samsung players
14:02:15pamauryI have a few of them and might do a port if I have time, one day
14:03:21lebelliumpamaury: for example the U5 has a STMP3770, I guess you already ported that for Creative players :)
14:04:03pamaurynot yet, I have the Zen Style M300 running a STMP3770 so yeah the port might be easy
14:04:18pamauryI have a YP-T10, S3, Q1 and Q2
14:04:25pamaurythe Q2 is a STMP3760 iirc
14:04:48pamaurythe others arc TCC based
14:04:52lebellium3750 I guess for the Q2
14:05:06pamauryanyway, that's stmp37xx for me :D
14:05:34lebelliumT10 and Q1: TCC7801. S3: Samsung S5L8700
14:05:55pamauryyeah, I already made some research on them, we already have ports for them
14:06:33pamaurythere is the Z5 of course
14:06:55lebelliumI see you really love touchpads players lol. That's what I have been fighting for years. I harassed the Samsung Korea R&D until they released tactile players and I finally won my fight :)
14:07:11pamauryI have the yp-p2 also
14:07:30pamaurytcc7801 based
14:07:46lebelliumunfortunately the P2 port is down while it was very close to Cowon D2
14:08:06pamauryyes, but I could revive it
14:08:20pamaurybertrik begun a port to some samsung players, don't remember which one
14:08:40lebelliumhe began S3 but he told me he doesn't want to port it further, no interest anymore
14:09:36pamaurysadly they use NAND and FTL
14:11:18lebelliumI don't really know what it is and what's wrong with that, I'm not a dev :)
14:18:09pamaurywell many vendors take a well-known FTL and modify it a bit, making it painful to reverse engineer
14:20:31lebelliumokay but I guess the Q1 and Q2 are linux-based so no need for reverse engineering with RaaA? :)
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14:24:15pamauryfor Q2 it's not clear since we have a complete imx233 port and Q2 is stmp37xx so very close. I prefer a complete port rather than RaaA honestly
14:24:50pamauryIn general I would say that if we already have a port for the soc, it's better to do a real port
14:25:20lebelliumsure! I was saying that in cas reverse engineering is impossible or too difficult
14:29:41pamauryof course, a linux is always possible then. For example I would like to do a linux port for the Sony NWZ players
14:30:04lebelliumfor the A810 with tactile keys? Would be awesome :p
14:31:57pamauryif my intuition is correct, I think all or nearly all NWZ players are based on the kernel and support the same set of SCSI/custom command. That makes it possible to get the encryption for all devices that we physically get our hand on. That would be awesome indeed
14:32:04pamaury*same kernel
14:32:29 Join amayer_ [0] (~amayer@
14:42:51pamaurythe yp-u4 is stmp3650 based, like the z5
14:43:11lebelliumand strangly it completely sucks
14:43:14lebelliumthe UI is slow as hell
14:43:19lebelliumI don't understand what they did
14:43:37lebelliumthe U3 and U5 are much faster
14:45:21lebelliumI guess Samsung just failed on firmware development
14:45:30lebelliumthe Z5 with the same CPU works better
14:46:24pamaurythe Z5 has additional ram iirc
14:47:14pamauryI ran into this problem on the Zen Style M300: it's a stmp3770 but without additional RAM, so only half a megabyte of RAM! It's slow as hell too
14:48:07pamauryu1 i stmp3550, we've got the whole famility there
14:50:19lebelliumlorenzo told me rockbox port on STMP35xx is not possible if I understood right
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14:53:04Zagor"not possible" is a challenge disguised as a taunt :-)
14:53:07 Nick sabayonuser is now known as Katu (
14:53:18pamaurywell, it would be really really really hard
14:54:42Zagorwould it, really? 512 KB is not that small, if you skip the ram buffering
14:54:54Zagorand that's 512 KB sram, not dram.
14:55:21Zagorso the slow cpu is not hampered as much by the ram as faster ones
14:56:49pamaurylast time I tried, it appeared that the entire binary barely fits in 512KB
14:57:39pamaurythere are two problems there: 3550 => hard because 24-bit dsp, weird
14:57:47pamaury3770 => hard because 512KB of RAM but doable
14:58:14Zagoryeah plenty of our builds are >512 KB. it would require some prioritizing, I suppose
14:59:05 Join nateloaf [0] (
14:59:11pamauryI guess some memory swapping is doable too if really it doesn't fit
15:00:33pamaurymaybe we would have to disable things like the database, dircache too
15:02:43lebelliumsorry for the noob question. But why rockbox works on early 2000's archos but wouldn't on much more recent STMP35xx?
15:04:01Zagorlebellium: the archos has hardware mp3 decoding, so doesn't need as much cpu or code
15:04:46pamaurystmp3xxx soc are very complicated, you need to write a lot of code, also you have to decode codecs in software
15:05:15pamauryand we have more features on recent socs I think
15:05:43lebelliumokay thx
15:05:54Zagorpamaury: yes, most features concerning audio shaping are unsupported on the archos players
15:06:08lebelliumwhat's the weakest supported SOC with software decoding?
15:07:05pamauryI don't know what was the most critical resource in the past: cpu speed or memory ?
15:08:21ZagorI don't think we have really had to squeeze in either department. it's just a matter of adjusting buffer sizes. and most targets have some codec/bitrate combinations they can't run realtime.
15:09:36pamaurysure, with a 300MHz cpu, even with a small memory you can decode mp3 very easily and do swapping on top of that. That's what the OF does on the Zen Style M300 since it doesn't fit in those 512KB
15:10:16Zagorthey added swapping in software instead of 2MB dram on the board?
15:10:39pamaurythe SDK must have come with this feature already
15:10:57pamaurybut I can tell you that the result is not great, sometimes you really feel that it is slow
15:11:11Zagoryeah it sounds like a really crappy solution.
15:11:26pamauryon the other hand, the palyer is damn small and has bluetooth support
15:11:37pamauryI don't know where they could have fit a dram on the board :D
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15:29:07wodzAny idea how to resolve conflicts between host stdio.h and compat layer in rockbox for sims? Writing code was easy but I can't figure out how to not generate conflicts
15:29:53wodzand of top of this we have firmware/libc/include/stdio.h
15:34:19 Quit mortalis (Quit: Leaving)
15:37:23 Part amayer_
15:39:10pamaurywodz: ask kugel, I think he dealt with such issues in the past
15:44:21 Join amayer_ [0] (
15:45:02pamauryit's painful that MEMORYSIZE is the size in MB ! How do I specify 512KB correctly ?!*
15:46:54Katu.5? lol
15:48:12 Quit Katu (Remote host closed the connection)
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15:51:44wodzrewrite it to take in b
15:52:35 Quit TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
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15:53:20pamaurywodz: KB seems sufficient
15:53:46pamauryor KiB more likely
15:57:40pamaurywith many features disabled I'm reaching 573796 bytes for the main binary, not good enough
15:57:54pamauryI don't know if I can disable more things
15:58:53 Quit __jae__ (*.net *.split)
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16:08:11wodzpamaury: build as thumb
16:08:59pamauryhum, good point, how can I do that, is there a define for this on our code ?
16:11:03wodzthere is a switch to configure
16:14:28 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
16:15:51wodzpamaury: thumb builds are ~350kB IIRC
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16:17:46amayer_pamaury: what is a thumb build?
16:19:07pamaurywodz: where is that switch ? that would avoid me reading the entire configure :)
16:19:44amayer_funman: thanks
16:20:00funmanpamaury: ./configure −−help?
16:21:45funman −−thumb Build with -mthumb (for ARM builds)
16:22:55wodzok, I uploaded first draft for comments g#383
16:22:58fs-bluebotGerrit review #383 at : stdio compat layer for plugins by Marcin Bukat (changes/83/383/1)
16:22:59 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
16:28:18pamauryfunman: thanks, I didn't even know that configure could take switches :-/
16:32:18pamaurywith thumb, binary is 457856 bytes
16:35:23pamauryI set MEMORYSIZE to 1 but it's not clear if it will fit in 512 KiB
16:35:56 Part moben ("WeeChat")
16:37:14wodzOne of the biggest part of binary is probably frame buffer. You could decrease bitdepth.
16:37:37pamauryI doubt it, it's in bss, so not counted in the binary size
16:37:45pamauryI'm not even counting the actual memory usage here
16:39:36pamaurymemory usage is actually much higher, around 750 KiB
16:39:58pamaurywithout audiobuf
16:40:05wodzsize −−format=SysV rockbox.elf should tell
16:40:48pamaurythe two biggest chunks are code and rodata
16:41:02pamauryerr, bss
16:41:06pamauryand then rodata
16:41:48pamaurybut still code+rodata is 440 KiB already
16:42:12wodzso my idea about shrinking frame buffer still holds :-)
16:42:17pamaurythat means, only ~75 KiB for bss+audiobuf+codecbuf+pluginbuf
16:44:08pamaurythe biggest users of bss are unicode.c, language.c, fat.c, scroll_engine.c, dir_uncached.c, ...
16:45:20pamauryand they account for more than the frame buffer !
16:50:44pamauryI really don't know how this is possible without swapping
16:52:47KatuHm.. this is strange. My Linux box doesn't seem to want to transfer files to the rockboxed iPod. Gets 280MB into the transfer, then just kinda...dies
16:54:11 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
16:55:41KatuI'm going to try a different USB port and see if that makes a difference
16:58:02KatuLooks like that did it. Apparently it didn't like using the front panel USb port
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17:37:20 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
17:42:47 Quit pamaury (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
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18:01:27 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:13:20 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:13:36 Quit Guest9803 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:23:14kugelamiconn: ping
18:26:38 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
18:29:21kugel@all: I would welcome comments on UI changes are always a bit controversial
18:29:43 Quit TheSphinX_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:30:37AlexPkugel: I like the sound of it, do you have a screenshot?
18:31:44dfktthat sounds very nice indeed - i assume it's just an 1px width line?
18:35:29kugelit's been on FS since more than a year :p
18:36:41AlexPWhat resolution is that screen?
18:37:03AlexPI realise I could get it from the image :)
18:37:08*AlexP is being hugely lazy
18:37:37AlexP1 px line (bar the first one)?
18:38:04kugelbelow the titel there is a 2px line (3px on high density screens). the others are 1px
18:38:30AlexPAnyway, I like it and as it is configurable I can't see how anyone could complain
18:38:54kugelyou might think :)
18:39:57 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:40:06dfktthe line below the status bar i added in the backdrop for all my themes already... is it optional in that patch, or mandatory?
18:40:36kugelit's all or nothing
18:40:53AlexPkugel: What's the status of the optional android status bar?
18:41:05kugelyou can remove it from the backdrop
18:41:36dfktwell, i use gradients or dotted lines, not solid ones...
18:46:54 Quit GodEater (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:49:12AlexPkugel: I have a really weird problem with Rockbox on Android - it was working but it's just started in a list I touch anywhere on screen and the top menu item "flashes" (as if touched), but nothing happens (even if I click on the first menu item.)
18:49:22AlexPIs there anything I can do to try and see what is going on?
18:53:47AlexPI tried clearing data etc. to no avail, but on deleting config.cfg it is working again - I'll see if I can provoke it again
18:56:38*AlexP slaps kugel with a u
19:01:15 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
19:03:27kugeldfkt: problem with having it on hte backdrop is that it doesnt work on lists that have no title
19:03:46 Join cpt_ramius [0] (
19:04:10cpt_ramiusgood evening rockbox mates!
19:04:39kugelAlexP: not a lot has changed, it's working nicely (for me)
19:04:48cpt_ramiusI've been trying to install the bootloader on my ipod 5.5 80gig, but the utility crashes everytime
19:04:55kugelI'll update my git repo rebased to master in a minute
19:05:05AlexPkugel: I'll see if it happens again, and try to reproduce
19:05:28evilnickcpt_ramius: Are you sure it's a 5.5?
19:05:50AlexPlots of people get that wrong
19:05:54AlexPAnyway, more info
19:05:59cpt_ramiusbut i can install every other option in the utility!
19:06:10AlexP32 bit?
19:06:22kugelAlexP: that was re: "kugel: What's the status of the optional android status bar?"
19:06:27cpt_ramiusthe ipod patcher crashed aswell
19:06:28AlexPkugel: Ah right
19:06:29kugelI don't know about your bug
19:06:44AlexPkugel: Any plans to commit the status bar?
19:06:44kugelRockbox is very buggy in general these days
19:07:11AlexPcpt_ramius: version?
19:07:17cpt_ramiusof the ipod?
19:07:34gevaertscpt_ramius: what exactly happens? "crashes" is a bit vague
19:07:46AlexPcpt_ramius: Of Rockbox Utility
19:08:08AlexPno, that's Rockbox
19:08:28AlexPLatest version of RBUtil is 1.3.1
19:09:02cpt_ramiusthe utility downloads the bootloader and when it says it installs my ipods hdd is clicking and i get a VB just in time debug popup...
19:09:18cpt_ramiusvisual basic
19:09:21AlexPRbutil has nothing to do with VB
19:09:31AlexPWhat version of RBUtil?
19:10:05AlexPWhat is the exact error message
19:10:33cpt_ramiusthats the prob. the ipodpatcher says "error reading disk"
19:11:34*gevaerts bets it says more than that
19:11:42cpt_ramiusand the RButil just freezes and the vb just in time debugger pops up and ask me to debug. and when i click "no" rbutil disappears
19:12:04AlexPI have no idea what VB is doing, Rockbox Utility has never been anywhere near VB
19:12:20TorneAlexP: certain visual studio components register themselves as the global system debug handler
19:12:26Torneso *any* program that crashes they offer to debug
19:12:32AlexPTorne: Ah, that's nice of them
19:12:33Torneit's not VB, but rather VC++
19:12:35 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
19:12:38Tornewhich is probably installed at the same time :)
19:13:01Torneit's nice of them if you are a developer who needs to debug a lot of programs ;)
19:13:15AlexPWritten in them :)
19:13:21 Join sentriz [0] (~Senan@
19:13:45cpt_ramiusipodpatcher after hiting i and enter "moving images to create room for new firmware" and then "Error reading from disk: "
19:14:16evilnickcpt_ramius: Can you still use this iPod with iTunes? And how exactly do you know it's a 5.5 one?
19:14:34TorneAlexP: no, msdebug can debug any win32 binary, it doesn't matter what language. it's a general debugger
19:15:00Tornebut yeah, this just means the program crashed and this is what you see instead o hte normal crash dialog when you have a system dbeug handler
19:15:02cpt_ramiusthe ipodpatcher says it has a 76gig hdd
19:15:20AlexPTorne: Ah, OK
19:16:24cpt_ramiusabout itunes... the diagnostic tool could connect with the device but not syncronise
19:17:09cpt_ramiuscurrently deinstalling all the vc++ junk...
19:17:30evilnickcpt_ramius: See if you can use iTunes to restore the iPod to a known state - that seems like a good way to start the install of RB
19:17:35cpt_ramiusmaybe the .net framework too
19:17:44evilnickknown good state*
19:17:53gevaertsIf itunes can't work with the ipod either, you very likely won't get rockbox to work on it either
19:18:17AlexPHow do I install the sdl app in a custom location?
19:18:25cpt_ramiusmeh... so i bought a brocken ipod... good to know
19:19:11Torneyou don't need to uninstall visual studio, it won't mkae any difference
19:19:19Torneall it's doing is giving you that dialog instead of the "program crashed" dialog
19:19:59Torneeither way it still crashed
19:20:05Tornecan you see the ipod at all when it's plugged in via USB?
19:20:22Torneone thing i have done sometimes in order to force itunes to restore an ipod that's in a bad state is to dd a bunch of zeros over the first 200MB of the disk or so
19:20:26Torneto make it appear to be completely blank
19:20:52cpt_ramiusi see it in the explorer...
19:20:58Tornei.e. kill th partition table and firmware partition entirely so that itunes is forced to make a new one
19:21:24cpt_ramiusit did reformat it yesterday
19:22:03cpt_ramiusitunes says the ipod is upttodate(version 1.3) and mangage music manually ist on
19:22:49evilnickCan you make iTunes reformat it now?
19:22:56cpt_ramiusshould i try to "restore ipod"?
19:24:17cpt_ramiusok it's restoring now... the lingo of itunes is horrible
19:31:06AlexPWhere does the sdl app use as it's .rockbox directory?
19:33:48cpt_ramiusok the ipod is restored and i can access it... where i go from here
19:39:06 Join amayer_ [0] (
19:39:37kugelAlexP: I updated my git repo, the statusbar stuff is in the dynamic_lcd branch (also has a 720x1280 cabbie if you haven't seen it yet)
19:39:52AlexPI hadn't, thanks
19:40:04AlexPkugel: Any thoughts on committing the status bar stuff?
19:40:10kugelit also includes an attempt to fix the sporadic high volume on start up
19:40:19AlexPah, nice
19:40:36kugelnot the branch, but the repo*
19:41:00kugelthe list separator is also a separate branch
19:43:32kugelAlexP: it's doesnt have the quality I'd like, but I have little to no time to make it better currently
19:43:54AlexPWhat's up with it?
19:44:50kugelcode is in parts very hacky and it has numerous glitches
19:45:08AlexPah, OK. I was going to say, it looked alright to me :)
19:46:47kugeli have no problem with people using my branch but it's not in shape enough for aster (IMO)
19:46:49evilnickcpt_ramius: Check the serial number of the iPod to confirm which generation it is, then find the manual for your player (IF it is 5.5 then this: and then read Introduction and Installation
19:47:03evilnickAnd follow the instructions there
19:49:23cpt_ramiusi checked with the support site and it is a 5.5 ipod
19:50:25cpt_ramiusthe apple support site...
19:53:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:57:55evilnickOK, so read Introduction and Installation from the link I posted and follow the instructions
20:01:54cpt_ramiusok... thanks...
20:04:44 Join thegeek [0] (
20:09:23cpt_ramiusok now it worked.... thanks alot for your help!!! :)
20:11:10evilnickGlad to hear it :)
20:11:23 Part fydo
20:13:43 Quit cpt_ramius (Quit: CGI:IRC)
20:33:11 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
20:35:49lorenzo92hey all ;) I will start the RaaA port on YP-R1 later this month! Here the wiki:
20:36:01lorenzo92so first of all this will resume my R0 port
20:37:22lorenzo92and thus aims also to complete USB support to both + ALSA recording part for both (R0 radio, R1 radio + mic). As you can see is a touchscreen device. All the drivers are already ready in a nice kernel (same as R0, hence toolchain is the same) and I have already tested a running build on it (just display of course)
20:40:02lorenzo92question: anyone implemented WM1808G codec in rockbox? Of course direct support of it in rockbox is not enttirely necessary, but it may a good idea to write down its support for other devices too, since I cannot find anywhere a datasheet for this codec but the kernel shipped by Samsung has a good API to access it with all definitions for the registers! What do you think? Hints? :)
20:43:14 Part amayer_
20:43:14amiconnkugel: pong
20:46:06pamaurylorenzo92: how is wm1808g different from the other wm* we have ?
20:46:39lorenzo92pamaury: I still need to check, I don't know, maybe it's just a matter of adding some ifdefs...
20:46:57lorenzo92let me do that now (I'm still without the player )
20:47:27 Quit sentriz (Quit: Leaving)
20:47:56pamaurylorenzo92: I have an interest in this codec, for a samsung player
20:48:28lorenzo92pamaury: nice. Indeed I cannot find any datasheet :( but hey fortunately we have plain code :D
20:48:56pamaurygood, could you send it to me or point me to the code ?
20:50:15lorenzo92indeed, just a second
20:52:01pamauryside node: I think many of our wm* drivers could be merged
20:52:31 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
20:52:31 Quit TheLemonMan (Changing host)
20:52:31 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~LemonBoy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
20:52:41lorenzo92pamaury: yes, I think rockbox also needs some code cleanup, but anyways wow the code of the kernel is more documented than what I expected :D
20:53:58 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:54:55 Join shamus [0] (
21:14:24 Join bertrik_ [0] (
21:14:24 Quit bertrik_ (Changing host)
21:14:24 Join bertrik_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:18:33 Join Katu [0] (
21:19:49kugelamiconn: I wonder if you can tell anything about g#339
21:19:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #339 at : Fix FS #12391 : Memory corruption on PP502x after commit_discard_idcache() by Boris Gjenero (changes/39/339/1)
21:20:08kugelit should be committed, shouldn't it?
21:20:37kugellorenzo92: how similar is hte R1?
21:21:12lorenzo92kugel: kernel environment, CPU, ALSA, linux...
21:21:28kugelit has a differnet codec?
21:21:44lorenzo92see above, WM1808
21:22:10kugelso we need new code to control the volume, right?
21:22:48lorenzo92yes, I don't want to pass through alsa mixer for efficiency + better control :) (see the wiki for the hardware)
21:23:09lorenzo92pamaury is interested in this codec too
21:23:39amiconnI have no idea. I didn't encounter PP502x specific instabilities lately, but then I don't use my PP devices often
21:23:42pamaurykugel: as I previously said, we could refactor some wm* codecs too, last time I had a look, it pretty bad
21:23:46pamaury*it was
21:25:57lorenzo92kugel: I think the pattern RaaA on such players is not that bad at all, we can continuosly improve common code and just do what is really different...
21:26:19lorenzo92moreover performances are really fine and battery life the same
21:28:01lorenzo92kugel, pamaury: ah right we also need to take care of firmware editor for samsung R0/R1 (same format), we can merge this to the generic one (with some differences)
21:31:38 Quit XavierGr (Disconnected by services)
21:31:40 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
21:32:04pamaurylorenzo92: ok i'll do this. I'll add a switch and possibly autodetection mechanism
21:32:18lorenzo92pamaury: okay ;)
21:32:40pamaurycan you do a list of the devices for the different format ? perhaps the logs can help
21:32:46kugellorenzo92: that's the case with RaaA in general :)
21:33:23kugelporting RaaA to any linux-based player should be trivial for the most part now that we have a good base
21:34:10lorenzo92indeed :)
21:34:50lorenzo92I wouldn't say trivial (sometimes is difficult to access hw, see my radio module) but yeah definitely something that's far from a native port :D
21:35:45lorenzo92kugel: by the way, I will ask you about he alsa wrapper, there is something I don't understand, I need also to understand how rockbox gets and feeds audio data
21:37:53lorenzo92it's funny that samsung leaved all the stuff from R0 into R1 rom, absolutely funny and wrong -.-
21:38:02lorenzo92*wops, left :D
21:40:12lorenzo92there are even .old files haha nice
21:40:16kugellorenzo92: I said /mostly/, a few areas still need special care, right
21:42:15lorenzo92kugel: there is the same gpio access module, but no header provided this time and strangely binary size is a little different, I hope the API is the same
21:42:34lorenzo92otherwise there is the need of a little reverse ;)
21:51:14kugellorenzo92: same soc, right? I assume gpio setup is identical
21:51:58kugelbut the mapping is probably different
21:52:30lorenzo92yes we're on IMX37, gpio mappings are easy to carry out having the service manual :D
21:52:53lorenzo92and yes gpio setup is identical of course
21:53:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:53:14lorenzo92maybe the different bin size is given by other compiler settings, who knows...
21:53:53kugelthe service manual doesn't (and can't) tell what functions on the player are wired onto which gpio lines
21:54:25lorenzo92kugel: btw, I had a operating system lecture this semester and indeed what I did (calling user space function in the interrupt handler of radio module) is terrible! how the hell could that work?! :p
21:54:33lorenzo92kugel: schematics, I mean
21:54:36kugelhaha :)
21:57:11kugelit worked because the armv6 architecture is simple enough to allow this, in other words it doesn't have the hardware feature that linux can use to prevent this
21:57:45lorenzo92ah ok, no context switch, indeed...
21:57:47kugelor the samsung kernel just doesn't use them, I don't know for sure
21:58:46lorenzo92there is also the virtual memory stuff! haha so many things I ovverrode XD
21:59:42pamauryarm has virtual memory and fast context switches but perhaps the kernel doesn't use them (or is configured to do so)
22:01:24pamaurybut calling userspace from kernel and in particular from interrupt context sounds sooooo wrong :p
22:01:43lorenzo92yes -.-'
22:02:13lorenzo92I went back to old times when win98 had no protections ^^
22:02:22kugelpamaury: I already told him, but hey, it did actually work in this case :)
22:04:52pamaurylorenzo92: indeed that wm1808 driver is incredibly complete
22:05:16kugelwhich one?
22:05:33lorenzo92pamaury: yeah ;) so my plan is to create a i2c access module, and then control it through rockbox (or maybe just read/write register interface)
22:06:41 Quit bertrik_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:09:13 Join bertrik_ [0] (
22:09:13 Quit bertrik_ (Changing host)
22:09:13 Join bertrik_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
22:11:11lorenzo92you know what? R1 has TV out :p
22:13:32kugelboring, even the ipod 5g has one (we just cannot use it) :P
22:14:20 Join TheSphinX_ [0] (
22:14:48gevaertskugel: there's a patch for that :)
22:15:09 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:15:52kugeloh, I wasn't aware of that
22:17:19 Quit TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:22:17 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
22:23:27lorenzo92okay ^^
22:25:12 Quit nuskool (Quit: leaving)
22:26:42 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:27:48 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:40:10 Quit melmothX (Remote host closed the connection)
22:55:34 Join Wardo [0] (
22:56:19 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
22:59:01SuperBrainAKhey there! its friday :D but why is the rockbox calendar saying that it is thursday?
22:59:59SuperBrainAKthe date and year are correct but its saying thursday
23:03:29SuperBrainAKoh wait i fail its the 18th instead of the 17th :P
23:03:49 Quit y4n (Quit: Do you like hurting other people?)
23:05:30 Join linuxstb [0] (~linuxstb@unaffiliated/linuxstb)
23:09:44 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 18.0/20130107224849])
23:26:58AlexPSuperBrainAK: It is Saturday in many places
23:27:46 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:28:06SuperBrainAKif i was in other places you wouldnt understand me :P
23:28:41SuperBrainAKnevermind :/
23:46:36 Part linuxstb ("Leaving")
23:48:00 Quit TheLemonMan (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
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23:54:07 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)

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