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#rockbox log for 2013-01-21

00:03:23 Join zaphee [0] (
00:06:06evilnickHas anyone managed to get the inline headphone button to work as a track-skip on RaaAa?
00:07:01[Saint]My Samsung headsets "Just Work(TM)"
00:07:40[Saint]They have dedicated media control buttons, though. Not sure if that's what you're talking about.
00:08:07evilnickMine's the one that came with the S3, vol+, vol- (both work) but the button itself seems to have no effect
00:08:13*evilnick tries another pair
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00:08:39[Saint]"the button" is just for call accept, no?
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00:09:14[Saint]If your ROM has the feature, holding vol+/- should skip the track.
00:09:39[Saint]That worked for me in Cm7, and very recently incorperated into my Cm10.1 build.
00:10:07evilnickHmmm, with the Samsung headphones that came with the S2, the button starts Apollo
00:10:14[Saint]That's a "pure-CM" thing, though, iirc. Not an "Android thing"
00:10:58 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
00:10:59[Saint]My unlabeled button accepts calls and nothing more. There doesn't seem to be much of a standard.
00:11:18evilnickHolding the vol- or vol+ down just increases/decreases the volume. No track skipping for me :(
00:11:18[Saint]Oh, it rejects the call whilst in-call too.
00:11:35[Saint]If there's no specific setting for it in your ROM, it won't, no.
00:11:44[Saint]Perhaps you remember the setting from CM7
00:11:55evilnickYeah, I'll see if that works
00:12:05[Saint]It should make it into official CM10.1 eventually.
00:12:16[Saint]I don't _think_ it's there presently.
00:13:03[Saint]The build I run has a shit-tonne of as yet unaccepted gerrit reviews included.
00:13:12evilnickAnd that would explain why I can't find it right now :)
00:13:53evilnickAh, I think that *the* button (on the S3 headphones) works as Menu
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01:18:41[Saint]JdGordon: did you still want/need me to file a bug report on the jackass parser?
01:18:57 Quit ender` (Quit: Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors and miss. -- Robert A. Heinlein)
01:19:28[Saint]I'll do so anyway.
01:19:46JdGordonif you want it fixed :)
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01:25:00evilnickkugel: (for the logs) Out of the two android devices I have (SGS3 running CM10.1 and Transformer Infinity running CM10) neither of them work correctly with the inline remote buttons. Tried two different pairs of headphones on each.
01:34:23[Saint]added FS #12806
01:34:25fs-bluebot Skin Engine Parser is being an ass-clown. (bugs, unconfirmed)
01:34:51[Saint]Ohhhhhwhoops, I wasn't supposed to add it with that title, hahaha.
01:34:52evilnickEr... not sure how descriptive that title is...
01:35:32[Saint]Yeah, it was kinda my "lorem ipsum" before I thought of something better but I pressed fire too early.
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01:36:38saratogawhats the correct way in git to make a new branch that is the current unmodified rockbox source without undoing my current branch's changes?
01:37:50[Saint]can't you just branch and do "git reset HEAD" in the branch?
01:39:09[Saint]Or "git reset −−hard commit_id"?
01:40:27[Saint]"git reset −−hard HEAD" in the new branch _should_ work.
01:46:10[Saint]JdGordon: .zip attatched
01:47:16JdGordongit reset −−hard will nuke your local changes
01:47:36[Saint]it's per-branch though, no?
01:48:00[Saint]If you branch from master, it shouldn't nuke master afaik.
01:48:25JdGordonyes, diddnt read your firs line :p
01:48:36 Join alienkid10 [0] (~alienkid@unaffiliated/alienkid10)
01:48:38JdGordonbut you dont want HEAD, you probably want HEAD^
01:48:41JdGordonassuming only one commit
01:49:41 Join blight [0] (~greg@reactos/developer/blight)
01:49:46alienkid10can anyone give me the md5 for the latest fuze+ patched bootloader?
01:49:49blightoh noo it crashed
01:51:11blightdunno if anybody is interested, clip zip with rockbox from 16th or 17th jan, was updating database in the background and playing around, "Data abort at 30 FSR 0x8 (domain 0 fault address 0xffffff pc:30052D98 sp3 bt end"
01:51:13[Saint]JdGordon: I also attached a .zip with syntax that fails checkwps but works on device and in the sim
01:51:21[Saint](second comment)
01:51:54blightversion fa6dc05-130115
01:53:06JdGordon[Saint]: it works on target but fails checkwps?
01:53:11JdGordonthat really shouldnt be possible :)
01:53:22[Saint]I know :)
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01:55:32saratogathe ARMv5 CMUL for Opus made less of a difference then i thought, but it should be possible to save a lot of cycles by writing all of the FFT guts in ARMv5 ASM, since then you could save a lot of needless stalls
01:56:17alienkid10pamaury: do you have an md5sum of the latest fuze+ patched bootloader?
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01:58:37 Part alienkid10 ("QUIT :bye")
01:58:40saratogaalienkid10: this?;a=blob;f=rbutil/mkimxboot/mkimxboot.c;h=f6afd0cf0d61c5464315987e01f142e7e6a82f9b;hb=HEAD#l81
01:59:56[Saint]I believe the term "bootloader" is used erroneously
02:00:06[Saint]OP /probably/ means patched firmware.
02:03:50saratogawow, low delay opus files are SLOW
02:04:30saratoga64k @ 5ms delay takes 103MHz on the clipv2, while 64k @ 20 ms delay takes just 66MHz
02:04:49[Saint]holy crapballs
02:08:32saratogastupid weird sized FFTs
02:08:51saratogaapparently we're the first people to ever think about an arm optimized open source FFT for other then 2^n
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02:30:53derfsaratoga: Sorry. No one made a transform-based communication codec before.
02:31:00derfThink of it as your chance to break new ground!
02:31:40[Saint]Subtle ;)
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04:49:08JavontayI have a question about the rockbox
04:50:01 Quit TheSphinX_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
04:50:20Javontayum hello!!!
04:51:04the-kyleJavontay: It helps to simply ask your question. No one can answer a question that isn't asked.
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04:57:19[Saint]the-kyle: Good one man, you scared him off with your outrageous sensibility!
04:58:44[Saint]How dare you, everyone knows that Rockbox users have psychic powers. ;)
04:59:03*the-kyle doesn't, so figures others don't either.
04:59:15*[Saint] is sending the answer to his question via telepathy.rock right now
05:00:26*the-kyle doesn't think it worked. The telepathic connection appears flat.
05:05:34 Join Rower [0] (
05:13:00[Saint]Oh, JdGordon, before you say it...I know that there's several examples of 'ugly code (TM)" in the *-old theme .zip, but it predates strings as identifiers, backdrops for bars, and drawing in the backdrop buffer. :)
05:14:52JdGordonyeah yeah :p
05:16:13 Join ubuntu__ [0] (
05:16:14[Saint]If you feel adventurous, you're more than welcome to work out how to apply the OF style ">" to only directories and menu items with sub-menus...y'know, to correct my ugly code and all ;)
05:16:34 Nick ubuntu__ is now known as Guest61918 (
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05:23:01*[Saint] needs to work out how to sinsibly always justify right a set of icons
05:23:07[Saint]*sensibly too
05:23:31[Saint]Oh, derp. Overthinking shit. Should be trivial.
05:25:59*[Saint] spots no less than 5 clones of a theme he only ever released a test preview of
05:26:23[Saint]one that steals the iLike moniker, dammit.
05:28:35*[Saint] wonders if the themesite would accept "iLike .zip" or "" to get around this.
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05:34:49JdGordonwe can delete themes i tihnk if you wwant
05:36:41[Saint]Oh, that wouldn't be fair. It isn;t exactly a trademark I own.
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07:48:11saratogaby the way, is battery monitoring now working normally?
07:48:26saratogaprof_wolfff: ^
07:51:20prof_wolfffno, only voltage read is changed, the % is the similar than before, but probably we can do it on future
07:52:10saratogayou mean it needs to be re-calibrated?
07:52:24saratogaIIUC the problem was that the wrong channel was being read?
07:53:26prof_wolfffthere are % charge/discharge tables that return similar values than before, problem while charging is the constant voltage stage
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07:55:12prof_wolfffthe scaling was wrong, it was divide by 1000 instead of 1023, the channel 1 gives a more precise measurement because it uses intenally a voltage substractor instead of a multiplicator, this increases precission but it is not noticeable
07:55:41saratogaah ok
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08:13:24[Saint]Torne might want to look at g385
08:13:27fs-bluebotGerrit review #385 at : iPod Classic/6G: reads HDD S.M.A.R.T. data by Cástor Muñoz (changes/85/385/1)
08:13:48[Saint]IIRC, he often talked about implmenting a generic SMART implementation.
08:14:29 Join TheSphinX_ [0] (
08:14:58[Saint]prof_wolfff: you're right about CEATA for that patch.
08:15:06[Saint]It gives bullshit/no data.
08:15:48*[Saint] is reminded he needs to push his battery capacity fix for the Classic
08:16:18[Saint]I think it's very dirty, but I guess review will tell.
08:17:02[Saint](it's pretty much #if CEATA 850; else 550 {iirc})
08:17:35 Quit TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
08:18:04[Saint]I'm not sure if there's a better way to tell we're running on the "fat classic" then checking for CEATA
08:18:14[Saint]If there is, I'm open to suggestion.
08:18:21[Saint]prof_wolfff: ^?
08:48:08prof_wolfffSaint: CEATA is already checked using a GPIO, so no problem on that, is CEATA working ok?
08:48:21 Join ender` [0] (
08:51:06[Saint]I think you're misunderstanding me. I'm wanting to check if the device is a "fat classic" or a "regular/other classic" to correctly set the battery capacity.
08:51:22[Saint]the only way (I think) to do this is checking if the device is CEATA
08:53:21 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
08:53:28[Saint]142 /firmware/export/config/ipod6g.h
08:53:52[Saint]It is hardcoded at 550 for all Classics, whilst the "fat classic" is actually 850
08:54:15 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:54:37[Saint]currently I'm checking for CEATA and setting 850 that way, I was curious if there is a better way to tell what version of classic the device is.
08:54:44prof_wolfffah... there are some unknown GPIO, it is posible some of them is for battery, there are also some ADC channels who may be related with battery detection
08:56:40prof_wolfffbut ATM the CEATA GPIO can be used for that
09:01:01 Join lebellium [0] (
09:02:15[Saint]I lost the patch somewhere...
09:02:33 Join einhirn [0] (
09:05:56prof_wolfff i am also curious about how Classic model can be detected, OF uses a ipod model number but ATM i dont know where it is stored, guess if it is in original NOR FW
09:17:12 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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11:04:05[Saint]Are the forums impossibly slow for anyone else?
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11:34:48wodzmessage to all hardcore hackers - I have working forth kernel as rockbox plugin. A few issues left to be solved (like interfacing to plugin api, relative paths in includes etc.)
11:37:45[Saint]wodz: 16 or 32bit?
11:38:11wodzits basically pforth
11:38:23[Saint]How much space is it occupying?
11:38:52wodzI don't know yet. I guess it strongly depends on loaded dictionary.
11:39:00*[Saint] guesses "not a hell of a lot"
11:39:37wodzVarious constants can be tweaked I just didn't reach this point yet
11:39:44*[Saint] nods
11:40:09[Saint]This would open up some awesomely geeky possibilities
11:40:55wodzyeah like learning 30+ years old language :P
11:41:09[Saint]Still better than LUA :P
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12:43:24pamauryhum, I wonder why alienkid10 was asking for the md5sum of the patched bootloader.
12:46:16pamaurycan anyone access the forums ?
12:48:45 Join [Saint_] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/user/saint)
12:59:41soappamaury, no
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