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#rockbox log for 2013-01-22

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01:53:35JdGordonnice password [Saint]
01:54:08[Saint]shit that was me ms saint by accient how do you get rid of it
01:54:31JdGordonyou cant :)
01:54:38JdGordonits in the unlogged channel so ou're fine
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01:54:40[Saint]oh shit
01:54:58[Saint]ok kool thanks
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02:44:47webguest90whats with the sanza fuze+ recording
02:45:19webguest90does it work
02:45:37webguest90anyone home?
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02:48:24*pamaury wonders if people know how to read, it's written on the wiki: not implemented !
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04:46:34Granitashey, I've just installed RockBox on my sansa clip + and I've been missing one feature - Favorites. Is it possible to put certain songs on your favorite or "ToGo" lists ? I know you can add them to playlist but it's way to many button clicks
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07:20:15JdGordonGranitas: whats to many button clicks? starting a playlist? or adding songs to one?
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07:51:04scorchesorry - need to re-size the disk on my server for a quick moment...
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08:28:14wodzwhats the difference between lcd_puts() and lcd_putsxy() ? Both take x, y as arguments
08:32:55JdGordonthe first is cell x,y not pixel
08:33:16JdGordonyes, the lcd_put* api is super awesomeTM and bloated :)
08:37:24wodzah you mean the first offset is in chars?
08:37:59Tornethe way the X coord works with non-fixed-width fonts is maybe odd :)
08:38:18wodzwhy lcd_puts() doesn't interpret '\n' btw?
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08:49:29JdGordonwodz: how should it?
08:50:10wodzat least strip
08:51:27wodzhmm maybe not but it is weird that passing string with '\n' gives funny artifacts on screen
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09:17:02JdGordonwodz: if this is for your stdio porting thing, you really should completly reimplement puts() more than just passing to lcd_puts()... (i.e for line wrapping/scrolling and line scrollback)
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09:23:37[Saint]JdGordon: that failing theme...have a play with changing the identifier of the failing hunk, interesting results ensue.
09:24:12JdGordoni didnt get very far with the debugging last night, i'll try again tonight
09:24:25JdGordonwhich identifier?
09:24:27[Saint]this is weird man...
09:24:54[Saint]%?bc<%t(1.0)%xd(Da);%t(1.0)%xd(Db)|%xd(Dc)> <−− fails
09:24:57[Saint] ^ 'Expected argument separator' Here
09:25:17[Saint]parses fine.
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09:25:34JdGordonwhat the shnitzel?
09:25:59[Saint]"E" is a "stolen" identifier", from another image in the same theme.
09:26:17wodzJdGordon: yeah, I just realized that
09:26:21[Saint]I caught this purely by accident.
09:26:59[Saint]I was shuffling some code around, splitting out the battery bar and charge animation into seperate viewports.
09:27:28[Saint]I accidentally c/p'd a line that ended up duplicating an identifier, and the result was the theme parsed fine.
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09:28:48JdGordonso E is correct or D?
09:29:40[Saint]when I edited the theme to correct the mistake with the identifier, it stopped parsing again.
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09:30:07JdGordonok, this makes sense... there is no E image so the %xd() fails, butt the error message is useless
09:30:08 Join esperegu [0] (
09:30:11JdGordonso its not a bu
09:30:26[Saint]No, it is.
09:30:32[Saint]It very definitely is.
09:30:55[Saint]If I steal any other identifier, it still fails.
09:31:02[Saint]"E" just magically lets it parse.
09:31:28[Saint]I just stole "A" and put that in the failing hunk, failed to parse.
09:34:09wodz <- forth in simulator running testbench
09:34:12[Saint]Ah, no.
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09:37:38[Saint]Checking /home/saint/Desktop/iLike Classic/Current/iLike Classic/wps/iLike.fms...
09:37:38[Saint]WPS parsing failure
09:37:46[Saint]oh, that's helpful :)
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09:45:53[Saint]FS #12806 can be closed, I'm a huge douch
09:45:54fs-bluebot Checkwps fails, but skin works on sim/target (bugs, unconfirmed)
09:46:44JdGordonso is it just bad error handling?
09:46:57*[Saint] nods
09:47:38[Saint]An error I should have caught myself, but checkwps definitely should've caught...better than it did.
09:48:19JdGordonI neeed to fix it up.. ALTO
09:48:46[Saint]The fail with no output was a case missmatch, trying to call image "h" instead of "H".
09:49:07[Saint]The primary error was trying to load subimages of an image that didn;t declare it had any subimages.
09:50:28[Saint]And yes, that was a highly idiotic mistake, I know. :)
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09:59:14[Saint]One thing that does seem to be a bug is that checking "iLike.*" (so it parses .fms/.sbs/.wps all in one fell swoop) with the -vvv param seqfaults checkwps
09:59:32[Saint]*segfaults even
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10:00:17*[Saint] idly wonders why reporters can't go "oh, dammit!" and close their own tasks.
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12:10:04hatseflatshey everyone
12:10:37hatseflatsif I wanted to by an mp3 player only and specifically to run rockbox, what would be a good choice?
12:10:52hatseflatsI've had a good experience with my iPod video back when it was still alive
12:11:29hatseflatsand I'm considering getting one again, but is there some player that really whip's the llama's ass when it comes to running rb?
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12:19:22copperhatseflats: the iPod Video is fine
12:19:53copperdon't mistake the iPod Video with the iPod Classic though
12:20:02copperthe rockbox installer doesn't work with the latter
12:20:15hatseflatsOh no, I especially want the 5.5 generation 30G/black thing :)
12:20:26copperyup, that's fine
12:21:01hatseflatsThing is, at the time I had that one, and I came in here, there where multiple voices that claimed my choice was bad for a plethora of reasons
12:21:08coppersuch as?
12:21:41hatseflatswhich is exactly my point, if I remembered / had logs that went back that far I'd know and I'd be able to evaluate on my own if it's still a bad choice or not
12:21:57copperthe iPod Video has a very slight bass rolloff, but likely inaudible
12:22:23melmothXhatseflats: the channel is logged, you can try a search
12:22:41hatseflatsmelmothX: didn't notice that topic part, I'll query around for a bit, thanks :)
12:22:44copperthe Sansa Clip+ is the player that everyone raves about, but the iPod's interface is more usable IMO (bigger screen + scroll wheel)
12:23:11copperespecially if you have a large music collection to browse through
12:23:31melmothXthe sansa is cheap :-)
12:23:36copperthat's true
12:23:58hatseflatsyeah, second hand g5.5's are running up to 75 euro's in my location
12:24:06copperthat's not too expensive
12:24:12hatseflatsbut I really miss having a dedicated player
12:24:26hatseflatshm, I might just jump on it then :)
12:25:58copperthe only thing I'd be wary about, is the health of the battery
12:27:11hatseflatsaye, that's what made me take apart my previous one, I didn't think I'd need a player anymore, so after the battery started running downhill I harvested the HD for some other project
12:28:29hatseflatscool, well, that's basically what I wanted to know, thanks copper, melmothX
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12:34:06 Part hatseflats ("sayonara")
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13:07:51soapThe iPod video, copper, for the record historically has been bashed on numerous fronts. It has a rather slow processor:screen ratio compared to most the other players out there. It has a lack of buttons for those who "grew up" on the earlier players. It has buttons w/o much in the way of tactile feedback. It has a proprietary power/data jack, and as you mentioned it has bass rolloff on sub 32-ohm headphones.
13:08:27soapThe processor:screen ratio was actually quite burdensome for quite a long time.
13:09:35[Saint]If we know how to access the gpu-ish thing it has at the bare metal, things would be vastly different with that player.
13:09:59soapassuming it could do more that accept a raw mpeg 4 asp stream and spit it out.
13:10:58[Saint]It's still a nice target, imo. especially with a CF card.
13:11:07soapI think I recall talk that it was a black box to Apple as well. A firmware got loaded into in and after that it just got fed and shat.
13:11:24[Saint]Ah, hum. :-S
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13:38:21 Join redhot [0] (~kvirc@
13:38:28redhotHello everybody!
13:38:43redhotWhat's up?
13:41:40redhotsky is blue yep
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14:04:54redhotHave the wiki-activation been fixed?
14:06:09 Join amayer_ [0] (
14:06:28coppersoap: it's still very usable with Rockbox, though, right?
14:06:54soapBetter battery than OF in some use cases.
14:07:23soaprarely significantly poorer than OF.
14:07:48soapBut always going to be a laggard in MPEGplayer and demanding games. Rockboy, etc.
14:07:59copperAnd in what case does the slowness of the processor show, besides maybe stuff like cover flow?
14:08:19copperyou just answered that :)
14:08:38gevaertsI'd say if you're happy with the video, it's a good device
14:08:57copperI never had one, but I never heard that buying one for Rockbox was a bad idea
14:09:22redhotZagor: Sorry for disturbing you, but can you tell me if wiki-registration is fixed? :)
14:09:40coppersaratoga also hinted that the EQ was somewhat CPU-intensive?
14:09:49Zagorredhot: it's not, i'm afraid. :-( putting up on my todo-list now.
14:11:16redhotZagor: ok, thanks a lot, I will ask in another 1 week then
14:13:12 Quit esperegu (Read error: Operation timed out)
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14:14:46soapcopper, yes the EQ is processor intensive on all devices.
14:14:54soapthe PP ipods just don't have much EQ to spare.
14:15:16gevaertsThe SoC in them
14:15:22copperthe 10 band EQ runs fine on the Classic though
14:15:25gevaertsShared with lots of other devces
14:15:54gevaertsDoes it? With all codecs? Including ape -c5000? :)
14:16:00*gevaerts wants proof!
14:16:01coppereh, never used ape
14:16:26gevaertsI'd say the 10 band EQ might run fine on a PP device as well, for low-CPU codecs like mp3
14:16:44soapAnd considering the PP devices run at 30 (still?) and boost to their max frequency of 80Mhz, and that most codecs take 15-20 Mhz, then there's the WPS and interaction, the EQ very quickly kicks the PP devices to constant full (battery hogging) speed.
14:18:08copperhmm, good to know
14:18:31soapbuschel demonstrated quite decent battery life gains on those by lowing the clock as far as he could for the easy codecs and boosting on more stuff.
14:18:40soap(MPC, etc)
14:19:21copperI'd assume that the dynamic range compressor is also somewhat taxing?
14:20:34soapI haven't used it.
14:21:32soapI'll send you half a bitcoin if you post two battery runtimes - identical situations except one with it on and one with it off - to the wiki
14:22:06 Part redhot ("Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is")
14:22:32soapok, prices are up. 1/3 a BTC.
14:23:48copperyou mean the EQ?
14:24:37copperI can do it next time my mood commands me to switch back from the OF to Rockbox :P
14:27:35[Saint]is there a 10 band eq patch synced to current git HEAD floating around?
14:29:22[Saint]oh, thanks
14:31:16[Saint]copper: no, sorry, I don't want a binary.
14:31:30copperhe's still not distributing sources?
14:31:40copperdespite saratoga asking him repeatedly
14:32:36[Saint]hum, maybe they're in the .zip
14:32:38[Saint]I'll check.
14:32:44copperI don't think so
14:32:50copperThis is 6 months old:
14:32:58[Saint]Oh, good boy. they are there.
14:33:20copperah, nice!
14:34:41 Join einhirn [0] (
14:37:49[Saint]the power management patch is a bit weird...
14:40:16 Join wodz [0] (
14:43:33wodzJdGordon: What is the simplest way to create text list with arbitrary (aka restricted by available memory) number of rows? I get ptr to string and want to insert it at the end of the list. That way I will have scrolling console for free.
14:54:22amayer_[Saint]: which patch(what target)?
14:54:39[Saint]nevermind. got it sorted.
14:55:04 Quit mt (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
14:56:15amayer_[Saint]: i dont mean to nag but did you get a chance to check out what the code i wrote does?
14:56:17amayer_all you have to do is compile and put any theme on it that has a slider.
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15:54:06 Join webguest88 [0] (
15:54:54 Quit zu (Remote host closed the connection)
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15:55:32 Quit webguest88 (Client Quit)
15:55:38 Join webguest31 [0] (
15:56:38 Join zu [0] (
15:57:43webguest31my sansa fuse won't turn on at all . I installed rockbox , it worked for about 24 hours, then crashed and now it looks dead. what can i do
15:59:04 Quit webguest31 (Client Quit)
15:59:11 Join webguest61 [0] (
16:00:46 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
16:01:07 Join maruk [0] (
16:01:34 Quit webguest61 (Client Quit)
16:04:50 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
16:06:03 Part LinusN
16:07:29amayer_is there a way to log cpu usage?
16:32:13saratogaamayer_: not directly, although you could probably hack up the scheduler to record it if you really need that info
16:48:00 Quit TheSphinX_ (Read error: Operation timed out)
16:49:39 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
16:50:40 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
16:52:39 Join TheSphinX_ [0] (
16:54:35 Join Zagor [0] (
16:54:36 Quit Zagor (Changing host)
16:54:36 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
16:55:32 Quit TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:59:13 Quit Buglouse (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
17:14:30 Join Buglouse [0] (~Buglouse@unaffiliated/Buglouse)
17:22:44[Saint]Anyone feel like taking this for a whirl? I'm about to shove it up on gerrit in a few minutes:
17:22:50 Join kevku [0] (
17:23:23[Saint] <−−- 10 band EQ w/ presets from VLC
17:24:40[Saint]I rounded out the 10 band EQ patch I was given earlier by copper to a saner range (again, stolen from VLC) and also stole all of VLC's presets and applied them to our system rounded up/down as near as possible.
17:24:56 Quit kevku (Client Quit)
17:25:14copperthe original 10 band EQ patch matches my ALSA EQ perfectly
17:25:40[Saint]I think 30 is too low for the low shelf, personally.
17:25:48[Saint]I stole VLC's setup.
17:27:09copperit's configurable anyway
17:27:31copperI had to change the 5 band EQ values in order to approximate my desktop EQ
17:27:44[Saint]60, 170, 310, 600, 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 14K, 16K
17:27:57[Saint]It's nicely rounded I thought.
17:28:06[Saint]nicer than the original patch imo.
17:28:38copperhas there been any talk about including it to targets that are powerful enough?
17:28:42copper(like the Classic)
17:28:55copperas saratoga suggested
17:29:01 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
17:29:10[Saint]I wonder if there's any targets that aren't powerful enough to handle it?
17:29:30copperwe were talking about the iPod Video's lowly processor earlier
17:29:51[Saint]At the present, I have't done any special conditions to apply it only to targets I know can run it.
17:30:09copperportaplayer targets
17:30:10 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
17:30:31[Saint]I used to run a 10 band eq on my Nano1G
17:30:42[Saint]that's a baby Video, really.
17:31:00[Saint]but the screen takes a lot less effort to drive I imagine.
17:31:14copperthe question is, how much would it tax the battery?
17:31:28copperhence soap's call to test it with and without with the battery bench app
17:32:20[Saint]It's disabled by default, and a user _should_ know that it will cause more cycles, and hence eat more battery.
17:32:37copperI had no idea that it was taxing?
17:32:39[Saint]test_codec with/without DSP on the Classic has a non-trivial difference.
17:32:51 Quit TheSphinX_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
17:32:55copperI had no idea until saratoga and soap told me
17:32:59[Saint]Yeah, sure it is.
17:33:07[Saint]More cpu cycles, more battery.
17:33:07copperand I don't recall seeing it mentioned in the manual
17:33:25copperit's totally non obvious
17:33:36[Saint]Is it? Oh. Hum. Ok.
17:34:05copperfor users who have no idea of how powerful their gear is, or how complicated DSPs are
17:34:28copperonly you guys know
17:36:42[Saint]Anyway, yeah. I've given it its own branch so I can keep adding to it if need be. I'll add the special conditioning to it to apply it only to the more capable targets when needed.
17:37:06copperyup, no mention in the manual
17:37:47copper"Another area of savings is avoiding or reducing CPU boosting through disabling computing intense features (e.g. sound processing)"
17:37:48[Saint]It /probably/ should state that the EQ and bass/treble effects aren't free.
17:38:02[Saint]Ah, right, there we go.
17:38:09copper"In general all kinds of sound processing will need more CPU time and therefore consume more power. The less sound processing you use, the better it is for the battery runtime (for options see section 6)."
17:38:19coppermy mistake
17:38:24[Saint]yay, cool, so it does say so.
17:38:34[Saint]No worries, I didn;t catch it either.
17:38:36copperit's in the "Optimising battery runtime" section
17:39:23copperstrangely enough, Replaygain has its own paragraph, but neither the EQ or the DRC
17:41:48coppermaybe there should be one paragraph: "Replaygain, EQ, DRC, generally all DSPs"
17:42:28copperI find it surprising that Replaygain would make a significant difference, btw
17:44:05copperOne solution, which happens to also reduce the bitrate by a few kbps, is to apply gain while transcoding
17:44:27copper(and can prevent clipping due to lossy encoding)
17:45:00 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:46:58 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:50:12 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
17:51:05copperIIRC that saved about 800 MiB over a total of like 28 GiB
17:51:23coppernot much, but significant when all you have is a 32 GB microsdhc card!
17:52:55saratogadoes the UI look ok with more EQ bands?
17:53:24copperit looks OK with 10 bands
17:53:42copperit fits on the iPod's screen without scrolling
17:54:03copperobviously not on, like, the Clip+
17:54:38coppereven 5 bands incur scrolling on the Clip
17:54:51copperbut that's not really a problem, IMO
17:55:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:55:23 Quit TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
17:57:38 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
17:58:04 Join dynion [0] (
17:58:28dynionor another ipod classic fanboy
17:59:17 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 257 seconds)
17:59:17dynioni just got mine delivered and ofc... i want to rockbox it
17:59:30dynionbut if i don't like it
17:59:39copperyou can restore the OF using iTunes
17:59:41dynionis there a way to get ipod os on it again?
17:59:54dynionyeah that was my question xD
18:00:16copperthough, tbh, I never managed to do it on Windows 7
18:00:23copperhad to do it on a macbook every time
18:00:39copperWindows 7 seems to be plagued with driver hell
18:00:47copper(Win7 + iTunes)
18:01:05dynionive got loads of friends with macbooks *cough* idiots*cough*
18:01:17dynionthanks a lot!
18:01:31copperfreemyipod has its own support chan on freenode
18:02:12 Quit DonAman (Quit: The Sleep of Reason brings forth monsters)
18:03:09coppertheir website seems to be having some problems right now
18:03:28dynionwow... rockbox worked even more automatical than last time with my sansa
18:03:56copperat the end of the installation, install this:
18:04:28dynionit looks astonishing
18:04:44dynionive got a 5g
18:04:52dynionautomatic installation
18:05:12copperthis "iPod Classic" confusion is annoying
18:05:22dynionipod video
18:05:34saratogai'm ok with committing more EQ bands so long as teh UI is good and it disabled for targets that are not fast enough to handle it (perhaps #if ARM_ARCH > 4)
18:05:56 Quit ParkerR (Excess Flood)
18:06:12saratogaand maybe coldfire
18:10:13dfktis that another parametric eq, or a normal graphic one?
18:11:38dfkt(do many people even need 5 bands of the parametric one?)
18:12:24copperdfkt: the 10 band EQ nicely matches my desktop EQ, so that's convenient
18:12:35 Join ParkerR [0] (ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr)
18:12:44copperthough I managed to closely replicate my desktop 10 band EQ with the Clip's 5 band EQ
18:13:04copperclosely enough anyway
18:13:22 Join DonAman [0] (~DocHollid@unaffiliated/phifedoc)
18:14:06dynionwat te fucking hell
18:14:15dynionoh sorry for the swearing
18:14:25*dynion hugs [saint]
18:14:28dynionbest tip everrrrrrr
18:14:37dynioni love this specific ipod
18:17:19saratogayeah 10 bands is probably pointless, but if people want it and there is no downside for everyone else might as well
18:18:23 Quit dynion (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
18:18:51 Join esperegu_ [0] (
18:19:43 Quit esperegu (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
18:20:34dfktsaratoga, does processing power of the current eq change depending on activated bands? i.e. does it use less performance when only 1 band is enabled, compared to 5?
18:20:48saratogayes it does
18:20:57dfktvery nice, didn't know that
18:21:03saratogaIIRC it basically calls the filter one time per band
18:21:37saratogaso its like 5 taps (IIRC) per active band
18:22:17saratogawe could possibly use ARMv5 stuff to speed it up, but its an IIR filter and i have no idea how changes in precision will affect it
18:23:49 Quit ps-auxw (Quit: leaving)
18:24:10 Join ps-auxw [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
18:26:46 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:29:29 Join einhirn [0] (
18:30:55 Join einhirn_ [0] (
18:30:59 Quit einhirn_ (Client Quit)
18:31:13 Join einhirn_ [0] (
18:33:52 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:35:34 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
18:38:20 Quit maruk (Quit: Leaving.)
18:50:35 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:53:30 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
18:54:16 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:56:03 Join Rower [0] (
19:02:09 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:11:58 Join n1s [0] (
19:11:58 Quit n1s (Changing host)
19:11:58 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
19:14:37 Join efyx [0] (~efyx@
19:18:48[Saint]added g386
19:18:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #386 at : 10 Band EQ w/Presets adapted from VLC by Hayden Pearce (changes/86/386/1)
19:19:40 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:20:35 Join Ward [0] (
19:20:58 Nick Ward is now known as Guest63681 (
19:20:59 Quit efyx (Remote host closed the connection)
19:21:19 Join efyx [0] (~efyx@
19:28:14 Join Raptors_ [0] (
19:30:57 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:33:41 Join bertrik_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:36:28kugel[Saint]: did you check whether the eq screen still fits on small screen?
19:37:27[Saint]No, I was going to comment on that on the task.
19:37:55[Saint]For now it just naively applies it to all, player-specific tuning can be added as needed.
19:38:15 Join dynion [0] (
19:38:41kugelI think 10 is a bit too much as hardcoded, it needs a lot more processing power. but I guess it would be nice if the number of bands could be made runtime configurable
19:38:46[Saint]but, the EQ screens scroll...don't they?
19:38:57kugelI would be surprised
19:39:07copperyes they do
19:39:27dynionat this moment you're the best person on earth for me:D
19:39:43copperuh oh
19:39:46dynionit will only last a few days
19:39:53dynionbut until that time: enjoy!:D
19:40:00copperstalker alert!
19:40:17dynioni love my uhm...
19:40:27dynionhow am i going to call it... cant call it apple]
19:40:29dynionor ipod
19:40:39dynionrockbox classic sounds kinda ok...:p
19:40:40n1sdoes the graphical eq screen scroll?
19:41:09dfktwith a 10 band eq you can simply call it "ac adapter" :p
19:41:22copperyou can easily check it with stock rockbox on the clip+
19:41:37[Saint]dfkt: Hahaha ;)
19:42:05[Saint]I have a classic and a CF'd Color, no battery woes for me :P
19:42:13 Quit einhirn_ (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
19:42:43[Saint]I don't think it'll make /that/ much difference.
19:42:56[Saint]Benching the Classic is annoying, as it gets ~40 hours.
19:43:25copper40 hours??
19:43:29copperI got like 32
19:43:43[Saint]thin, or thick?
19:43:46dynionwhat is crossfeed?:S
19:43:47copperthin, latest
19:43:49n1sdoes the pp handle decoding anything moderately complex in realtime with 10 bands of eq used?
19:43:54[Saint]Aha, that's why.
19:44:22[Saint]thin == 550mAh, thick == 850mAh
19:44:23 Join amayer_ [0] (
19:44:29copperI see
19:45:22dynioni know that!:P
19:45:36dynioni knew something more than anyone who's here
19:45:42dynionthat's like the first time:P
19:46:34dynionthis thing is really cool... even when im not using flac it sounds great
19:54:11dynionwhy isnt there a function so i can use it as a portable dac... for my nexus 7 tablet or something
19:55:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:55:47copperbecause there's no USB input and the hardware wasn't designed for that?
19:55:53dynionah ok
19:56:00dynionit wouldve been great thoguh
19:56:10copperit's usually the opposite
19:56:11dyniona more relevant question
19:56:19copperUSB DACs used with the iPod
19:56:25n1sthere's a half-finished patch to do that on some ams sansas
19:56:33dynionbefore i rockboxed it
19:56:40dynionthere was some music on it
19:57:02dynionnow the music is still on it but im not able to find it anymore
19:57:29dynionwhere dit it go?
19:57:33dynioni dont use itunes bt
19:57:35dynioni hate it
19:57:41[Saint]If you wanted to get technical about it, we /probably/ could drive line-in from USB
19:57:45n1sdynion: ipod classic?
19:57:52dynionipod video 5th
19:58:49n1sdynion: if you had music that the OF could access, it's in the itunes_control (or somesuch) folder under random filenamse
19:58:58[Saint]so the answer is more like "because you haven't done it yet"
19:59:22dynionbut you guys are the tech savvy's
19:59:43dynionim the loser who has a lot of profit of you!
20:00:05dynioni didnt know how to power off
20:00:08*[Saint] notes that he wasn't born with the ability to code in C
20:00:28[Saint]nor was any other contributor
20:00:35gevaerts[Saint]: no, that's clear! ;)
20:00:58[Saint]Exactly! I barely have the ability now! ;)
20:01:18dyniondoes it work in ntfs too?
20:01:32dynion'cause it's fat32 now
20:01:41dynionand i think ntfs should be a littlebit more stable
20:02:40dynion+ the music really is unfindable...
20:02:43 Quit esperegu_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:02:55 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:03:01dynionits like rockbox put a wall in between
20:03:07dynionnew player
20:03:09dynionand all the old
20:03:20[Saint]n1s told you where it was.
20:03:26[Saint]there's no magic going on.
20:03:28n1sdynion: the folder is hidden and, hint: try the database if you want to know what the files are
20:03:59dynionah hidden folder:)
20:04:10[Saint]Right, the database doesn't care where the music is.
20:04:25dynioni never saw that before on a mp3 player...:P
20:04:44dynionthe first one who says :"that's because they're hidden" is going to be slapped
20:05:16dynionbecause i now realise how stupid that must have sounded:P
20:05:16Mode"#rockbox +o gevaerts" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
20:05:24gevaertsThat's because they're hidden
20:05:29dynionoh fuck! someone is on his toes
20:05:30*gevaerts looks dynion straight in the eyes
20:05:39*dynion beats up gevearts with an apple product
20:05:53Mode"#rockbox -o gevaerts" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
20:05:55dynionshould have proxied first
20:06:57gevaertsAnyway, most players that have non-MSC handling have hidden directories of some kind
20:07:18dynionhmmm cant find the map options in windows 7
20:07:23dyniononly used to it in windows xp
20:07:36dynionfound it
20:07:41dynionthere's no direct link anymore
20:08:27dynionfound it
20:08:31dynioncan i delete the whole mpa
20:08:37dynionor should i just delete music
20:12:42dynionwhat will happen to donations?
20:13:33gevaertsI don't know the details, but a large part goes to the more or less yearly developer conference, and the other major expense is funding players for developers
20:16:57 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:22:52dynionmaybe a weird idea
20:23:07dynionbut what about making a rockbox port for a raspberry pi?
20:23:20dynionso you can have a good movie, but with a good soundoutput too!
20:23:27gevaertsYou should be able to run the application build on it
20:25:09dynionno sure
20:25:22dynionshould buy a raspberry pi first:p
20:26:12 Join esperegu [0] (
20:28:21 Join lebellium_ [0] (
20:29:23 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:29:30 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
20:29:51 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:32:01AlexPThere is little point replacing a full blown OS with Rockbox on a computer, just run Rockbox under the OS if you want to
20:33:38dynionraspberry pi is no computer
20:33:55gevaertsWhat is it then?
20:34:13dyniona mobile phone without a screen
20:34:30dynionits at least a lot closer:p
20:34:31AlexPIt is a computer
20:34:39dynionraspberry pi drives arm hardware
20:34:49AlexPIt uses an ARM CPU, yes
20:35:01dynionat this point the only arm computers are with windows RT
20:35:10*gevaerts points out that "making sense" is part of this channel's implied topic
20:35:20 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
20:35:38dynionwould you call a tablet a computer
20:35:59dynionwhy not
20:36:02dynionalso arm hardware
20:36:02gevaertsAnyway, that's totally off-topic
20:36:05AlexPWhat the processor architecture is is completely irrelevant
20:36:19AlexPARM on x86 or whatever has nothing to do with it whatsoever
20:37:06dynioni think it's time to agree we disagree
20:37:13AlexPI can agree that you are wrong
20:37:21AlexPAnd talking nonsense
20:37:28AlexPSo OK :)
20:37:45saratogadynion: yes, you are wrong
20:37:48dynionin your vision, my soundcard is a computer
20:37:53AlexPer, no
20:38:00dynionit has processing units...:p
20:38:01gevaertsOFF TOPIC!
20:38:07dynionok im moving to community
20:38:10AlexPgevaerts: But I'm arguing with an idiot! :)
20:38:19scorche|shdynion: take it to -community if you really want
20:38:25dynionalready there
20:38:36dynioni'm not an idiot, but thanks for implying i am
20:42:00 Quit enriched (Remote host closed the connection)
20:54:02 Join zaphee [0] (
21:01:42 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
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21:15:46 Join Sanguinius [0] (
21:21:29 Quit y4n (Quit: coob ov vood?)
21:31:20 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
21:34:01 Quit SuperBrainAK (Quit: pbly going to sleep /_\)
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21:39:58 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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22:05:16 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
22:06:02 Quit dynion (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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22:31:12 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
22:31:13 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
22:33:40pamauryany cmake expert ?
22:34:59 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:37:09 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:48:35 Quit Buglouse (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:52:25 Quit Self-Perfection (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
22:53:30 Part eckoit
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23:35:25soap[Saint], 12K, 14K, 16K seems a bit tightly packed, even for a young person.
23:35:58 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:36:46soap55, 110, 220, 440, 880, 1760, 3520, 7040, 1480 = only 9 bands but moves in even octaves.
23:37:41soap14080 even
23:44:15 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:45:05 Quit GodEater (Remote host closed the connection)
23:45:15 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
23:50:32 Join Belzebub [0] (~torrentow@unaffiliated/blown-engine)
23:52:05 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
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